Vegas 2018. It Was Big. Vegas 2019 Will Be BIGGER.


We have just returned from the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. I would be understating it if I said it was a great time, it was nothing short of brilliant and it was amazing to be surrounded by such an awesome group of people. There's something to be said when you're hanging out with 15 fellow (our largest group yet), like-minded individuals what's it coming goal of helping people create success within the online world.

Vegas also gives us the opportunity to hash out ideas and current projects that we are either working on, or we'll be working on by some smartest minds in the business. Sometimes our ideas are great, sometimes our ideas aren't quite there yet and need some refinement (after we get feedback). That is business and that is what we love about it.

In addition to that, lots of great conversations and feedback took place (as they do every year) And ultimately as a result of that super conference, you can expect some brilliant things out of us in the year ahead. Even more so than we had already planned or anticipated.

**If you can make 300 unique Premium referrals between Jan 1st, 2018 and December 31st, 2018 you are going to be sitting in Vegas with us next year. It is 100% possible for YOU to achieve this and you have more than enough time to achieve this.

So let's take a look at the entire trip and what you have to look forward to if you achieve the 300 sales and make it to Vegas next year.

The 4-Day Event, How it Went Down.

Our plane arrived in Vegas late afternoon and after getting settled in our Skyloft (Penthouse at the MGM Grand) we got together for a meet and greet. There were lots of old friends there from past years, and as usual some new faces in the crowd. Being members of the community, the new Super Affiliates fit right into the conversations immediately.

When you have a group of people that build their businesses helping others, there something that you said about the type of person and it is more than self-evident that EVERYONE that attends Vegas every year are caring, wonderful, as well as being very successful affiliate marketers.

It was a great time and we had some casual drinks and food to kick things off before the conference commenced the next morning.

The Conference, A Round Table of Super Affiliates

Usually when you hear the word conference, you picture a stuffy room with figureheads speaking on stage. We are

operate things a little differently. We definitely do not feel as though we are above anyone, and that is not an appropriate approach to having conversation about business or explaining our ideas.

No different from communicating with folks here within the community, we are always open to new ideas and when take the conversational "round table" approach to our conference.

Throughout the 3 days of round table discussions, we cover a great deal of material about what we've accomplished in the past year, but the core focus being projects and plans that we have in the year ahead.

A fixture of every conversation is how we can deliver a better product and service, and improve upon the already great help folks are offered here. Our goal is to get people help in seconds, not minutes.

I have included a photo where you can see the set-up of the table before we got rolling with the breakdown of the itinerary, discussions points, some cool swag, and $200 cash that we usually gamble with (although people do whatever they like with it). Some of us usually like to play craps, blackjack, poker or other games. Up to them though.

Upon concluding the daily "group" meetings, we spend some time with folks in a more private setting through the private meetings.

Private Meetings. Hang Out With Us 1-on-1!

Every year we also have private meetings with all the guests. Although very time-consuming for Carson and I, it is well worth it and something that we thoroughly enjoy doing. Not only does it give us the opportunity to share some knowledge we have accrued over the past 16 years online, it is an opportunity to for us to work in a more "specific" manner with people and offer feedback and potential opportunities based on what they are doing, and where their particular businesses and brands are headed online.

As usual, it is also an opportunity for folks to share anything they have on their minds in terms of ways we can improve the platform and environment here to better equip them to promote WA, with a focus of course being our overall service. It is an incredibly useful exercise!

The Nightly Events. Always an Experience!

Every night we get together as a group for different events. We change these up every year, whether it is a nice dinner at one of the top restaurants in Vegas, a show, an activity, or a get together in a brand new environment, we have a unique itinerary every year to keep everyone on their toes! LOL

This year was no different and we had a really fun 3 nights of events together. I will give you a quick breakdown here.

Night 2: Limo to Prime Steak @ Bellagio

The first night after our conference was complete, we caught a Limo from the MGM Grand over to the Bellagio. This is the hotel that has become famous for their fountains, but they always have one of the highest regarded steak houses in all of Vegas.

We had two large tables (there were 20 of us in total with the guests that came), and we at family style meaning that the table shared all the appetizers and the sides, and you ordered your main. Here is a shot, sorry about the bad photo the waiter tried many times and this is the best he could do. ;)

It is nice ordering this way as you can have a taste of many different things on the menu, with over 10 sides and 10 appetizers to choose from you get to really see what a restaurant has to offer.

I think it is safe to say this was probably some best food I have ever had in my life. Even the bread they served us was out of this world!

Night 3: Top Golf, Drinks & Food

Not everyone plays golf, not everyone likes golf. Top Golf is an experience all in its own and something everyone can enjoy. If you saw some swings out there, yet how much fun folks were having, you would have realized that this is the new age way of going to the driving range.

Here is a photo I took while we were at top golf.

With the golf, you have music, TV screens everywhere (one over 400 inches in size), your own waitress/waiters, a culinary experience, a wide array of drinks and an evening to remember. This was an awesome time and we all had a blast. It was a great way to spend our 3rd night in Las Vegas and if you ever get a chance to visit a Top Golf, I highly recommend it.

Night 3: The Farewell in Style, It Was Magic!

Every year we do a "surprise" for our farewell to make it fun, exciting and highly anticipated. This year we decided to get a 9,500 square foot Villa with a pool/spa, BBQ area, and large outdoor area and for our farewell. We like to mix it up every year, last year we had a room with a bowling alley in it!

This year we stepped it up from that. We had a fully catered BBQ (Southwest style) along with cornhole games set up for everyone to play...branded with Wealthy Affiliate of course.

The Villa was actually just recently used a few weeks that for Michael Jordan's 50th Birthday celebration. Being a huge basketball fan, I was hoping that he had accidentally left a few signature "Jordan shoes" in closet, but no luck. LOL

For those that are toilet aficionados, you will get a kick out of this and all the settings that all the toilets had within the hotel.

While all of this was going on, we had an amazing magician walking around performing magic. He pulled of some mind blowing sleight of hand card tricks, and then moved to some bigger tricks using novels, props, and he even hacked my phone in front of everyone. It was my first up close experience with a magician/mentalist and I was in awe with his craft.

All in all it was a brilliant way to wrap up the trip, and it summed up another really motivational, fun filled Super Affiliate Conference down in Vegas.

This leads me to...

Are You Coming to Vegas Next Year? 300 Sales & You are IN!

300 sales. That is it.

Like I mentioned, as time goes on WA is only getting better as a service, as a platform and as a community.

We want you in Vegas next year and I personally know with some effort you can achieve the 300 sales and far beyond, even if you are starting out.

Every single person that was in Vegas this year was at one point a newbie, at one point hadn't made their first referral, and now there are many people operating full time and very successful businesses through the promotion of WA and creating a brand within affiliate marketing/online business world. Some folks there this year started within the online world "mid-year" last year, with no prior experience!

Again, here are just some things included in the All INLCLUSIVE and very EXCLUSIVE trip:

  • You will be rubbing shoulders with other Superstar Affiliates.
  • You will learn about our plans for WA in 2019 (brilliant stuff coming)
  • Your ENTIRE trip will be paid for!
  • We will be giving you "extra" $$$ to use however you like
  • You will be put up in style with beautiful accomodations
  • Entertainment is in abundance (gambling, shows, dinners, etc)
  • Delicious food catered throughout the day.
  • Surprises, we keep things interesting ever year!
  • You will be heading home with our latest high end WA swag .
  • You will be in the best shape EVER in terms of your business

This can and will be you if you put forth the effort and please do know that you have an entire community of help to help you out every step of the way. 300 sales. Ready. Set. Go!

And before I leave you, one more thing.

3,000 Sales = Vegas AMPLIFIED!

If you can achieve 3,000 sales in a calendar year, you are going to get the royal Vegas treatment. It starts with a Bentley picking you up on arrival, one of only a few Bentley Mulsanne. There are actually only 10 of these in the world and the MGM has ordered 5 of them.

You will be getting your very own Skyloft and you will be transported to and from the hotel through your own Bentley. The Skyloft includes full butler service, and you can sit in the comfort of a 3,000 square foot room!

If you can reach 300 sales, you can reach 3,000 and I know lots of folks are gunning for Bentley Challenge this year (and several will most likely make it). This can be you and if you put forth the effort and once you get your bearings on how to build and scale your business, the sky is truly the limit. We are dealing with an audience of 4 BILLION people that can benefit from the service here at WA...3,000 sales is a grain of sand in comparison to the size of the market.

Here is to YOUR success in the year ahead (and seeing you in Vegas)! Let's make it happen!

Kyle & Carson

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You had me at Top Golf. That would be fun!

15 Super Affiliates out many Wealthy Affiliate members? Makes me think back to the "goals" page where every new member is stating their 300 goal for the year. Not likely, I guess. I do wonder what it really takes to get to 300. And I'm someone who's had some success with affiliate marketing.

So feeling a bit doubtful I'll get there this year. Or even next.

But I am going to give it my best. I've been up at 5 am writing and working and finding ways to help people through my content.

Letting go of expectations and just getting to work.

Who knows?

Maybe. Just maybe.


Top Golf! yeah.

Many folks achieve 300 sales in the first few months of the year, just to give you some perspective and there were several others that made it, and many others that were very close to making it this year.

300 is just the tip of the iceberg and can be achieved by anyone. Such a small percentage of people here within the community actually promote WA, so I would let that influence your motivation at all.

One more thing, we had several people that joined WA in June/July that ended up making Vegas. Lots of time Ryan, aim for 1,000 and if you come up a bit short you are going to be in Vegas and sitting on a full time business.

Thanks for responding Kyle. You did help me see it in a different way. I am going to try my hardest to promote WA. 1,000, eh? Wouldn't that be something.

Hey Kyle, read the other Super Affiliates blogs and was eagerly awaiting your one. As usual, after reading it's gets me even more hyped up. It's gives a feeling of excitement as if I actually made the target, though I am nowhere close, lol

Nevertheless, thanks for this amazing opportunity. More than that the real opportunity is chance for each and everyone of us to build a solid sustainable business, that can reward us in the years to come.I am grateful for that.

Some cool photos here.

Well everyone starts off at 300, ie, nowhere close if you want to look at it that way, or ONLY 300 people in the world interested in building a business in a niche they are interested in (the positive way of looking at it).

You are more than capable of achieving this and far beyond Roopesh and I really do look forward to working with you!

Congratulations on a great conference, for anybody in WA, made it possible, Kyle and Carson and for the achievers! It must be a great experience having fun in Vegas and talking about the online business.
Great stuff is that everybody in WA can achieve that! Hope one day to sit there too.
Thanks for sharing the impressions from the conference.

We would love nothing more than to see you there Igor. :)

Grind it out through 2018, I know you are not only going to be able to achieve the 300 mark, but you will be sitting on a brand that you are going to be able to build out for the long term (and many years to come).

Hi Kyle!

Thanks for your reply and great wishes. You know, we have a saying: "from your mouth to God's ears!"
I would love to achieve that!
Working now on building my site, for this reason going little slower with lessons. But I will speed up soon.


Hi Kyle,
This has been always an excitement to hear.
Hope to make it happened for 300 referrals with hard work.

Once my website starts triggering some numbers on referrals, I hope it won't take long to shoot the target.

Help me get that fulfilled by tutoring with the Super Affiliate Challenge.

That is what happens, once you make a few sales it becomes just a matter of scaling your business at that point. You simply need the engine/foundation built first, that will drive your success for many years to come (or forever if you like).

Haha.. this is a heaven to hear that.

Thanks man.

As usual it sounds like a blast. One of these years I'll make it out there to hang with you and the guys and hopefully more gals.

Seeing how that villa was used previously for MJ, I guess you could rightfully say that you and everyone were living the "baller's" life. ;)

Yeah, you could definitely say that. It certainly felt like that. If you make it down next year, we are definitely going to have a wide array of crafts waiting for your Rob.

Let's make it happen in 2018, we are going to be offering you more tools than ever to make it. :)

I want to aspire to a level such as this and hope one day I may achieve what I dream of. Thank you for sharing this. For someone who never gets a vacation and few days off, this is more like being alive and living. It's kind of scary to feel I might be able to be on a level in life I've only heard of and seen on TV...

Well this would be the perfect opportunity Julie, I really do look forward to working with you in the year ahead and this trip will definitely make you feel "alive". ;)

To be able to say "Thank You" to you and Carson - in person, in Vegas - would make all the doubts, frustrations, and start-overs so worth it. Everything else you mentioned would just be icing on an already delicious cake.

Speaking of cake...I'd like to share a "cake toast" during the 1-on-1 with you and Carson.

I definitely like the sounds of a cake toast, I am into that. We will have to make sure that is a thing when you do make Vegas Veronica. I know it will happen to you, just a matter of time!

Looks and sounds amazing. It is awesome how you not only care, and encourage us but you reward us as well, Even though we are here to learn how to earn an income ( in the presence of a wonderful community) you treat everyone as if we are your children. By that I mean you don"t just leave us to the wind. You have created a family affiliate. You have made sure that everyone helps everyone . I thank you , Carson, Jay and everyone here . Even those who didn't make it to vegas you still help us newbies and are very appreciated.
See you in Vegas at some point lol

We treat everyone as though they are one of us, but give them the extra attention that we would our own family. That is definitely one way to look at it.

Thank YOU for being part of the greater WA family here, we truly are just that. We care about one another and when you realize the sheer size of the internet, we are not in competition with one another. Rather we can work together to reach mutual success.

Thanks Kyle and Carson, this sounds so good, I have gotten on the roll with your New Year's program. Hopefully I can get things on the roll and be able to head that way next year. Looking forward to meeting both of you. Thanks for all you'll do for us, and giving us the chance to move on forward.

Awesome Kyle!

I am so pumped this year and this post by you has pumped me up even more!

I am now focusing almost entirely upon sharing WA and seeing more an more results.

300 or more Premium Referrals to WA this year is not my goal, my goal is 450 Premium Referrals.

I have quite a ways to go but know that the training, expertise and community here at WA is the best chance that I or anyone else has to increase revenue legitimately in 2018 and beyond.

Thank you for sharing this post Kyle, I have already shared it in quite a few of my Social Media sites!


Awesome Tony, it would be great to have you there next year and I know you definitely have the skillset to reach the 300 and far beyond.

The thing about business and your personal brand is that through time it will only become more established, more refined and subsequently more scalable.

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