Las Vegas 2022. Ready to Rock!

Last Update: May 03, 2021

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to spend a moment and give everyone a quick update about Vegas next year as I have been getting a lot of questions. As a result, the annual Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas had to be canceled in 2021 as travel from Canada to the USA, and most places in the world were restricted.

This was a sad day, and we certainly missed seeing all the amazing faces down in Vegas this year. But next year is a FULL go, FULL steam ahead, and we are already booking, and making plans for next years conference. The Las Vegas Conference is going to be back, and it is going to be better than ever!

We are already getting amped up for next year, and we are excited about all the projects we are currently working on. We are truly going to be changing the game in the year ahead, and 2022 is going to be no different. We are currently planning out our most exciting "marketing" side updates, the is going to make reaching Vegas more than viable for anyone.

Want an Invite? Make 300 Sales. That's It.

So how do you make the Vegas Conference?

If you make 300 new premium or premium plus+ sales, you are going to get an immediate invite to the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference next year, regardless of your location. This trip is all expenses paid, and is going to include some really amazing times next year.

This 4 day, all expenses paid event includes:

  • Return Flights (from anywhere in the world)
  • Accommodations in a 5-star Vegas Suite
  • 3 days of round table conference in an exclusive suite
  • A personal, 1-on-1 conference
  • Meals during the daytime conference
  • Amazing Fine Dining for dinner
  • World Class Entertainment
  • Ability to mingle with fellow Super Affiliates
  • Official & Exclusive WA Swag (new every year)
  • Hang out with us (Kyle & Carson)

We mix it up each and every year. There are always new surprises, new events, and new things to look forward to. During the conference element, you can engage in conversations related to the direction of WA and the innovative and evolutionary plans that we have in place going into every new year.

You will leave Vegas with newfound motivation, a game plan for the year ahead, and a way to triple or quadruple your business in subsequent years. I can personally tell you what we are working on is going to blow your mind, and we are currently working on a 5-YEAR game plan, much of which will be discussed at next years conference (and lots of it you will see implemented and rolled out within WA in the year ahead).

Brilliance is ahead, and I can assure you WA is only going to get better with every day that passes...and will become easier to promote and become a successful affiliate from as each day passes.

The 3,000 Sale Incentive: As an aside, if you can make 3,000 sales in a year (we currently have affiliates that are going to be close this year), you get a personal concierge/butler for your trip, and a personal chauffeur to and from the airport. You also get an entire Skyloft to yourself, this is over 1,500 sq/feet of luxury living for the duration of your trip!. :) Not to mention, you will be sitting on an immediate 6 figure business, with scalability to a 7 figure yearly income from there!

Start Your Path to Vegas NOW!

I want to make it clear, anyone and everyone that is a member here at WA can achieve this.

The folks that were in Vegas at the last conference were able to achieve this as a result of taking action training the prior year, and putting forth the effort. They are now sitting on a full time, and scalable income.

When you think about it, there are over 4.75 BILLION people online now. That is a great deal of people. Guess what all of these people have in common.

  1. They would love to do something they love every day
  2. They would love to earn more money
  3. The would love a community & platform to help them accomplish that.

300 people, in the entire world is all you need to achieve this. You probably know, or within your circle of friends and family know 300 people that could benefit and love the platform and community here at WA.

If you are interested in working towards this incentive and building a full time and sustainable business promoting a service that you love (Wealthy Affiliate), I recommend that you head over to the Affiliate Bootcamp and get rolling.

There are 7 Levels of training within Bootcamp, and it will literally walk you through the process of starting out, right through advanced techniques to scaling and growing your business.

I will also be available to help you along the way, along with the community at WA. So you not only have an actionable game plan to help you get there, you are going to have support and mentorship the entire way until you get there.

We will not quit on you, if you don't quit on yourself. Anyone that puts forth the effort and gives themselves enough time to achieve amazing, will be seeing us in Vegas (and likely next year). Is this you?

If you plan on making the Vegas in the next year, drop me a comment of your affirmation below....and of course if you have any questions about the trip, or your WA promotions, leave those below as well. Let's do this!

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roysinOnline Premium
My Battleboard has been revised and gotten a new addition after reading this, Kyle. It will see it when I wake up every morning, and when I enter my office in my daytime job. I will se you in Vegas 2022👍🤩😃.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Roy, looking forward to seeing your progress in the months and year ahead! :)
Roseblogger Premium
It sure would be amazing to make it to Vegas In 2022, now what I need is my referrals to upgrade to Premium, and Premium Plus, and also I need many new Referrals, hey What if I am the one with the private butler and a chauffeur? Just putting it out there for the Universe to do its thing 👍🏾👍🏾
davehayes Premium
Its a constant of being constant and promotion of WA. When you consider that 97% of other marketers will continue to promote opps and mainly worthless ones at that, by promoting you and your brand /WA only one thing happens eventually... They follow you and start upgrading, when they realise you haven't deviated
Kyle Premium Plus
We would absolutely love to have you there next year, and once you make 1 sale or 10 sales, you can make 100 or 1,000. It is just a matter of doing more of what you are doing (and scaling).

If you need a hand with any of your campaigns as we move forward, just let us know. :)
davehayes Premium
Absolutely Kyle
sgregcrx Premium Plus
I really wish there was a way for us with NON-WA Affiliate sites could make Vegas.

My Travel site is 100% my focus, all my effort and time go into creating and improving content for that site, anything that takes away from that is a distraction.

It just feels a shame that these of us who are here to do what WA is really meant for miss out.

c'est la vie
MsJeanK Premium
That's an interesting point.

Maybe some of your travel affiliates have incentives?
Kyle Premium Plus
Perhaps at some point we will open something like this up to others, but there is only so much time in a year (and the Vegas trip alone takes a great deal of planning).

Something we have considered and not this year, but it would be fun to have an open WA conference one day!
sgregcrx Premium Plus
Chers Kyle, even as I was writing this, I could see the complexity of it, and couldn't think of a way to achieve it

Would be amazing if you find a way to include everyone, maybe the open conference doesn't need to be so "All-inclusive" afterall the Vegas Conference is a bit of a reward for referrals so its understandable


Kyle Premium Plus
Something to consider, for now it is an incentive plan that EVERYONE can achieve here. In the future, you never know. :)
AlyseS Premium
I agree... it would be fun to have the option to pay for the conference.
VonAkon Premium
My health website is already getting ranked, with some posts and reviews appearing on Google's first page. It wasn't an easy journey but I never gave up. I made so many mistakes, choosing a yellow niche (health), yet I kept soaring. But it's all fun building an online business Kyle.

To meet the Dons of WA in L Vegas is great determination and hard work. Like I always said, The Spinal Cord of SUCCESS, Persistence, and Consistence. Hope to see you guys in LAS VEGAS!
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Kyle,

I hope you're doing well. Thank you for another inspiring blog post, very encouraging indeed.

It's always very encouraging to hear when Wealthy Affiliate members make it to Vegas. I would love to make Vegas at some point, it would be great to meet fellow Wealthy Affiliate members.

I'm working hard to try and be able to spend more time online. My off-line business is very busy at the moment, which is great. However, to a certain extent, it is holding my online business up, I'm working on ways right now to turn this around so that I can spend more time working online.

I'm thankful for the success that I have had online over the years, so far, however, this needs to be multiplied.

Thanks for all the great training Kyle, it's appreciated.

Have a great day.

Kyle Premium Plus
All good Roy, at your own pace. It sounds like you have a full plate at the moment with everything, and we are not going anywhere.

One foot in front of the other and we would love to see you done in Vegas one day, perhaps even next year!
Roybretton Premium Plus
Thank you for your reply and encouragement, Kyle, it's appreciated.

The off-line business is doing very well, thankfully due to utilising the power of the Internet. Without the Internet, I would not have been able to grow the offline business so quickly. I often refer to the Internet as the business man's best friend!

I know that it would be an absolutely amazing experience to visit Vegas one day. I've seen the power of the Internet and I know the opportunities that it offers. So I really believe that I will be in Vegas in the future.

Wishing you all the best.