Yep, Our Black Friday Offer is Live!


It has finally arrived (and a little early because of the launch to the Eastern Hemisphere).

I know many of you have been patiently waiting for the Black Friday offer to arrive and you can now officially get your hands on the LOWEST price we have ever offered at Wealthy Affiliate as well as SIX incredible bonuses!

First off, the price. $299 for an ENTIRE year. Everything included, including EVERY single improvement, innovation, new platform and release we are going to be making in 2017 (and we have a TON slated).

$299 per year. That works out to $24.91 per month. Or $0.82 per day.

====> Get the Black Friday Deal Now!

$0.82 per day to run a full time business or several full time businesses online, including everything from….

  • All the training you could ever need, 1,000’s of training modules
  • Full Access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification (and all 2017 updates)
  • Full Access to the Affiliate Bootcamp (and all 2017 updates)
  • 10,000’s of monthly discussions and Q & A’s
  • Live Classes Weekly (52 awesome new classes coming in 2017)
  • The Full SiteRubix Website Suite including SiteHealth, SiteComments, SiteFeedback, SiteDomains, SiteEmail, SiteManager, and some NEW features.
  • Ability to host up to 50 Websites on our industry leading Managed Worpress hosting platform.
  • Unlimited Access to the WA keyword research tool
  • Ability to Network with 800,000+ fellow aspiring and successful entrepreneurs
  • Direct access and mentoring sfrom the founders (Kyle & Carson)
  • Communication and access to expert, 24/7 community help
  • Access to BRAND NEW platforms (coming in 2017)
  • Access to BRAND NEW training (coming in 2017)

These are just some of the things that you have to look forward to in the year ahead if you take advantage of the Black Friday offer. Your year ahead will be a year of absolute brilliance.

But, some of you are looking for a cherry on top and we have the answer. The Black Friday discount is coming with not just one, but SIX “exclusive” “never-seen-before” bonuses this year.

Bonus #1: FOUR Weeks of Live Training: Becoming an Authority Online, 2017 Style.

This is going to be over 5 hours of LIVE training on becoming an authority online in 2017.

As the Internet evolves, so does the way you build out your business and this amazing four week training is going to keep you ahead of the curve of your competition and allow you to emulate those that marketers that are incredibly successful online.

Live Class #1: The Fundamental Foundation of Online Success in 2017
Date: December 2nd, 2016 @ 5PM PST

A successful business starts with a successful foundation. This live class is going to show you how the "experts" go about planning and building a business geared for success right from the start!

Live Class #2: Be Great at Something in 2017 (Not Everything)
Date: December 9th, 2016 @ 5PM PST

People are naturally drawn into the idea of being everything to everyone. The problem is that this leads to failure, 99% of the time. We are going to spend some time not just showing you how to zero in on an expertise, but how to go from a newbie to an authoritative brand and expert in ANY niche.

Live Class #3: Nailing the Formula for Success in 2017
Date: December 16th, 2016 @ 5PM PST

There is a proven formula that those that are successful naturally follow. This can be replicated and applied to YOUR business. We are going to be walking you through this exact formula and show you how to take your existing business or your new business and take it to a whole new dimension of opportunity in 2017! It's going to be brilliant!

Live Class #4: Increasing Productive, Efficiency & Scaling Your Business in 2017
Date: December 23rd, 2016 @ 5PM PST

You can reach a point even in the early stages of your business where there is a burning desire (and actually a need) to grow and scale quickly. If you don't understand how to become more productive, more efficient and how to effectively scale and outsource aspects of your business, you are going to have tough time growing it.

The difference between $1,000 per month and $30,000 per month is typically just a matter of productivity and scaling and we are going to be walking you through this.

Bonus #2: Live Class: Kyle’s First Day of School.

Date: December 30th, 2016 @ 5PM PST

This is actually the first live class I have EVER done. I have done 100's of training videos over the years, but this is going to be my first in live format and I am really excited about it. I am going to be walking you through what I would personally do if I had to ever start over...from scratch.

From $0 to success, I am going to be offering you over an HOUR of insights into the things I have learned over the past 14 years being in this business. For those of you that don’t think I am real, this will be all the proof you need! lol

Bonus #3: The Unexpected Path to Success in 2017

This is a never seen before, over 80 minute walk-through outlining the "unexpected" things that you should be doing in respect to your online business, but probably are not. These are strategies and techniques that you truly NEED TO KNOW for 2017.

I cover a wide variety of topics in this training, everything from my starting point online, choosing a niche of value vs. passion, becoming a powerhouse in any niche, how to double the productivity and income in your business, how to shave the waste from your daily activities, and ultimately how to become a brilliant the year ahead.

This video bonus will be delivered INSTANTLY upon upgrading.


Now is YOUR time to shine. The year ahead is one in which you should take full advantage of.

===> Upgrade to Yearly for $299 & Get ALL 6 BONUSES

This offer will run only from the dates of November 25th - November 28th (at MIDNIGHT). Take action today if you are interested because this offer will be coming down before you know it!

Happy Black Friday everyone!

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I wish I could take advantage of this deal! If I can get my hands on it in the next few days, I'm in!

Sure, sounds good Brian. Do what makes the most sense to you and your situation. :)

Are the bonus training a Black Friday deal only club or do we who take our business one month at a time have access to them as well.

The main video bonus is exclusive to those that take the Black Friday offer on! :)

Got it!! Thanks Kyle! Woohoo! Just blogged about it...

Awesome Lauren and I saw your comment within the bonus video as well, would love your feedback on that after you watch it!

Grabbed it as soon as I saw the banner Kyle. A great thank you!

Awesome Michael, looking forward to a brilliant 2017!

Hi Kyle,
I am six months into my second yearly membership. Do we yearlys get access to those bonuses? Or is it only for Black Friday Yearly Members?

Another great Black Friday special.


You can definitely take advantage of the Black Friday offer. From November 25th - 28th you will be able to pay $299 for an additional year (and get all the Black Friday bonuses).

If you paid in May of this year, this payment would take your membership to May of 2018 and you would also recur on the discounted price point of $299 then.

I hope this clarifies for you Duncan!

Hey KC, this is huge. This is going to be a year that I will never forget, thanks to you K&C. A year that my family will cherish throughout all generation. I appreciate you Kyle and Carson, and thanks for your continued dedication.

You going to make WA family great Again!

Happy Black Friday 2016.


Awesome Bishop and I agree. 2017 is going to be the best year yet and with everything we have slated to roll out in the year ahead to members, I can assure you we are going to make this a reality for everyone! :)

Thanks, Kyle.

Fantastic promotion guys

You can't go wrong! :)

We're in for another year...Thanks also for all the incredible bonuses.

So awesome guys, I look forward to working with you in the year ahead and I know you are going to love the 5 classes along side my bonus video (that will already be delivered to you).

Thanks Kyle...we are looking forward to it too.

thanx Kyle, so happy to be in for another year and can't wait to see what I can learn in the bonuses!!!

Awesome Jack, there is going to be a lot of awesome stuff in the bonuses. The goal of the additional training this year is to get you ready for 2017 and to make it your best one yet. :)

Just got the deal of a lifetime! Super Excited!

Awesome Melissa, I really do look forward to working with you in the year ahead. One thing I can say about this offer is that you are not just getting WA now, you are going to be getting access to WA of the future!

2017 is going to be a brilliant one!

Thank you :) I'm looking forward to it!

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