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Last Update: October 21, 2020

A Lovely Surprise

I just had a lovely surprise email in my site inbox today, sent to our website contact email. For once it wasn't a junk email trying to sell me seo services or a spam comment. It said:

"I was doing some research on back pain and found your page xxxxx

It was really informative! Would you be willing to exchange links?

Our domain has great authority, and this link exchange will help both of our websites rank higher. Plus, I think the world could benefit from a more holistic approach to healthy living. =)

We rarely ever reach out for this type of arrangement but thought you would be receptive to it. Please let us know if you want to exchange link placements within the next day or so".


xxxx xxxx
Marketing Director, xxxx xxxx

I checked their site out and it is indeed a terrific site, so yes, I replied we would.

This Comes On Top Of The Other Offer

Some of you will have seen a previous blog I wrote regarding an Interesting Offer. In brief, I had an amazing call with them yesterday and we have agreed a plan of action. I can´t go into too many details for confidentiality reasons but I will be maintaining my WA site and adding woo commerce or shopify to focus on English-speaking & EU markets. I will be their representative in the City where I live in Chile and hold some stock here for distribution to local independent health stores. And idc will be responsible for signing up affiliates too. So be nice to me :-) Ha ha. You always are!

They have also invited me to participate in local Chilean TV commercials! It seems my site and marketing suggestions arrived on their desks, just as they were seeking new sales and marketing solutions. Affiliate Marketing was an entirely new concept to them.

I have a formal training course with them over the next week or so.

Not Crowing

I share this news to motive you with your site, you never know where it might go, so do your research in detail, think long term, be persistent and never ever give up. WA is an amazing platform that helps to open new doors and improve your income. Stick with and follow the training.

One too Many - this should make you laugh :-)

Yesterday, after the very successful meeting, we cracked open a bottle of Chilean Carmenere. Then a second ! Lets just say it's a lovely wine but this morning after a bottle each, I just wasn't firing on all cylinders !

Have a great day and keep the faith. WA is an amazing platform.

Go find more cheese folks.

Best Regards,

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RickHan Premium
Congratulation. It is so wonderful to hear of such great success. The wine sounds delicious but 2 bottles is a bit much for me although we have done that ourselves at times and fully understand about not firing on all cylinders the following day. Very inspirational for the rest of us. Best wishes.
LatinNomad Premium
Thanks so much Rick. Believe me 2 bottles was too much for us too! :-)
LatinNomad Premium
Thanks so much Rick. I´m glad it was inspiring, that was the idea. To encourage lateral thinking. 2 bottles was far too much for us! ha ha.
CordeliaN Premium
Oh wow,
Such brilliant and unexpected good luck for you, although that might in someway suggest it was all luck and not your informative and brilliant website.

The good luck is you were in the right place right time, but without your previous hard work, you could not have been in a position to benefit.

But you did, you were and here you are, so bloody well done.
Two bottles of Chilean red wine 🍇, just thank the Lord you stopped at two... Haha
LatinNomad Premium
Thank you Cordelia. The hard work continues & yes thank goodness we stopped!
haze Premium
What a nice surprise! Awesome Job! 😀

LatinNomad Premium
Yes. It was lovely. Thanks Haze.
Joes946 Premium
You done good Trevor!
LatinNomad Premium
Thank you so much Joe.
Joes946 Premium
beautiful801 Premium
Congratulations. Alicia
LatinNomad Premium
Thank you Alicia.