Lost and frustrated - My first wobble

Last Update: November 21, 2017

So, I don't even know why I'm writing this or what i will achieve in doing so but hay ho. But I'm feeling stuck and when I feel stuck I write. Usually lists. This is a list. Of sorts, anyway.

It all happened when I stumbled across Yoast. The feedback it gives is really useful but it's stumped me too.

The evenings have been spent stressing over SEO Titles and how to create a 'good' one. I'm just not getting it. And what on earth is a slug?!

Ranking in Google isn't happening for my posts either, I don't think (or does the G on published posts in site content never light up?)

Oh and Google page insights... Oh my goodness. Mind blown. All I see is problems with fixes that may as well be written in another language. Oh wait, they are! Java script.

Do I continue writing posts and get on with the training or do I worry about all this other stuff first? Feeling overwhelmed.

I've so many questions I don't even know where to begin. I guess my confidence has been knocked. Any friendly guidance or encouragement is welcomed.

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VeronicasLuv Premium
You're doing great, Lace. Trust me when I say that the word "overwhelming" came to my mind several times a day during the first few months, so you're not alone.

What I had to realize is that I'm never going to learn everything at once; I had to get to a place where I just took in what I could take in, then leave the rest for later.

I would encourage you to just focus on the training and completing the tasks, and limit your search for any new training until after you've completed the Certification. Sometimes we need additional training or tutorials to have a deeper understanding of a topic, but if you start doing random searches for things you're not ready to implement yet, it may add to your confusion.

Remember, you can set your own pace, so no pressure.
LacedUp Premium
Thank you for your advice Veronica. It's definitely helped. I'm just going along with the training and writing good content for now.

You're absolutely right it's early days. It'll come in good time.

Warm wishes
Nadja3 Premium
Well... It happens to me as well. But I decided to get through training properly. It is not a quick and easy process (this I know for sure).
Karlito76 Premium
I didn't read anyone else's posts so I'm probably repeating somebody but you need to continue on the training and don't get ahead of yourself because that's exactly what I did and I got even more confused. So I've been where you are at.

Just take a deep breath and set the technical stuff aside, you can worry about that at a later time and chances are it will be explained to you in the training anyways. Your goal is to write quality content with value and continue on with your training.

Did I mention that you should continue on with the training. Lol. It is of most importance. Once you have a grasp on your site and the training modules are done (it's never done really because there is always something to learn), then you can pay some attention to the technical aspects of your site.

Anyways, just know you are not alone, numerous people have been where you are at and survived so don't worry. If you need any help, just ask. Take care and good luck!
LacedUp Premium
Thank you for your encouragement. I always appreciate your wisdom and we seem to cross paths a lot.

I've taken steps back and have since published a new post. I'm going to keep writing for now and go on with the training, leaving all else aside (except affiliate disclosure investigation).

Hope to catch up with you soon.

All the best,
SamDal Premium
Leave the technical stuff alone and focus on writing the best possible posts you can!

Nobody coming to your site gives a flying kangaroo about java or whatever - these things can easily be sorted out in your own time and Site Support is the best in the business if you run into any specific technical issues.

Spend your time in your niche and produce quality content that invokes emotions, makes people smile, share or laugh and you will keep attracting visitors.

With SEO titles and so forth, these can be worked through via the training and there is LOTS of it here. I would highly recommend Jay's Webinars - an absolute treasure chest of fantastic information, clearly laid out in steps 1, 2 and 3.

Your main focus should be producing great content. Remember, if you give people what they are looking for in a very specific and easy to read manner, you have yourself a hot prospect.

Ok so proceed with the training at your own pace and more importantly IMPLEMENT each and every thing you learn along the way. As you go. Don't try to save it up because you will forget and get frustrated.

If you execute as you go then keep going! If you get stuck, STOP and ask for help! Don't skip and think you can recover it later as many steps are linked so understanding and doing one will help with the next phase.

Above all, have fun. Enjoy yourself. If you need a break, take a day or whatever off and come back refreshed ready to kill this!

Hope this helps.

Best of luck.
LacedUp Premium
Cheers for the advice Sam.

You even made me laugh with your flying kangaroos! I needed that. Thank you!

I'll just keep on chugging along and leave all the other stuff alone. Quality content. I'm on it!

Tomorrow is another day.

EricCantu Premium Plus
Best advice is to not overthink things. Yoast is great, but don't get lost in something as simple as a post title, know what I mean? Follow everything Kyle says, use good keyword research to find your main keyword, then include that keyword in the title, preferably to the front, and make the title something that would catch your attention.

Continue writing quality content, 2-3 posts per week, keeping in mind the user experience, and following everything Kyle says about SEO, but again, don't overthink it.

Personally, unless you're noticing problems with your page when it loads, like extremely long load times, or things just not working right, don't even worry about page insights or speed or even analytics until you're either 6 months in or have around 35-40 posts.

Everyone one locks in on analytics too early has the same exact problem of over analyzing and stress. Put your head down and just create quality content. You'll be alright :) Keep up with the training and don't get stressed :)
LacedUp Premium
Hi Eric,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my ramblings.

You've helped me realise I'm doing the very thing I do often. Over think things and worry. *takes steps back*

I'll focus on my writing.

Appreciate your thoughts,

EricCantu Premium Plus
not ramblings at all :) I appreciate your honesty. This is what the community is for. It's totally natural to feel overwhelmed when you start something new. It's just a matter of taking a deep breath and moving forward. You'll be just fine :)
LacedUp Premium
Aw, cheers mate. You're absolutely right. It's all new and it's freaking me out a tad. I've got this. Talking about it helps me get some clarity on things.

Thank you for your encouragement. It really does help :)