Ranked in the Top 200 Again

Last Update: November 13, 2019

So, today I broke through the 200 ranking milestone again. It seems that the notification message wants me to share this milestone.


In the last 10 years I have been ranked anywhere from 250 to 5 at WA. I don't find this to be a metric that I'm chasing these days.

Many of you haven't seen me here much because you are new. I've been at WA for many years. Rank in WA isn't something I consider these days. I help out when I can, if that causes my rank to get better that is fine.

My Focus

These days I'm actively focused on a Brick and Mortar business. To that end, I'm in the Woodshop every day. Today I finished up 4 candle lanterns and added some more Epoxy to a table I'm making.

Tonight, I'm working on posts for my website trying to document the process that I've gone through to get to the point where I can actually make stuff in my shop. Occasionally I even have the opportunity to review some of the tools that I have purchased to get me where I am now. Yes, these are affiliate links.

My focus is on my future.

My Recomendation

Don't chase WA rank. If you want to chase something, focus on the training. Focus on your site and getting it to convert for you. Once you have some good income generating, then you can spend time with the WA community.

I like to help members that are just getting started. This does give me the warm fuzzies. But, A more practical approach is warranted. I've coasted for too many years. I even spent 2 full years as a WA Ambassador. It didn't get me to Vegas, It didn't earn me much income. But I did get a warm feeling from helping at the expense of 4 hours a day when I could have been productively focused on earnings.

Choose your priorities

Are you here to get an income for yourself and your family? Make sure that this stays your focus and try not to let the chase for rankings overcome your good intensions.

P.S. Sorry if this sounds harsh. That's where I'm at right now.

P.P.S. In case you have been following along with me, I'm able to type again with all ten fingers. Still can't flip anyone off with my right hand yet. I don't need that function much anyway. I'm more focused on keeping the errant finger out of rotating machinery.

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annhariz12 Premium
Wise move, Craig.

starfalex123 Premium
Great job Congratulation to you keep up the good work. All the best to you on your journey.
JeffGnagy Premium
Excellent point(s) Craig!
The only reason I have a decently high rank is due to the fact that I'm always asking questions on how to do stuff! LOL! When I started focusing on MY website blog is when the leads started to roll in.
Thanks for sharing!
ExpatMark Premium
Very well said and I hope all new members take it to heart. I too have been ranked anywhere from 17 to 170k.

Being an Ambassador means you have the time (12+ hours/day) and enjoy helping others. That is it. I love to help others and really enjoy it, but at the end of the day, every hour spent helping others is an hour you could have been working on your website and making money.

And that is why we all are here.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I like the interaction here in WA, Mark--the money will be nice to, but I don't have to make millions--just need enough to make it through this life--money really doesn't buy happiness, but it's nice to pay the God-awful taxes with! I'm ecstatic at everyone's success here and I know money can be made, and I'll eventually get there! Just my two cents!

lesabre Premium
Hi Craig congratulations and continued success.