We Are Giving Away My Bugatti!

Last Update: April 01, 2019

Hey Everyone,

For those of you that don't know, a Bugatti is one of the most expensive cars in the world. You can get one for a cool $1.7 million.

A few months ago, Carson and I got thinking about how we could go about creating some excitement around a challenge here at WA, and we have decided that we are going to be giving away my Bugatti.

This is a big deal and I want you to read on so you can learn how you can be involved in the challenge.

How to join the Bugatti Challenge.

So how do you get the chance to win this Bugatti. Well it is actually easier than you think. I am going to be giving my Bugatti away to the "best" comment within this thread. Here is how it works and the steps you can take for the opportunity to win this.

They are as follows:

(1) Read this post in its entirety. This is important, don't skip over any of the details.

(2) Leave a comment. At the bottom of this post, within the comments section I want you to leave a detailed comment about how you deserve this Bugatti. It is important that you include things about your work ethic, how you give back to others, etc. Also, I want you to include information about what you would do if you had a Bugatti and how it would change your life for the better.

We are giving away a Bugatti to the best comment within this tread.

The Look of the Bugatti

I want to shed some light on exactly what the Bugatti looks like. Here is a picture of me standing with my Bugatti from a few years back.

As you can see in the picture above, that is me with my Bugatti. It is black and yellow (like a bumble bee) and since this picture I have gotten it branded with a WA logo on the hood and license plate.

The seats are also stitched with "Wealthy Affiliate" and before it is delivered to the lucky winner, I am going to get a WA branded "jack-in-the-box" ball for the top of the antenna. Pretty awesome stuff.

The Delivery of the Bugatti

So how does the delivery work? How does the winner get their Bugatti?

I think you are going to find this really cool. Carson and I are personally going to drive and deliver the Bugatti to you. We live on the west coast of Canada (Victoria, BC), so if you live any distance away from Victoria, BC, there is a very good chance that the tires are going to be burned off the car by the time it reaches your house, and not driving a standard in 13 years, chances are I might be "grinding the heck" out of the clutch.

As a result, you may need to buy a new clutch, and new tires....along with other potential normal "engine abuse" damage.

So I will forewarn you, there may be some nominal costs to replace and fix the car once you get it. New tires are around $35,000 and for a clutch, you are looking at around $32,000.

Oh yeah, and an oil change for my Bugatti is about $21,000. So there will be some carrying costs.

If you live overseas, we will send your car over with the next shipment of WA swag that we will be distributing throughout the world. It might come in a container ship, which are notorious for rats and the transport of disease, so when you get your Bugatti, you may want to take some "sanitation wipes" to it. We just don't want you to pick up any strange bugs from your new ride!

Anyways, scroll to the bottom of this post and leave your comment. We are looking forward to giving the lucky person their brand new, used Bugatti!













PS. You can still have a Bugatti of your own, but you have to work for it. You are very capable of it, just as much as anyone.

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DCW2000S Premium
After reading your post I'm really kinda glad you were just pulling my leg. Truth be told, finances are not exactly a high spot on my horizon at the moment. So if I needed to do any of that maintenance that you so eloquently articulated that car, whatever it was called, would have been parked in my driveway for an extended period of time. Hell, I probably would have posted it on my Letgo app and sold it :-)

Thanks anyway Kyle, I was thinking while I was reading your post that Carson was getting off pretty good giving your Bugatti away!

Linda126 Premium
What fun this would be to show those who are negative full in face look what I have & you don't that would shut them up I live in Sheltered housing lots of gossip especially now I'm separated from my husband apparently I'm having it off with a taxi driver I'm known by others as being posh I have enjoyed a more sophisticated life style had a good job owned my own home with mortgage. I took a leap into the unknown I took voluntary redundancy from a well paid office job & decided to open a gift shop back to my home town I was living the dream travelling to work both ways on aa water taxi footfall fell & a lot of others having a good business for over 12 years established started closing down as I did then I had to see my own home to pay back bank but
if I hadn't taken the chance in my older age I would have been kicking myself why didn't I do it again I was getting negatives how are you going to select items you want in your shop easy I went tp Gift trade fairs . I soon learnt which items sold quickly
Hahaha..I saw one of those Bugatti here in the UAE, it is owned by the The Police Department of Dubai and it looks very nice and looks very respectful being a Dubai Police car as well. I get my hands on one if those...surely I will encash it and help those in the Public Hospital that are being treated with Cancer where my son is being treated with Cancer as well..I'm away from them but one time when I got home, I got a chance to go with my Son for his monthly chemotheraphy, and I was amazed when my Wife told me that she is getting a lot of help from families that have loved ones being treated there with the same disease. So I was touched seeing that helpless people help each other., so yeah ..I would sell that Bugatti and give help to them.
Awesome I would love to win the bugatti and it will most definitely change my lifestyle for the better around of what I do to help others I clean yards for elderly people I also take out their trash for them also whatever anyone needs done if I can do it I help them with it.i have a very strong work ethic and I enjoy challenging tasks to make me break a sweat or think hard.I have also gave back to others not saying it was a bugatti but I gave my 2002 Chevrolet avalanche to a high school graduate for his graduation I have also paid rent and light bills for single parents thank you for this chance to win your bugatti if I win I will post it on every social site and let more people know about wealthy affiliate as I'm already doing but with the bugatti everyone will see wealthy affiliate all over once again thanks for the opportunity to win your bugatti.
SherraneW Premium
Ha! Ha! that's a great one even though I will work toward my own and successfully get there. I and more of Jeep person myself and they are much cheaper but either or it would be nice to have and imagine all the advertisement that could be done with a WA Bugatti or Jeep for that matter.

Great success is ours capable of your hands.
WSoto Premium
HaHa, i have been saving this email, until I had the time to read it very carefully, very exciting! and now I can't stop laughing at myself, and at moments like this I always remember my dad's words "nothing is free in this world, you have to sweat the t-shirt". But is nice to dream a little...back to reality now.
April fools or not I’m such a car fanatic that the idea of getting a Bugatti sent me to 9th heaven in those 30 seconds of reading about such beautiful car! I laughed a bit when I read that an oil change for a Bugatti is about 31k! That amount is actually my car loan amount I owe on a Ford Fiesta 2015!😂😂 And new tires cost $35,000 !? This is my medium Salary I make per year on my day time job 😂😂😂 And it gets better, $32k just to replace a Clutch?!! That’s the rest of my debt apart from a mortgage I’m trying to get rid of. So this taught me that even if I wanted a Bumble Bee 🐝 looking car I couldn’t afford anyways, yet alone drive it as it’s standard. Damn me! 😂 This being said I would really love to have 1.7 million dollars in asset. To get myself and family out of poverty. Create my dream school of Autism for kids with all levels of Autism and finally to be able to donate for Earth causes maybe even open a sanctuary for Animals. There is so much I can do with 1.7 million dollars and I wouldn’t waste it on a Bugatti no matter how pretty the car is. I could never take such car to my grave. I rather invest in creating memories and leaving a Legacy, now that’s Priceless!!
JBourner Premium
If I have this car I would sell it immediately and donate the money to the many causes that I am at the moment unable to assist due to my financial situation that I know will change soon!!!

Sometimes I am too generous and have been burned in the past.
But I know of a couple of really good organizations that would really be blessed by an infusion of cash.

One of them provides medical assistance to unreached tribal groups in Africa. Another is the CF Foundation. My granddaughter has CF so that is important to me.

I would also on the personal side free my family from debt. We have been through a lot and this would, plus the thriving business that I am going to create through hard work and dedication to this process will allow them to reach their potential.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, this was an April Fool's joke. lol
HoneyBadger9 Premium
I would immediately sell it, take the cash right to the casino and drop it on red, record the entire thing, post it on YouTube and advertise link it to my website (which is affiliate advertising for wealthy affiliate) then count my money from YouTube and affiliate payments(and hopefully casino money to) 😁😁
Even tho it says April fools, im still sharing my comment. LOL!! It would be a blessing to have a new car or a truck which is one of my goals id like to reach. My Honda crv broke while taking my children offroading to get to a beautiful beach on the big island of Hawaii in Ka'u. And now I dont have the money to fix it since my job cut my hours due to new hire. For many years ive taken care of other people among my family, my friends and my job that requires working with disabled individuals. Ive been through so many struggles at times but ive also gained lots of great knowledge and more appreciation for life. Anyway, if i had a bugatti, i will take my family on a nice drive around the island and post pictures on IG and FB where ever we go.. Mahalo!
cumaske Premium
Instead of justifying why I deserve tio win this grand prize - I will use this as my opportunity to vote for someone who has been most helpful - not only in this forum but across the WA community.
I would vote for Phil Lancaster - he has been outstanding - always ready to lend his hand out to anyone that needs it.
So, Go Phil!
Why do I deserve a bugatti. I dont deserve to have anything that God won't allow me to have. I feel that everybody can achieve anything that they strive to have. But let's be real. Anything I have belongs to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I would use the car for ministry work. Driving around the country spreading the "GOOD NEWS" of the Gospel. And heal families In need of spiritual healing. Amen
halinphilly Premium
I think I am very deserving of a Bugatti. Or Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Rolls Royce. But being the practical guy I am, I would be just as happy with an old Ford Taurus... even if this wasn't an April Fools post. So, you go ahead and keep your car. And when the time comes to replace your $35,000 tires... go for it!
Kyle Premium
A taurus isn't so bad either, and doesn't come with the stiff maintenance bills that you get with a Bugatti. :)
Foristain19 Premium
There is nothing wrong dreaming about car yes the Bugatti is not my type of car but the 2020 Porsche 911 or the Corvette ZR1 are also good goals.Best of all we can do it if we want it bad enough..Sincerely yours Carlos, The Yess U can Man...
halinphilly Premium
I used to have Taurus. One of my favorite cars ever.
Paullamb777 Premium
That is a wickedly sweet ride! I have had my eyes on an Audi R8 V10, that's my dream super car. I would prefer to work for mine, I would appreciate it more. Thanks for all of the awesome info about your Bugatti. Congrats on your ride, you definitely deserve it!!
Great April Fools joke!
SuzStroh77 Premium
LOL....When I first saw this, I thought ...this can't be real. My second thought was, What the heck is a Bugatti Hahaha.

If it every happened to me, I would have to sell it, pay off my house and put some retirement money in the bank. Then of course...SEE THE WORLD...:)
BlueJasmin Premium
Millionaire wanna-be? Yes, I made it!... Not so fast.

You really fooled me!

By the end of the second paragraph, I've already had my "winning" comment and pictured myself next to that beauty.

I've already had a plan for 'multiple streams of income' off that asset, first and foremost to pay to tires and oil change!

But as genius as I am, no luck. Well, it's OK. At least I "touched" it. In my mind.

Maybe not Bugatti but gorgeous Tesla of color rouge deserve to be in my garage. Will 300 posts do it?

What WA car will be in your garage?
Kyle Premium
That is half of the battle, touching it and envisioning it with your mind. From there it just comes down to achieving that goal. You are definitely more than capable of this and far beyond Nella. ;)
BlueJasmin Premium
Viva Canada!
JanisSt Premium
LOL 😂😂😂 are you sure that's not a pic of you standing in front of someone else's Bugatti on Rodeo Dr in Los Angeles???!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
TheAdvisor Premium
Oh yeah, it's definitely going to be much better to prefer working for my own Bugatti than to get ran up with maintenance costs that I can't yet afford to much less own a Bugatti...

Had to look out yesterday, but I'm sure many of us would have done amazing things if we were to be fortunate to have won one though!

Have a great one Kyle!
Kyle Premium
A clickbait title, but it doesn't matter who you are, it is still a little bit captivating. It shows that we want something to "push us", material or not. If that is someones goal, that is great. They can work towards that and we know nothing is unachievable.
Didzis Premium
Hi, all good people!

I feel that Kyle have a sense of humor, while reading this whole "free Bugatti" story. In my mind, all these expensive cars are huge, useless waste of energy, money and row materials of our Mother Earth. If we have amount of money what Bugatti is worth, then we can by a decent car, maybe a good hybrid from Audi or Volvo. And that kind of cars will be good enough for us and rest of "Bugatti money" we could spend for some personal needs. If personal needs are not extremely huge, then will be money left for planting trees or investing in other social and environmental projects. Good luck to everyone in earning your own "Bugatti money", "Lamborghini money", "Rolls-Royce money" !!!
PMccaffrey1 Premium
Hey What...Yer what!
21 thousand dollars for an oil change?? OMG. How extreme is that? This is so far and way out of my league. If i turned up at my house driving one of these things, the cops would be round double quick convinced of my involvement in some devious and nafarious criminal activity.
They would tell me straight that if i lived 3 lifetimes i would never be able to afford anything like this, and in all honesty!! How could i argue with them?
If you guys can afford to just give this away then i can see a gap. A huge chasm lying in front of me. I mean i am new to this game, this on line business, the WA thing which for me at the moment, means i exist in a place at the rough end of the trench when it comes to the availability of cash, money and wealth.
I have everything to learn about Affiliate Marketing and from what i have seen it is quite daunting.
I live in the UK which means that the working class guy gets a rough deal.
If it is he has a job it is likely to be on a zero hour contract that the British government allowed greedy company bosses to bring in. It basically means that if your employer doesn't need you that day he can simply send you home unpaid and tell you come back tomorrow. What? What?..i hear you say. Yes its true it means you exist in a crazy netherworld devoid of humanity. You have a job but at he same time you can't pay your bills.
This Bugatti thing just stops me in my tracks. The wealth you guys enjoy is imense, and here i am trying to figure out how to get 3 meals out of a can of baked beans. However..
There is no doubt i really need the help of the Wealthy Affiliate. I can see the successs i need but it seems way, way off in the future.
A staple diet of Baked Beanzz with tomato ketchup is not the best thing for my digestive system, yeah i get that, but this Bugatti thing, I didn't know how to spell it never mind take a ride in it and...... Owning It??
Yeah Well..If that ever happens then i am sure my doctor will wake me up in a locked room at the local nut house and diagnose me with delusions of grandeur or some similar type of psychiatric disorder.
The oil and the tyres cost more than my house, which isn't mine by the way. The credit crunch of 2008 put paid to that.
There was this homeless guy on the news. He discovered an old and rundown shed leaking rain next to an abandoned house. He moved into it only to recieve a £1200 council tax bill from the local government a couple of weeks later. He had to leave, but the news reader said he burned it down before he disappeared, welcoming again the secluded doorway he previously used as a shelter.
So yes guys....
I am looking to get back into a life of some shape. Living hand to mouth is no fun. The Bugatti would be amazing but what would i do with something like that? I would need to post a security guard on it round the clock, and how would i pay him. The minimum wage is only £8 per hour which i barely have myself and i bet the thing wouldn't even let you pass a petrol or gas station. I can hear my debit card now scream in terror at the thought.
By the way..That homeless guy in the shed...It wasn't me ok, i just saw it on the news.
Whoever wins this car, i wish them well. An experienced Wealty Affiliate who succeeds more than i do will no doubt be worthy of the prize. It would be good to learn from him though.
So guys if you do this again perhaps later down the line i might be more qualified to offer a serious attempt at winning something, and if by chance you are offering a cheap shed with central heating.....i would be interested. Cheers..

NWTDennis Premium
I was very tied up on a home project yesterday so didn't get a chance to comment early on. I'll be honest ... my first thoughts as I started reading became a little negative. I just didn't think this would be a car you would own. I'm sure you drive a very nice car, but a Bugatti seems a little over the top ... no a lot over the top.

My somewhat negative feelings grew stronger as I read further. The bit about you've added the WA logo on the hood and license plate and are planning to add a "jack-in-the-box" ball for the top of the antenna was so over the top (not like you or Carson at all) I started to get suspicious.

Then it dawned on me. Yesterday was April 1 (April Fools day) and I remembered some of your previous April 1 posts. You have been a master of the April Fools post.

Thanks Kyle, but I'll pass on the Bugatti.
merlynmac Premium
It's a shame this isn't real. I'd love to see you and Carson drive up to my place. It would be great to meet you in person. That said, I knew exactly what I'd do with the car... Sell it! LOL, I'm sure it's great but there are other things that I would prefer over a super expensive car (I can't say vehicle because one of those things is a live-aboard catamaran). Besides, I couldn't even afford insurance on that car.

Thanks for the laugh though.
Dkirk1 Premium
This is a ultimate dream car for most car enthusiasts. I have had many types of cars throughout my lifetime. The upkeep and insurance alone would be very expensive. What i would do if this became mine. I would auction it off to the highest bider of course with a reserve set. The majority of the profit i would donate to charity.And only keep a very small portion to spend on the business.
mcb247 Premium
Unfortunately I got the April fools as I read down. Although delivery not an issue, I would have sold it as already worked it out that I may have to sell my home to get it to the UK ... LOL

Ill just have to earn my own now ... I suppose :(
CliveInSpain Premium
As OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER for www.free-2-be.org I would like to explore the possibility of bringing it to Valencia, having it Homoglodized and roadworthy with ITV and selling it to raise funds to support our 200 kids and their families in BUNGOMA, KENYA, from ANCESTRAL POVERTY, They have learned how to build bricks and built their own JUNIOR school, and the founder was in Bungoma last week buying adjoining land for a SENIOR school for 2020 when they graduate, The Swahili kids cannot graduate unless they are fluent in speaking, writing and reading ENGLISH and have AT LEAST one trade toi Professional standard (Woodwork - carvery) Metalwork, Sculptour, Art etc, so they can ESCAPE POVERTY, live almost ANYWHERE in the world, earn UNBELIEVABLE MONEY, to keep themselves and their new (?) famiy; their Bungoma fsmily and TITHE 10% back to the Charity to EXPAND the project to surrounding villages'

I have impeccable creditentials and am NOT a SCAMMER or Robot, s a GOOGLE search of CLIVE READ JAVEA will confirm,

Any other (or successful) member can donate or sponsor via our UNDER CONSTRUCTION new websIte, by writing to clive@cliveread,com
Stilltrying Premium
Aaah bugger, and I spent soo much time thinking about what I should write in the comment box (I read through this quickly in morning did not quite get that it was an April joke) and I thought I had come up with a pretty good story.
You really got me on this one and that is not bad as nobody else tried to fool me today.
jaxbus100 Premium
Oh don't be so negative. I am sure that you could jimmy a Toyota clutch in there, probably one from a junk yard, and just go get some motor oil from Autozone, max price I am sure would not be more than 20 dollars. And new tires, why at Pedros used tire shop in San Bernardino, tires only cost 35 a piece. So one used clutch 250 Oil 20. Tires 140. My 410 would sure beats your repair costs of 53,000.
GShaw Premium
Nice Post Kyle and a very cool car!

It just wouldn't be something that would make financial sense for me right now. I could think of an amazing way to put it to great use though.

I am sure I could have raffled this car off and made an amazing amount of money for an organization I support here in my community. This organization does incredible things for youth mental health.

anitadixon19 Premium
That's a very cool Bugatti, and I would LOVE to have one like it! You see, I was in an accident on Sept 6, 2003, that left me with a broken C-6 & C-7 in my neck, causing me to be paralyzed from the chest down. I still have use of my arms, but my fingers are curled under and I have a lots if pain and numbness in them! And now, the only time I feel normal is when I am at work. So, when most folks in my shoes would give up working, I am looking for more to do...to keep my mind busy, my 'Hands" busy, and to continue to be creative. A friend broke her ankle in 3 places on Christmas Eve, and she was finally released to walk again this week, and she thanked some folks on Facebook, and she was kind enough ti thank me, as a great support for her because she wouldn't let herself feel sorry because of what I had gone thru. I was very touched. My former employer once told me that I was good for their sales team, because the other sales reps would feel too ashamed to miss when I came to work everyday dressed to go out and make sales calls. I couldn't really go out and do that, but they made me Sales Mgr., and I worked from behind the scenes to get promotions sold and our NASCAR packages sponsored! And now I want and need to continue to make extra money to pay my caregivers and to keep my cabin in good condition! So I am more motivated than ever to see this opportunity through and to make as much money as I can see myself move into the future with the security that only a good nest-egg can give!! So if you are waiting on me, you are backing up!! And thank you for this opportunity to share my motivation!!
rcapers Premium
A True inspiration! Wow! You are an amazing trooper and proof that the mind is powerful. Most of us need a change in mindset and a strong desire to motivate us into action. Thank you for sharing! Much success to you - financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and in your relational health so that you might continue to be an inspiration to others. God bless you!
Tonybraun Premium
Truly inspiring! Kudos to you and thanks for sharing.

wmac Premium
As a retired police detective, we believe that if it sounds to good to be true then it problem isn't true :-) But I always read your entire posts and I just laughed at the end.

But the color of the car yellow and black is my logo color. However, with your help and WA family, one day I will be able to afford to buy some real estate for a cool 1.5 million.
If i won that bugatti,first i say thank you lord for the blessing,secondly thanks to the person who gave that car,because even if i work harder in our country i cant buy that one,because first priority of my salary goes to my children to give them a good life and good moral of values and whats in the table we share it with love,thanks to you all and good bless.
Kyle Premium
It would be good, but you would want an income to support it even if it was given to you. So few people have a Bugatti because of the outrageous costs to maintain them!
accad Premium
I know it's April fools day but I know Kyle is not foolish to fool people around the world.

I don't worry about the oil change, the tires and the clutch Wealthy Affiliate will take care of that. For sure WA will not make anybody poorer than where they are.

First, I belong to the below minimum wage earners in my country
Second, I know how to drive.
Third, since I step on trying the online business venture Wealthy Affiliate is the first and last platform I'm working with and I'm now in my third year in Wealthy Affiliate.
Fourth, I'm lucky because I joined this discussion and be involved in whatever luck, and blessings extended.

"Bugatti-Wealthy Affiliate's Symbol of Rags to Riches"
I will bring my Bugatti to a car show with the title above and that will give me the opportunity to tell the story of how Kyle and Carson lived from rags to riches by creating Wealthy Affiliate, now the best web host and domain host helping people from all walks of life around the world. Hopefully, I can grow my referrals because of the campaign and for sure I can grow my business.

"Bugatti-Wealthy Affiliate's Symbol of Legit and Moral Online Business".
Ever since these two young men started their online business to help people around them until they were able to expand their services to the wider world. They were able to overcome the challenges and they never turned into the deceptive schemes of scammers.
Their wealth were products of patience, persistence and legit scheme of earning money through their online University Courses and Bootcamp Training. This is what the Bugatti symbolizes everyone has the opportunity to become a millionaire without capitalizing through deception.

Now, when my business will reach the amount of $2 million, a little bit higher than the price stated, I will do what Kyle and Carson did. I will be giving this Bugatti to the community who helped my business grow so they will have the opportunity to have the "Bugatti-Wealthy Affiliate's Symbol of Rags to Riches" to grow their online business too.

I'm Giving the Bugatti to the poorest so he will have the opportunity to become rich in his entire life.
It's now his own prerogative what he wanted to do. Maybe that time I'm already old so I am happy to die because I've given a legacy to him. A legacy for online entrepreneurs that when you set your feet on the legit and moral platform you will have the opportunity to turn your life into a better one that you will not regret after your investments and hard work.
Kyle Premium
This is great. Love this hypothetical response to my question Jimmy, you always offer some great content! This is no different.
accad Premium
Thanks, Kyle.
JohnDZ Premium
Well, I try to make a buck where I can to support my family but my village here in Africa is far away from anything and everything but it does not stop me trying.

As a part time gig, I work as a temporary stuntman for the local film production: AF Productions.
My last stunt was jumping out of a speeding vehicle. It is not all that fast; since the fastest vehicle they could afford was a lawnmower but it at least added to the

excitement me having to dodge the imaginary 'blades' as well.
To be honest, the lawnmover lost its blades ages ago so we had to go with pretending. Also called acting.
My next stunt will be playing a suicide bomber. The director needs it to look authentic but will exchange the C4 with TNT to save on costs.

I love to give back and so on every Christmas eve I dress as Santa Clause delivering as many presents as I can. Presents can be anything from fun stuff like petrol

bombs, customized number plates, post boxes, flowers, traffic signs, pool noodles and anything I see lying around that people don't really use.
The problem is that I have to do this on my only means of transport: My skateboard. it is a bit rough on dirt roads and hitting the breaks down the gravel dunes is

risky. I have ended up head butting the ground several times before and then I dissapear in a thick cloud of dust exploding all around me.
My friend saw it once and says it looks like one of those ninja's throwing a smoke bomb and then they dissapear. He was quite impressed because I could do excactly the same.

I haven't told him my secret: I rolled (not really willingly) all the way to the bottom of the 30 foot drop before the dust settled. Sometimes I amaze myself. :-)

How a Bugatti can change my life:
Seeing that, for jumping out of a vehicle moving at high speed, I get paid a $1 for every mile per hour the vehicle travels. I still have to break my record of $1. Imagine if I have the Bugatti!! Perhaps I can make $300 instantly. This will seriously boost my career.
Delivering presents can be so much quicker and I can get more stuff delivered and finally get away from that annoying men that chases me with their black and white cars and flashing blue lights. Apparently I am not allowed to distribute useless stuff lying about.

But above all...I need a Bugatti so I can pull up to this hot girl that stands on the street corner late at night. I think she is looking for a lift for perhaps the last year already.
So I will pull up next to her and SHOUT....

JohnDZ Premium
Just in case there is a misunderstanding - let me state: The above comment is simply a joke from top to bottom. None of it is real.
Kyle Premium
Love it John, lol!
JohnDZ Premium
I am glad you did! Not everyone shares my taste in humor.
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Kyle,

As I am more than happy with my little Peugeot Cabrio I do not need your Bugatti. But just in case I would win it I would quickly sell your bumble bee and use the money for some urgent environmental issues like the disappearance of the bees.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Zasibel Premium
Nice one Kyle. But I knew there was something fishy to begin with 😉 I mean, why would you want to give away your own Bugatti??? No worries, some day I will be visiting you and Carson with my own Bugatti I bought with the $$$ I make from the program 😉😁 Watch this space.....😁🤩
flowerlyn Premium
You got me, Kyle!
I was imagining myself meeting you and Carson in person and in return of that Bugatti, I'll be treating you both to the best Japanese restaurant in all Japan.
Thank you so much for this you make me feel so excited!

Best for you both,
grkuria Premium
Nice April fools’ post but I like it.
It shows how hard we need to work to afford such a luxury.
At the moment, even if I am given the Bugatti for free, I would not even know what to do with it as l am not in a position to even maintain it.

Conclusion: We need to work hard and smart to afford whatever luxury and freedom we deserve.

With all the guidance we get here at Wealthy Affiliate we CAN!

Let’s DO IT!
alisterbrede Premium
Didn't know they still made Bugattis. As I am reading this on April 2nd I guess the April Fools glitter has worn off. In that case, it would be interesting to see how you could get it to Thailand. Customs would have a real ball and I think left-hand, drive might be illegal!
MichalB Premium
Nice one ;)

While reading the post I already started to think about my reasons. How I will explain that the best idea would be to sell it and use money wiser (mortgage, quitting job and use that time for developing the online business and so on and so on)
My brain had already some ideas for at least 800 words post :)

Well, I got fooled I guess, but I like the sense of humor

Cheers to all
CarolAfrica Premium
While you were at 800 words I had gotten to 2000 words...Haha!
Thank you Kyle you fooled me and I love it. But seriously, I will earn your Bugatti along with my better preference which is a dauphin helicopter. Though right now I'm still working so hard for it, we will see my success at the end of the day!
GODbless everyone at WA.
boomergp08 Premium
LOL My chrome and red Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is a far sexier car than your black and yellow Bugatti. I'll admit my car can only do 217 mph top speed compared to your 251+ mph, but mine looks faster just standing still.

You better put that car on a flatbed truck with "automatic transmission", cover it and drive it here to NJ. But before you do, make sure it is a REAL Bugatti and not a replica, because a Bugatti doesn't come with an external antenna.

If you and Carson get it here in one piece without a scratch, I'll arrange to have a limo take us to this great micro brewery in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, where the below picture was taken, and I'll pick up the entire tab.

Sound fair?
Vasiliy Premium
Kyle, I know where you made this picture. I don't know if anyone posted that already. But if not I will.

This is on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills next to Bijan store. I also have a picture with this Bugatti, but I couldn't find mine :(

Here is another 1 of his cool cars.

Next time you are in LA let me know, maybe we could meet for coffee :)
Pastordna Premium
What a nice way to be fooled in April 1 even when I've thought that am now old enough and sophisticated enough that nobody can get me fooled gain at any April 1!
We'll, Kyle, I It's a win-win for us both but I pledge to WORK HARD from now to see I will soon have the real Bugatti delivered to my doorstep or bank account in the near future.
I am ready to work harder for this.
Just tell me what to do!
Johnpavich Premium
Yikes you had me fooled ha ha except when you started talking about oil changes and wearing out the tires mmm I don't think so !
My wife fooled 2 of her friends today but boy you did a good one today Kyle.

I thought at first, boy when you said you were going to have some fantastic perks this year this is really incredible, ha ha you had me going for a while !
AmyJune Premium
April Fools Right! Well I deserve the Bugatti anyway! I have spent my entire life helping others in many forms. Now I have an opportunity to make an impact in my place in the world. I've been disabled since 2014 and red flagged from working a 9-5 job. No one said I couldn't start my own business to earn an income of my own! Independence is what drives me, always has and will be the force that guides me. Depending on someone else to support me has not been easy, but through out my life I manage to pull my own weight some how. Having a creative mind and communication skills has allowed me to avoid regrettable paths. Self worth is an important key to success. I find the impossible....possible and feasible to share my experience with others. I've been told by a sibling I'm the perfect example of what not to do! I'm OK with that if it means it helps others to avoid unnecessary frustration. The Bugatti would reflection of my life work,achievement,style,and who I really am. Road trips to new and old destinations would be wildly exciting to share where I got my start! Wealthy Affiliates will be my trophy for the rest of my days!
EdwinBernard Premium
A Bugatti is a distraction until you have accumulated enough wealth to afford the carrying costs associated with it. If I was forty years younger, I would die to own one. At this phase of my life my preference is a uber comfortable, high performance passenger car like a 4-door Bentley or a High End Mercedes. And with a full time chauffeur! A Bugatti would be too uncomfortable for me to drive!

You are right Kyle, you got to believe you can earn the right to sufficient wealth to support not only a Bugatti, but also a high stye of living.

Wealth to me is having the means to leave a legacy. And not a legacy of toys for rich folks. But a legacy of creating scholarships and novel ways to motivate the young to build productive lives that will make our world a better place to live in for generations to come.

It all comes down to elevating the human spirit in ways that create happiness that cannot be fulfilled with expensive trophies alone. These are nice to have, but only as a testament to help others.

Doesn't that sound familiar, Right? This is exactly what you Kyle and Carson are doing to a large extent.

I wish you even more success so that you can accomplish some outrageous goals that your mind can imagine!


mikelNZ Premium
I really, really, REALLY need your Bugatti. You see my car is in the shop and I've done some cleaning up around home and need to take a trailer load of hedge clippings and other rubbish to the dump .... I assume it has a tow bar if not then I don't want it.

Don't worry about the keys as my Bugatti super iPhone app has the codes so that's all good. DHL has overnight delivery to New Zealand so if you could arrange for delivery by Friday then you have a deal and we're good to go.

Thanks for the opportunity to take this off your hands and to be of service. If there's anything else you need assistance with just give me a call on 1800-april-fool and we can chat.
bpais1 Premium
I think you guys just wait for April Fools Day to roll around to pull out one of your sly ones!

This Bugatti gag was just about as good as last year's WootCoin Cryptocurrency. But, this time you had to warn us - to keep us from getting the heebie-jeebies over the possiblities!

You guys are such kidders!

Most of us know that we can't roller skate in a buffalo herd. But, we can be happy if we've a mind to...


Debbies69 Premium
Such a beautiful car and would love to drive it for just a day. I’m retired and that car would be so wonderful. I work with the Pell City Civitains and it is our gold to furnish each school in St Clair county with a sensory room for the special needs children. The price of that wonderful car could bring help to so many children. I hope you will make a trip to Pell City Alabama and together we can help these wonderful children have better life
ladyg52 Premium
That was for for thought there. Good one but I know I wasn’t gonna try for that because one I live in MD . Two I’m not in ͏w͏a͏y gonna pay that much for oil change , tires heck my odyssey don’t cost me no where even remotely that kind of cost . Even if I didn’t have warranty. Lol