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Last Update: March 04, 2018

I recently started my new website which is to help new online marketers to succeed their online marketing business. Of course, it is to promote Wealthy Affiliate. While I was brainstorming keywords and some ideas of what to write, I soon realized I get a lot of inspiration from Wealthy Affiliate. This platform can help your article ideas! Many of you may have already implemented, but it was my epiphany.

NOTE: My idea is only for those who are doing online marketing, make money online, this kind of niche.

Why Do You Write Articles?

We have to get back on the basic – Why we are building our website? Why are we promoting the products? Well, of course, to make money, but before that, we have to have our heart straighten out – to help people solve their problems, then money follows. The more you write articles that help others solve their problems, the more your website become valuable. Then visitors will trust you and your site and eventually buy something you recommend.

What Are People Asking Here? - Chatroom, Classroom

I started seeing the pattern of people asking questions regarding building their websites. People here are amazing and knowledgeable; they are giving knowledge they have and experiences they went through to help questioners. Pay attention to those things. You will get some idea about what to write on the next article. I already got a few ideas from the recent chat room and Classrooms. Don’t forget to do keyword research though.

WA Training

WA has amazing series of training, not just conducted by Jay (which are amazing) but by many other experts. Go through those training and see if you could get some inspiration from them. I am not telling you to steal their training or contents, but just to get some spark in your mind.


With our limited knowledge and understanding, sometimes we are stuck with the idea of the next article. If you are in the niche of making money online or some sort, check out Wealthy Affiliate Q&A, chatroom, and training. You will see how many people are asking the similar questions. And the good news is that the most answers are there too! Our primary goal to build our website is not only making money, but to help others so your site will become more valuable, and naturally, the money will follow.

Good luck everyone,

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dlum11 Premium
Thank you for writing about it! I born into this, one example from my grandfather. We were taught to eat the fruit with a blemish or a bad spot on it.His explanation was , you already know our fruit is good. Just cut off the bad spot and eat it. So that way we can give our best to people. And if they like it they in turn would tell their friends. MINDSET people helping people. It's not I have something you don't have! Thank you Doug
JerryMcCoy Premium
good post
Nickoy Premium
Thanks for the post. It has encouraged me to start the classrooms so I can learn how to write better content for my website, my united and start earning money. I wish you all the best here at WA.

Kyoko817 Premium
Thank you for your comment! Wish you the great success!
Nick-at-WA Premium
Hi Kyoko, thank you for this info on content ideas. I'm always short on ideas.
Best of luck to you too!

Kyoko817 Premium
Thank you, Nick! I know coming up ideas on what to write is always challenging to me. But from looking at other people's questions, I came up a few ideas. Wish you the best!
Nick-at-WA Premium