I left the Internet. It wasn't for long, but it felt like an absolute eternity.

I was away this past week on a destination wedding to the northern part of British Columbia, Canada and we stayed at a lodge on Emerald Lake that didn't have Internet in the rooms, and the Internet that was in the lobby was so slow that I gave up even trying to use it.

Here is a shot of me walking the trails with our daughter Millie (in the stroller).

I wasn't aware that there wouldn't be Internet, I of course had my laptop, my iPad and my phone with me and I definitely wasn't aware there wouldn't be a good internet connection available to me. I just assumed there would be.

When I travel, regardless of the location in the world, I am always very much connected. In fact, 100% of the time unless I am swimming in an ocean somewhere, I always have my phone with me, I am always connecting with folks that are part of the WA, either team members or people within the community, I am constantly checking email, occasionally social, and consuming information throughout the day.

Something Interesting Happened With No Internet.

I ended up enjoying myself much more when away from the Internet. There was no obligation to anyone or anything, other than the people those people in my immediate presence (family and friends). I was forced to communicate through verbal interaction, rather than texting the person in the room next to me. If someone wasn't in their room, then I wasn't able to connect with them and it was kind of exciting to think that I might be able to bump into them somewhere on the property (versus knowing exactly where everyone is at every moment).

It felt old school, but there was something really empowering about the removal of the Internet. My mind began to wander. I began to think in much more creative ways, ways in which I hadn't experienced for some time because I have been SO connected and I haven't really had a moment to sustain or establish more creative thoughts because of constant distractions (not to say I am not always coming up with ideas).

I also feel a lot of enjoyment can come out of life. Not your next status update on Facebook, not your next like, not checking your email 50 times per day. The small things in life still matter. Appreciating nature. Small interactions with people that you don't know, and spending more time with people that you do know.

Happiness is hardly being connected for every second of every day.

What My Typical Day Looks Like.

People often wonder what my typical day looks like.

One thing that is important is that you should not try to emulate my day and how it looks to become successful. You perhaps might want to emulate some of my habits and work ethic, but your life is likely much different from mine, you have different obligations and you have different people that demand and need your attention on a daily basis (spouse, parents, kids, employers/employees, etc).

So what does my work day look like?

Well I don't have a structured or a set schedule. Every day is different, I might be at home all day, I might not be. I might spend some time in a coffee shop, I might run errands mid day, I might play with my kids, be at the park or taking a walk.

I live life, I set my schedule according to what the day demands. That is the life of an Internet entrepreneur and it is what I love to do.

But I am always connected, I am almost certainly thinking about some aspect of business, and when I am away from my computer, I am always communicating through other means (phone, text, messaging) in respect to various aspects of business.

I never disconnect. I never unplug. Even when I go to the gym, I end up working the entire time that I am on the treadmill.

So my day typically starts at 7am, and ends at 1am. But during this period the Internet has taken me hostage in a sense, it drives my livelihood and it is something that facilitates just about everything I do, but it is not required to be so prominent every-second-of-every-day for me to be fulfilled.

Disconnecting is Tough, But I Believe is Imperative.

I want you to try something for me, perhaps not today, but at some point in the next month. Try disconnecting for a 24-hour period.

Take your phone and put it in airplane mode. Take all of your other devices, and put them away. And don't open the lid of your laptop or jump onto your desktop.

And then divert your attention to other things. The other "non technology" aspects of your life. Do some creative thinking? Go for a walk or a run? Spend some time just getting out of your house and socializing without standing in the bank line or at the grocery store glued to your phone (avoiding all forms of personal human interaction).

Go for a canoe ride. (see my pic below on a Canoe ride at Emerald Lake).

I think you are going to get the same empowering sensation, in particular if you are like me being so glued to technology on a day to day basis, 365 days per year. I would love you to drop your feedback about your experience within the comments of this post if, and when, you disconnect.

I Miss What I Do When I Am Not Doing It!

I have no plans on leaving the Internet. Although I took a short break from it and I do feel there are definitely some drawbacks with the overuse of the Internet in our day to day lives, there are some incredible benefits that we get from the Internet.

I love what I do and I miss what I do when I am not doing it.

The old saying goes that if you enjoy what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life. That is truly how I feel, I love everything about the affiliate marketing space (while almost everything). I love working on new concepts and ideas as to how we can improve the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate 12 years on after our initial inception. And there is nothing more gratifying and that I love more than helping people.

So leaving the Internet would make no sense, but taking the odd break from it is something that I think I will be instituting breaks a little more.

Take a break from the Internet. You need it. You deserve it.

PS. I will leave you today with a picture of our youngest daughter Millie, she is 8 months and is crawling around like crazy, cute as ever and is definitely a happy little gal!

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Jewelia Premium
Kyle, silly you! If you truly believe that disconnecting is imperative, disconnect every week for 24 hours. We all need weekends. So do you. Okay, you are a successful business owner, almost one million people depend on you. You love the Internet and being connected. Yes, I get it! Take ONE day off WEEKLY instead of two. Dedicate it FULLY to your family! Switch your mind completely from your business to your loved ones and the beauty of your surroundings. Millie is adorable! You have three beautiful ladies in your family - they all and each one of them need your undivided love!!! Alternate your time - not your attention at a given moment.
Yes, I am teaching YOU here, because I am older, wiser and I know life better. :))

All the best,
~ Julia
ThomasTay Premium
I went cycling today for a full 4 hours, enjoying the outdoor scenery and exercise my body. Although my iphone is with me, but I only listen to music while I cycling. I am totally cut off from the internet.
We need to be with the nature once a while, it gives us life!
Surfdude123 Premium
12 hours of lake fishing yesterday. No phone no service no nothing.
ThomasTay Premium
Well done. This is terrific.
DarleenP Premium
Good idea. We need to clear our minds and music is a good way to do it and enjoying the outdoors too.
Sui_generis Premium
We've become so dependent on electronic. I force myself to use my head to add instead of impulsively moving my hand to hit calculator keys. Something as simple as that takes getting use to.

It's so nice to get away from ALL electronics for a few days albeit REALLY hard. If you can do it though, you're mind does recharge and you come back refreshed.

I know, it's Sep and I'm just responding to a June post. I haven't been away from electronics that long (I'd die) but I have been away from WA and side tracked.

Take those breaks periodically. You've earned them. Take a real live turn the page book with you called "The Code of the Extraordinary Mind " by Vishen Lakhiani (from Mindvalley). So many helpful hints about business and life!!

AfqmBiz Premium
I am sure being in such situation above still make you happy and easily adapting as being experience through those living years "manually" then come this life everything seems "auto". Give me five, bro, even like you said to live off the internet is still difficult but I am sure we are still easily adapting to both worlds.

Being in that kind of situation the freedom without too relying on tech gadgets etc., make us feel some nice freedom and once a while we need to take a break from the internet.

What I am the most concern at this moment of time is when seeing the generation of my kids (6 and 4 years old), there is sign of difficulty to live off even for a few moments without these tech gadgets etc. It is the challenging factor of being parents in this time of generation. Also now lots of people living in the pace setting of tech gadgets trending and living the life out of their means sometimes.

To say I am not too struggling without this stuff is a statement of lie too sometimes. My iPad mini, tablets, laptops are my working life, if they "sick" for few days it is terrible time for my work overall, lol.
mhmcoaching Premium
I did the same thing a couple of weekends ago. One of my best friends got married on the Saturday and I saw my Dad for the first time in 3 years on the Sunday. He is 80 next month.

There was internet in the hotel I stayed at but I found myself not wanting to log on. It was 48 hours of meeting up the old school friends and family I haven't seen in years. The only time I held up my phone was to take a picture!

It was bliss - so I am going to make a habit of having free weekends often and do what comes naturally - talk to people face to face!

In the picture, that's Fiona and Martin, my two best friends :)
LCrowle Premium
A couple of years ago I went on a 10 day holiday and stayed in a cabin on someone's property. The cabin had No electricity but had gas fridge and gas lighting. I had no signal for my mobile phone so no Facebook and internet. Just amongst nature, hiking and reading and relaxing. Sat by the fire at night with a glass of wine and some cheese. Fantastic holiday. I think I need to go back there. Great post Kyle. Thank you.
GiuliaB Premium
The timing I came across your post, Kyle, couldn't have been better. Because unfortunately I had to take nearly a week away from my online working due to those obligations you mention. The last 10 days have been extremely busy on a crescendo, and culminated with my travelling to Italy. Oddity enough I only managed to grab hold of my iPad now that I am back home visiting my mum.
But, did I end up enjoying connecting with the not virtual world? Not at all. I begrudge not be able to stay connected while at work, as in all I think my 'online' life is well balanced. And in fact not being able to work made me feel extremely guilty.
I need to get back to normality - my virtual normality.


P.S. My goodness!! Sorry Mrs Kyle, but little Millie looks like dad.
fleurallen Premium
I love going offline on occasions and regularly just sometimes in a simple way, going out without my mobile phone, having technology free days. My son has 3 technology free days and he now reads the paper and an automobile magazine re subscribe too and he sits on the couch chatting to me about all the topics, particulary beginning with 'did you know' - I love it. Your article also inspired me as I share regularly about daily rituals, routines and default diaries so you've inspired me to share - cheers! :)
Cirian Premium
Disconnecting for a day gives you a different perspective of life for certain. Everything is much closer and immediate, physical things and people more relevant.

Just being in person with people and being forced to interact with them face to face by necessity can seem radical when, y'know, sending a quick electronic message isn't an option.

Of course there's pros and cons with everything. There's a certain freshness or renewal about taking a break from something and then returning to it. That goes for being back in the real world and being present to that, and also for being back on the internet and interacting with people globally. There's a definite magic about both.
JooKwang Premium
Kyle, first of all, Millie is really adorable! Happy family over there. I couldn't agree more but being so connected in modern society, circumstances had to come in to pry me from my "beloved" internet. Nevertheless, I put away my phone during a recent lunch date, just to focus on the food and the company I was with and I remembered walking away refreshed and engaged. No, the world didn't stop spinning because I was an hour later in my replies. :)
Kyle Premium
Yeah, it is a game changer even if it is for a meal or a nice dinner out. The minute you pull out your phone, this serves a distraction and pulls away from the genuine feeling of the engagement.

And as you say, the world doesn't stop spinning because your phone is put away for an hour, day or even week. Everything and everyone will be there when you come back.
wweb53 Premium
I know you are 100 % right about taking a break some times! I still don't get the work I want to done, its hard to learn all this stuff, but its great stuff and well thought of. I also want to say, THAT" ONE GOOD LOOKING BABY!! I know you are proud, and you should be! Take care and we will see you around.
Kyle Premium
Definitely a proud dad here indeed!

As for learning this stuff, it happens with time and one thing that you should find very reassuring is that you need to know only a tiny fragment of what there is to know online to be very success. It is vast, and the opportunities are vast as well.
wweb53 Premium
Thank you.
kdhall Premium
Thank you so much for this! It's hard to disconnect, but very encouraging knowing that it's okay. Sometimes I feel as if I'm plugging away constantly - trying to learn. I've been here a few short months and am just trying to soak up everything I can - but I need the reminder that this is a marathon, not a sprint!

But yes, unplugging will come in due time and I will share what I learned! For now, knowing that you are taking care of yourself and your family first so that you can better serve us as a community is amazing.

You've put together a spectacular platform here at WA and you should be proud! But family first. Glad you took some time for yourself and thank you so much for what you've built and the information you've shared!
donyutuc Premium
Family is who we're doing this for anyway, Kayla. I'm with you and Kyle! Disconnect to connect!

NWTDennis Premium
I'm old school enough to pretty much limit my internet connection to my desktop or laptop. This totally satisfies my reasons for being connected. I carry my phone mostly as an emergency contingency.

I understand your need to be connected so much Kyle. You and Carson are so committed to be personally involved here at WA. It's one of the things that make this training platform so unique. I hope you turn your phone off during those 6 hours of sleep.

We you don't want you to burn yourself out. Six hours is really not enough sleep on a sustained basis. You might get away with it at 30 something, but taking a few more breaks (to sleep if nothing else) will help assure you guys will keep this thing going when you are 40 something.

Those are beautiful mountains and that's sure a cute little girl. She kind of has your hairdo. Is it time to update your profile image?
Triblu Premium
Wow, does Kyle EVER make me GLAD to NOT own a cell phone. Staying connected like that would drive me crazy. I need my downtime ... and a LOT of it daily!
Kyle Premium
Haha, it can take you to the point of going crazy sometimes. I find that I feel "weird" when I am not connected, every second of every day.

I think that being away like this brought the idea of "life without technology" and the benefits of it to the surface.

Definitely something that I am going to be doing more often moving forwards, but of course I will be fully connected the other 362 days of the year as we have a business to run and people to help here within WA.
Triblu Premium
Being available during office hours and being constantly "plugged in" are two different things Kyle. For me, being available during office hours is enough ... but then that might be more of a generational thing. :-))
CM4523 Premium
It definitely is important to balance the two out. There are so many beautiful things in this world to see and experience and if someone is constantly being distracted by a screen , those little moments pass us by...and time , its irreplaceable. So important as a parent to teach our children the beauty in people and things before placing them on a tablet or something electronic too distract them or let the machine think for them because they need to experience life , think not google to get the answer, search for solutions , be innovative and so much more could be said about this subject . Great post!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, so true. It is all about the balance. :)
Angelica2017 Premium
She is gorgeous thank you for sharing. And yes it is important sometimes to take a break from the internet for a day-to a few days depending on who you are to get refreshed, new energy, new ideas, new creativity. And to just take the time to enjoy and be thankful for what you have, where you have come from, and to enjoy family and friends.

I know I've had to do that especially from Facebook.

Glad you and your family had a safe and fun trip there and back.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, she is definitely our little cutie (and a little rascal trying to keep up to her big sis).

I have heard of people going on year long reprieves from Facebook and it changing their lives for the better.
Nikosth Premium
While i was reading your post all i could think off was just that one question.
How many days can Jay survive without Internet?

What am i talking about? Days. I meant hours.
And not only without Internet but also without his ranking juice.
I know that's barbaric even to think about it.
I think under the Geneva conventions that must be a form of torture.
Kyle Premium
Jay can go an hour, tops. lol

I think Jay takes the same sort of breaks and disconnects once in awhile with his family as well. It is important and I realize that he "got it" and the importance of disconnecting much sooner than me.
ginger525 Premium
Yes, we do socialize digitally but you hardly ever meet them face to face. I'm a very social person and I like to meet new people all the time. Still dancing, not skating any more but I really like to get out there in the crowd. As my husband used to say I'd talk to a post,(that's a telephone pole not a digital one) and that's right, I can strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. Have a great day and Have fun with the kids
ginger525 Premium
Days were full of things to do. Nights were filled with partying with friends, roller skating, movies etc. Or just sitting on the porch with your boyfriend. No heads bent down over a cell phone or a tablet. As you can probably tell I'm a senior . But I've had a wonderful life and plan to continue on for a long time to come. But the laptop and cellphone down more often and enjoy your life and that adorable little girl because you'll turn around one day and she'll be asking for the car. Interesting post I enjoyed reading it.
Kyle Premium
Days spent walking around, hoping you would bump in with friends...hoping to get ahold of someone on their landline, if not, then you would have to "play" later are long gone.

Now the new gen surely socialize, but they are doing more and more of it in a digital manner. Lying on their couch texting, snapping, loving stuff on instagram, etc.

I am guilty of it too though. I hardly ever phone my friends, even family, it is easier just to text. Technology is a catch 22. I love it, but I know that we need to remove ourselves from it once in awhile.

De-socialization through socialization.
lsmalone Premium

It has taken me a great deal of time & effort(also release of effort) to realize our work, as it is called..is just a very important extension of our lives.

WA has taught me I can have fun, learn new & important things and realize all of it's worth is worthless, if we don't experience the love all around us. I do believe that's what you did on your recent vacation/journey:)

There's a reason for everything...

Take Care,


PS You have a beautiful family:)
Kyle Premium
Thanks for the kind words, my girls (all 3 of them) are a special bunch. :)

Always something new to learn, but a lot of absorption and useful thinking can take place when disconnected. We definitely need to experience and cherish those that are around us
Labman Premium
I agree that there are times when you should just disconnect. I have been doing it more frequently recently although I still find it difficult to do so for an entire day.

As I'm focusing on rebuilding my life and several structures thereabout, time offline has been significant. I did and do make sure that I can get online daily though. Sometimes it is difficult and sometimes it is easy to be offline.

Perhaps a chapter of WAA is in order. Wealthy Affiliate Anonymous to deal with internet addiction.
LynneHuy Premium
Oh wow time flies past doesn't it? It feels like yesterday you shared that first pic of your youngest baby!

I know how fast mine are shooting up. I had to disconnect from the internet completely at the end of April for 3 days... not by choice but because we went on a family reunion and it was a camping thing.

My phone wouldn't even get a signal. At first I was a little panicked and out of sorts... but then I got into it and it was really lovely.

I totally agree with you, being offline for a while every now and then really is good for you.
ladyluck2013 Premium
Great post Kyle! It just goes to show you that one can be happy without cell phones and the internet. It makes me wonder what did people do before the invention of cell phones and the internet? They lived life of course! You have just proven this with your post. Live life to its fullest--continue helping people succeed by making WA even greater.
doobie333 Premium
We went away to visit my brother. We stayed in a different place than usual. The motel advertised that they had Wi- Fi and a swimming pool The Wi-Fi wasn't working and the pool had no water in it. So, we spent more time visiting We even went to a dog parade and visited a Dog Chapel; We had a great time for four days and jumped on our computers as soon as we got home. We are going on a cruise later this summer and their is Internet available. We haven't decided whether we are even going to take our lap tops.

I really enjoyed enjoyed your post.
Kyle Premium
Great story and it is a pity that we need internet not to work to realize the importance of disconnecting. There is nothing wrong with having access to your computer, but it is another thing to disconnect at will (ie, on your cruise).
Surfdude123 Premium
Its just human nature to feel more at ease say in the woods or fishing or doing something we were born to do naturally. The internet is not a natural activity for humans. I think its more of an addiction like trying to make money. I got back into surfing and fishing much more now that I retired and I'm disconnecting more and more each day from the internet. WA is about all I do online and I look at it more as a hobby than a necessary evil. If I look at it as something I have to do I will lose interest. The internet is a good place for information but certainly not a place to spend the majority of your life. That I would think is unhealthy. Getting out in nature and meeting people face to face and doing activities like playing chess or body surfing with my son are what keep me engaged, not sitting and messing around on the net. But whatever floats your boat I guess.
Kyle Premium
It is human nature to the older generations, I am not sure the next generation and the generations to come it will be, in particular when augmented reality becomes a thing.

As parents, we can help change this by giving our "teenagers" time away from all devices, all technology, so they experience life without it and can appreciate both sides of the fence.

Technology is amazing and I am absolutely a proponent of it, I am also totally on board with freeing yourself from it on occasion and enjoying some of the finer things in life that don't require tech.
Surfdude123 Premium
True I grew up surfing and it was not only a way to keep us out of trouble but to exercise and learn to live in the moment. It also kept me out of trouble. My 14 year old son is pretty net engaged but has become somewhat of a sheltered type, he doesn't like to socialize with people face to face and he's much happier left to his devices like Xbox Live. I think its created a culture of folks hat maybe don't know what its like to get their hands dirty by digging a ditch or having a boss but then I'm old school. Dad was a US Marine, brother retired Air Force and I spent 10 in two services the Marines and USNR. Maybe its for the better. I don't know, I'm in my 50s now so I've had my fun in the sun working and playing. Still having fun though. I do like learning the new digital thing though, I just have to keep getting my exercise so I don't turn I to a couch potato or an internet junkie. Enjoy it while your kids are young, They grow up quick.
KatieMac Premium
I could not agree more Kyle I was at a wedding this weekend to and the internet was hit and miss, old castles do not seem to like internet it was a brilliant weekend much like yours in as much as if I wanted someone had to know on the door lol... Millie is too cute and think she looks like you thanks for sharing your insights as someone who has all the experience and success just shows we can work in a better way
Kyle Premium
Awesome to hear Catherine, that sounds like a wonderful weekend!
KatieMac Premium
you know how it goes with Scottish weddings lol and there is always the tale of haunted rooms in a castle
marianetlife Premium
What timing for this post!
I forgot my cellphone at home yesterday and did spend a whole day without it and I felt so relaxed!

I have been glued to my phone for too long and really need to take some breaks regularly.
I started to not see what happens around me anymore... it can be scary. Let's not forget our loved ones that want to have some of our attention too. And let our brain have a break sometimes so it can regenerate.
I wish a great day for you all:)
AriefWibowo Premium
I might not that connected to the internet.

My Saturday mornings always starts with WA webinar. After that, no more internet for the whole weekend. I promised myself not to touch anything internet related besides WA webinars.

The weekend is for my wife and daughter. A time to catch up.

I really need to blow this business up so I can have weekdays and weekend for them.

There is nothing excite me more than being with them.
Kyle Premium
I love that Arief, that surely gives you a lot of awesome, distraction-free time with your wife and daughter. Lovely family you have there btw.

I am going to make a much more concerted effort for "time away" moving forward. ;)
boomergp08 Premium
Welcome to the disconnect club! I do this at least once per month, sometimes twice. It's always on either a Saturday or Sunday when I know the weather will be nice enough to go hiking in the nearby mountains or take a quick 15 minute drive into New York City.

Disconnecting from the internet helps to open my mind and relax it if in the mountains. If I should go into the city it also helps me to be more creative. As I am sure you know, NYC has a lot to offer in terms of being creative.

I see Millie is sporting the Kyle style of hair. lol She is a cutie.
AnnaMcc Premium
I enjoyed reading this,and you are exactly right! When I take temporary breaks from internet usage, it almost makes me feel refreshed, so that when I return I have different outlooks/topics.

Great post! Beautiful daughter! Enjoy your time with her at this age,seems like mine were that young yesterday and someone hit fast forward , then play at 10 yrs old lol.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is the exact feeling I got as well. I was feeling refreshed and actually in a very creative state. Sometimes when there are no distractions and nothing to pull you away from deeper thinking, your mind can wander and accomplish some incredible things on you.

And yeah, little Millie is such a joy and she has a wonderful big sister in Scotland who turns 4 in a couple of weeks!
AppleofGold Premium
I was afraid you were going to say this! Even at my age, I have become so connected, attempting to stay in touch with family and friends who are far away, etc, using interesting apps and such!

Guess our instructor is right again, lol! We better listen, even if we don't want to.

Thanks for sharing your story and pictures! Enjoy your pretty daughter while she's in your 'bubble'!

Kyle Premium
Haha, you do what makes sense to you. I just want folks to try to disconnect for a day here and there. I think it can be particularly useful when things get a bit overwhelming and you have technology firing your neurons into overdive.
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks for the share Kyle. It really has become difficult to disconnect. I was watching my Grandchildren on Sunday and realised they do not communicate verbally, even though they are in the same space. I try to click off for a few hours and especially when I have visitors.
Great looking children, they must take after their mom:).
Kyle Premium
A few hours is better than nothing. I am not saying you have to do 3 days or even 24 hours, but a FULL disconnect for a few hours is a good thing in my eyes.
HarveyBrown Premium
Like anything that does not engage your imagination, you need to unplug and just let those juices flow. I love listening to music, but every so often I do not even turn on my system or anything. Just enjoying the "sounds of silence.
Barbara41 Premium
Millie's definitely a cutie! My day begins at about 4.30am, after coffee I open the laptop and continue my training. I'm at my most attentiveness at this time and I work until my little dog wakes up around 6am. from then on I work around short walks in my village with him and breakfast and lunch. After lunch I work on until I start to yawn, then it's a granny-nap for about 30 mins. I begin to lose concentration around 2.30pm so that's when I do errands, see friends, organise appointments etc. I go to bed around 10pm and think myself lucky if I manage 6 hours sleep. I will try what you suggest sometime this month but atm I am too keen to get on with my training and at my age, I can't afford to waste time!. LOL
DMcCalister Premium
Kyle - that was an awesome story. I would love for you to read my E Book... I know, and agree, this is NOT the place to sell our goods.
My story is like yours, only an earlier time period. I was a work-a-holic and loved my work. Then one day, I was confronted with a reality check that changed my life.
Now for me it's the Internet, cell phone and like you, I'm always plugged in - except... I found a cure for me.

That's what my first E Book is all about.

PS What a gorgeous baby!
MrGus Premium
I have had moments of unplanned adventures once traveling from Alaska through the Yukon Territory and another while visiting Honduras. Complete WIFI blackout, meaning zero internet connectivity where I was forced to enjoy my surroundings and all of its breath taking beauty I call it "Accidental Adventure" thank you for sharing it was nostalgic...
Kyle Premium
Wow, beauty pic. I have never been up to the Yukon, but I have always wanted to go up there to check out the long days and of course the beautiful scenery. There is something majestic about the mountains and the uninhabited areas of the world.
Marlene2 Premium
Kyle would you believe that I took a break last week and it was a delightful experience. This was a planned one because a girlfriend of mine came to Jamaica last Tuesday to have a road tour of the island. The group she took from Miami comprised of three couples and two singles. They came to my house then we left to go the mineral springs and overnight at hotel.
My husband and I cooked for them and we took the food. We had not the internet connection but the company was having a blast. My husband and I were meeting these persons for the first time but it was like a family reunion. To boost it persons were from the different Caribbean island so it was a time for sharing and teaching about the culture of food.
We danced, sang, took pictures and my girlfriend Hyacinth who was in charge of the group was on point.
Kyle I was glad that my score did not go down very low. To be honest I was a little concern about that.
The time gave me fresh ideas as to how I will be moving forward. I am very glad that you and family enjoyed your time. Thanks for sharing.
Kyle Premium
Awesome to hear you got a break in Marlene!
CherylK Premium
Excellent advice...I even think that doing so on a regular basis is a good idea. Most businesses have a day or two (or the weekend) off. So maybe figure out what your least busy day is and just dedicate that to "un-connecting". It could be a day for just family or for spending time outdoors enjoying nature, etc. If the people you deal with get used to that idea, you'll really have some private time!
mickeyb123 Premium
.... and she doesn't have a cell phone glued to her cheek, either I see! I 'check out' every day for a couple of hours.

The key here is to be able to be gone for a while and NOT have to worry about what you are 'missing out on' all of the time, desperately looking for the closest signal you can latch onto!
Natz01 Premium
I was away two weeks ago at a family wedding in Cape Town. I did not take my laptop, and although I had my phone, I hardly noticed it! I was too busy enjoying the amazing scenery, the people around me and the things I could do without a phone in my hand!

I did miss it a little though, and when I returned home I had over 300 emails waiting for me..
Mitzi1 Premium
Finding time to have face-to-face connection is not an easy task when you are in the process of starting your online business. However, thanks be to God I'm on my own for now so I do the best I can in pushing myself to complete as much as I can knowing it will soon change. Whenever I go to visit my friend/s or when I have visitor/s, it's hard for me to put away the phone/laptop and have been warned a few times. For now it's work, work and more work.

It is a good thing Kyle to interact with family and friends face to face and I'm happy that you got that opportunity.

I can also see that you did enjoy the time. Your daughter is a cute bundle. Continue to do what you do best and THANKS for the opportunity that YOU have given many online entrepreneurs at becoming successful. Keep up the good work.

Blessing to you and your family.

JSluppick1 Premium
She is precious. I know she is a joy to you and your family. Kyle I think what you did was wonderful. I have not been occupied with internet...etc... but I suppose I could hide my phone and desktop from myself. Hmmm I might do that one day.
But now I need to figure out what I am doing on WA. Thanks for sharing with us, new member of WA, Judy
NatNiches Premium
Kyle - Millie is so adorable!! :). I completely agree with you. I have been trying to have some time actually, disconnecting for time from the internet and technology in general and I feel it can be liberating. Socially, I barley go on facebook anymore, I find it quite a negative place. But I do tend to check email a gazillion times a day and spend most of my day online, so it's so important to take a break!
teaherbalist Premium
What a great message, Kyle! My life has given me some interesting "away" times that I found to be great for creative energy. I wrote poetry in Russia back before Facebook was invented, when our main forms of communication were telephones (very expensive long distance) and snail mail (unreliable and slow).
What I'm thinking about is that your experience might help you create even better connection with your newbie audience, some of whom might remember when daily life was just like your vacation, and for whom the whole internet marketing thing can be an enigma. Kudos to them for being willing to take the challenge. And, kudos to you for your infinite patience in helping them succeed in this new adventure.
I understand that the great majority of your affiliates and even new affiliates are very tech savvy. Kudos to them for sharing in the community that is WA, and their help afforded to those less experienced.
Welcome back!
LindaF Premium
well I hope you never sell out to any big corporate guru Kyle you guys can be very proud of yourselves for what you have created here at WA. You never see them mixing with the crowd. being a Canadian I am very proud to be a WA member.
We always need to disconnect for a bit and enjoy ourselves i do that on Sunday's maybe some times Saturday too.
Always a better ways to accomplish things Kyle
sending blessings your way
MNorton Premium
Hi Kyle,
Welcome back to the world, the non-digital one!! I did this very thing about 3 months ago, only I shut down for a week. I told my family and friends what I was doing, I asked them not to call or text unless it was an emergency. No phone, laptop or TV. I spent all my time with the Lord and my bible. I loved it!!! There was absolutely no pressure, no being pulled in so many different directions. It gave me peace of mind and spirit. I'm going to do it again before the end of the year. I highly recommend doing this, maybe not for a week, like me but for whatever time you can. It will bring you back to a better focus on life and what's important to you. Thanks for the update on your experience. Hope you have a great day, take care.
BigAl48 Premium
Fascinating, this attachment to the internet, it's like having another appendage. It's now the one we use most often, even shake hands with, in a sense. Whereas, once we used to work with our hands, now this has replaced that for many. For those of you who've become so skilled in manipulating the internet, your new hand is like that of a surgeon, who would want to give that up or have it impaired? We wouldn't, of course, however, even a skilled surgeon relishes using those gifted hands to cradle a beautiful child such as yours. Enjoy your enlightenment.
GuyfromNB Premium
LOL. I can definitely relate to that. I took a week of vacation last week, and I didn't work much on my online business. Almost feel like you're missing out on something... but it ends up being beneficial.

I concentrated more on my girlfriend doing stuff together like shopping and ridding around town. It pays to take breaks once and a while and come back stronger after!
markr0675 Premium
Hi Kyle,
gosh what a happy looking baby girl. Proud father I'm sure you are!
I love your idea here to "disconnect" for a day. I'm sure it will be good for the soul for everyone.
Beautiful country you were in for your trip. It reminds me of Alaska where I grew up. Peaceful!!! Also good for the soul to connect with nature.
Thank you for the post, and the opportunity you offer here. Hope to meet you one day to give you an in-person "Thank you".

Talk soon I hope!
TTedesco1 Premium
You know Kyle …something very similar happened to me. It did turn out to be a blessing in disguise. We are all so connected with the internet that sometimes we don’t realize how much quick sand we are in because we are too busy being busy. The internet; if we let it….. well take all our time and more. For so many it has become a way of life….. a life style we become dependent on.…and the internet is a journey that has no ending.
I finally….. and only by accident got a chance to get in touch with the….. NOW…. for me, myself and I. I thought about things and remembered things I would never have gotten a chance to recall. We already are successful with our Families and Friends…We must find the balance in life to also stop and smell the roses. Always stop and remind ourselves of the limited and precious time we have to share with each other.
PS By the way …Millie is a beautiful baby and thank God she looks like her Mommy…Just kidding of course…Welcome back to Wealthy Affiliates….Ha….
kiliwia62 Premium
Kyle, I really enjoyed reading your post and it also did put a big smile on my face too.

Congrats to your revelation and to realize that there can still be a life without the internet. You are the generation which (almost) grew up with the internet or at least was young enough to adapt quickly and easily to the, back then, new digital area.

I am, on the other hand, belong to the "older" generation where computers and cell phones came into use when already life happened and I remember having just started my own home care business, back in Germany, when I bought my very first cell phone and how I loved it being connected all the time no matter where I was, it was so useful.

But, I still don't have one of the smartphones, my current cell phone is still for "just" doing a quick call or to text something important. No further access to Google and Co or checking emails, this I still do via computer.

There are sometimes days I also don't go on my computer at all because of other responsibilities. I am lucky that way that I am still capable of going off of the internet a bit easier than others could do.

Of course, when you run an online business like you do, or you sell goods online you need to be connected all time to do your thing.

However, to disconnect just for a few hours, a day or a weekend won't kill anything but actually, re-connect you to the "real" world and that can be a big new revelation on its own. :)
PatsyC Premium
Hi Kyle, I will start with how you ended, with Millie.
She is a Doll and has the best Daddy!

We don't realize until we step away, how great it feels. We need these breaks once in a while and in the past month I have been taking many.

We acknowledge you often around here, and are grateful to be with WA. We are spoiled in many ways!

You have a wonderful life living in a wonderful place and deserve it all.

Thank you for sharing your life with us Kyle :)
susanmacneil Premium
Dear Kyle,

I cannot sing your praises enough. You and Carson have developed something very unique.

I wish world leaders understood the benefit that comes from helping people and creating an environment in which people want to help move one another towards success.

You two have created a wonderful world at WA. I am thrilled that I found it.

Thank you for sharing your escape from the internet. I love the pictures.

The thing that makes you so unique is the fact that you let us see you as a real person. We hear your voice on the tutorials and we see your lovely family photo.

We never feel that you are too far away or un-reachable.

That is a most unusual gift that you give us, especially when we know how many people are members of WA.

How you have maintained that personal connection with your WA community is both amazing and inspiring!

Kudos to you, Carson and Jay. You three manage to keep it real.

Thank you for letting us step into your world, at a personal level, once again!

I really enjoyed your post. The photos are beautiful and your little girl....what can I say....a child is a blessing from God. It does not get any better than that blessing!!!!

Thank you!

gbsun Premium
Kyle, you are awesome! Everything you do is helping people. You deserve more time with your beautiful family. You know how you tell us to take a break? Well, I'm just going to suggest more get away time for you with your family. Before you know it, and believe me because I speak from experience, your children will be all grown up. It happens fast. So take more time to get away. Enjoy the life you have made for yourself. You deserve it!

P.S. But don't go too far because we all need you!
Kyle Premium
For sure, I can totally appreciate this. Our first daughter is turning 4 in a few weeks, I can see how that time has flown by.

Fortunately the Internet and running an Internet business has enabled me to spend a great deal of time with my daughters and I have gotten to see every stage of their "growing up".

And don't worry, I am definitely not going anywhere at all. Helping people and building WA is our passion. I look forward to going to work every day, 15 years on.
gbsun Premium
You are so amazing! By the way Happy Belated Father's Day!
Thank you so much for all you do,
MBond Premium
Hi Kyle,

I think most people are aware that in person contact is richer that virtual contact, but we have gotten used to being so busy that we try to substitute meaningful connections with digital ones. In the end I suppose we try to do the best we can. I think it is necessary to disconnect at times in order to recharge ourselves and to connect on a deeper level with others.
Kyle Premium
It is much, much richer. With augmented reality, I think our understanding of this is only going to become more skewed. Human interaction is vital to our society and I think this could have something to do with all of the polarization that is taking place these days.

You never saw "trolls" prior to the Internet, people behaved and they experienced meaningful interactions, things that are happening far less these days.
TJ Books Premium
You got more time with Millie and Scotland. My idea of disconnecting is tuning off the TV, setting aside my lap top and getting off my duff and taking a walk, then going into my studio and slapping paint on a canvas. I loved that Emerald Lake area when Pat and I were last up there. It was the last trip we were able to have together and I had eggs Benedict every morning. lol Did yu and Carson get down to the Mariners / Toronto games? Half of Canada was there. John
Kyle Premium
Awesome, that is really great that you got up to Emerald Lake. The food was really good, I didn't do the benny, but put in a solid breakfast every morning (favourite meal of the day).

I didn't manage to get to the Toronto series this year, but I know many people that did. It has become quite the thing for people from Victoria and Vancouver to head down to that series and it is likely the biggest crowd the Mariners get every year.
TJ Books Premium
They came in on Wednesday for the weekend. It was fantastic! And the attendance did go out of sight. I would like to take that train from Portland to Vancouver picking up my grandkids in Seattle. With these last two heart attacks, I'm not sure that will happen. J
Balloons29 Premium
Dear Kyle,

You must be running on your batteries with definitely not enough sleep. You can say you are fine, but you will have burnout before long.
My prescription is to learn Mindfulness. It will refresh you through the day and help you with decision making.

If you say that you are too busy for Mindfulness, you need to learn about it and practice it the most.

See my blog,
Kyle Premium
I am actually really content, I do just fine. I have been doing this for 15 years full time so I have a good grasp on time management and how to manage the mental side of running an online business and long hours.

But in saying this, taking a little break and disconnecting gave me some new meaning as to what it is like to be removed from the internet and it was a blessing in disguise.
AnnaP1 Premium
Good article and so true. I did some experiment on my self last January and February and only logged into my computers for max 3 hours per day mostly because I had to read so much material from books for my work and I absolutely loved it. Since then, I make an effort to log off my computer as often as I can.
Kyle Premium
Awesome, I love that. I think that is a wonderful idea and taking time to read, hard copy books, I think is something else I would like to make more time for.

There is something powerful about that quiet time.
AnnaP1 Premium
You should try it out only takes minimum 10 minutes a day to feel the difference it makes to mind and soul :)
soledad1 Premium
Hi Kyle,
Although I am very much a newbie in this business, I see what
you are saying. Even away from my DT computer I bring along my tablet and phone with me and just survey Internet marketing sites and of course continue watching WA videos for help.
Taking a break will surely give a better perspective of the task on hand and life.
Kyle Premium
It surely does give perspective and often times a bunch of new insight. Being away form technology allows you to think of technology related ideas, if that makes sense. That is what I found anyways.
Samaffiliate Premium
Interesting. I'm curious, however, does Wealthy Affiliate have an office department?

I'm taking into consideration the technical support team like does Wealthy affiliate host them with office space or does all workers controlling and managing wealthy affiliate have their own space for their own comfort?

Would love to know.

Kyle Premium
We are distributed, people from all over the world play a role in the development, being the internet, location doesn't matter. We do have local employees, but we have always worked in very much a remote and "always connected" environment. It leads to much more efficiency and a higher quality of life.

Spending 2 hours in traffic, or even 1 hour, is a complete waste of life. We are not willing to put our team in that position where they have to do that.

25+ full timers are responsible for running, improving, and evolving the platform here.
PaulRegan Premium
Hi Kyle,
You have reminded me of the yarn about the older guy sitting on his front porch, coffee in hand, reading the sports section of the paper, just lazing in the sun.
His cranky wife stands beside him, hands on hips and asks, "what do yo think your'e doing.?"
He looks up through squinting eyes and says..."Nothin."
The next day....The same wife in the same mood finds him on the porch again, lazing in the sun, and asks again in shrill voice,
" what do you think your'e doing today?"
He looks up casually once more and says quietly.."Nothin."
White hot at his response she yells at him..."That's what you said yesterday."
He considers her question for a moment, looks up again and replies......"I haven't finished yet."
Like you already said Kyle..." A person needs time to reflect and reboot and come up with refreshing responses, going forward."
our best wishes to you and your team, many thanks.
Paul from Adelaide, South Australia.
Kyle Premium
I love that Paul. This "reflection" time is always important and it really helps when you are getting your fill of Oxygen from up in the Canadian Rockies. I thought the air was fresh in Victoria, BC...that is next level.

Thanks for chiming in Paul!
Uta Premium
Thank you for this article. I feel so guilty when I disconnect - like if I do not enough for my business and there are so many things to chase up .... But real life happens in the real world with real people ....in my online business I want to sell outdoor experiences - so I must disconnect from time to time to live it
JenZPhoenix Premium
It's interesting that you don't realize what you're missing in life until you are forced to experience it (without technology). I agree that taking a break from the internet is a great way to re-charge and experience new things. With the internet around us all the time, disconnecting is so hard to do. It's great to hear about your experience! Thanks for sharing Kyle!
JeffL61 Premium
It's funny in an interesting way going back to the 1980s when most people did not have personal computers how it was possible to get through life without the Internet. Sadly so many people on this Planet now seemingly cannot get along without it.

In today's crazy non-stop world, seemingly where each day there is a lot of bad news taking place and broadcast, of course on the Internet that it often crosses one's mind that we are NOT in a better place compared to where we were circa 1982.

It's true what you stated Kyle in not being able to go online for several days. It takes some getting used to but every so often we'd all benefit by getting away from what can be found on the Internet - good and bad!
Kyle Premium
It's like we can't live without this connectivity any longer. I proved to myself I can and there are actually a lot of personal rewards and fulfillment by disconnecting sometimes.

We are living in a new age and unless we teach the new generation what it used to be like and give them the opportunity to experience it, then they will never know. It is my job to do this with our little ones and it is something that I feel is important.
ContentBySue Premium
Thank you for your message, Kyle. I believe in the occasional "detachment" from all technology...phone, computer, tablet, etc. I use that time to write, and of course, verbally communicate. I also love to write letters or postcards.

I love writing in long-hand (or my somewhat shortened version of short-hand). There's something about the physical aspects of a pen and paper that is so very basic and so very good for your mind, body and soul.

I'm going to disconnect for a 24 hour period once a month.

Your sweet Millie is a treasure. Thank you for sharing this with us, Kyle.

Kyle Premium
Thanks Sue, she is our little treasure and absolutely detachment is good. So is being connected, there just needs to be a happy medium somewhere.
ContentBySue Premium
Yes, there needs to be a happy medium for sure...a place where you can have the best of both worlds. Thanks again, Kyle.
GaryJr Premium
I couldn't agree more. We definitely need to disconnect from time to time.

Love the pics. Especially the last one. My oldest just graduated from high school, and I remember when he was that age and had hair that stuck up just like that. We called it his monkey hair.

Anyway, enjoy every second of it. They grow up in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Thanks for sharing, Kyle.
Marcus1978 Premium
A few years ago I used to sometimes take weekends away from my computer and the internet. It's easier to do in the summer. It has emerged as a bit of a thing, though, named "digital detox".

I think it's really important, actually. When we're connected to the internet all the time, we have no need to be bored. There is always another email to read, YouTube video to watch, etc.

Whenever I have a break from technology, I find myself spending more time on things I wouldn't have otherwise bothered doing - reading books, journal writing, doing creative things.

Another thing I've sometimes done is just turn off the internet connection. This can be good if I want to really focus on something creative on my computer without the distractions of the internet.

I remember life before I had the internet. It was fine. I just did other things with my time.
DevKnepp Premium
Thanks for sharing that with us. Being new to WA I was struggling with myself not being as connected this past weekend as much as I thought I should have. I have 2 young daughters that play softball and we had an out of town tournament this past weekend with my youngest. I remember thinking to myself Saturday night that I have not even logged in once or checked my email all day because we were at the fields all day in the heat. I felt guilty for not putting in any time to my newly found journey I have just started. When I got home I told myself that I needed to do a lot of catching up, which I did, between work and softball practice. This has enlightened me to not worry too much. I need to continue enjoying what I do with my children as much as I enjoy starting this new journey. This takes a load off my shoulder as to what this journey is all about. Thank you Kyle!
hi Kyle, one question still has me scratching my head....why 6-9 months to get up and running a website business...as I saw in the starter tour one gets their website design anchored around a niche, puts in SEO features, adds and updates content , hooks up to e commerce capabilities somehow...I wasn't shown that in my starter training... And starts selling....what am I missing...thx Chris
StevenL1 Premium
very well put Zuch...waiting to read answer!
My sponsor got his first bit of pay within three months online. It took another three months or so before he had checks he was willing to show us.

I think it's like anything else. People need to get used to your website being around.
StevenL1 Premium
nice Sylvia...I might add, it also takes about 2 years for ANY business to succeed. Most folks are only funded for a year, that's why they go out of business....I know this first hand.

Here the cost is minimal with a "sky's the limit" RETURN.
Sharlita Premium
I've been seeing this as a common theme here in Wealthy Affliate and have been commenting on many posts of people taking a brief break. The Internet and Career is great but we are not Robots, we are spiritual earth beings, and there is nothing more restorative and fulfilling than being connected to family, nature and self. We must always charge that battery first and then share that energy with others through the internet or other means. We must never forget where we came from and what got us here. Before we had thoughts of career and wealth, we were immersed in family,nature and self and that always welcomes us back with open arms. Glad you unplugged from us and plugged back into the source :)
RichBrennan Premium
Great post, Kyle.
We all need to 'switch off' from time to time.
I did it for just one day this week - Father's Day on Sunday - and it so uplifting and relaxing!
The time we enjoy 'wasting' is not wasted time!
Your Affiliates don't begrudge you a break - you deserve it! :-)
wendyg53 Premium
Because I live in the city, I got rid of the car and walk home a couple of miles everyday. I have to walk next to one of the most beautiful parks in North Manhattan and the phone goes in the bag for the duration.

It is a time of day I look forward to because I can just be and walk without distractions. I can greet people with dogs, because I love dogs and don't have one yet. I can watch the birds and admire the huge trees. I can see and hear all the things I wouldn't see if I had a phone in my hand.

Like you, my job requires being connected constantly, and I love the Internet, but finding time in the day to disconnect for a couple of hours helps me stayed grounded.

Your daughter is a cutie! Enjoy her.
Mabz Premium
A beautiful read Kyle, in my earlier life I remember disconnecting from online for several months, and it was a truly one the hardest yet most beautiful experience I have ever had. I hope to one day have a life similar what you have, I love what you do. Indeed very inspiring.
MizBurke314 Premium
Hey, Kyle--Millie is just the cutest thing I've seen in a while! This picture is making me smile (and internally groan...my kids have not been this small in decades) It is good that you got to enjoy time with your children while you were unwittingly unplugged. I, too, feel odd when I am away from the internet for an extended period of time. I don't, I'm sure, do as much as you do on the web, but I do everything on my computer. Pay bills, look for information, work on WA, play games (rarely), click for charity. But it does feel good sometimes to shut it all down, to know that you will have that time to do what you WANT to do, not what you have to.

Thanks for the post! Thanks for WA!

JimDavy Premium
Forty years ago I started spending two hours in the morning reading and writing. Unlike you it was short bits of time that I was away from it all. It resulted in writing some books on relition that now I'm learning how to promote via WA.
Thanks for sharing your away venture.
whmorden Premium
I disconnect every weekend Friday through to Monday morning . That's when I'm taking care of my horses fulltime. Out in the country you go to sleep early with total silence after studying the stars and wake up with bird song at the crack of dawn. Reach out for your cell phone but no, no connection, no news , no lost calls just the dogs wagging their tails. When I get back to the city Monday afternoon I have enormous energy and I'm really looking forward getting to work. Without disconnection it would be impossible.I'd be drained. No canoes or emerald lakes out here in Madrid but we find other ways
carebear2410 Premium
Sounds familiar... I never think about ANYTHING anymore!! If I forget something, I just say, " OK Google" and ask my question. I have limited my time recently due to the fact that my son will freak out without the iPad. I wanted to go outside and play soccer and he didn't bc he was too busy watching videos. That was it for me! Limited screen time, here we come! I'm not 100% sure how no screen time/internet would work out? we will give it a try though, just not today!! Lol
Supeters29 Premium
Kyle, actually what you experienced happened to me in a very different way, but actually changed my perspective on life. Also my niche. With my luck in finding WA, and my perspective on living life in more thoughtful ways, I may have found the winning combination. I loved your post.
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
great story
3 yrs ago a mini hurricane hit southern Ireland
We had no power or electricity for 5 days
I had no internet
I had to go out for a spin in my car to charge my phone
You never miss what you have until you are without it
Great post
cheers PB
sharonwhyte Premium
What an awesome post and it is good to give the internet a break. Yes, like Alana said below me, your kids grow up so quickly it is so important to enjoy them. But you obviously do.

It's great when you do get back online however. Its like your mind has more creative things to unleash!

Glad you had a lovely break with your family and enjoyed what looks like a beautiful part of the world!
iscool78 Premium
And while you disconnect, you turned us into WAaholics ;)

I'm glad you had a great time! Family is important, and disconnecting is key to realize there's other stuff out there that needs to be enjoyed as well.

Thanks for sharing your experience. You know you need to do something, but it's good to be reminded sometimes ;)

Cheers and enjoy! ;)
jedboy84 Premium
I totally agree with you. I have been on WA for just over 2 months I think and log in multiple times a day, on my breaks and after work.

This week I have been on holiday in Athens for a family wedding and even though I have had excellent internet I told my self that am not going on my phone at all apart from before bed when I played my favourite game for 10 mins.

It felt so strange to start as I always felt I was missing out on something but after a couple of days it became normal not being on my phone. It was really good enjoying everyone's company and actually speaking to one another.

I do feel that we are loseing the ability to communicate with people on a face to face basis as everything is done by email and text.

I totally agree with Kyle we all need to take a break from the internet and actually enjoy our friends and family and spend time with them and have human interaction.

I think it helps with your creativity as you are not putting yourself under pressure all the time to come up with ideas and content.
TheDummyOfWA Premium
awwww..she's so cute :) I could sure try to do that, (Not being on the internet for 24 hours) one time, but that would be tough, because since joining WA I have become addicted to the program...lol Yesterday I even joined as a yearly premium member to become even more committed as I believe in this program so much! :) I hope you had a GREAT 3 days off!! :)
DShensky Premium
with technology so much a part of our daily lives, it's hard to remember what it was like before cell phones and computers, but there's still a large generation out there that don't know the first thing about computers and don't want to.

Back then, life was simpler and you only knew what you experienced around you in your daily life
emerald860 Premium
Hey Kyle! How could you resist that face? There's your answer right there! Kids are definitely worth unplugging for. I'm grateful that I spent a lot of time with my daughter as she grew up. It goes by fast, believe me. She's heading into her 2nd year of college in September! Enjoy them as much as you can!

Unplugging can be hard though. I'll give it a try soon. Alanna
DarlinK Premium
Thank you for sharing your story without the internet.
I Always try to stay away from internet particularly My telefon during night from 10.pm i put My Phone in another room Then go to bed. But i Will try to disconnect for 24hours also.
I like your story, your little girl is absolutely cute. Bless her:-)
MHulsizer Premium
Thanks for the all so ever good reminder of being with our family and friends in the moment!!! You can't get those memories back no matter how hard you try and if they are lost, gone with the ever living black hole of the internet abyss, then they are really truly gone. This was a really great post and a great reminder!! Glad you had a good time! Thanks again!
ABromley Premium
We have an old saying" ,a change is as good as a rest." and getting away from your every day routine comes under that heading. You have to come away sometimes other your routine becomes stale and old habits start creeping in.
P S your little girl looks lovely. My regards to you and your wife.
LadybugLove Premium
Loved your post Kyle!! I can soo relate to how you feel!! My passion for my new biz is soo strong that I literally have to pull myself away to eat, sleep, and have a bit of a break.

However my biz also has an aspect of creativity that, for the most part, doesn't involve technology and employs a lot of creativity...Card/album creation. So it's then that I break out the pretty paper, double sided tape, stickers, washi tape, and my creative brain to just let my heart and mind fly!! Pretty amazing things come out of those times, btw.

I think I get the most inspiration tho from being out in nature...taking a walk in the park at the duck pond, where my mind can rest and wander. Remembering the quote..."Not all who wander are lost."

Working to 'get thru' the training can be daunting, when you need the money and it seems it's taking a lifetime to get going. But I know there is a time coming when all this worry and hard work will pay off...and then I can lean back, reflect on what I've done, and sigh a breath of relief. Soo looking forward to that day!!

Thanks for the breather! Love all you do here for all of us...you and Carson!! :)

~Evon (aka LadybugLove)

PS Millie is a real charmer...does she have daddy's hair? ;)
GlenPalo Premium
Millie is a cutie!

And I am such a dinosaur.

I grew up and was in college before the invention of the hand held calculator and well before the desktop computer. We used slide rulers. My first computer experience was learning to write FORTRAN code for use on a main frame. Our computer interface was by keypunching our program onto 80-column cards.

This was the era of the analog, rotary dial telephone. Digital was years off. So I never felt the need for 24/7 connection with people like so many people do today.

I find it easy to be AFK. I have my favorite quiet place at home where I can sit and read a book, not a Kindle or ipad. Or head to the beach where there is no cell phone coverage.
WaynePro Premium
Thanks for sharing your disconnection from the world, Kyle! I agree that we all should try it at least for a 24 hour period. It can certainly dictate our lives and perhaps make us more dependent upon technology than we really have to be. Sounds like your withdrawal was not as bad as I thought it would be. However, you did have a beautiful family and some incredible country surrounding you.

All the best.

jetrbby80316 Premium
You have a gorgeous daughter Kyle, and I'm happy you were able to decompress and enjoy the simple pleasures of life away from the internet.

Like you, I feel it's very important we get away and appreciate the small gems around us, and to not to be forever enslaved to our devices.

It's very liberating to get back to that "old school" feeling. Remember until 1990, that was the way we lived all day, everyday.

It's great to have the power of the internet at your disposal, but tits definitely wonderful to free yourself "from its chains" once in awhile.
jerome1966 Premium
Your baby girl is a cutie!!! In life, you always have to take a break from what consumes you in order to get refreshed and renewed. You avoid getting burned out and taking a vacation with no internet is definitely what you needed to get a new perspective. I'm glad you got your rest and relaxation from all the busyness you go through everyday. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

God bless,
Rawan7784 Premium
OMG how cute! god bless her and bless your family.
Being away from internet is hard for those addicted and those have all their world and business on internet, and I agree that sometimes we have to quit the internet and live in the real world to enjoy real things around us.

Glad that you had a great vacation, that's refreshing and relaxing.
onlyprofits Premium
Was it crazy hair day ;-p We're off on holiday for a full week to a lodge in the Lake District (UK) in a few weeks. It's a place we've been to a few times before and it barely has a phone signal, never mind any kind of internet connection so it's pretty much cut off from the outside world.

We get to spend proper quality time there as a family and I am soooo looking forward to it!
GaryDW Premium
Sounds to me like I need to spend more time connected Kyle. As someone who grew up before the internet existed, I am a late entrant to the world of ECommerce and have perhaps enjoyed the benefit of a childhood and early adulthood without information technology. Consequently, as an adult I regularly do stuff that does not involve the use of information technology and recommend to others that there is certainly more to life than internet connectivity. Having said that, internet connectivity adds a dimension to life also.
antonetteC Premium
Thank you for that it is sometimes to unplug and re energize and go back to the basics. I did that on vacation and it felt great when I was back I was able to know my goals where I wanted to go it was like my new resolutions to myself. We all need to to it at least some point to give ourselves a break and be fresh.
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for your blog post-Kyle, it is amazing how so many of us have got used to having Internet access 24/7! It is definitely good to take a break from the Internet as with any other type of work. If I've been in front of my laptop for a few hours, often I will just have to move away from the screen and do something totally different, to refresh myself. Next month I will be getting married so I guess that I will be taking a natural break from the Internet!
nathangurley Premium
I am a part-time professional musician. I sing old time country (which I was brought up on) and 80s (which was my glory days). I rarely listen to music as it has turned into a job... I was talking to an awesome, young piano player I was on a gig with and he told me he doesn't listen to music either which struck me a bit. I figured I was just "old" , but when he told me that he did the same thing I was taken a back. I suppose the moral of the story is, we all need to take time to chill! It's not like either of us dislike music; nor is it that you dislike Internet business. When we consume ourselves and drive our passion into overdrive, we run the possibility of burn out. Great message! Hope you continue to enjoy your vacation!
Kyle Premium
True that, we all need time to chill and relax and in this case, completely disconnect. I don't think we can truly give our brains a rest if we are constantly connected to technology. It is creating a sensation of instant gratification, pleasure, or disappointment.

Disconnect and Chill.
Swangirl Premium
She is so adorable!
Yes, I completely agree with you here about disconnecting. I grew up in the mountains of Alaska. We didn't even have a hard line phone or TV! We had only radio, aircraft radio to talk to small planes (my parents were pilots), CB radio and later a satellite phone that was expensive.

There was generally no way for anyone to bug you though! And of course no internet!

It was wonderful and I miss it! Hearing loons on the lake at night and coyotes and wolves and lynx and owls. Hawks and eagles and songbirds during the day. Ducks and grebes and squirrels. Rockslides on the mountain, thunder, wind, river water, raindrops...so many sounds we miss now!
Loes Premium
Forced to be disconnected gives you, at first, an uncomfortable feeling but after that, a certain rest. With every grandchild, a day of disconnection will be added each year;)
This Friday, I will have a wedding, which will disconnect me for at least 12 hours at least. Halfway your request;)
Lovely little girl, your Millie:)
frogurtnm Premium
Great suggestion! We own our own business and we try to get away at least 2 to 3 days every other month out of the year. And we enjoy every bit of the time together. The more you plan to get away the easier it is to have that quality time with your love ones. Thanks for the reminder!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Kyle,
I will take that one as a big yes, it can be so easy to get swept away in the drive to create that online business/lifestyle. I recently took a break for more than a few days best thing that I could have done really.
Sometimes I wonder if we are not trying to replace that grindstyle work hard job/ career for a work long hours staring at a screen grindstyle. A scary proposition,
I for one will be taking your lead and functioning in time away, the real positive is that it just gives you that break, time to think with clarity if that makes sense and I am finding also that you can come back to it with a different perspective, which can mean real gains in productivity.
You and your family would have really enjoyed that break as well.
maxxlife Premium
I am currently on leave and stay away from busy city life and back hometown for a vacation. Being away from city life and all the high building surrounding I feel was connected with nature here.

I am not 100% disconnecting from the internet and my laptop yet but definitely will take your word here to disconnect and unplug for few days before I end my leave.

I am happy now being with my family here and doing what I love here (rural areas). Really enjoy it. Perhaps I will miss this moment.
CraigW315 Premium
What a cutie!

I haven't had a full 24 hours offline, but I have had a number of days recently (this past weekend being a good example) where I couldn't go online as much as I wanted to, and it made me feel like I was wasting time.

The main difference for me though, is that my time off was not spent entirely with family, or doing things that I enjoy, and the reason that it felt like a waste of time is that I haven't "made it" yet.I am not successful at this yet, so I feel an urge to keep working so that I eventually CAN succeed. Once I have done so, then I can relax a bit and have fun, but until then, I need to keep working as much as I can, as often as I can.

That said, it is my dream to reach a point where I can take time off when I want to or need to, without having to answer to anyone and without having to worry about lost income. I have many, many plans for the things I would like to do for myself, for my wife and for my kids, but those things are off in the future somewhere.
DarleenP Premium
I know what this is like. I just went to Michigan 2 weeks ago in a cabin where there was no internet. Right here in the USA! At first it was driving me crazy kept trying and it would go in and out and if I did get it for a few minutes it was too slow so finally gave up and actually enjoyed the vacation. Imagine that. Just like you noticed the flowers and the birds singing, etc. Interacted with people and watched the stars.

Your daughter is really cute.
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Kyle...

I have been an advocate of this disconnecting ever since the internet came into existence...

Unfortunately I am old enough to remember preaching to the folks that worked for me across Europe and the Middle East about email...

I said back then it was going to change the way we were doing business - which at that time was largely focused on papers and fax machines...

This proved to be VERY true...

In the military, at the HQ assignments where I was much of the time, especially over the last half of my career, we were often the first to get new or the latest technology...

Some examples...

We had one of the first intranet systems, video conferencing ability (6 HUGE containers and 2 techs for each access point) and even fiber optics years before it became available to the masses...

During this period, I could also see how all these changes were starting to affect how people interacted together. It was not all positive, but I felt (and still feel) the benefits outweigh the risk/cost...

So although I did push my folks to embrace the new technologies, I also used to preach the importance of staying grounded and in touch on a face to face level with others around you...


The social skills that you learn and practice can be so helpful in all aspects of your life, to include the business side of things. It is quite easy to get wrapped up as we all do in this digital world and lose touch with things...

Another portion of that staying grounded is the detachment piece as you just experienced...

Going back in time...

I can remember spending 10 days in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) in Northern Minnesota, portaging from lake to lake, fishing for our meals, campfires on rocks and beaches, and lots of conversation, laughs, and lessons from the elders (in this case 2 of my Uncles)...

There is much to be gained, as you also discovered...

Back to today...

These days I find that I have to do this in smaller bits of time/periods, but I do fit this in still. Because of our addiction almost to connectivity, this is a hard thing for some (me too)...

The benefits are there though, just as they were way back when with the BWCA trip, and as they were for you. I would suggest that all people, even those NOT doing an online business give this a whirl...

For many, this will be something brand new, while for others like me, not so much. It can really recharge your batteries and give you more insight as to the 'why' of what you do, and add to what you get done when back online...

If you look at the really successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, etc. most do something like this regularly. In the old days, at one assignment, I used to take my people once a year for a trip for a week...

One year we all went to Venice. The next year we went to Paris. The year after that, we switched things up and went to Bertchesgaden (sp?) in the winter, and the final trip was to Amsterdam in the Spring...

What that allowed all of us to do was to get to know one another away from the work setting, to share time with family or friends, get new ideas, and just step away from the daily routine.

It was wonderful.

I also added in a 'Cook-Nick' for the military folks who were otherwise always supporting the units with special meals, picnics, and parties (everyone had fun at these except the cooks)...

This was a special day where they all met up and had their own party/BBQ/games etc. and they could relax and experience what the other soldiers got regularly...

It really helped build morale, esprit de corps, and dedication with them...Leading by example is important, and if others see you doing things like stepping away for 3 days, they will follow the leader and try the same...

Bottom line...

I appreciate you sharing this experience with us all and it most certainly is nice and necessary to get a reminder of the value of detaching yourself from this online world once in a while!

Dave : )

P.S. Millie is a CUTE kid! Definitely a keeper and makes it all worth it! In the 'for what it's worth' category, my youngest 2 grands (one boy and one girl) are now almost 3 years old (the oldest one of the 6 total grands is now 20...WHAT?). Just yesterday these two youngsters were the size of your Millie - Bottom Line: Important to enjoy them, they grow up FAST!
EdwardLarry Premium
She's a darling, I read everything you wrote You have great creativity and you expression to detail, For these last two years life is either sleeping or at the computer, I don't know what a vacation is like, But I looked at myself to see if I like doing technology well to tell you the truth It's the relation I'm having

I see a vast amount of Imagination from others and myself, Writing really was something I never thought I would be interested in.

I like what you said about checking emails 50 times a day, In all I'm being more thoughtful of others, And a fan of Earl Nightinggal

One thing you said and gave me clarity I have to learn that I set my schedule according to what the day demands.

Emerald Lake looked beautiful, My change in life is socializing even when not talking but a simple Hello.
accad Premium
You've correctly mentioned we have different times and different people to give attention to and that is why even we sit all day in office we are thinking about different things primarily related to our work.
It's good you experienced the situation we are in in the rural areas many times there is no internet.
DarleneB Premium
Millie is such a little cutie. When I go on vacation once a year, all I take is my cell phone. I keep it turned off & it stays in my purse just in case I have an emergency. I've never had to use it yet.

The rest of the year I'm on the internet every day. I love working from home so I'm actually having fun not working. It definitely beats sitting in front of the t.v. at night.
JIllW Premium
Thank you for writing this Kyle as I sometimes feel quality for not being on my computer. We do need to take a break from work period. Things can be moving to fast and we need to slow ourselves down. I am happy to hear you had a nice time in BC Welcome back to BC only temporarily you are here. It would be nice if you moved back so Canadians would not have to pay the US exchange. I am happy to see your lovely daughter and she looks healthy. All the best to you and your family
stn67 Premium
Yes, it's a test to keep checking their notifications all the time. I'm not always online in one day and I'm looking at my phone tomorrow and evening, but not all the time. I also found out quickly that it does not work for me to work from home. It is not healthy to sit in front of the screen for 8 to 12 hours at a time and only be connected with their online friends. It's not because I'm super happy for my job, but it makes me come home from home everyday
PaulBoudreau Premium
Great blog Kyle.

I often spend days and nights in the mountains and always come back refreshed and cleansed. This is a wonderful idea that needs more consideration in today's electro-visual world.

Looks like it's going to be very hard to keep those big, bright, wide-open eyes away from a screen... lol ...

Congratulations and welcome back!

Will you be returning to that same place next year if they do not have an Internet Connection?
BooBish Premium
This particular sentence "Well I don't have a structured or a set schedule" was surprising to me. I previously thought just about all successful people needed to have a set schedule, similar to showing up for a "real job" at regular times.However, no matter how I've tried, I just haven't been able to abide by a set schedule.

So I think I'll forget about the set schedule I've been trying to go with unsuccessfully and go with a flexible one as you describe which has worked well for you, while of course still paying attention to how time is spent in order to get the most out of this endeavor as well as life in general.
MozMary Premium
Great challenge! For a few weeks I switched off internet and computers and tv at 8pm every night and found it was a real game changer, that set the mind free to get really creative and do a lot of stuff it needs to do on its own time, ...it's tempting to go back to old ways though...!
MKearns Premium
What a magnificent place you live in Kyle. I consider Vancouver Island the last beautiful frontier in North America. It's no wonder you get impressions after being unplugged!
I grew up in a forested environment in Southern Oregon. Maybe there's something in the Pacific air but I credit it with the solace that formulated much of my thinking!
What a cutie she is!
Dmorrow Premium
Millie looks excited that daddy doesn't have that box stuck to his ear, lol. Seriously, we do all need to unplug every now and then. I spend a good deal of time working in the yard on the weekends and find it difficult to do that well and keep my phone handy so the phone stays in the house. It's not easy though, and I do sneak back inside every now and then to check calls, etc. very quickly!
bethcharron Premium
What a cutie and I think you are very lucky to be without internet in this part of Canada. This is beautiful scenery and I used to live in Calgary with some more amazing scenery outside of Calgary and in the Banff area. It is definitely a place to be internet free.
justcruzin Premium
There's a new niche! An app that disconnects us on a regular basis. With a once a day pop-up of recommendations for what to do during disconnect time. Hmmm, I like this idea, where do I go to get an app created?
Last Fall, I disconnected my grandson from his game. (His parents left him with me for the afternoon, he is 7yrs old) It was not easy at first but in our journey he learned to jump a ditch, play hard at the park, stomp through mud puddles and then return home for a nice pic-a-nik on the patio. When his parents returned he was so excited to tell them what he and "gwama" did that he forgot all about his game. How was I to know that the shoes he stomped through the mud with were brand new?

Millie is beautiful. Get the App, to remind you to take her out into nature.
WTucker1 Premium
wonderful post. the lack of internet is why I won't go on cruises anymore. I'm so dependent on the internet that I don't really want to try and separate for even a 24 hour period. I got invited on a cruise recently and remembered how my business fell apart once when I was on a cruise without internet for 6 days ARRRGGHHH. never again