Grammarly has a Problem with WordPress 5.4

Last Update: Apr 18, 2020


Good Morning Everybody

Only a few days ago I updated my websites to WordPress 5.4. I do not see any difference when working on draft. Grammarly was doing ok correcting my writing be it for an email, on FB, or working on a draft.

Yesterday I was working on draft and everything was fine. Grammarly had made various corrections and then it suddenly stopped doing so. The word was still in red but no correction was visible.

I contacted Grammarly Support and they came back very fast and asked for a detailed explanation and a screen shot. After submitting this I received the following answer.

Claire (Grammarly Support)

Apr 17, 12:47 PM PDT

Hi Taetske,

Thanks for your message.

Our technical team is already aware of the problem you reported, but unfortunately, we don’t currently have a quick fix. I can’t provide you with an estimated timeframe right now because the developers need some time to analyze the cause of the issue, but please rest assured that we won’t forget about it.

In the meantime, we suggest you use our online Grammarly Editor at

I’m going to close this case, but if you have more information regarding this issue, please reply to this email and the case will be re-opened for further investigation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please keep in touch and let us know how we can assist you further.



As one does not know how long this will last perhaps a subsitute will be necessary.

Greetings from the south of Spain,


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OK, Guys,

I had support back out to Wordpress 5.3 because that was when I started having the problems with Grammarly but strangely enough the problem still existed.

I reverted to the Prowritingaid and whilst I thought was a good replacement at the time found some strange things happening.

In fact, I found them really annoying!

Now, without me asking for the 5.4 to be installed I have found that it went ahead and installed that version anyway.

Sure I have manually done this in the past.


Decided to check out Grammarly and noticed they had made an update on the 21st April to the product, so went ahead and reinstalled the Chrome extension.

Now, it appears to be back as normal and I can't see any issues with the product.

Everybody is, of course, different but only takes 30 seconds to test it out.


Good afternoon Mick,

I have been using ProWritingAid since some days and must say it is going ok. One can even choose what writing style you put yourself and they will correct you according to the style you write in.
I am on General but might try another style and see what happens.
Grammarly has not told me yet that their problem has been solved so I will not go back to them.
Comparing the 2 tools I think that ProWritingAid has a lot more options and it is for free.

Stay safe and healthy,


Hi Taetske, I found ProWritingAid OK at first and tried the various writing styles but found it was trying too hard and throwing up suggesting all over the place.

It can't adapt to our writing styles because we all write differently.

What I found with ProWritingAid was it was deleting words that I didn't ask it to do and was doubling up on words.

Just so annoying I decided it was best I removed it altogether.

I had some horrendous issues with Grammarly and now they are all gone and back to what it was.

What I have noticed with the new version is some suggestions it marks up now for change won't allow the change. It sends you to another link to try and get you to pay for.

Anyway, as I said an update was done to Grammarly on the 21st April and for me as sorted out all the issues I had before.

Whatever change they made will not accommodate everyone so some will see issues.

The software will always have some bugs attached and we can sometimes learn to live with them.

Anyway, stay safe.


Thank you Mick for your reply.
I still have Grammarly on my computer but it is on off. Perhaps one day I might try them again to see if their improvement is better than ProWritingAid. For the moment I am happy with them.

All the best, Taetske

I don't use word press but I have noticed the glitch. But with me, it has always been there so I live with it. I had the free version but since writing in Scribble on my book I upgraded to pro.
Sounds to me you hit on something that would work better for me will let you know how it goes.
Of late I have been using Google DOC for writing.
catch you later. thanks for your post.
always a better way Linda

Good Morning Linda,

The free version of ProWritingAid seems more complete than Grammarly and it was easy to install. I will probably stay with them. At the moment, Grammarly is off but will delete it completely soon.

Stay safe and healthy,


Hi Taeske,
I have the same problem but it appears to be mostly with WordPress articles. Everything else seems to be ok, including what I am writing to you as the red lines are frequent as I am a terrible speller.

But the correction box is right there as usual, but not with articles on Word Press. There is a cumbersome "alert" section from Grammarly that will offer correction ad suggestions.

Thanks for the updates from Grammarly.


Good evening, Bill and Sue,

Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
This afternoon I have been working on my draft with ProWritingAid. It went very well. Their program is more extensive. In the meantime I have put Grammarly on off.

Stay safe and healthy,


Hi Taeske,
Thanks for the tip, I will try ProWritingAid.

Best wishes for safety and health.


OK!! I thought I was going nuts and wasn't sure what the heck was happening since I have the same issue, but only in WordPress right?

Maybe I should do like Luc and go with something else too since they don't have a fix...I will give them a few days and see.

Thanks for the clarification Taetske!

Good Morning Denis,

Yes, that is right. Only on draft on the website otherwise, Grammarly functions fine.
I will also look into this substitute called Prowritingaid. It is free to install.

Stay safe and healthy.


Stay safe and healthy as well 🙂

Hey Taetske, well done for getting a response as I tried and nothing.

I see by Alice's response that she hasn't updated to the new version of 5.4, which seems very strange if that is the case.

Didn't you back out of this 5.4 version?

Did you get support to do this or did you do it yourself?


Good Morning Mick,

I remember your post of some 10 days ago very well. I told you I had not updated yet and everything was fine.
In your post, somebody came with this Prowritingaid and I wrote down the name. I might put Grammarly on hold and install this other one.
No, I have not tried to go back to WordPress. I was happy when I installed 5.4 everything looked very familiar and there were no hick-ups so I think I better stay where I am and find a solution for Grammarly.

Stay safe and healthy,


Good morning to you Taetske,

I have just backed out to the earlier version of Wordpress, so I'm back at 5.3 and Grammarly still doesn't work.

I see Prowwritingaid is a paid version so maybe worth a try but I've been a few years with Grammarly and never had an issue.


Mick, I have been using Grammarly since March 2017 and must confess I am happy they exist.
My understanding of Prowritingaid is that it is free to install, see screenshot.

All the best, Taetske

Taetske, I have just installed the Chrome Extension and it at least works.

No, seriously I think this could be a good replacement for Grammarly or until they get their version sorted out.

I will give ProWritingAid a thorough going over, but what I am seeing is good. So who knows, we shall wait and see.


Thank you Mick,

I will call my Technical Manager. I suppose you have put Grammarly on off? but not deleted the program?

All the best, Taetske

I have removed it totally, Taetske.


I have put it on off and installed ProWritingAid. Oh, I see, they are functioning already, looks good.

All the best, Taetske

There seems to be a lot more to this tool than Grammarly

Good luck


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