Why it is so important to learn to love yourself

Last Update: April 27, 2018

Selfcare and selflove are a must to success

When you are working to fulfill your dreams in life both professional and private life it can get hard. And things can be hectic, relationships can suffer, and you can forget to take care of the one people that matters most. You. And you need to love yourself because there is nothing more important than that.

If you are not feeling ok, you are tired, you feel lost and alone. There is still you and you are what matters.

I have been learning this lesson the hard way. I was about to stop once again because I was not taking care about myself and I was not loving myself. But it took some hard hits but I made it thru the otherside. I now have 3 sites and my youtube channel and I want to reach my goals.

And I will, if I just remember to take care of myself and if I just keep loving myself no matter what it takes.


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Defiant6 Premium
I've got to tell myself that I am lovable and that I can succeed because it has been such a struggle lately to believe that anything I do is good enough. If I want to succeed here at Wealthy Affiliate, I have to believe that I can do it and that people will read my content.
Pernilla Premium
This is so true Virpi.
We may never forget to take care of ourselves.
Thank you for this wonderful post.

I'm happy for you to be on the way reaching your goals.
You'll make it!
lakesidemom Premium
Thank you my friend.
Nadja3 Premium
Thank you for the post. You made my day. I felt tired, exhausted, unhappy... too much on my plate... and some things did not work well... Not the best day of my life...
Yes, we have to love and care about ourselves, it is SO important.
lakesidemom Premium
Have a nice weekend and remember that sundays are great days for selfcare. Pro tip is to start your sunday with a large cup of green tea.
DebbieRose Premium
We are all beautiful creations....just perfect. Yes, it is important to remember that. Glad you found your way.
lakesidemom Premium
Thank you
Balloons29 Premium
You cannot properly love anyone else unless you love yourself.
lakesidemom Premium
So true