Last Update: April 16, 2018

Hey Everyone

So I'm doing my best to get through the WA training and I've come to the part where we're supposed to make a Google AdSense account. However just in reading the AdSense Program Policies, I came across the Copyrighted Material section. What I read there makes it impossible for me to put AdSense Ads on my pages or posts because I have a set of links at the bottom of every page and post that link to copyrighted material. Its some very good information on my niche from a reputable source for which I have their permission to link to their pages, yet AdSense won't let me use ads now because I was trying to help my audience.

I guess I'm asking my followers and friends here on WA what they would do, get rid of the links just to have ads from AdSense or say screw the ads....I really don't want to get rid of the links but have no idea how to contain them to my home page without making it a static page. Any suggestions?


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SachiKashi Premium
I tried to get on to Goggle Adsense too as part of the training and was denied as well. I have read some comments from others that said Adsense wasn't all that so perhaps it's a blessing anyway. Keep going and don't let that discourage you. Happy Wednesday!
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Kyra, Don't worry about it, just do what says in training and you will be fine.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Kyra, I totally wouldn't sweat it. It takes a long while before you have enough traffic for Google Adsense to be worthwhile. I took all advertising off my site because I didn't like it and was earning less than a Dollar a month.
Kyra-Lynn Premium
Thanks Lauren, I kinda felt like because its in the training I 'had' to achieve it somehow, but you make total sense so I'll just wait till I have more traffic
newmarketpro Premium
I believe you have misunderstanding here. You can have any links on your page - Adsense, affiliate links, other links which you are promoting and so on. There is no conflict of interest. And you don't have to remove any links to get adsense links to be displayed on your page.

And this ads you can control where you want them to be displayed. If you don't want it to be displayed on your Homepage, that can be done too.

I personally use a plugin for ads management called ads-inseter which gives you option where to display certain ads.

Let me know if you need further assistance.