Las Vegas 2022, A Year to Remember!

Last Update: Feb 11, 2022

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Hey folks,

We have just returned from our annual Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas and I wanted to spend a moment offering you a “recap” of how it went down, invite you inside some of the top discussions we had, and offer you a game plan as to how you can make next years Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. We want you there.

We were excited to get back to things this year, after being unable to host this awesome event last year because of the pandemic. Though things were not completely back to "normal" yet, we were able to enjoy the same luxuries of Vegas and provide the same sort of first class experience that we have in past years.

So, get ready. I am going to give you a full inside look into this year's Vegas trip, which wasn’t short of excitement!

Day 1: The Meet & Greet

Our first night is our typical "get together" with all the Super Affiliates, known as our Meet & Greet event. This year there were a total of 7 of us, 11 with guests. This is not our typical size but MANY could not make it this year because of all the travel regulations and the risk of being “stuck’ in Vegas if they did catch covid.

Nonetheless, we wanted to get BACK to Vegas so we wanted to make it happen no matter what this year!

We spent to evening hanging out in our 6,000 sq/ft penthouse loft, had a good spread of food and drinks, caught up with some old friends, met some new friends, and had a great time. It was the start of what would be one of our most amazing weeks EVER down in Vegas!

Day 2: Brilliant Discussions, & Dinner

We set off day 2 in the same way as we did the first day, with a buffet of fruit, granola, some pastries, coffee, and the amazing and famous “welcome juice” (a combination of cantaloupe, vanilla and orange…so freaking good).

We jumped right into discussions, taking off where we left off. We navigated ways to make the platform more helpful, more engaging, and how to advance particular platforms within Wealthy Affiliate with refreshes. We also discussed our “new” blogging platform that is in our near term slated pipeline that we will be rolling out soon, and the intricacies of what was entailed in that development.

The day was another huge success, and the round table of discussion was buzzing with new ideas, and we even shut down some of the existing ideas that we had planned. That is what it is all about, we take feedback from the community, and from affiliates…and we improve upon that. Not every idea we have is perfectly polished, and that is why these discussions are so useful.

After our day, we had an awesome dinner planned at CraftSteak (shown above), a very famous steakhouse at the MGM Grand. We shared an amazing meal, ate way too much, lots of good laughs, and even dipped into a few fancy cocktails. Some of us even ate fresh East & West coast oysters for the first time!

Day 3: A Bit of Biz, and Some Hockeyyyyyyy!

This was our second full day of conference, which was filled with some more great discussions. We dove into some completely new business models, that may change the game for affiliates (and really benefit the community). We are really excited about testing some new things out (details coming soon).

We also spent a great deal of time discussing the entertainment value of a lot of the various aspects within WA, including platforms like chat, classes, and yet to be released platforms. How can we make them more engaging? How can we get newcomers to be more confident with communication? How can we improve activity levels and encourage a higher quality?

Lots of great discussions, and we nailed down some really great ideas!

After the day, we got ready for hockey game in the evening where the Las Vegas Golden Knights were playing the Buffalo Sabres.

There is something to be said about going to live sporting events. But there is no live sporting event, like attending one in Las Vegas…in particular a hockey game! The energy of the crowd is amazing.

Here is a pic of me and Vitaliy hanging out at the game!

The game started off with a goal in the first 30 seconds by the Knights, and they continued in this fashion winning the game 5-2. As always, an absolutely blast and it is hard to not come out of a Knights gamed hyped up!

A few of us hit Blackjack tables after and took down Vegas for a win! :)

Day 4: A Japanese Feast for the Ages

This was our last day of the daily group conferences, and we delved further into some of our discussions about improvements to the communication aspects within Wealthy Affiliate, along with platforms that we have slated to be developed over the next 6-18 months within the back office at WA (and that are already designed).

As always, we have a lot of complex “projects” taking place behind the scenes, and Carson and I are constantly hashing out which projects should have priority over others. Having feedback in a round table manner is incredibly helpful for us to polish ideas BEFORE we develop them, instead of after. It definitely speeds up the process.

This year’s conference and hangout was an absolute success and coming out of this year, we are more invigorated to perform as a business and as a community than ever. We had a lot of our ideas validated, we had some of our ideas shut down, and collectively we came up with some ideas that hadn’t been thought of yet.

As with every conference, we end it with a farewell event and this year we took to an Japanese influence with a monster spread of Japanese food, some fine Sake (we didn’t get to the “Sake Bombs” lol), and a cocktail bar serving some of the finest Japanese whiskey, gin and vodkas.

This is just small portion of the food (those are sushi "tacos" by the way) that was served...

It was a lot of fun and was a great way to wrap up another, brilliant time in Vegas. We are already counting down the days to next year’s conference and know there is going to be a much bigger group there next year (and some fresh faces, YOU?), but that will be part of the fun.

The Focus of Our Discussions: YOU.

While many of our discussions were related to conversions, and marketing aspects pertaining to the promotion of WA, our core discussions were how to make Wealthy Affiliate a better platform for the community. That is our ultimate goal, and with every update we make throughout the year, that is something that is at the absolute forefront of all of our decision making processes.

There is a team of over 25 (and growing) driving the engine behind WA, but success in business and the success of the community here is oftentimes going to be about choosing what NOT to do, versus what to DO.

So the decision making process needs to be treated very deliberately in terms of our “future” roll outs. What will be best for the community? What will improve your ability to generate success online? Will this truly benefit the platforM? These are decisions we are constantly making behind the scenes.

We introduce 100’s of new improvements, innovations and evolutions here within WA every year, and that is going to be no different this year. We continue to improve with each day that passes, and this is going to happen at a faster rate than ever through 2022 and as we move into 2023.

Are YOU Coming to Vegas Next Year?

Now we turn to you...

What are your goals in the year ahead, and do you plan on achieving “super affiliate” status in the year ahead. If you can make 300 sales in a calendar year (that is 300 people out of the 5 BILLION people online), you are going to get an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to hang out with Carson and myself, along with some of the top affiliate marketers in the world.

300 sales! That's it. With all the training, tools, and HELP you need to get there.

Each and every person here within the community is MORE than capable of achieving Vegas. Hard work, dedication and a focus over the upcoming year. At the very least, your business engine can be rolling along and generating revenue come this time next year and you will be ensured a spot the following.

The time to get building, and creating momentum is NOW. Are you going to be there next year?

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Yes that is a goal I set as a bonus of my learning here for my determination to make this work for me for ever! I put a comment somewhere that my goal is 300 for the next 24 months, but it was a distraction. I rescue it now, and correct here for 12 months, which was in my mind and intention. So my goal is 300 within the next 12 months!

Awesome Elvira, I really look forward to seeing your business take shape and you have a great deal of help and mentorship available to you every step of the way!

I love every Vegas trip I'm able to make but this was definitely very special.

It was amazing to reunite with you guys and I truly appreciate everything you and Carson did and continue to do to help myself, the super affiliates and all WA members alike succeed and make a better life for ourselves.

I truly feel blessed and want to once again thank you guys for everything!

Absolutely Vitaliy, it was another awesome trip and we are privileged to have amazing people like yourself as part of the family here at WA (and as a great friend).

We are looking forward to moving quickly on a lot of the ideas we discussed. This is going to be a gangbuster year for the entire WA family!

Thank you brother, can't wait :)


Thank you!

YES!👍👍, I would LOVE to be there with all of you next year. All that I need to do is, get through the training process🥴!. I have been stuck for over a month now in section 2 lesson number three. And have started from the beginning of section 1 to try to find out what went wrong.
Once I get through all of the training & get my site posted, then I can start making some progress🤞👍😊.
Your post was very inspiring!
Thank You,
Gary Head

Where are you stuck in particular Gary? If you ever need a hand with anything at all as you move forward, let us know!

I’m not able to get all of the work that I have done to publish. (About me,& Privacy policy.
However, I can see what I have published about SCUBA Diving in Mexico.

Good morning Kyle,

Thank you for your blog post, it's appreciated. I hope that you are all doing well.

Vegas sounds like great fun, not only the actual place but being able to meet with other successful Internet marketers. I hope that one day I will be there!

I look forward to seeing even more features on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Have a great weekend.


Yeah, it is a lot of fun and it is great company. The discussions this year were off the charts and I feel we really solve a lot of problems, and came up with some really good ideas in terms of updates, improvements and evolutions.

We would love to have you down there one of these years, and if you ever need a hand with your business let us know!

Good morning Kyle,

I hope you're doing well, my apologies, I somehow missed your reply.

I can imagine it must be great fun and great company, it's so good to meet with like-minded people. It must be a great place to discuss and solve issues and updates etc.

I would really love to be there, Kyle, I'm sure it would be fantastic! I really like the idea of meeting with other successful Internet marketers! Thank you for the kind offer, regarding your help, I'm sure that would be exceptionally useful and very much appreciated!

Have a great day.


The short answer is Yes! I will be there next year. I haven´t promoted WA yet other than writing a couple of short reviews of the platform, but it is changing this year.

With the reboot of how I do things and focusing on actually becoming a marketer this year, the Vegas conference is one of the milestones.

WA is one of the tools that I use to rebuild my business from the bottom up once again.

The planning phase is complete for 2022. It kicks off on Monday (14th Feb).

December 31st will show if my plan and commitment are where they should be :-).

The Future looks Bright!


Awesome Roy, I believe that you are going to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Build out a game plan, and follow through with that. You are going to achieve amazing things in the year ahead and we can't wait to see you down in Vegas next year!

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