How I Find Products To Review?

Last Update: February 25, 2019

When I first started Wealthy Affiliate, finding products to review was one of the hardest things to do. I would find a product, one day, and the next day, I couldn't even think of what to write about.

Now, I have a little system going, that helps me have something to write about every single day, if I choose to do so. This system has helped me, stay consistent, which Google loves.

Get Organized

Here is a list of ways, that I find products to review. I see many people who need help with coming up with ideas, so I thought I'd share how I come up with products to reviews.

Hopefully this list of ideas can help you out, regardless, of what niche you're in.

1. Write Your Product Down - Every product or service you come across, write it down. I prefer to use a piece of paper that I keep in a binder, that way, my notes or list is kept safe. Plus I can always add to the list or take away from it.

The whole idea is to get organized and stay organized.

2. YouTube- I look for product information, while I am researching information on Product A. As you're watching YouTube videos, read through the comments.

Someone in the comments, someone may have mentioned another product for you to review. Use that new information to you're advantage.

If you find another product to review, which will now be you're product B, write it down to you're list.

I don't watch TV but, I'm always watching YouTube to find the next product to review. Sometimes, you can come up with plenty of blog post ideas this way. Try it and see how it works out for you.

3. Google Search- I find products to review by Google. I take my niche, which is MMO, and I type in different ways you can make money online. Then Google will return with different results.

This should work with any niche though, so don't get discouraged, if you can't find products to review right away. You'll get better at finding them as you practice and keep working on you're site.

4. Quora - Strangely, I find products to review via Quora. Before, WA I had a Quora account, and I used to think it was useless. I would always wonder why people, would ask the most strangest questions. However, I found that Quora can come into handy when you are looking for answers about you're niche.

5. Your Email Account - I also find products to review through my email. Look in all of you're folders, Inbox, Spam, Promo, And Social. Sometimes, you can find different products to review within you're email.

6. Your Cell Phone- For some reason, lately, I have been receiving countless calls from companies. They go so far to call me at least 5 times a day. They leave messages, and even text me. So, it gets annoying but, you can use this to you're advantage, and review the product.

7. Social Media - I also find products to review by good ole social media. Especially Facebook, although, Facebook, is supposed to be socializing, it seems like everyone on Facebook is promoting or selling something to you. This is the same for Instagram, and Twitter.

Although, I can say Twitter is not as bad. Anyways, when someone does offer you something, or you come across a product, you can write down that product, and review it when you get time.

8. Pinterest- This is my main site, that I am on. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest and I love being on this platform. It's less noise. On Pinterest you can learn about so many products that it's crazy. If you're not involved with this site you should be. There are people from all niches on Pinterest, and they all have different ideas. You'll be able to pick up some pointers from Pinterest.

9. Linkedin - Sometimes Linkedin will give you ideas, especially if you're in the MMO niche. The people on Linkedin, are looking for money. They are looking for jobs, they are looking for ways to change their lives. MMO niche you should be on that platform.

Regardless. I have seen many other niches on this platform as well.

10. Facebook Groups - Facebook groups can be overwhelming and distracting in my opinion but, if you set a time limit, read through the comments, sometimes, you'll find different products to review.

11. Twitter - Twitter you can find different products to review. Just go to the search bar and type in keywords pertaining to you're niche and you may find different people or ideas to follow. Plus on Twitter, people are always promoting as well.

12. Your Competitors - Follow the successful, don't copy but, do as they do. You will come up with ideas. I'm sure they had to learn the same way. However, as they say don't try to reinvent the wheel. Your competitors can be in WA or out of WA.

13. Email list - Sometimes, you can't find a product until you sign up to an offer. And that offer, promotes other services to you. So, you may have to jump on some company's email list.

14. Jaaxy- While using Jaaxy, I find product ideas there as well. This way takes more time. However, it helps you come up with great keywords that you can rank for, plus it helps you come up with titles.

Well, I think I about shared all of my strategies of how I come up with ideas to write a product review. I surely hope this has helped someone in and outside of Weathy Affiliate. If it has I would love to hear from you.

What are some ways that you come up with review ideas?

By the way, don't forget to hit that green like button, share, and or comment.

Thanks and have an awesome day!


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Ahimbe Premium
These are wonderful pointed needed for reference. Thank you.
lakbar12 Premium Plus
You're welcome, Ahimbe! I am just glad it was helpful...
Rubberbandman Premium
That's a great list of ways to find products that you want to review. I like the Quora idea because people are always asking questions and you can get notified when new ones arrive. Great list and keeping them organized is of the upmost importance. Plus by answering questions you also build your brand.
Thanks for the info.
lakbar12 Premium Plus
You're welcome, Ken! I am just now learning that answering questions within the Quora does really help. I just have to learn how not to get so many and the crazy part is I don't promote any links. I guess that is something I will have to learn as I use Quora.
Hollshope Premium
Great ideas. Sometimes I totally have a mind freeze on what products to review - thank you!
lakbar12 Premium Plus
You're welcome! I can definitely relate, I use to be the same way until I started writing down every product I came across...LOl. Now. I never run out of ideas.

I am just glad that the post was helpful!
HoraceT Premium
Great ideas. Thanks for a very informative article Kisha.
lakbar12 Premium Plus
You're welcome, Horace! I am just glad that it was helpful.
TeriCalhoun Premium
Thank you La’Kisha
lakbar12 Premium Plus
You're welcome, Teri!