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Last Update: Nov 19, 2022


What’s up folks, this is Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate.

If I haven’t bumped into you already or we haven’t chatted yet, let me first offer my personal help to you. You can reach me any time of the day, through my profile here at WA. I am here to help, and I unequivocally PROMISE to get back to everyone. You can also drop me a comment at the bottom of this post.

Before we get rolling, let me tell you a little bit about Wealthy Affiliate and our background. Many people don’t realize that just like you, both Carson (the other co-founder) and I started out online with no experience.

We were college students with nothing more than a dream to make something of ourselves. We happened to get our start within the affiliate marketing world, and both became independently successful online within the first few years of starting (high 6-figure incomes)...before joining forces and starting Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005.

Our goal from the start has been to help other people learn how to harness the power of the internet and global marketplace, just as we did.

We figured, if we can do this, anyone can. We just have to teach people what we are doing! Simple as that, right? Well, actually yeah. It worked…over the past 16+ years we have helped incubate some of the world’s leading affiliate marketers and Internet Entrepreneurs right within WA. We have worked with close to 2.7 MILLION people here, right within the community in WA.

It’s been a lot of fun up to this point, but we are FAR from done…

Our mission is to help the next phase of Entrepreneurs explore the new age of opportunity that lies in the years ahead. The Internet continues to grow, and so does the opportunity within the online world…because of the pandemic and people shifting their time and money online, you are seeing an influx of opportunities that we have yet to see in our combined 40 years of online business experience.

It’s exciting. Truly.

We want to help you leverage this opportunity, regardless of your skill level, your knowledge, your technical capability or your location in the world. We know we can help, all we need for you is to commit to yourself and your business. If you can do that, we can provide you with everything else you need within Wealthy Affiliate.

So, that leads me to your path to success, and it starts with the Premium Memberships here at Wealthy Affiliate. What exactly are you going to get? Let’s have a look…

  • Core Success Building Training (120 Lessons). A solid foundation leads to the ability to grow a skyscraper. The same goes in business, and the core training modules are going to educate you on the key “building block” strategies to grow a business in 2022/2023 and beyond! Over 120 lessons will take anyone to a SKILLED level of experience in the affiliate marketing world.

  • Learn Directly From The Best (Daily Live Classes). Tune in daily for LIVE expert classes, run by seasoned and very successful Internet Entrepreneurs. These classes are pure value training, teaching you on every topic imaginable from Wordpress hacks, to gaining popularity on Youtube, e-commerce, social media, local marketing, SEO, paid advertising....you name it! You will continue to advance your knowledge each and every week, more knowledge = MORE $$. Get 350+ NEW classes per year with Premium Plus+, and 52 with Premium.

  • Speed, Secure and High Ranking Hosting. Our hosting is world class, on some of the fastest servers in the world. Layer in our sophisticated security suite, and speed platforms that we have developed to interface with it, and you are going to have the most secure, and highest ranking websites around. Host up to 50 websites within the Premium Plus+ membership, and 10 within the Premium Membership.

  • Build Million Dollar Websites. You are going to get access to website platforms that are integral to the growth of your business, this includes the ability to keep tabs on your website “health”, to boost “SiteSpeed”, to create high ranking content with efficiency, and to get engagement rolling on your website. These tools are unique to WA, and you get access to all of them! Elite website support unparalleled in the industry is included with this!

  • Discover Endless Opportunities. Keywords and understanding your website rankings will be a big part of your business. The reality is that ONE (yes, just one) keyword that you discover using the Jaaxy platform at Wealthy Affiliate could literally be worth $1,000’s to your business…and there are BILLIONS of keywords. Premium Plus+ comes with a "Enterprise" version which is valued at $99/mth alone!

  • Coaching & Mentorship. Get help directly from the founders, Carson and myself…as well as some of the top affiliate marketers in the world. We thrive on our ability to truly offer direct coaching and help every step of your journey, and NO question is a dumb question. Learning directly from successful mentors can speed up your success 500%, at minimum.

And that just brushes the surface of what is offered when you upgrade. What I have mentioned above are just some of the KEY platforms and services that you have access to here at Wealthy Affiliate. Just the tip of the iceberg.

To give you some perspective on what you could expect to pay for these services if you went elsewhere…

Guru Coaching programs anywhere and everywhere cost $5000! ClickFunnels is $2,500 per year, and isn’t even a website builder! Comparable hosting at WPEngine.com costs $3,000 per year. Comparable Keyword tools like Moz cost $100 - $500 per MONTH. And if you want to get a degree for a 29 month Digital Marketing course at Full Sail University, you are looking at $58,600!

Combine all of those together, and you are looking at $65,000+ per year. For INFERIOR services to what you are going to be getting here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Our Premium Plus+ membership cost is just $99/month, and includes TWO FREE domains!  Domains are the foundation of your brand and business, and these are typically things you would have to pay for. This is our most popular membership, and if you decide to pay yearly up front you can get this for as $58/mth if you buy a year at a time.

If you are on a bit more of a budget, you can join the Premium membership which is $49 and it still offers ton of value, and this comes with ONE free domain. You can get this for as low as $41.25 if you purchase a year at a time. So a pretty good discount there as well.

AND you can cancel your memberships at any time. Unlike our competition, we don't have rigid contracts, we put YOU in full control. It's your money, and it is our job to offer you a TON of value for that (which we do).

We have kept our pricing the lowest in the industry, while offering you the highest level of red carpet service. In all reality, we could and probably should charge WAY more. But we don’t. Why?

Because YOU are more important than our bottom line. It is why we haven’t raised our prices in 17 years, yet continue to invest millions per year into our platform. It is why we are the #1 recommended and most trusted platform in the world for creating and growing businesses online.

Our TrustPilot score, the world's most trusted independent review platform, speaks for itself.

Very few companies have a 4.9 rating, and certainly NONE in our industry (just as an example, Apple.com has a 1.9 out of 5 rating!)

So, if you are ready to take your business to the next level and invest in your future, I highly suggest you do so now!

All the websites and hosting platforms, keyword tools, all the training, all the coaching, all the training and ongoing education…it’s all included here. All under one roof.

We are asking you to invest just a few bucks per day into yourself and your business, and promise you we will offer a whole lot more than all of these other education platforms and tools combined.

This one decision could literally be the start of a six-figure business venture, and it has for many MANY members here at Wealthy Affiliate. We have shaped some of the top affiliate marketers in the world, many now operating million dollar enterprises.

It all starts with one action, one decision, and one simple investment.

If you are ready to Level Up and Go Premium, I strongly suggest you do so and begin your Journey right now!

===> Level Up, Invest in Yourself, & Smash Success!

OK. My pitch to you is done. lol

Now you can make a decision either way, but I also want to open the floor to you if you have ANY questions at all. I can’t wait to work with you moving forward!



PS. I have a widely acclaimed "Diamond Traffic Program" bonus that I am also going to be sending directly to your Private Coaching Inbox upon joining Premium.

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This is too good to not upgrade. I am going to start with the $49 investment. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to upgrade. I have spent so much on courses that never deliver a thread in which to follow. I feel that WA is following a system, but also gives opportunity to evolve it into ones own customized system. Yay! This is it.

Sounds good Danny, I know you are going to love your experience within Premium and your journey moving forward. EVERYTHING you need is here under one roof, so we have you covered in every respect so you can focus on building your business!

Keep us updated as you move forward and if you ever need a hand with anything at all, do let us know. :)

I will brother. Thank you.

Sounds good!

Hello, I am a new member and I am happy to be part of this community, I truly feel at home. I was registered by a member of this community by the name AskJofa he is such a nice and wonderful. I have read through the premium offer and I really want to go all the way but now i don't have the money. Please when I do can I come back and register. Thank you.

Sure, no problem Kate. You can upgrade to premium at any point, whenever you have the budget to do so and to invest in your business (and your future) you can. In the meantime, head through the first 5 lessons and get rolling with your business.

And if you need any help moving forward, just let us know! :)

Ok Sir, thank you.

No problem!

presently I am living paycheck to paycheck. Putting money out right now is almost impossible, I am awaiting 2 more surgeries and need to put my right foot forward. How long does it usually take before e a guy can have any kind of income coming in after moving to premium? I am 100% green here..

Everybody earns money at a different rate, so it really depends on the person. I have actually created a discussion on this that will put things into perspective for you here: Have a read of that, I know it will give you a lot of insight into this exact topic. ;)

The first month is typically your foundation building stage. In order to build a website that earns you consistent revenue, you need this foundation. After this, you are going to start seeing traffic and as you build this out, there are many different ways in which you can generate revenue.

Personally it took me into my 3rd month of busting my butt to make my first dollar online, by month 6 though I was making consistent income and by the year mark, I was almost full time.

But guess what would have happened if I quit during those first two "trying" months. I would not be where I am at today. Just wanted to put things into perspective for you.

I am in this journey with you, so is the community here at WA. If you want to jump in, work hard, take action, and persist. Amazing things can and will happen!

I am in a great position. I hope I can continue with your support. I am not in a hurry to make money, but I love money. I have a full knee replacement of my right knee on the 18th of this month. As soon as I heal from that, I have a reverse shoulder operation. so I am down for at least a year, maybe two. During that time, I am paid a modest income from a work insurance plan. Hit me with all you got!! I see a clock that says 6 days 17 hours 50 minutes...is that how much time I have to upgrade with savings? I don't get my next payday until the 21st. Im pretty strapped until then.

If you are realistic about the process, the money will come. The thing that I have learned about business is that the time and effort you put forth now, will always pay off down the road (and often times forever). I have written a single piece of content that ranked, and ended up getting $1,000's in traffic and revenue year over year...and article that took less than an hour to publish.

That is just how things work once the snowball starts to roll.

I hope I can have a portion of your good luck sir!!

Good day, iam new here. while watching the walk through video . you tapped on choosing a business and creating a website for it. yes i have a lot of business ideas, but i dont have enough capita to start.
how do i create a website of a business that does not exist?

Well you can choose any direction that you want with your niche. All niches have a ton of opportunity within them. There are 5 BILLION people online (spending 8 TRILLION dollars) and we are all now more connected than ever. This is the audience you are dealing with the Internet and even some of the most obscure niches have millions of people interested in them.

You should read about this here within a blog post I recently created on this exactly topic: YOU make a niche profitable and that is why it is important that you decide on a niche that you are interested in/passionate about. It will make the journey that much more fun and exciting. ;)

Thank you Mr klye, this was helpful

I haven't really even started my journey here at WA yet, and thanks to scams in the past and 1 crazy first experience into affiliate marketing, I am quick to be skeptical and apprehensive even of other avenues. However, I do believe that I can say unequivocally, that I found the place I (didn't know) I was looking for at WA! This sounds like the real deal, and like the community and founders ACTUALLY have ethics and moral code! Thank you!! I can't wait to dive into it!!

Well there are plenty of scams out there, and I can assure you that you are in a safe haven now that you have found WA. Like you said, you have direct access to the founders and the community here is full of expertise, and is a true "pay it forward" family.

I look forward to working with you Derrick and if you need anything at all moving forward, let me know. :)

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