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Last Update: Mar 19, 2023

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Okay, so I'm not here to tell you how to get results because, Wealthy Affiliate does a great job at showing you how to do that from their step by step training.

What I wanted to share some very important tips that go along with your day to day, journey.

Plan Tomorrow Today!

At Wealthy Affiliate one of our very first task is to set Money Goals. But, did you know that it's very important to set more than money goals. You need a daily goal.

What you plan on doing tomorrow should actually be planned the day before, this would include but not limited to:

  • Your online business goal for that day
  • Your personal goal for that day
  • Your family goal for that day (if applicable)
  • Meals
  • Appointments
  • And the list can go on...

Basically, you want to have an idea of what you need to do for the entire day, - the day BEFORE... that way you keep yourself on track...

If you want to read further about the importance of creating goals check out this post.

Run Your Day, And Not The Day Running You!

Okay so, this kind of goes with your daily goals.

The point here is you should be aware of how you are spending your time, every hour of the day.

If you do not learn to keep track of your time, you'll find yourself just sitting there, browsing through social media, taking phones calls, or just getting distracted by things that are not important.

When its time to focus on your daily goals, stay FOCUSED! Treat it like your self-made -job. Your the boss, so show up and act like one.

With that said, you should be in control of your time because, its very valuable.

Give Yourself Time To Succeed To See Results

We are our own critics. Don't be so hard on yourself! You're doing GREAT!

As we all know we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Again, control your time. But, one difference is each and everyone of us, has to climb different ladders.

Some will climb a ladder and reach the top overnight, (not literally but, meaning their results come really quick).

While others have to climb the ladder, then a mountain, and they may need a little help along the way.

Regardless of what side of the fence you fall on don't be hard on yourself, and allow yourself time to get where you need to be.

Be Proud Of Yourself Because, You Got Started!

There are so many people out there that have never even thought about getting started. And there's people out there that started but, stopped- BUT NEVER thought about trying again.

Whether this is your first time around, or fifty time around, first business or fifth business we weren't taught this stuff in school.

We are all here to learn and support each other. Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliate is a safe community. So, feel to ask for help when you need it.

Success takes time, effort, and consistency. But, in order for any of this to fall into place, you must give yourself enough time to see the results.

When you see the results, rinse and repeat. Plus, continue to be consistent.

Its no different from exercising.

If you want to get in better shape, you have to continue eating well, and maybe work out a bit. The point is you won't see your body into better shape without getting up and doing something about it.

You can't do it once and think it's going to work.

You have to create some kind of workout habit.

Do it once, then do it again a second time, and a third, fourth, fifth, and so on.

The Results Recipe

I want to leave you with this Results Recipe that was once given to me by a successful coach that I recently had. Its like a food recipe along with the directions.

Feel free to copy and paste it somewhere near your desk (read it everyday) or do nothing with it. The choice is yours!

Results Recipe

Results require habits

Habits require Actions

Actions require knowledge

Knowledge requires investment (time + money)

Action Plan

Knowledge is NOT power...

The APPLICATION of knowledge is POWER = You earn success through what you do, which shapes who you become.

BE A PERSON OF ACTION and not just consumption. In any area of life we are only paid for PRODUCTIVITY and NOT JUST ACTIVITY.

Okay so now I need to go and follow my own advice...LOL...

I'm off to working on my website. Let's gooooo....

Take care...and thank you for reading.

P.S. Feel free to share this post with anyone that could use it...and please don't forget to hit the like button if you found any value in this post.

Have a great night!


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Recent Comments


Fantastic post Kisha!

Making daily plans and completing them are so important on the road to success!

Of course, these plans can change and we must adapt to what is happening in our lives, but by following a basic outline of what we want to achieve we can't go far wrong!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend!

Thank you! And, you're right Jessie, a basic outline is exactly what it is...

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too...

You're most welcome my friend and very much appreciated!

Great inspiring read Kisha!
I like the quote, “ Be a person of action and not just consumption “

Keep your momentum going! Let’s keep blogging!!!

Maria 🌹

Thank you, Maria! You made my day... I'll definitely keep the momentum going...

Happy Blogging, and enjoy the rest of the day!


And now the bad news. Mentors come and go. This would of been great advise before I made the mistake of how this website stuff doesn't work for everyone.
Hell you all wouldn't have known I even existed if it wasn't for covid.
The business I had before even thinking about this stuff. Made me very proud good to be alive.
It's harder work for me because I don't understand everything here that is taught. To someone of the age that works with computers all day.
I was making the same money as I'm giving WA in a month campaired to a yr. My first day I made half of what I give to WA .
I read your article and everything you say is true I believe in it 200 % .
It was just to late for me to read.
I'm not leaving here cause I can't do the tasks. I'm leaving cause I have no money.
I can't tell you all why I have no money ,because I'm afraid I'll be judged and fall into a category, that isn't me. This was a awesome article Kisha thanks for letting me comment. Sorry for how lengthy it is. Have a beautiful week ahead

Hi Dennis,

You're right Mentors do come and go. I actually wrote this post because, I needed to hear my own advice...LOL, which is why I was had to be coached by a mentor...LOL. But, I also knew others in the community needed to hear it as well.

I definitely understand where you're coming from, and there's no need to explain. I used to be there. No, need to explain. But, as long as you keep pushing forward, I know that something GREAT is in store for you. Keep your chin up and hold your head high.

You know what - we live in a cruel world, and you're right that judgment is always passed, but I, Dennis, will never judge you. One thing I learned in life is to never judge a book by its cover. So, I definitely never do that.

Thank you so much for stopping by, you will be missed in this community.

Be not forgotten... Have a Wonderful weekend!


See even tho we've just became friends. I know you'll always have my back. Your a very good mentor. Dennis

You're 👍 right, thanks, Dennis! :)

I left you a rather long friend

Okay thank you, I'll respond as soon as I get a chance. Thanks friend...

You are SO Right on all of your points. I don't plan my days and lately, I have been focusing on my book, and life has gotten in the way ...unavoidably.

But I had to make myself stop yesterday earlier than I wanted to so I could cook supper. Every dish was brand new to me, still learning how to cook. :) It came out pretty good. Everything tasted good, and I figured out what I need to change, last night, the next time I make it.

But I think it might have been a little easier if I had planned the day out.


Great Post, Kisha. :)


Hi JD,

Focusing on your book may not be a bad thing at all.

I agree life is surely to get in the way, and of course we can't control everything but, sometimes, it does make the day go by a little easier by having a plan. I noticed that when I plan the day I get a lot more done.

Either way, I'm happy to hear that supper came out great. We all have to learn at one point in our lives... me included....LOL. So, I'm positive you'll only get better and better. They say practice makes perfect.

Thank you so much for stopping by...

Most Welcome, Kisha. If you are learning to cook. I recommend getting a recipe (an easy one) and following it as closely as you can. Then the next time you can adjust.

Unfortunately, All three dishes were experiments so I had to adjust on the fly.

Thanks for the vote of Confidence. :D


Oh thanks, JD! You're welcome...


Great message here, thank you for sharing.

You're welcome! And thank you for stopping by Abie...I really appreciate it...

You're welcome, have a nice day!

Thank you, and you too!

Have a nice day.

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