Barn Find

Last Update: May 05, 2020

Ok, so, I bet you are thinking that I found something cool in a barn. An old piece of something that no one can tell me what it does.


I went visiting the other day and found a barn.

The owner needed to take it down. It has been standing on his property for 80 years or so. Before that....well it was dismantled and moved to its current location so it had some history before it found this home. We're not sure of the actual age. Probably over 120 years.

I've been enlisted to help him salvage as much of this barn as possible. Some of the beams will be repurposed into a new smaller structure for his tractor and trailer. The useable wood will be split between us. I already have one commission for barn style doors for a loft apartment. I'm sure much of the old salvaged wood will provide me with lots of projects.

Here's the loft before we started dismantling. It was last used to dry tobacco so there were lots of poles installed for this purpose.

After several days of deconstruction there is still a lot of barn left but the siding and floors are now missing.

There is still a significant amount of work left before the heavy equipment arrives to dismantle the beams and bents. I havent had the heart to remove the lucky horseshoe yet.

The stall doors are pretty spectacular. They still work but look pretty ragged.

Good enough to keep the cows in.

All this and I can still keep up the social distancing. And still get a suntan in the process.

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John2handy Premium
This is Goldmine.

My niche is woodworking and I love working with barn wood. It makes great picture frames easy worth $50 to $100. Just search "working with barn wood" Labman, you will see a ton of great ideas how to use it to make really cool stuff.

I've been so super busy of late getting a property ready to sell, that I haven't touched my website for a while, but when I get back to it I think I will make a post specifically about working with barn wood.
Waldmann Premium Plus
I was all excited to see what kind of hotrod you found from the title of the page. Very cool barn and I am glad you are able to repurpose it. Some of the most beautiful things come from items like reborn wood. Keep us up to date as to what gets done with it.
Labman Premium Plus
I will share
daleallman Premium
Reminds me of my grandfather's barn. Spent many summers there with the cows and horses... can still smell the corn in the corn crib. Thanks for the flashbacks...

Best of luck with the materials... here's hoping this piece of history will create some great new histories for your customers. Cheers.
Mick18 Premium
That is really cool. Thanks, I've enjoyed the post and pics. All the best to you.
Hamish58 Premium
Nice interest post thanks fascinating🧐