Wealthy Affiliate is on the RISE in 2014!

Last Update: January 01, 2014

First off, Happy New Year everyone!

2013 has left us and what a year it was! We hope your 2013 was a wonderful year and we KNOW your 2014 is going to be the most successful and exciting one yet.

We have never been ones to talk about the past because we feel the future is where the most exciting days lie. The emphasis of this post is going to be the FUTURE of YOU, the future of WA, and I am going to outline just where we are headed in the year.

2014 is going to be the RISE OF WA!

Carson and I have had a long term vision since we started Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005 and 8.5 years into this vision, we are truly starting to see it come together.

What Has ALWAYS Been Our Wealthy Affiliate Vision?

To help as MANY people as possible to succeed online and to create the most powerful platform and community in the world to accomplish this.

We feel that out of any year, 2013 has been the biggest transition towards achieving this. Even more exciting is that we know 2014 is going to really take things to the next level. We will not stop until we have reached perfection...which we know is unachievable.

This means there is NO END to the improvements, the innovations, and the evolutions that we are going to make here at WA to further improve your experience...and your success!

I want to let you in on some of our CORE focal points that we are pursuing within Wealthy Affiliate in the year ahead and how we are going to further the community.

  • Pushing the boundaries of technology. We know there is NOTHING we can't do and we have always taken that approach to technology. We have a large team behind the 'machine' at WA that we work with closely to carry out our ideas and innovations throughout the year...along with all of your requested improvements that we get on a daily basis.

    2014 is going to be another year of technical advances, but done in a way where you will not notice. Technology is most beautiful when you don't even know it is there! And this leads me into...

  • Simplified design and ease of use. Our goal will continue to be to make things easier. This does not mean taking away from our offering, rather adding to it...yet doing so with design and ease of use in focus. We want folks here to see things happen but not worry about why they happen...from building a website, to getting help, to acquiring training you need, and to building relationships with some of the biggest experts in the industry.

  • Better, more concise training. Training is the "make or break" for many folks in respect to their own personal accomplishments. We are going to be advancing the training here at WA a good deal, but doing so in a way that keeps the simplicity of business in mind. Nobody should ever be confused or overwhelmed and we are making this a personal goal in the year ahead.

  • More "integrated" interaction. WA has truly become a "community" like no other in the last year. We are going to encourage natural community interaction within the system through innovative design. More people interacting means a stronger, more helpful, and more successful community. We get it.

  • Faster, more timely help. There is an unbelievable amount of wisdom within WA in every possible facet of the Internet business world (and outside of it as well). There are also millions of possible questions that one could have when building their business. Our efforts within 2014 are going to lean towards the ability to connect these two in the most efficient way possible. Help is seconds away!

  • Better organization. This means knowing where you are within WA at all times and having ways to "self" organize in a way that is meaningful to you. The more organized you feel, the more you get accomplished...and our goal is to create the most productive environment possible to help you create the most successful business as possible.

  • More "emphasis" on ambassadors. Ambassadors within the community are greatly appreciated and there is going to be a good deal of investment on our end into the Ambassador program. This means constant focus on improving what "defines" ambassadorship, but also rewarding those that are always helping out within WA.

  • Vast affiliate program improvements. If you are actively promoting WA or plan on promoting WA, you are going to like what we have coming in 2014. Not only is this going to mean more affiliate training (new phases to the Bootcamp), there are going to be new perks to promoting WA and this is starting with a lot more control of your affiliate activities. This is going to lead to more conversions, more precise campaigns, better retention and more revenue.

    Our goal is to create the most advanced affiliate platform in the world and I just think we just might be able to do this!

  • Advancing the hosting/website platform beyond ANYTHING available. We made a significant amount of headway in the past year on our hosting/website side of WA and this is going to be a major focus in 2014. We are secure, we are fast, and we will continue to remain this way.

    We are doing things behind the scenes that no other hosting company in the world is doing. We are also going to be simplifying the website building process so that folks here at WA can create the most powerful websites on the most powerful platform in an instant (without the technical hurdles).

But all this is a summary of one major focus in 2014.


Our focus with Wealthy Affiliate has always been the PEOPLE of Wealthy Affiliate. In other words, YOU!

We have a very large team working behind the scenes 24/7 every day to improve the community and this is not going to change in the upcoming year. Carson and I are dedicated 100% to WA and the people that are members of the community.

We appreciate you and this is going to remain very obvious with every interaction, every update, every innovation, and every evolution we go through in 2014 here at WA!

I think that is what sets us apart from an industry that is riddled with scams, hoaxes, and "gurus". Our member-centric focus (since day one) is going to be more than apparent in 2014 than it has ever been!

2014 is going to be the year of the RISE at Wealthy Affiliate. We WILL NOT stop improving our service, we WILL NOT stop making “technical” things more simplistic, we WILL NOT stop staying ahead of the curve within the Internet business world.

You have our word.

Looking forward to a brilliant 2014 and I absolutely know if you work at this in 2014, you are going to have your most successful, most progressive, and most fun year of your life!

To everyone’s success and a big MASSIVE Happy New Year from the WA family!


Kyle & Carson

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Adi2008 Premium
Continuous improvement as ever at WA or as the Japanese like to say: Kaizen!
Looking forward to the changes at WA in 2014.
MaudMan Premium
Happy New Year Kyle & Carson! I'm very much looking forward to a wonderful and successful 2014 here at WA! I greatly appreciate everything you guys do on a daily basis to make this an awesome place to spend my time learning and growing. THANK YOU!
MyJobKiller Premium
Cheers Kyle & Carson ! Thanks for the updates , and I am looking forward to seeing Wealthy Affiliate continued growth in the year to come .. TO our success in 2014 !
nathaniell Premium Plus
Awesome! Looking forward to it guys. I"m continually surprised at what innovations and improvements you are working on and I always feel like I'm getting much more value than what I pay for :) Happy New Year, and I'm looking forward to another great year in WA.
edgie Premium
sounds good Kyle & Carson. While you guys are pushing the boundaries technology and making improvements I will be pushing my own boundaries online and making some big improvements in my business. Happy New Year mate