The PREMIUM Membership - In a League of its Own!


WA Starter vs. WA Premium, what’s the difference?The are many differences. Both membership levels are awesome. But one is awesome, and the other is “out of this world” awesome! I am about to explain both of them to you and it would be a very good idea to familiarize yourself with the unparalleled platform available here at WA.

First off, what is included in the Starter membership?

Well... to be completely honest, a whole bunch of stuff!

When you are on the Starter membership you have the online world at your fingertips. You get to truly “experience” the one-of-a-kind community and the vast training platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have only been part of WA for a short period of time, I hope that you have realized just how powerful the community is, and how much we all care about helping you achieve success. We created Wealthy Affiliate to help people within the online business world and we continue to innovate and improve the service at WA for YOU. Your success is what we care about!

Before I get into how UNBELIEVABLE Premium Members have it here at WA, I want to outline exactly what you get as a Starter member.

When you are on the Starter Membership, you get full access to:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)-This is your starting point. This is where you will get rolling, building your websites, start building online assets and you will start to understand how this whole "making money on the Internet thing" works. This course is 100% included. Make sure you take action on the tasks within each lesson and work through this course at your own pace. In the first 10 lessons alone you are going to accomplish A LOT. You will lay a solid foundation for your business to flourish.
  • Training Galore - Along with the Getting Started training mentioned above, you have access to 1,000’s of blog posts (tons of valuable ones), training tutorials and training videos. These cover an unlimited number of ways you can earn revenue online once you understand the basics.
  • TWO Free Websites - All Starter Members get access to our acclaimed Wordpress Express website builder and have the luxury of building not ONE, but TWO fully functional websites. AND, we completely host these sites for you for as long as you want on our state of the art hosting platform!
  • The Awesome WA Community - There is nothing better than being able to mingle and network with fellow aspiring and highly successful entrepreneurs. You can chat, post comments, and interact with fellow members here at WA. This means that you can ask questions if you need help or you can help others if you know the answer to their question. It is a truly a pay it forward community here at WA!
  • Business Networking - Network, network, network! You hear this all the time. Networking leads to success and you have the most successful group of Internet marketers here in the world that you can network with, follow, get followed by, and interact with. If you have not set-up your profile yet, make sure you do. Having an image and description attached to your account will get you much greater response, more help, and help you move forward faster.
  • The Ability to Create - You can become a creator at Wealthy Affiliate. This includes the ability to connect to people through your own blog posts. Feel free to create a blog post here at WA and share what is on your mind. Questions, comments, achievements, can be anything (just no shameless promotions!). This is a community where we share in our progress towards inevitable success!
  • The WA Affiliate Program $$ - You can share any blog post, any training module, or any profile here with the Share Buttons or the Affiliate Links and get revenue for anybody that signs up through that link. We offer one of the highest paying affiliate programs online! Share the content you enjoy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your website or via email and get rewarded! You have full access to the WA affiliate program which can lead to a recurring income stream.
All of the above is included with your Starter membership! This is truly a remarkable set of tools and resources and this is far beyond anything you would get elsewhere. Remember, the WA Starter membership is without any costs and no time restrictions. Pretty cool right?! :)

I truly believe that you are going to achieve things you never thought were possible here within WA! You realize the massive value in being part of WA and this will continue to become evident through the constant improvements and innovates you will see. Not to mention the awesome community of helpful people that you can connect with and create solid business relationships with!

Although this might already seem like a ton we are offering, what we offer Premium members is the nothing short of unbelievable....YES, UNBELIEVABLE!

The Premium Membership Takes You Next Level!

First, let’s get the price out of the way. I don’t want there to be any secrets about the “paid” aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. There are two payment options for WA Premium. A month-to-month membership and a yearly membership (paid once per year).

Monthly = $49 per month ($1.62 per day)
Yearly = $359 per year ($0.98 per day!)

One thing that few people realize is that the yearly price is the exact same price that we offered in 2005. Although we have invested and continue to invest millions annually into improvements here at WA for Premium members, we have not increased the yearly price.

The yearly option gives you a Premium membership for under $1 per day. The $49 option is a great value too - we're offering the most complete program in the industry for less than a cup of coffee per day. If you have looked around online it is completely evident that there is NOTHING that compares to this. WA Premium membership is in a league of it's own - this is a fact.

===> Be Great, Get Premium! Upgrade Here.

We want to keep the BEST Online Business Community on the Internet the MOST affordable. We realize that in challenging economic times not everyone has a ton of extra cash.

But we do have operating expenses and to run the sophisticated WA machine and keep it well oiled, there is a very large team of people at work. So we do have to charge something and our charge is 1/1000th of any University or College out there. The crazy thing is that our training and offering also far exceeds anything out there! There is NO institution that has the ability to evolve quickly, remain current, and push ahead like we can here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We teach Internet Business techniques and strategies that work, not theory based mumbo jumbo. Becoming a premium member is a decision you are going to have to make on your own. You want to make a choice that is right for you.

I can tell you though, the PERKS of becoming a Premium member are many. It is incredibly powerful to have everything at your fingertips and in one place that you can call your home for online business.

The 9 MASSIVE Perks of Becoming a Premium Member...

PREMIUM PERK #1: Private Access to Get Personal Mentoring From Kyle & Carson

You have both us on your side...PERSONALLY! As a Premium member, you can contact us privately if you need us for anything. Need some motivation (or a pat on the back) or need us to inspect your site to see why it isn’t converting? We have a combined 20 years experience in the Internet business space and we have pretty much seen and done it all!

We are consistently asked to work with companies as consultants but we have dedicated ourselves and our services to premium members within the Wealthy Affiliate community. If you are a premium member you get personal help from the OWNERS!

PREMIUM PERK #2: Full SiteRubix Website Suite

The second you upgrade, you are going to get access to the ultimate platform for websites and hosting.

There SiteRubix Website Suite is unparalleled in the industry and is going to offer you to 7 different "Premium advanced" platforms, 3 of which are only available to Premium members.

You get access to:

  • SiteEngage. Website engagement will lead to a lot more trust and much better rankings in Google and other search engines. This proprietary platform is a huge hit amongst Premium members and will take your overall website engagement to the next level.
  • SiteFeedback. Need a website review or feedback on your overall design? This community based platform allows you to get feedback from real users. Powerful and very interactive.
  • SiteSupport. We believe that a great platform stems from great support. That is exactly what you are going to have access to with our 24/7/365 SiteSupport service. If you EVER have any website or hosting issues, our website experts will help you instantly. Average response time: less than 5 minutes!

Our managed hosting leverages state of the art technology that keeps your site on a server with as little activity as possible. This not only keeps it running at optimal performance, it improves your user experience.

Unlike other hosts out there, we do not stuff your websites on servers with 1,000’s of users. Our SiteSpeed, SiteProtect, and SiteSSL platforms keep your websites operating faster than any other hosting company in the industry, even $250 per month hosts!

We understand that your website is your business, and could very well become 100% of your income. We have developed our hosting network from the ground up to offer a superior service that will allow you to focus on your business, not the technical aspects.

PREMIUM PERK #3: Enhanced Networking and Access to Experts

You not only have personal access to us, but you also have access to 1,000’s of other people within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Many of these people are VERY successful within the online world. These are industry experts that you can personally contact. This is something that you won’t find anywhere else.

It is like having a rolodex of some of the most proficient Internet Entrepreneurs in the world...and this is a reality when you are a premium member. You have business owners who are willing to share what they know with the world. By being a premium member you have access to all of the experts within WA and you can privately communicate, build relationships, and interact with any member within the community! :)

PREMIUM PERK #4: Unlimited Keyword Searches

Keywords are everywhere, but if you don’t have a tool that can find them then it is going to feel like a witch hunt coming up for terms that are relevant to your niche.

The WA keyword tool pulls data from all of the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and it also allows you get access ‘competition” data which is the ultimate metric for finding valuable keywords.

As a premium member you have UNLIMITED access to this tool, meaning you could do as much research as you like throughout the month...research yourself crazy if you want!

PREMIUM PERK #5: Weekly Interactive LIVE VIDEO CLASSES (60-90 minutes per session)

Each and every week, Jay from Wealthy Affiliate offers LIVE Video Training on a brand new topic. These videos are powerful, easy to follow, and offer comprehensive walk throughs of brand new business ideas you can use to increase online revenue. Interact and learn via the live training session, then interact and ask questions.

Premium members are also granted exclusive access to our LIVE REPLAY database of 100's hours of existing video training. If you are not able to attend the LIVE training event, or simply want to watch it again, you can replay as many times as you like.

These video training sessions alone will allow you to create a business in just about any way that you like. If you want to become a local marketer, there is live training on how to do this. If you want to make your website convert like crazy, there is video training on this. If you want help with HTML, there are videos for this.

The Live video training sessions are easy to follow walkthroughs that can transform you from a complete newbie on a topic, to being able to implement some of the most powerful marketing techniques and strategies online. If you love video, this is for you. You can even watch these events on your iPhone or iPad!

PREMIUM PERK #6: The World's Most Helpful Affiliate Marketing Community with 1,000's of "Golden Nuggets" posted monthly!

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since September, 2005. Since then, there have been years of brilliant posts and discussions within our platform. From some of the most amazing success stories you have ever heard ($50,000 earnings in someone’s first month), to people sharing a case study outlining exactly how they created success online.

There is inspiration, motivation, and frustration all wrapped up in a single environment that has come to be known as one of the greatest marketing gold mines online! You are going to see and feel the energy within WA as you come into the community every day.

Always fresh content, fresh discussions, interesting and engaging conversations, and an endless amount of support and help!

PREMIUM PERK #7: Access to ALL Premium training and courses

Premium training is being created and added to our training almost daily. This includes videos, tutorials, and courses that cover an extensive range of topics, techniques and strategies.

These are exclusive to premium members and will lead to enhancement and refinement of your skills and abilities. Premium training will walk you through processes that lead to a wider range of revenue generating opportunities. In a word, premium training is outstanding.

PREMIUM PERK #8: Full Access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification (ALL 6 Levels)

I can honestly say that those who work through and complete all 6 levels of this training (60 lessons in total) wil be HIGHLY VALUABLE online business owners and will be strapped with invaluable knowledge. Not only will your skill set benefit your own business, but other businesses out there that will be willing to PAY YOU for your expertise.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification includes over 60 lessons in total that will give you knowledge not found ANYWHERE online or offline. This is the ultimate online entrepreneur “action based” education.


By becoming a Premium member, you are making a commitment to yourself, to your future, and your inevitable success. We have already made our personal commitment to you and will continue to push awesome additions into the Premium membership.

As a member, you are part of our investment as well. We invest in our members every day and at any given time there are 10-20 projects going on “behind the scenes” here at WA. You can rest assured that there will be industry leading systems, features, training, and tools continually made available to Premium members of the community here at WA.

As I mentioned above, since 2005 we have invested millions into developing the Wealthy Affiliate community and this will not stop. More systems, more tools, more training and more opportunity will continually be released in a “value added” way to the community here at WA!

Upgrading is easy, only takes a second, and could very well change your life forever...are you in?


You owe it to yourself and your future as a successful Entrepreneur in the online business world!

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I told myself if I could build my site, have my niche and find affiliate products and Jaaxy was looking the way you suggested with the QSR and Average Searches were less than 100...that I would do this..My site is up and running...Now for the next part of training.

We entrepreneurs want to be's are impatient...I told myself to slow down and when feeling overwhelmed, to walk away and go back at it later...So, here goes...

im just like you

How are you doing? I have purchased my domain and getting ready to produce first proper posts...
How about you?

I agree! Take it step by step, repeat the training and tasks for clarity and then go for it!

Me too you are also definitely very diligent. I’ve got to do a topic post . I finished my about me, privacy policy and statement post but the topics begin. Sort of like this formal thing with me lol. I’m also having a grand time challenging my own headaches too lol

Ahhh, the self imposed pressure we put on ourselves...It 8:00 pm, time for me to get off computer...Been sitting here at least 6 hrs...See you in a few days...Tomorrow is a work day.

I strongly believe all great things come at perfect timing and I'm grateful I'm here now. Although, it would have been more awesome if I was able to come across WA way earlier, the possibility of online entrepreneurial success is clearer now that we've got access to all training materials, tools, and support from the entire community with WA premium membership. More years and successes to us! Cheers!

The premium membership definitely offers great value that I have not seen anywhere else online. As of right now I can't afford it but I will be saving little by little until I get the amount for the yearly premium membership.

I have been ripped off in other online programs but I know that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online business program that delivers above and beyond in my view. With that being said I will upgrade when I have the money.

At your own pace Dennis and you are never going to get ripped off or feel ripped off again now that you have found WA.

In the meantime, work through the training and build out your website on the Starter membership. When you are ready, you can move to Premium and unlock all of the features here within WA. ;)

This platform is definitely a self pace program. I have looked at each video so much that I feel I am getting proficient at the business, as far as what I have learned so far. I have a good prospect to start. They want to see my website and it's content. So I am working like a madman to get it finished past the beginning stages. My first website has to be a piece of art. WA is the right place to get it done. Hopefully you guys will see it before they do, and I hope you tear it to pieces, even to the smallest details. I will appreciate the help. I will be ramping up to premium in a few hours. I would like to get it to the point where I can set up each site and go directly to the next. It will get easier with time. Thanks WA community. Together we will get it. Sure there is a little pressure, but I look at it as I have always looked at challenges, get it done, and get it done with unsurpassed excellence! This has always been my attitude. Note however, this train of thought is not a must. We all have different time constraints and aspirations. Rome wasn't built in a day, but neither was New York or San Francisco huh?

I realized the extended benefits with Premium the first week I became a Starter Member. Simply scouting around the community and learning more, I was hungry for even more top training. Plus, if you really are serious about your business here, and launching your new career on the internet at WA, going Premium is the best option. I became a Premium member the first week in WA and it kept me more motivated and determined to succeed. Investing time and money substantiates a solid business here! Thanks for the info.!

Wow, this is great; I am for the first time ever, learning to create and build a website; following instructions and learning from a great tea. My only issue for now is building the website. I may need assistance but I will stay pay attention and learn as I go. This is truly great.

I Truly find this an opportunity of a lifetime. Yes, it is coming out of your comfort zone BUT how else are you to get out and go places... YOU MUST GET OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE ... I am so Excited and looking forward to another part of my Journey of Life ... Thank You Wealthy Affiliate for having this chance to Advance My Lifes Path.

I am here. Phew! It too me a little to complete the last bit of the first course. But was willing to sit with it until I did it. I see there's nothing to be gained short cutting things.
Thanks to Kyle and Carson, what is developed here is amazing.
Kind Regards

I would have to say that this - Wealthy Affiliate - is NOT hype.

Started with AWOL. Felt like I received a high level overview of what to do that got me excited, but after all the modules, I felt a little disappointed that I would have to spend 997.00 for courses that would show me the details of how I needed to do what I needed to do next. While someone's effort to compile knowledge is valuable and shouldn't be free, sometimes the cost is just not worth the value in exchange. That experience left me feeling like the were millionaire marketers because of the prices they were asking for their courses! (The other course bundles were even more expensive than 997.00)
I'm grateful to AWOL for getting me starter and THRILLED that I found Wealthy Affiliate!

It is not Hype, I consider I have a sense for bullshit, I don't find any of it here. I have no doubt Kyle and Carson enjoy, rightfully, the fruits of their efforts. I certainly sincerely wish upon them much, much more success and wealth. As I do for all.
Do well, and exceed your own expectations.

WA and the Premium Membership is incredible and everything that I've been looking for. The content and value for money is nothing short of amazing!

I get the sense that WA and especially Kyle (having done the walk through videos) genuinely wants to help. Sure, it's a business and we all have to make money (that's mainly why we're on here, right?), but I honestly believe that making money is secondary to helping others for WA.

I'd always had the idea to create a platform in which to run my own business, but had absolutely no idea where to start. WA not only got me started, but has guided me through and keeps me on track every day.

I've only completed Part 1 and already feel somewhat of an internet marketing expert, having fully understood all the content, which is amazing, as computer stuff usually baffles me. This was why I had never started an online business until now, I thought it just "wasn't me" and wasn't my expertise.

How wrong was I after discovering WA! I can't wait to get cracking with the next 5 levels, I know that I'm going to continue to amaze myself.


WA literally walks you through the entire process. Ive just recently completed the first course and upgraded to premium. The training was awesome and easy to understand. I really liked the videos because it shows exactly what you're supposed to do and how to do it. What really amazed me was when I had an issue or a question I put it on the live chat and someone immediately helped me. Most customer service centers will send you a confirmation email and you have to wait days to get a response but we were working on it together in minutes. Love it!!!

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