I Don't Have Time to Start a Business.

Last Update: October 26, 2017

I hear far more excuses as to why someone can't achieve success than why they can. People have the natural tendency to use the fact that their lives are busy and get in the way of working on their business.

Well, guess what?

We ALL have busy lives. We all have priorities, we all have various tasks pulling at us throughout the day, we have families, we have social lives, we have work, we have LIVES.

That is fine, that is completely normal and unless you truly are at home staring at a white wall all day, you are probably busy doing something else.

Some of the most common excuses that I get as to why someone simply CANNOT build a business online are:

  • "I have a 9 to 5 job. I am pretty busy to get rolling with a business as well."
  • "I have school, I am simply too busy with exams."
  • "I have kids, there is no time for anything else."
  • or simply "I am too busy"

These are the most common and if you have found yourself using one of these (or more than one) as an excuse for not progressing with your business, this post is likely going to be of great interest to you.

We ALL Have Busy Lives.

One thing that is consistent for most of us is that life is busy. Most successful businesses are built out of the desire to "escape" the rat race that we all become so familiar with, so if you are busy and you feel that you are even too "busy" to build a business, trust me you are not. You are in the SAME position as almost everyone that I have ever met that have built a successful businesses online.

I remember when I started out I was 22 years old. No, I didn't have kids at that point in my life, but I had an incredibly busy life. I was full time in a very strenuous program in college (a condensed 2.5 year computer science program), I had lots of labs, homework, reading, tests and exams to continue work on.

Not to mention I played basketball 3-4 times per week, worked out 5-6 times per week, I had a girlfriend (now my wife) who I spent a lot of time with, and I had an active social life. Surely there wasn't time for starting a business?

Yes, there was. And I found more than adequate time to build a business.

Now I have two small children (with lots of activities), I have commitments to a baseball team, I travel, I have a house to maintain and manage, and I have a social life outside of this. Surely there isn't time to run a business? Yes, there is.

YOU Are In Full Control of Your 17 Hours Per Day.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day. How we use it will differentiate one person from the next. I know this is a little cliche, but it is the reality.

When I started out, I had to make some sacrifices in terms of not doing things I was doing, but I also made much better use of the time I was given each day. I had to take a look at this 17 hours per day and decide on how I would fit in some of these hours for my business.

I simply did things a bit differently.

I used my "idle" time to work on my business. On my breaks at school, I worked on my business. When I got home, instead of watching some TV, I worked on my business. Instead of going to every party or social event, I would sometimes instead focus on my business. At night before bed, I worked on my business.

I was able to carve out 3-4 hours per day, every day to dedicate to my business. Through time I was able to ramp this up as I started earning more money and saw the potential.

You can do the same. Take your day, map it out, and find ways as to which you can carve out time for your business.

Your Busy Life is Likely Not Going to Change.

It is pretty rare that one day, your life will suddenly afford you a bunch of new time. I have been wishing for a longer day than 24 hours for many years, but my wish has yet to come true!

So if you are thinking that "I will wait until I have more time", chances are you will never have more time. You have to create more time, you have to change the choices you make on a day to day basis, and you need to do things in your "spare" hours, or even minutes, that will lead to productivity in your business.

Those of us that have found success in business lead incredibly busy lives, but that comes with the territory of running a business. I think to a certain degree we get trapped into the ideology of "4 hour workweek", when this simply isn't the reality nor should be something you seek.

If you're only working four hours a week and respect your business, it is doomed to fail. Something is wrong if you can only find four hours of work within your business.... to IMPROVE your business.

So how do you make time for your business? If we all have the same number of hours in the day, how are some people able to fit in the "start up" of a business whereas others simply can't (or won't).

I have some ideas. ;)

7 Practical Solutions I Use To Get More Done.

It is fine to say that being busy is the reality of life and to "suck it up", but it is another thing to offer you some solutions from my 15 years online where I have been extremely busy, yet have been able to manage a full time business online during these 15 years.

(1) Write down weekly goals. Without knowing what you need to do or want to do, you are not going to get much done right? The first thing I do on Monday morning are to write out my goals for a week. If you don't have specific goals, it is tough to be productive when you actually sit down to "get work done".

(2) Take a break from social media. Don't worry, you probably won't be missed by the zombies and trolls sitting on Facebook all day. It surely it will be a nice break from the sheer waste of time we spend on sites like Facebook sifting through ads and ridiculous videos just to get to our friends latest "look at ME post".

(3) Work on your business during your meals. I remember when I was in the midst I'm going from employment to being completely self-employed. During my lunch hours I would spend my time working on my business either developing ideas, working on my websites, research, etc. For those of us that are working a full-time job, we usually get breaks and we usually get a lunch period that can be invested directly into your business.

(4) Take a notepad wherever you go. Even before we started offering our WA Swag pad folios each year in Vegas, I've always walked around with a notepad. You never know when you're going to get ideas for your niche and business and you should always record these. As a result, I've never been in a situation where I had a shortage of ideas in ANY niche.

All of us have a "notes" application on our phones. I am a pen & paper guy, but if you want to keep it digital use your notes application on your Android or iOS device.

(5) Your computer goes with you. You go on a vacation, your computer goes with you. You go to the coffee shop, your computer goes with you. Basically everywhere you go where you could potentially work on your business, you want to be able to work if need be. This will allow you to maximize your hours in the day and dedicate a portion of your "free" ones to your business.

(6) Read, read, read! We are all connected in one way or another to information. Whether you have access to magazines, a library, your phone and the various news agencies on there, Wealthy Affiliate, etc. Keep reading, keep informed, and keep progressing your education. It will pay off in the most amazing ways.

Although I haven't been as efficient in terms of reading hard cover books these days, I still aim to read six or so books year. I am constantly reading throughout the day and I end each day (going to sleep) educating myself and learning new things. There are a lot of good apps on your phone that you can utilize to get good reads relevant to any topic you input, this could be related to your niche, related to online business, etc.

I also read at the gym when doing cardio!

(7) Business is a 7 day week. Use all 7 days. Many of us at deem a work week being Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being days when we are not supposed to be productive or are days off. That is the wrong mindset.

The fact of the matter is, those that work through the weekends and treat their business like something that is a seven-day-a-week entity, are those that succeed online at the highest rate. Just remember, those competing with you in any business are working when you are not. You can't LOSE in business if you outwork your competition.

I would love to hear your feedback on the dimension of "time" in your business. We all have different ways to manage it and we all feel some sort of PRESSURE when it comes to having more time in our lives.

I also hope this post has been helpful for putting the time element in business into perspective for all of you. It is something that we all wrestle with in business, and in life.

Your comments, your feedback, your tips and tricks, and your stories about "time efficiency" are really appreciated. Please leave them below.

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Phillip21 Premium
Kyle, it is most awesome to get your message at a time when it seems that I have slowed down in creating my business. Your post is so correct that failing or falling down and getting back up. It's a time where I have found myself in, so your post is encouraging to receive and to make goal's each day would be a plus in my life. It is to create some extra time to keep me active in my business. Onewayaffiliate.com is going to increase and be fruitful, I use to write in my journal everyday when I would seek the Lord and spend time in prayer. Plus going back to what I have experienced with the Lord in certain times, it's great to see what the Lord has brought me through. It's an encouragment to read and remember. Writing things down as you go through your day is really cool as well. Sometimes I do get great ideas when I'm out, then by time I get home I forget some of what I was thinking cause I would be busy on something else. So yes I will do this too, it would help keep things together. So thank you Kyle, what you and Carson have done in creating your business, it is a pay it forward business. plus it helps so many people in creating their business. It's a great read and it's an eye opener to people that get busy in their daily lives, it's a reminder on getting your business on course and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Thank you Kyle and Carson, Blessings to you, take care. Phil
Ricargon Premium
Thanks for sharing this info, Kyle. You're so right in everything you said. Unfortunately, I don't get to figure it out until it's right in my face.

Time does seem to swoop us off our feet and take us on a 100 mph ride. Everything is a blur until we actually slow down and notice the things we took for granted. That's my downfall.

The one thing you said that has been one of those blurs in my path, is setting goals. My goal from now on is to force myself to set a goal every day until it becomes second nature to me.

I know it can happen if I set my mind to it. I also have to remind myself that there are many here in this platform that have awesome ideas, advice, suggestions, tips, aside from what your site already offers.

Thanks for reaching out to me (us) here at WA Kyle! You da man!
dlum11 Premium
My youngest daughter ! Got her ba in business . Had a full time job got off work there went to another job.Then went home and got her masters in business communication. Which was a two year program. Upon graduation they have head hunters who go out and find a job for you( for a fee). She works for Black Rock global investments. After being there for a few months.She had to work a double shift for two weeks straight. That was16 hours a day 6 days aweek.So I called her asking are you ok? Are they over working you? She says dad this is not the fruitstand and anyway I'm in a air conditioned office. She now works under the CEO of the company.
Cath88 Premium
Kyle, I really enjoyed reading this article! It's true about how one can find time to work their business ... even while at the gym, as you mentioned. Or, if you are at a corporate job or another type of work, and have extra time, say, during your lunch break or other breaks, work at your business. Every little bit adds up to more and more!

I have found that keeping a day planner and writing down what I need (or should) accomplish on any given day, is imperative. We need to set goals and get those daily tasks done. Checking off each item as, we complete that task, is a great way of keeping track.

Many of us make excuses of not having time for our business but most of us can squeeze an hour (maybe two or three) of time daily. Put that nightly movie aside (I rarely watch t.v.), work your business, and communicate with others. Of course, we need to have entertainment (all work and no play is not good), but setting time aside for YOUR own business is vital if you want to succeed in it. And taking time for our businesses should be fun ... because it is OURS. If we make no time for it, we will not own it.
herinnelson Premium
Nice reply, Cath!
Cath88 Premium
Thank you, Erin! : )
herinnelson Premium
dlum11 Premium
Hey i was a farmer .I can multi task very well , family owned self employed.We owned the farm so we always had twenty things to do on our check list.It was balls to the wall sun up to sun down every day. So this business I eat, sleep and drink it let's dance.
Avecita Premium
I totally agree with this and I can see it makes sense. I haven't yet read the famous '4 Hour Work Week', though I intend to. Whilst I can see myself working on my business at least 5 days a week, what does concern me a bit is the idea that for me the goal is to grow this and then employ others to do most of it, - or, do it all myself forever but it would have to be much less hours, because one of the main goals for me is to have a dependable income that allows me to dedicate most of my working time to other projects / types of jobs, including voluntary ones. Any advice re this would much appreciated.
amyr2017 Premium
If you could get this to the point whereby you are hiring someone to do this for you, that's amazing. The dependable income is key, and you'd have this running like a well-oiled machine... To give you time to pursue your other interests. I think that's a great idea!
amyr2017 Premium
Not sure if I commented on this already, but I will do so again, because it is so inspirational, and speaks to the core of what so many of us are feeling -- it's a vicious cycle -- being part of the rat race yet not being able to find time to get out of it.
But this spins it differently, and I am going to take your advice.
Thank you...!
cosambula Premium
Your post is awesome Kyle and you are posting specifically for me because I have always found myself being a procrastinator, and not being able to manage my time. As a result of this, I find myself neglecting my business because I couldn't muster a significant amount of hours to dedicate to it. I will try to do better because at the pace I am going, there won't be a business.
LacedUp Premium
This is so true. I've started my business almost 3 months ago. I home educate my daughter and I have a 12 month old son who's still breastfeeding.

I have built my website mainly from my mobile phone. Often I'll work during nap time, car rides (hubby drives) and at night. Always seizing time. No more fakebook for me. I can't stand it any way. Such a distraction and a big waste of time.

One has to make time for the things we want. I am my own boss and I will have a full time income from online working. I'm creating it as I type :)
MatApodaca Premium
What a great article! So very well put. I maximize my time as much as possible. When someone tells me they don't have time for something I tell them we all have time for whatever we deem important. Could be spending time with your kids, watching tv, working on your website. It's all up to!
NCH Premium
So true! I am a person who sets "goals" for every hour or a portion of an hour all day! Give me 15 minutes to say clean the bathroom, and 15 minutes to vacuum the house, and so on. And then at a certain time, I set aside time to do X for an hour...and I do that from the time I get up until I go to bed. Actually, it drives my husband crazy because I am always looking at my watch. One time I took my watch off for a day I was the one who went crazy! Glad I am 'programmed' like this as I get a lot more accomplished in the run of a day.

Love a notebook myself, right now my desk has 4 - one for each project I am working on. Most days I read something...either online or in print, but I love to read.

Right now my procrastination is in the form of ignoring the training here at WA. I guess deep down I am afraid of doing 'something wrong' or not understanding what I am supposed to do. I guess there is no time like now to set aside time for training and getting the Bootcamp and Certification finished!
Stilltrying Premium
I recognise this. Years ago, I used every possible break to work on my business and it paid off. I got work far more work done. Now, it seems like there is always "something else" to do instead of working on the business.
The fact is that, I have propably lost faith (though I always tell myself it is going to work) and I don't see any success coming in the near future.
Thus, the other things I do when I am supposed to work on my business comes from lack of faith rather than simply being lazy.
If I really believed in what I was doing, and if I could see some results then I would most certainly work harder and it wouldn't seem even half as difficult.
Soo if can really make yourself believe in what you are trying to do, it will much easier to work harder.
Surfdude123 Premium
Sad because you have been here six years. But I've been here two and honestly feel the same way. I believe the industry is over saturated and there is too much hype by the big dogs. It makes them money but not the players. Old news really. The deception of man I guess.
Stilltrying Premium
Honestly speaking, I don´t think the market is over saturated. The internet market is enormous and it is constantly growing. The problem is simply to get YOUR part of it. To figure out what people really want and need and then to get them to visit your website. It is just that this process is soo slow that many people loose hope before they reach success.
I wish you good luck and lets keep in touch.
Surfdude123 Premium
Yes. I agree. I don't want to be that creepy guy clacking a keyboard trying to make a sale with fingerless gloves in a basement somewhere. I'd rather do the best I can and how I can and if it works it works.
For me being a service work for victims of violence every day, not enough time for starting my small little business, of any kind at all ,
would really love to establish a small nosiness, please give me advice to start if any..

Can you suggest any ideas for me to start,

thank you
Rafano Premium
I'm in the same situation. I work for a medical expertise center and works just doesn't stop coming, from 8 to 19.
Nevertheless, I fix specific daily and weekly goals in WA business and focus on achieving them, for example a new post on my website every two days... In the beginning, I didn't have always the time nor the energy to do it but as I saw my website building up, this gives me the motivation to work at it even with much more commitment.
Camarosmith Premium
Kyle, I love how you state that you read all the time, I have been doing that for years, I could be better at putting into action the things I read, my daughter call me the research king, because I am always reading something on my phone, tablet, book, even while just watching TV. I love actual books, but the convenience of digital makes it possible to always have something with you, waiting in line for coffee or whatever, there is always a few minutes to learn something.

keep up the articles
VeronicasLuv Premium
I'm just now seeing this post. So glad Ladisoul shared it in her post I read today!

1) Writing goals has never been an issue for me; the problem is that I wouldn't review them regularly. I haven't gotten to reading them daily yet, but I do read them a few times a week...a major improvement. My weekly "Things to do" lists are broken down into priority, most important, and important. This has been very helpful.

2) It's only when I embark on an ill-fated pity party, do I get sucked into FB's destructive web.

3) Since I have a job that has me working less than 20 hours a week, I have more than enough time!

4) I'm a pen & paper gal myself! Although I use the Evernote App for work and Google Docs for volunteer work, for my personal business, writing it down works best for me!

5) I rarely carry my laptop with me, so I love that I can do everything right from my phone!

6) I gave myself a 2-book a month challenge in January, and I have consistently read 2 books every month! Next year, I may increase it to 3 books a month! Love reading!

7) I've been guilty of giving myself too many "allowances"; going forward, I'll be a lot more diligent with how I use my time.

This is such an appropriate post, especially with the year about to come to an end.

Thanks for never hesitating from sharing your wisdom with us, Kyle! You really do keep us spoiled!
kimwolfe Premium
You hit the nail on the head with this post, Kyle! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the solution tips!

The reality is, you'll get out of life what you put into it. If you want a better job. You work for it. If you want something better, you need to put the effort in for it.

I just signed up to WA this month. Honestly, I'm addicted to learning here. I have a full-time job while starting my online brand on the side.

Research is key to long-term success for any business. Organization is key to being the most efficient with your time, no matter how many jobs or life demanding tasks you have.

For keeping organized, I personally use:

1. Bullet journaling via Evernote which helps me to stay on track with my different work categories and personal life tasks. Doing this digitally allows me to setup different digital pages for work, side work and the dog pill schedule. Just google Bullet Journal.

2. Google docs to consolidate and keep up with my business ideas, research, website mapping, content mapping, site mapping, etc. Essentially one could use Evernote for this as well but I prefer the google document features.

Hope this helps.
Kyle Premium
So very true Kim. Too often we feel as though what is circumstance why we aren't achieving success. It is easier to look around and say "these people must've been successful because they are lucky", versus looking in words and analyzing why "I" haven't achieved what I want to achieve.

If you want to better job, you can get it.

If you wanted more successful business, you can achieve it.

If you want to be liked and respected, that is completely possible.

But it comes down to the actions you do in the time that you set aside to accomplish this.

Love your insights here and thanks for chiming in!
NickSkellern Premium
Hi Kyle

Reading this article was a great boost for me and is at the heart of my drive to make this work, second time around at WA.

The first time I put it aside for all those time constraint excuses you mention here. Reading it back was like a summary of my last 2 years away from WA.

No more excuses! I will make this happen and make those hours available.

Thanks for a great read!
phildora Premium
Congratulations on your return to the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Stay focused, determined, and motivated. Never give up on your dreams--carve out the best times that will work for you and achieve your goals step-by-step. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.
amyr2017 Premium
Hi Kyle,
I am probably late in responding because I just got back to WA after ghosting for awhile -- but I loved reading this because it is the absolute truth. Especially the part about Facebook.

Personally, I am growing into a FB-hater. It seems that more and more posts are geared toward how many "likes" people can get, and where it was once a place to keep in touch with friends, it is now a forum for bragging. No one has a perfect life.

So my point is that I am spending less time on FB and more time here. I have made a commitment to work on this as often as I can, otherwise it is a waste of time and money.

Thanks for stating that which most of us don't want to look at, but will have to, in order to build a business.

wealthyjames Premium
Your comments, your feedback, your tips and tricks, and your stories about "time efficiency" are really appreciated. Please leave them below.

Interestingly-the notepad suggestion has been made by leaders in the motivational world for years. It was recommended to me ?40 yrs ago. I used the suggestion to help build a good life and a good measure of wealth.
The bedside notes have also been most helpful. During sleeptime our subconscious mind comes up with some good stuff. These ideas can be captured, when we awaken during mid-sleep session. I use a lead pencil so I can write on the bedside notepad from the prone position, and then just drift back to sleep. My bright ideas await me when I awaken.

A folded piece of gregg ruled paper will do if you cannot keep a bulkier pad, just fold it up and stuff it into a pocket along with the ubiquitous pen and when a moment of genius strikes, write it down.
simple practices - uncommon results
Pernilla Premium
Thank you Kyle for this motivating post.

It's about what priorities we set in life, but it's also a question of self confidence and the willingness to leave the comfort zone. If we believe in ourselves and have found our mission in life then we are willing to spend a lot of time of our business, that's what I think. If we feel fulfilled by what we are doing it doesn't feel like work actually.

Since I joined WA I definitively watch less TV and I don't even miss it. I always have a pen and notepad wherever I go - like to hear that you are a "pen & paper guy"!! To read books is my passion, I always have a book wherever I go too.

WA is a wonderful place which helps me keep going!
Schroeder40 Premium
All really really great tips! Definitely am the kind of person if I don't write a good idea down I forget it. I now have little sticky notes and pens placed all over the house so when I do come up with an idea or even just a thought I can write it down. As a mother of 4 and 2 stepkids everyday is work so I guess you can say I'm intuned to always working, yes even Saturday and Sunday but truly not complaining as I hate being bored. I LOVE learning new things and make it a goal in doing that everyday. Thanks WA for helping me reach my goals everyday!
GiuliaB Premium
Your post on time management, Kyle, is a brave one. You could easily loose some members who may say to you unfortunately it's not a matter of watching more telly over working on your online business, but rather a choice between working a second or third job to get bills paid.
But then, you mentioned something which I am pondering, based on my latest choices of both last year and this year. Sometimes, you mention, it is worth giving up something. So, for instance, both this time last year and this year, I took up a project (this year lasting 5 weeks) where I am going to earn in the region of £200-250, but which is absorbing most of my free time, at the great expense that in the meantime I am hardly left with any time for anything else, including creating more content for my websites. This year after 3 weeks, I have already started noticing that my sales are slowing down.
So, if taking onboard this project last year was justified as my websites were still fresh from the oven, this year I am wondering whether I would have been equally £200 better off by not taking on the additional commitment and nurturing my websites into creating more revenue.
That's a choice, I already know from now, that I shall definitely not have to make next year!

Surfdude123 Premium
Good point. Yes, there is a real world out there. Gotta keep the lights on somehow.
Wxat7 Premium
I was a new member 3weeks ago.
I dont know WA well..

Now, "your post" in your posting,
your is "Kyle"? or your is me??

I am sorry, I wonder about..yet in WA.

Wow, your earning good.
but not much.,.

Step by step..
When can I earn as much as yours..

Good luck to us
in WA
Have a nice day

Giulia, I agree; Kyle seems like a really a nice family man who was in college at age 22 for computer science, where he spent his time learning how to create websites and probably learning a programming language or 2. He got married & had children after completing his education AND starting his business (with a partner, too).

I have to say: It was really easy for me to find time when I was 22, as well! Tell me this: will he still have that much energy at age 40? How about at age 50, or 60? It's difficult but not impossible to spend time building a business after working 8-10 hours, M-F (+ prep hours but minus commute time as I work at home). Plus, I have to get kids to/from school & run their errands, nurse an ill parent and take care of a home for 6 (not a dorm for 1)! In many ways, I cannot afford to NOT put aside time for my own business!

While I CAN find time to build my business; I LACK enough money, credit and education to do it right! Or, at least to execute what's in my mind! Building a wireframe layout so people can visualize the subpages and design etc. is NOT hard--programming the site to run as expected is! I'm basically starting a 2-user type (seller & buyer) sign-up & login-based site and a sister site that acts as a blog (with sign-up and login portal for creators, as well) to send traffic to the main site.

I am not a computer science grad or student, not 22, not a man, and not single. I don't ever feel like a 'victim' and I'm not looking for sympathy, I simply want to point out that Kyle knows very little about life on this side of the fence (or tracks)! Had he faced more financial hardship during his early adulthood or as a father, then I would be able to take his advice, as I would think that he made it despite facing adversity.

So, I agree with you that you HAVE to spend your time on your own site's content, not as much on this site. This WA site is here to make Kyle & his partner bundles of money--anyone you bring here will make you a small amount in comparison (and in comparison to what you'd make on your own site)!
Surfdude123 Premium
I agree pretty much. I don't want to say silver spoon because these guys did do a lot of work to get this thing working. Life is a pain for a good majority of people. And not everyone sees life the same. I was in the Marines at 17, had no money for college. Been homeless,/worked jobs picking up trash on job sites and then on to an electrician. I have never had money nor a family to go back to. So for me its easy to say this is just a couple kids who are still wet behind the ears. But I won't because in hindsight I wish I had done what they did instead of worked for people for 30 years who didnt give a sh&- about me. If you build your business here it doesn't have to be about WA. Pick your own niche. Learn how to market your site. All the training is here you just have to do it. You can't say you're too old because I'm 54 and have been here building my sites for two years. I have problems too,kid in school, I'm still recovering from post meningitis, go to therapy at the VA, not we'll off but I'm grateful I wake up each day. I agree with some of what you say and maybe this isn't for you at this time. But then,when is the right time anyway...idk. Best.
will-ma Premium
Thank you for this article Kyle, you are right time is a resource that cannot be wasted and when its gone its gone. The last 12 months have seen me completely switching off my TV and only logging into facebook once or twice a week aiming for less than 1 hour (this I have classified as my down time). I must say having got off facebook my brain is functioning much better !!! Oh I forgot to add, I have also re-evaluated and decluttered my friendships and a lot of 'so called friends' have been dropped. (this one is my proudest achievement this year).
wanjigin Premium
Hi Kyle, thank you for sharing this interesting article. It helps us to continue to be motivated in working on our online businesses. It is true that you can plan and even work harder in creating an online business. However, I think what reduces many people's motivation is not seeing the results as fast as probably imagined or anticipated at the start of a new business. Many people start expecting fast results based on the amount of work they put in, but because since you have to create some form of trust and reputation in any online business, the results don't translate to the expected return on investment (ROI) and as a result many people tend to slow down at this phase.
Although this is part of the journey to online success and it comes when least expected. For me, i have a full time job and I work on my online businness on a part-time basis and when I started I had all these plans and then I underwent this phase where I was putting more work and seeing very little results. It is very easy to slow down and probably say online business is not for me, but having such a WA community, I learned I am not the only one and most of us here have undergone this phase.

So my take in the whole process is just to continue putting time even when you don't see results as fast as you would expect. Thank you again for your sharing your article.
CJardin Premium
Great reminder of what is genuinely elusive for most of us! It speaks volumes to those that just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. At times, I get too caught up into the intricacies of all the steps, sometimes you can just get lost in it! Thank you for this great post... time to prioritize different....
Wxat7 Premium
I wonder about that...

ShesheHcoach Premium
I work from home as an online travel agent and I'm also a full-time online student so I can relate to working on building your business during your lunch breaks. I take advantage of being on hold with the airlines for long periods of time (1-2 hours). At this very moment I'm on hold with the airlines and after writing this post I will watch a video....I really enjoyed this post, thanks....
will-ma Premium
That's a great way of doing things.
Gashpe Premium
Great piece of advice. Sometimes we think we know everything but we fail to acknowledge the little things matter in our lives. They are the basics, the fundamentals. They are easy but hard to do. Time management.
I know starting your own business is not easy because we tend to follow the known path of employment as opposed to the unknown, non-familiar path of self employment.
It really requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication to start, continue and accomplish what you set out to do.
Thanks Kyle for jogging up our minds.
Noelle003 Premium
This is something I really needed to hear - I've "tried" to start an online business many times, but the effort was lacklustre. I was always too tired from work, or I deserved to veg out and not work here, and there was always a reason not to move forward on something.

Joining up here, however, gives me hope that I can see this through this time. Thank you for sharing!
Greg-C Premium
Thanks for reminding us of that kyle. We all seem to find time to do the things we WANT to do. Lots of entrepreneurs have said the secret of success is to find something you LOVE doing, and then you don't think of it as work. Thankfully everything I've seen on WA I've loved, and now I don't see the hours I spend on this as work. I look at it as working towards freeing myself from a 9 to 5 job.
Thanks Kyle.
TomasC Premium
I love it when people talk about their own life, you can always learn something and it's entertaining and gives you hope to confirm that there are always alternatives, options and choices that will make your life a little better a step at a time.

In my former job I used to feel restrained, caged, and forced to suck it up, until a little more than a month ago, I said screw it, it is my life and I reclaim my right to live it like I want it, of course, for the benefit of all included.

I would certainly would like to read more articles like this Kyle. It shines light at the path of someone else success.

I have worked hard for the profit of others, now that I am looking for my own profit I work at the hardest level of my capacity, and I think I can do even better, I make mistakes here and there, go back and correct things, but I think I have never been as productive as I am today.

And the best thing is that now I love what I am doing, hope you do too.

I just realize I like so much what I have written here that I am going to post it in my profile, and you are invited to leave a comment, an observation, or anything you consider.
SantaFez Premium
This is so right! Time management can be quite a challenge, especially if you are used to work from 9 to 5 in an office, where the hours are pretty much dictated to you, knowing to set your goals and priorities right to build your own business requires a different mind-set and a new set of disciplinary skills.
And being your "own boss" you need to know to set yourself limits without any 'discounts', which can be pretty hard.

The bottom line in this is to be able to be really honest with yourself, don't accept any BS your brain feeds you (cause excuses can be ranted out really fast!) and be true to your goals!

Thanks Kyle for this great refresh! It is so important to keep this in mind.
Chezbrown Premium
Great article Kyle and I have to say that if you really want something bad enough you will find the time to work on your business.

I liked your 7 points and I would add an 8 as I have even worked on my phone while in the loo lol.

Thanks for this great information. xxx
Pandzik Premium
I found my solution by mistake and it works beautifully for me.
All day long I get constant interruptions until about 9:00PM. So I found myself staying up later and later to accomplish things that were important to me. So I basically starting staying up until 4AM and then sleeping until 11AM. Now people know that I won't answer my phone until noon and I never book appointments until afternoon. I get soooooo much done from midnight until 4AM AND I get 7-8 hours of sleep each day. I've never been a morning person anyway! :)
suzy2107 Premium
I am very good with time management but still, like JJsbounty, I have to balance everything. If I try to do too much on the business at night, I can't sleep and am finding myself getting very anxious. So for the moment I need to do as much as I can without getting too stressed!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, it is a bit of a task to manage our day to day lives. We all have a lot going on and "forces" that try to pull us away from our businesses. It comes down to setting aside some time and being productive during that time. We can all do it.
JJsbounty Premium
All very valid points Kyle. That is what I do myself. Wherever I have time. I try to use it to build my business. Although I am anxious to complete my first website, I also understand I have other priorities to balance with business. This way I am less likely to get frustrated and I am more patient to see my success!
Kyle Premium
Just don't fall into the trap of feeling there are so many different things that you need to be doing in order to be successful.

Success is simple. Be great at ONE thing. Be passionate about what you do. Work hard.

Success will follow...
melpeace36 Premium
Wow! This was an awesome post. Yes, I took some notes. I am a busy single parent but, that does not stop me. I know what I want and I am hungry for it. I work a full time job, a split shift. I find time during the 4 hour period I am off. After work, supper, and chores, I sit down at my computer working on my business. I have a plan mapped out. Yes, I have lots on my plate. I work on my insurance business in which I always have to learn something new. In addition, I am working on my 2 other businesses as well. They are nothing big but, I am working on that. My dream is to quit my full time job. I didn't realize how many hours I waste throughout the day. I am learning to fit in things. I got myself a planner and I am setting mini goals for the week. No excuses. I am to blame if I don't succeed.
Kyle Premium
Excellent, and that is exactly what I am referring to here. We all have situations and I don't think any of us can say we have a unique situation. There is going to be someone with similar or usually more difficult circumstances doing amazing things with in business and in terms of productivity.

Just be useful with our time. :)
Creasean Premium
The point is: People do what they want to do! If they wanted to party after working 14-16 hrs, they'd find a way to do it. That being said, I agree with sautobi that we need to be careful not to become a workaholic. On the other hand, that may be what it takes - in the short term - to eventually work full time in your business.
Surfdude123 Premium
I agree. I used to be a workaholic. Worked like a dog but mostly physical work. Some of my best times have come from doing nothing, speaking to no one, answering no calls and watching Netflix in bed. Lol
LesaJ Premium
Thanks for the great points. I am not just booming yet, but if anyone could say they don't have time it could be me. I have 6 kids, I homeschool the ones that are still in school, and I still make time to work on my business, I am determined to make it a success. Thanks for all you do to make it happen for me.
Kambas Premium
Hi Kyle

Great post and some interesting pointers.

I have certainly made many sacrifices to be able to get this far with my courses and website.
Many family members and friends feel neglected as a result but in the end I imagine they would be proud of my determination and results.

Unfortunately there are no results (money) to show yet after nearly a year at this! In a way it is a disappointing and draining feeling, especially when some people I know say things like "See, I told you you are wasting your time with this WA story" or "You were better off with your Lego business Kamil and making much more progress".

This is quite disheartening but I have no intention of giving up!
I know this takes a lot of time, patience and effort to build but how long can a person keep this up with nothing to show for all the input?

I could really do with some help and direction Kyle.

Best regards,
accad Premium
Kamil, I feel what you feel now. My site is going to its 10th month and is earning $1 a month only. I have no affiliate programs because I cannot register except Wealthy Affiliate itself as the Web Host. I have some referrals but as of this time, none has decided yet to go for Premium Membership.
As of the moment, my sites are linked to Analytics and Adsense Where I can see and monitor what is happening daily when it comes to SEO and Ads.
But I am happy that there are Ads on my sites which means other sites and Google as well are trusting my sites.
So I will do my best to use opportunities to add content on whichever I can have it easier.
If I can have product reviews maybe it will be additional points that can fast track income.
So just continue adding content to your site. I believe if you have 100 quality posts with Google trusting in it more profitable Ads will come.
sheikave Premium
I am on same page as you both so I can truly understand what you can feel, the problem you can face. You need to know the difference of winner friends and loser friends. If you start hanging out with winner friends you will become more successful instantly.

The way they operate is different from loser friend. And you will realize that the difference in mindset.

My surrounding, well since I was small I was not the best student. but now I realize the the fault was not with me but the educational system.
since an early age we are trained to fit in the system. We live in an era when with technology that we can have global reach.

New business type such as blogging, e commerce, YouTube and a lot more.

What you need to do that you have to be better than you were tomorrow, just like any competitive athletes.
amyr2017 Premium
Hi Kyle,
An inspiration and reminder of why we are doing this to begin with! While it's not possible for me to travel with a lap top, it IS possible for me to use my iPhone to jot down ideas for blog posts and to figure out my next move. I do also agree that Saturday and Sunday are no longer "days off" -- I feel more comfortable taking those days to finish articles, or to plan my upcoming week.
You're right -- no more excuses -- nothing worth having comes easy, and it's the truth.
Thanks for your thoughts -- amazing as always!
GauravGaur Premium
Thanks Kyle.The points on time management are great.provided we all have the will to steal time from our busy schedule. In India, we do not have much time during office hours as boss is around as any activity other than job is considered as negative trait. However i take few hours before sleep and trying to wake up early with my daughter who get up early for board exams. Hope to create the time of my wish in next 60 days through WA.
herinnelson Premium
Hi Kyle and thanks for your post! I'm a published author and web designer for my own web company, so I'm working at home all the time on the computer. I ran into WA while doing other work online. Now, I have the unique chance to implement WA into my laid back, but tedious lifestyle. I have as much time as I want to take all day long to do this business, so I am steadily advancing little by little. I began in September of last year and then an injury interfered with my work. Now, I have recovered and am going full-force back into Wealthy Affiliate and love the expertise of your training modules. Thank you for this unique opportunity. I hope to see jumps in progress as I persist!
LindaClark1 Premium
Kyle thank you for the tips. I needed that just now. I have been so gung-ho since beginning this adventure with WA. Unfortunately I had a set back but I am determined to get back to business. Sitting down to the computer this morning was hard and right now I am not sure where to begin but I will figure it out. It just interesting that you sent this out at this time when I needed to hear this.
ThomasTay Premium
Yes, setting our priority is most important. If our daily work is main income for us at that stage our life, focus on it and use your spare time to work on your online business. When time come for you to re-focus on your Online business, change focus and it will become your NO 1 goal. I am focusing my Online business at this stage of my life now. While not online, I go running, library, shopping, out with family. Really, I am enjoying my Online business now. Awesome business to work on.
AlyssaBaron Premium
Awesome post, Kyle! Every word of it is true. I make time in the mornings from 5am to 6:30am before work to go through the trainings. I'll admit that I struggle with recharging after work and squeezing an hour or two of WA in between dinner and bedtime. A brisk walk around the neighborhood is probably more helpful than TV
DNyirongo Premium
The major hindrance in a number of people other than the complaint of lack of time to do business is the question of lack of start up capital.In doing so,a number of us ignore the natural talents we have which if put to full use might just get us out of the chair and stand up .For example a number of us are good at writing stories or articles.All it will require is to fully utilize this talent with minimal fund requirement but with a lot of earning streams.
TomSodhi Premium
Thanks Kyle.

I think the problem is we all get lazy and stuck in our ways, it's just easier not to do the things we should be doing to create an online business.

With the overwhelming amount of information out there many of us find it easier just to procrastinate than to actually take action.
These pep talks every now and again helps us to focus and concentrate on where we're going or want to go.

Let's stay focused, have a plan, small steps everyday and we'll get there.

BigEvent Premium
Hi Kyle, you're absolutely right! Time and knowledge within this amazing community here at Wealthy Affiliate is extremely valuable. I have no excuses, but I do admit to wearing myself out trying to educate myself on somethings to be appraised. I'm grateful for the training here which will enable me to build my business, to someday presentate my items to the market. But I need a little help in finding the right direction for the information I'm seeking.

Thanks for the boost.
Papa72 Premium
Yes, "life is pretty busy." I just resigned from my job yesterday in order to take care of my husband who is extremely sick and might not last long ( I just have to face reality here). I joined this club/organization on the eighteenth of this month in order to earn money from home. However, I just did the title and the content of my website a few minutes ago. Your post is inspiring, but it is difficult to concentrate on everything I do because I know that I am going to lose my beloved husband whether I like it or not. These are not excuses but REALITY and I have to face it. Also, I am committed to finishing the requirements of this organization and seek assistance on this venture. Hopefully a success in the future.
mfarah81 Premium
We all have 24 hours a day. How you utilize the the rest of the 17 hours is solely up to you. I believe it's Warren Buffet who reiterated the same phrase. There is absolutely no reason why any of us cannot be productive with our time. I've been one of those who's used every sort of excuse to convince myself how busy I am. The 7 business day model is what I've adopted as of late and I've been Lazer focused on fulfilling my objective. This is a wake up call for all of us who have dreams and ambitions beyond working 9 to 5 for someone who wants to profit off of us. Great blog Kyle. Keep em coming! God bless.
LouisaB Premium
Kyle this is a great post. I must say, this is helpful for many people that can't find time out of their busy schedule to start their online business.
Most times, people forget to plan, set goals and prioritize their work load. Of course life is hecked, and as you mentioned the numerous reasons why some people just can't seem to get their perspectives in order.
My life course is quite business too, but I do try, instead of saying I can't do it.

Thanks again for another thought provoking blog.

Louisa B
Karlito76 Premium
I happen to have a lot of time on my hands since I lost my job six months ago. Instead of trying to find work, I put my efforts into building my niche website. Because I believed in this system and myself.

I spend from 8pm to 2am working on my site and several intermittent hours in between working towards bettering my site and I still need more time. It's a lot of work but in the end, it's well worth it.

You are right about taking a notepad with you everywhere (I use my android for taking notes) because you never know when an idea will come up. Happens in the weirdest places though.

Thanks for the time management and priority reminder, it's time to get to work!
Dadaz123 Premium
Thanks Kyle for sharing the 7 practical solutions with us. I think they can be narrowed down to two: Self discipline and Self motivation. Self discipline makes you do what you need to do even when it is not comfortable for you to do so. Self motivation is that drive within you that propels you to your goal/s without any external stimulators. Self discipline instinctively makes you know it is wrong for you to sit down watching TV immediately you get back home after work. Self motivation propels you to get off the couch, grab your iPad or laptop and start working on your Wealthy Affiliate tasks
These two disciplines are indispensable for success in business or any other endeavor.
Roldano Premium
I found your post interesting, but unfortunately, I need to be truthful and blunt Kyle.
No offence to you but people that proclaim they are too busy, are really saying " they just couldn't give a S#!+"....in other words, they are just TOO Lazy - but hey! - they would gladly accept and indeed expect someone else to do it for them.
As you pointed out we all have lives to live and many of us are extremely busy.
However despite how "busy" we all claim to be we still find time for social media, chat apps, games, TV shows, the news and whatever else we enjoy doing.....
And surprisingly, most of us find time to sit down, several times a week even, and watch an hour long TV show that we love.
I know I do!
That proves that we DO have time for the things we CHOOSE to have time for.
I found your suggestions to get work done interesting and at the same time amusing, especially working while having your meals. Perhaps I misunderstood! I can just see myself having dinner with my wife and children while typing away on my computer at the dinner table. Ha haa ha....(between bites)
Although, I get nagged to stop working on the computer and come and have dinner with my family before the food gets cold. The main reason is, no-one starts to eat before I say Grace and children are always hungry when they see and smell food . I also, enjoy eating with my family gathered at the dinning table without distractions. It's one of life's Rituals.

But I digress.......

I've said my 2 cents worth. I don't think we are as busy as we say we are and if we value our business, because it is the vehicle that will give us the freedom we seek, then those who realise and understand this, will see that they have ample time on their hands if they just give more priority to their business instead of other things that will not improve the quality of their lives.
BeverleyB Premium
Thank you Kyle, the time factor is a real issue for many of us. I work in a very stressful 5 day a week job that is an hour and a half travel time away each way. I also care for my intellectually disabled brother and run a small farm. For recreation I train and compete my dogs including my rescue dog(Who would have thought, given my website is focused on rescue dogs??) I'm writing from the perspective of someone who has just started a business so I cannot look back yet to justify the time I invest now. But the operative word is "yet." I firmly believe that I can achieve what I choose to and I choose to create a successful business I can operate from home. For me Wealthy Affiliate is my teacher and my guide. When I get stuck and can't figure something out there is always someone who has been there, done that and survived.
The only thing I struggle with in your comments is working on business 7 days a week. I choose not to work on Sunday in order to honour God and for the sake of my own sanity. I squeeze out work time in my lunch breaks and in the evening and on Saturday afternoons. Maximum 12 hours a week most weeks.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is time consuming. One thing that you could do is listen to podcasts or even dictate content while on your way to work.

There are many apps for this, just make sure that you are not "distracted driving" but you could have your phone set up to within SiteContent and you could probably write one article on the way to work, one article on the way home.

Just an idea on top of the 12 hours you have per week.
CPetry Premium
This is what everyone here should do. It is a fact of the matter. I (Clifford Petry practice daily 24/7) And the man or woman in search of success must make of that desired thing his ruling passion - he must keep his mind on the main chance. Success is jealous - that's why we speak of her as feminine. She demands a man's or woman's whole affection, and if he or she begins flirting with other fair charmers, she soon turns her back upon you. If a man or woman allows there strong interest in the main chance to be sidetracked, they will be the loser. Mental Force operates best when it is concentrated. You must give to the desired thing your best and most earnest thought. Just as the man who is thoroughly in love will think out plans and schemes whereby he may please the fair one, so will the man who is in love with his work or business give it his best thought, and the result will be that a hundred and one plans will come into his or hers field of consciousness, many of which are very important. The mind works on the subconscious plane, remember, and almost always along the lines of the ruling passion or desire. It will fix up things, and patch together plans and schemes, and when you need them the most it will pop them into your consciousness, and you will feel like hurrahing, just as if you had received some valuable aid from outside. Thanks Kyle you are an Inspiring Man. Cliff
Shelley1960 Premium
WOW Kyle - you hit a sore spot. I am one of very few who has all the time in the world to build my business and I STILL make excuses. I was going through the training here and got frustrated so I gave up. I've been away for several weeks but I made a self-committment to do it and NOT give up. I just said in a comment to another memeber that I hear Edison made 1000+ failures and he didn't give up. I'm merely a millimeter from those 1000+ failures so I have a long way to push forward. I just totally lost a house and a car in Hurricane Irma but I still have my life. It's darn time I did something with it and as we say here in SWFL, PLOD ON!!!
AppleofGold Premium
Wow Shelley! I was just going to respond to Kyle, that I have seen many among us, at WA surviving the big storm Irma brought them and coming right back at it! You are another example. Thanks for the encouraging sign of hope that anything is possible. I am carving out little bits of time, here and there. I have some other interests that pull me, constantly, that seem important.

I hope things will smooth out for you and the others very soon! What a rude interruption!

RD40 Premium
I totally agree with this. I had to and continue to sacrifice time with friends and family so I can work on my business. They all understand and it will all be worth it in the end. They know that not only am I doing this for myself, but for them as well. Thanks for this Kyle!
MozMary Premium
I agree about using our time better, especially the sort of time that gets wasted in various ways, not just fb but people don't engage their minds when they are commuting from a to b, washing the dishes, washing themselves, etc...all that time can be used to think through stuff then half the work is done when you are free to sit down and 'work', especially if you have your notes jotted down as you go

However, working through lunch, directly before bed, etc - coming from the perspective of someone who had to restore my health against the odds of recovery - I've learned there are times your digestion needs to you rest, your melatonin needs you to switch off that damn blue light...before bed and meal time are precious, use them wisely so as not to burn out and screw up your nutritional status, hormones, immune system, and body's potential to recover and restore ;)
StevenEsser Premium
Exactly Mary. I understand fully that we have to use our time effectively, but we also have to switch off at times to recover. Especially the hour before bedtime. Been there in the burn out, Not WA related.
MozMary Premium
Glad you recovered, Steven ;)
chowwuikeung Premium
I'm guilty of that sometimes. I get home dead tired but in theory, if you're motivated after work, you'll get it done. (You would still have to shower, eat and relax after coming home, so why not work on this?)

I've been to a motivational workshop by tony/anthony robbins. He touched base on exercise/working out. He asks the crowd "who works out?" Some people raise their hands. The point is, people don't work out because they have the time, people work out because they prioritize it in. This goes for anything we do. We have the time if we prioritize some time into it.

I need to 'hypnotize' myself with these lessons and get the motivation constantly going forward.
edobrick Premium
I have real business job too I work on this before after my real work too try to do both some times dire the week for this business too i'm techno too so some thus or easy for me to do some these need to change them for me to do that way for me it need to be more on the techno side for me to do
Phil-58 Premium
Well said and makes great sense
Afterall this is the reason we have joined WA
We are doing this for ourselves and no one else
So its important that we find time for our business
its also an investment in ourslves and our families
cheers and thanks for this post
nelsonrosa77 Premium
Hello, Kyle. I think that we have to learn to redeem our time. The best way to redeem your time is through good mentorship or teambuilding. When you have a good mentor you can redeem a bunch of time and when you have a good team you can delegate a lot of work.
charwill Premium
Excellent post, with great tips on how to organize and prioritize time! Thank you Kyle! I was working a night job as a nurse that left me one full day off a week. It was affecting my health, and the health of my children and family. I have recently found a day job which allows me to focus on my priorities. I had to make the choice to travel in the direction of my dreams, instead of away from it.
phildora Premium
Hi Kyle, you are definitely on target when it comes to carving out specific time to establish and grow your business. Excuses are easy to implement; however, if you want out of the rat race, loss of time and money, then it is imperative that you take a dynamic approach in how you look at your business opportunity.

Even if you take action in one hour increments, start there and progress from there. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in that period of time. Your mindset will develop into a much stronger force where you will perceive new ideas, strategies, and goals that will empower you to continue your focus, determination, and motivation!
Arpo Premium
Great spill dude,
Totally agree 100% with that. I made a decision to give myself Saturday and Sunday mornings aswell as a few days after my job a week when I’m not training. It just means I have to plan my weekend a bit better and I’m completely fine with that.
ContentBySue Premium
I'm grateful to have such a supportive husband. I am always on my computer or reading something on my tablet. When we're watching TV in the evening...he is watching while I'm working. I'm not distracted by the TV and he likes that I'm right there with him.

Spending time on social media has been a drain of my time in the past, but now the time is spent networking. And, yes, even exercising, you'll find me reading or listing tto a podcast.

Thanks for this post, Kyle. It made me realize that I am devoting quite a chunk of time on my business and this will pay off in the not-too-distant future.
Fmarabate Premium
Kyle, your post is very timely, at least for me. Having enough time is not so much a problem for me since I'm on disability and do not have a regular job. My problem is more about distractions.

The distractions waste the time that I do have. Unfortunately, I have not found a solution yet. There are six people in my house and it is small. There is not a room where I can lock myself away and keep the distraction at bay.

Another distraction that I am dealing with is all the stuff I need to learn. Marketing and writing are not my strong suit, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I also have a tendency to jump around as I read about some new thing that would be good to know (darn shiny things!).

This post has opened my eyes and given me somethings to think about.

Franca1 Premium
Hi Kyle
Thank you for writhing this post, you've given a lot of great tips. I have already utilized some of the tips you mentioned. I work full time and it's hard to find the time and energy to work on my business. I try to find time during the day when I'm most productive like my lunch and in my job I'm lucky that I can find time half hour here and there when I'm not too busy. I try to work a couple of hours just before going to bed to work on my business as well.

How many hours a week do you recommend we should put into the business part time to get the business off the ground?
Kyle Premium
One thing that I have always done to get my second wind in the afternoon is to exercise. A lot of the time as I get through the day I will feel a little bit drain in my brain will feel exhausted, and a little bit of exercise does a whole world of difference.
Franca1 Premium
Thanks Kyle I usually go to the gym after work and then work on my business
sheikave Premium
There is only one difference between the successful and the non successful.

The amount of time you dedicate to your business will make the difference.

When someone is fed up with his current life then you will be able to achieve success.

Let say you have only one week left to live. What will you do? Chill and relax, no way!!

You brain and your thoughts will be at a high level of thinking because of that urgency.

Our brain is the most powerful tool given to our arsenal yet we use it barely.
Thank you, Sheikava,

Great comments. That is where I am today! I'm highly motivated to create a better life than the one I have been living.

Take care
Sheikave oops :)
Nrichards Premium
Hello, Kyle, thanks for this very inspiring post. You are right with what you say. In order for us to get things out of life we have to give up somethings for now but in the long run, it will pay off.

The difference between success and failure is sacrifice, it is what we do with our time that counts and will determine where we will end up. That's the road to success

As for me, I take my laptop to work. Instead of sitting around on my breaks sleeping or talking fool with the guys I am working on my website because I know what I put in that is what I will get out.

Thanks again and wishing you continual success. Have a good day.
kiliwia62 Premium

It is certainly interesting to read all the points why a business won't thrive and I agree with you, and also to acknowledge the 7 practical solutions you are offering, but have to say that I am not on board with all of them. Not all of them do work for me and my personal situation.

It is a preference each one of us has in building a business and I am sure there are way more solutions out there. I can see that it is also a generation thing, the "business" in our today's lives sometimes is more the lifestyle of "hecticness".

I see it in my stepchildren's life how they struggle to get all their commitments and schedules under one roof.Perhaps they put their eggs into the wrong basket, who knows? I don't have all the facts of their lives. :)

Time is of the essence, that's true, but when you do something outside of your business schedule than also do it with all the intention it deserves.

When you are at the gym for an hour, keep your focus on yourself and whatever you do, treadmill, weightlifting etc. and leave the read aside for this hour. Perhaps go only 3-4x to the gym instead 5-6x. I am sure you are still very fit.

When I go into a Coffee shop I usually with someone and just love to enjoy the coffee, no laptop etc.

I might a bit old fashioned and I also take, at least, a couple of times a break from all of it. This might take me a bit more time where I want to be with my business, but it will be done, that's for sure. I already have set a goal and created a plan.

Nevertheless, I also know that life sometimes gets in the way and especially when it involves another person who needs much help.

I also, due to the break, I gain energy back and in my case, I can be at work for hours on a stretch. This will make up for the time I might have lost? Who knows.

The topic is very interesting and certainly can be controversial it certainly made me think a lot and re-evaluate my time and how I spend it.
I like to read how other members are doing it. :)

All the best
KatieMac Premium
excellent post Kyle and it is true its not being too busy that hinders me at times it is lack of stamina if only this was around when I was at my best ha ha however joking aside I can still manage at least 4 hours per day,, as you say it is about being organised and working out what you will do with the time, and as I always used to say if you waited until you afforded children then you would never get round to it.
NatNiches Premium
Great tips - I think the trouble is too many of us spend endless hours on time wasting activities, (e.g. tv, social media) or just procrastinating and don't make good use of their time. I'm still working on that, but am certainly better than I was a couple of years back :)
katzee Premium
Very motivating post, Kyle - I also love the picture of the racing (work) horses - I will put it up in front of my computer and work station! Also all the tips for finding time to work on the business. I seem to be getting busier as I get older, and have these big areas in my life that I don't want to give up i) goal of success at WA ii) work for stability of income the while) iii) dream of publishing a book and iv) being there for family when they need me. It's a juggling act and until recently, I was dropping balls all over the place, so obviously I am going the wrong way about things. HOWEVER, in an effort to try to re-organize myself, I found that by moving my clock FORWARD half an hour, I was suddenly finding myself with time to spare and the feeling that the day was vanishing on me has disappeared, strangely enough.

I am making time management my No.1 priority so that I can achieve my goals going forward. It's not an option as I want to succeed, for myself and others in my life.
BarbraJones Premium
Thank you for this post. I'm a work from home Mom. I only work 20 hours a week, but my home and family keep me very busy the rest of the time. I have dedicated 20 hours a week to this business, so it's basically like having a second part time job except I'm not getting paid yet. I know if I work hard I can make this work. I'm a firm believer that we get from life what we put into it.
coraldawn Premium
I rather enjoyed this post kyle, you are completely right. Im a solo parent studying a diploma online full time, my plan was to study the first part of the day then WA in the 2nd half of the day, it was going really well and I had momentum then life got in the way. Though a new found inspiration after reading your post and I will get back on track..thankyou
wendyg53 Premium
I think it's also important to know when you can get something accomplished as opposed to being too tired to think anymore.

I work on WA through my lunch hours and late afternoons after work because I know I can't think straight after 7pm from my teaching job.

I also know that I can think quietly on Saturday and Sunday mornings...so that's the best time to write for my sites.

I think it's important to have balance as well as commitment. Work overload can make people sick if they don't take time to rest, i tend to work too much and then feel run down. So I'm learning to stare at the wall sometimes.

PaulMunns Premium
Hi Kyle, When you`re right, you`re right.
Just recently although my site is nearly ready for review I keep tweaking it and delaying it. I will then answer the e-mails, check my facebook and hey before you know it, times up!
I then tell myself I am just too busy to do what I NEED to do. Its all in the mindset.
I might need to do a niche on procrastination. I could look at that tomorrow. (LOL).
Thank you for the "shot in the arm".
You talk the talk because you`ve walked the walk.
Regards, Paul.
Kyle Premium
I think to a certain degree we could all create a very successful niche and procrastination. We all do it Paul and you can't feel guilty about it, but you need to recognize where there is wasting your day and replace that with productivity.
SijitThomas Premium
So damn true!
Idle time is what you need to kill and to stay away from social networking websites.
For all those there will be time may be when you are bored or so.
I like all the 7 ideas you shared and have been implementing few of them already before.
Thanks for this post.
amexrn Premium
Thank you very much for this great post Kyle. I've been developing my habit of really devoting as much time as possible to WA. Since I resubscribed I promise myself that I will do my best to do what has to be done. For the past 2 weeks before I even resubscribed I've decided to develop again some good habits like exercising first thing in the morning before doing anything else. This is of course after my morning prayers and my warm lemon juice. Now it's already again incorporated in my system. Now I am forming the habit of working my WA dreams. Since that day of me resubscribing again, there was only a day that I wasn't here. So WA is beginning to be in my system. I really want to be successful in this and share it to a lot of people who can benefit as well from WA. You are amazing and you are an inspiration. Thanks again.
DKMade Premium
There's a saying I have always liked, "good things come to those who wait great things come to those who hustle." I totally believe this to be the truth. The bottom line is, if you need it you'll work for it, if you want it well you'll hope that one day it happens. I will help anybody who asks for it but I will only help those who also help themselves which leaves me to one last saying that I bet most of you reading this already know what I am going to say, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." For this, there is no greater truth than this. Great blog Pinkie, what now for the other 16 hours and 30 minutes?
elizabeth77 Premium
I wholeheartedly agree with this. If someone is making excuses as why they can't, they are either scared or it's not that important to them. Personally my life is upside down right now, moved to a new state (17 hour drive) need to find a place to live but made the last 2 days working on my venture 4 hours each day. Need to get back on track on here and my blog BUT I know it is important and though I am looking to supplement the blog and venture with a job, I am focused with a goal. This goal is what keeping me moving forward and using the pockets of my time. Thank you for writing this and sometimes the truth hurts.
JamieFreedom Premium
I am impressed by your commitment to working even while moving and traveling 17 hours in the process. Thank you for sharing your story as it motivates me to make use of what time I have, even in similar moving and traveling situations.
elizabeth77 Premium
It's definitely not easy and having a business coach helps me stay on track. Appreciate your kind words!
buildyournow Premium
These are excellent points for success, Kyle. If I might there are a few others that could be considered:
1) Lock yourself in...to eliminate intrusion and interruption.
2) Complete most important tasks first
3) Create an organizing system
4) Don't allow unimportant details to drag you down
In the course of my professional career, time management was so important for me every day as my tasks were considerable.
JamieFreedom Premium
Thank you for the valuable tips you share here!
buildyournow Premium
These are excellent points for success, Kyle. If I might there are a few others that could be considered:
1) Lock yourself in...to eliminate intrusion and interruption.
2) Complete most important tasks first
3) Create an organizing system
4) Don't allow unimportant details to drag you down
In the course of my professional career, time management was so important for me every day as my tasks were considerable.
RDutka Premium
I agree fully Kyle that there's so many excuses out there for everything . I guess that's why I have the habit of making others around me upset as I'm a doer and yes tend to get upset hearing others excuses on things mostly when they say oh I'm busy right now and will get to it later and then I see days later its not done so I tell them about it and say enough get it done. I tend to get important things done then go from there. I plan my days and times out ahead of time.
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! Kyle,
A realistically useful article for success in life and business! Here, if I may, I would like to simplify the practice of effective successful living as follows:

Since the "capital" of life, that are, 24 hours a day and personal limited spiritual and physical value and ability which we accumulated over time. Wanting to be successful, we have to know when, where, and how to allocate and use these unique limited resources. For easy understanding, it is logical to differentiate the daily living activities into being essential and optional. What activities are essential? That are those that will make a definite real difference in our ability to survive, grow, and live on from practicing healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession as illustrated in http://formefirst.com/eMagicPowerUHL.html and in http://formefirst.com/eNewsletter05.html.

What activities are optional? That are those which will not contribute or affect our power to survive, grow, and thrive on if not participating or done. This idea coincides with the tactics to economize daily use of limited life capital as described.

For more details, welcome to peruse articles listed in Life Reality on http://formefirst.com/onLifeBasics.html.

Here I would welcome your comments on Life Reality and help me to move on the path of developing online business through WA platform.

Besides, I appreciate any helping hands to make my new website, www.getbettercare.siterubix.com, come true and move so to sell digital information and health-related products. That way I can help more people in the world to live a realistic long happy life while earning a comfortable living before I die.

Now I am 73 but still in excellent mental and physical state. I love my life and please join me. Together we can make personal and global life happier and healthier. Best wish to your full success, Kyle, and all.
HarveyBrown Premium
Right on Kyle, time can be your ally or enemy depends on how you use it. I usually tell people, my children that running a business is usually 18 to 20 hours, so if you are not willing to put in that time do not waste your money or time. When I was building my bricks and mortar business (Karate school) I quickly realised that it was not just teaching, going home and relaxing. Being disciplined however to identify what is required to be successful and applying those principals does require a lot of work and better use of time.
Thanks for the reality check. We all need it every so often, whether it is a brick and mortar or online business, the time need is the same.
Shaneo617 Premium
Kyle another great post man. The wealth of internet business knowledge with in the WA community is amazing. thank you. I just want to tell the community about my business time management.
-I think consistency is a big one.
- I thought about my goals and put a plan of action together around my goals.
- I do two blog posts a week ( I try Mondays , Thursdays for postings days)
- I spend the in- between time doing content creation research IE keyword research, looking for photos, and strait up brain storming)
- To Get over the social media addiction, i simply built a fan page for my business, and i interact with it on a daily basis, IE answering people questions in Facebook groups, making short videos for my Facebook page, and relay diving into social media marketing. ( Follow me at https://www.facebook.com/HomeBiznetworks/) this is alot of work but almost 8 months later i am receiving 60% of my traffic comes from facebook, and posting in facebook groups , not spamming but truly being part of the community giving feed back, and information.
- I read alot of business Books, I am a big fan of gary Vaynerchuck, jab,jab,jab right hook , and the old school book think and grow rich.

My friends, i am 34 year old IT professional who works at a cyber security company full time in boston ma, while i build my business. I have a four year old and a new born ( Boy and Girl, ) And a fiancee who needs my time. What works for me is staying focused and constant with simple easy tasks, during lunch breaks, i map out the layouts of my postings, after the kids go to sleep i spend some time reading business books, or doing more market research. If you stay focused, and consistent, and just keep the ball rolling, it truly pays off. One side note if your stuck and dont know what to do for motivation, read a business book, or dive into the training's with in WA, so many times i have ben stuck with just lack of inspiration, then i watch a live training video on friday night hear in WA , and all of a sudden i got new inspiration, for blog posts, or to test a new marketing principle out.remember have fun and focus on what you can do not what you cant

Hopefully this info helps some of you out there, with keeping the ball rolling. and moving your business forward. WA is the best.
Quentil Premium
I really felt this article. In the past I use to complain about how much time I was required to dedicate to my day job versus the time I could allocate to my business. I guess it was a younger mindstate. Often I was told I was selfish for even thinking that way. Granted we know the reality that things don't just happen over night. It takes hard work, patience and dedication. I learned such as you kyle some of those extracurricular things that we deem to be impotant could be the very reason why we feel overwhelmed with not having the time. Placing too much on your plate that aren't in any way helping you business are hinderances. Not saying to disown our families or day jobs(in which we hope for someday) but those events that don't provide productivity we must rid ourselves. It should be businesd commandments, a online business bible of chapters and versus we live by.
Joy3 Premium
Thanks Kyle. I was in a 9 to 5 but left it many years ago to pursue my dream of doing music full time. I now operate different projects arranging, working on a music platform, performing live, publishing books etc. The most important thing that keeps me getting results is STICKING TO A TIMETABLE. This timetable includes everything in my life: online work, exercise, family time, investment, social media, and chill out. Now discovering WA is showing me how to get better results with less work.
GinaMor1 Premium
Great post Kyle...if we want to succeed in anything we choose to do in this life then we must invest the time otherwise it just won't work for us!

I have a full time job and made a commitment to this new job to dedicate 2 hours a day during the week and between 3 and 5 hours (sometimes more) on weekends. Sometimes those hours are based on things like research on key words or things that just don't seem to get me anywhere, but I know it's fundamental to establishing my online business.

Lastly, there are times that my time feels like it is not being used efficiently, but perhaps that's just because I am being impatient and sometimes impatience could be our biggest enemy and cause us to quit!! Not me....I'm aware that I wanted this done yesterday and aware that Rome wasn't built in one day or one year!!

Cheers Gina
JMW4 Premium
Thanks Kyle, I get your point, and much is true. I have to make a living whilst I'm doing the business. With all the lessons to learn, I feel like I'm doing two full time jobs. And that's working into the night. Hoping it will pay off soon so I don't have to be make a living, just concentrate on the business.
AlexandriaD1 Premium
Even though I only have a part-time job, I take the time to do my "self-investment" work by waking up early.

About a year ago, the earliest time I would wake up was 6am. Now, I wake up at 4am to get my reading, writing, and blogging work accomplished before I face the rest of day.

I wake up so early because I'm inspired. ;-)
ArtianB Premium
Thanks Kyle for the advice and courage .
I am spending a lot of time but is not so easy to build a new business.I have learn so much from WA but are not enough
and is not because I am not spending time but I have no success
til now.
I do decide to be successful.

Thank you
YusuffIbhim Premium
Thanks Kyle for the advice, I couldn't agree more!
Time management take a lot of courage, discipline and commitment. Often sometimes it clashes with our liabilities, time for our love ones and our priorities.
As human we do lapsed sometimes and the 'burning charcoal' within us is decreasing that we forgot to topup. As you mentioned, reading is the 'ultimate charger' to our mind and soul to accomplished whatever goals we set. And because we can't see the future(outcome), we became impatience and change our route, or take many task at once, slowing the momentum of a particular task.
We actually need to focus one at a time, then the result will be great.
Well, saying is easier then do, but you and others alike, are the 'live' examples that we cannot deny the proven right attitude to follow.
When we want to reach any destination, by following the route/footsteps of others who had reached that destination, we will not go astray but at the same place they have reached.
Therefore the bottom line is : Discipline, Strong will, Patience, Read, Focus are among the 'Ingredients of Success'.
Thanks Kyle , I have worked on the Oil Rigs (until December 2014) then the Oil Prices dropped and my Drilling Rig stopped , but I Worked 100 to 140 hours a week , I would do 20 to 34 hour shifts , I stayed at the Rig 24/7 on call , now unemployed , s So Now I Have That Time Here to Invest in My Life and Wealthy Affiliate Program. Thanks for the Opportunity.
Paul1916 Premium
Every spare hour I have I try to plan and work for developing my sites. Late nights, early mornings, etc etc

A little off topic - hopefully you can give some advice...

I am developing and designing a few sites specifically for PPC in specific niches (in addition and completely separate to review sites).

Do you feel designing sites specifically for PPC is a waste of time or have you seen any success with this strategy?
Any feedback would be welcome
wozzy Premium
Great post!!

Whilst I am pretty much no longer freelancing the IT market due to things drying up, and the fact that I was a little peeved in staying away from home and in hotels etc. I was that Monday-Friday person because I was earning good money and I liked to play.

Obviously, as you get older your priorities change and for the last 4 years I wasted a lot of time on the Internet banging my head against the wall listening to all the garbage and "bs" from the so-called gurus and just becoming very dejected and basically giving up with trying to earn money online; until I accidentally came across Wealthy Affiliate and signed up for the free account at SiteRubix.

I'd heard of WA but I'd labeled it as some sort of scam product too so if it wasn't for SiteRubix, then maybe wouldn't have become a member at WA.

Now my work ethics is now pretty much a 7 day week, working from around 12 noon until maybe midnight and beyond. Joining WA has given me a new lease of life and I thank Kyle and Carson along with the WA community for that.

There's my cents worth!

Elianor Premium
Guilty as charged...! Many good points here, but there's one that I have to disagree with from the bottom of my heart as a former burn out therapist: please DO NOT use your meal time as work time!!
Use it as a break from all the hard work, so as to regain some physical AND mental energy. You'll be more inspired and focused after that to continue working.
The best ideas often come from "wasted" time here and there, like lunches, showers and walks in the park.
Powernap, anyone?
chrissie60 Premium
Thanks Kyle, that was a lovely and very informative post and i am going to keep it , so I Can go over it again and again. I spend a lot of hours on my business tweaking and reading what I have done and try to see where i can improve it. The problem is my husband misses me, so i have to calm down a bit,and spend a bit more time with him. I can't wait to hear some more from you, you smart man.
Nicky33 Premium
Thanks for the inspiring post, Kyle! It's really sad when we let excuses stand in the way of our progress and ultimately our success. Where there is a will, there is a way!

I recently read an article about time management, and it suggested we record our activities and how we spent our time during a whole week. It was shocking to see how much time is wasted on mindless stuff! Social media, binge-watching TV series and movies, sitting idly during the weekend...

We all have the same hours in a day, no matter how cliche, and it all comes down to knowing your WHY and making time for the things that are really important to you.
partnerit Premium
Hi Kyle,

I couldn't agree with you more, I don't post here as much as I should, but I think people who read your post need to realise how important this is to achieve success. I now have my own business and it's going very well, but only because I religiously follow the same or similar rules to you.

My phone is my notepad, I use an app called "any.do" that schedules my tasks and when I'm travelling or relaxing I usually listen to audiobooks, or read a lot. This also relaxes me.

I have friends who constantly complain that they have a business idea that they wish they could find the same time (like I do) to run a business, but when I point out they spend around 5+ hours per day watching TV, using social media, or playing on the xbox, they don't want to hear it.

I used to do the same thing and never achieved my goals, but I kept asking myself is endlessly checking Facebook and lay on the sofa watching TV really the best way to fulfil my ambitions of achieving success and building a rewarding business?

I have a partner, kids, and a dog, and I always find a way to manage my day. I get what needs doing done while still enjoying holidays and so on. At first, my family all complained when I made changes, as this can be expected when you change the bad habits of so many years and start to focus on education, training, and building a business.

However, over the past 2 years, they started to see the benefits and this affected how they perceived life and how work can open doors. I'm now taking on some employees and my partner is now going part-time to go back to university to study psychology so she can progress in her career and/or set-up a business, my youngest daughter has just started college to study business and sociology, and my eldest daughter has started university to study photography so she can run her own photography business.


MariusNel Premium
Awesome article Kyle, this is so true not only in the online business world but in life as a whole. In my industry, I deal with fitness, and it is amazing how even for improving your health through fitness people just do not have time.

Here is another thing to add on to what you said. I find most of the time, people can be very busy and produce nothing. They can hack around on all sorts of things except the activity that will actually drive their business forward.

I agree, write down your daily tasks and have a system in place that helps you complete the important tasks first.

Thanks for a great post.
CuriousEwa Premium
Very true. For me the challenge is to have my brain switch on and off and between activities. I'd much prefer to have a long stretch of time to focus and have one thing done each time but the reality is that I get 15 minutes on the bus, 40 minutes while the baby sleeps, maybe 2hrs before bedtime and so on. I end up doing bits of larger tasks and that can be frustrating because it doesn't feel like there is progress, or its little progress.
Also, not that I want to whine, but women need more sleep than man, scientifically proven!:) and its definitely my reality too.
Sylvain34 Premium
Great post Kyle. You're absolutely right as we ALL have busy lives. I have a 2 years old kid to take care AND a full day job. Nonetheless, i found time every day, at night or during my day job to get work done. We all want to change our actual life, otherwise, we wouldn't be here :-)

Thanks for reminding us Kyle
OldTruckGuy Premium
Good points made and very good advice.

From the time I leave to go to work, to the time I get home is usually 12 to 12 1/2 hours. Depending on how I structure lunch, I can usually get 20-30 minutes in to work on my business. After I get home I have 1 1/2 to 2 hours available total, of which 30-60 minutes is working on my business. Weekends vary, sometimes I work 6 days on my normal job and sometimes just 5 days.

I agree, there is not much time to slow down. I am not sure yet whether I am most the most of the time I spend on my business, but I do know I am learning an making progress. It may be slow, but I am going forward. We have to start somewhere.
robin Premium
Yup spot on and so many of us know what you have written but still do not follow the principles - why is that ?

Because too many of us have a comfortable way of life - therefore we need to dream bigger, plan bigger and remember that you cannot get your time back BUT here at WA and having some dreams and WRITTEN goals you can create a very special future not only for yourself but others as more income can give you time to experience what you may feel you will never do or have.
AriefWibowo Premium
I just switched jobs and the hassle is really time consuming. That's why my rank in WA takes a hit. I am finding some time to squeeze some works to my websites now.

You are right. Busy people usually handles their time better. We tend to see idle hours immediately and make the best use for them.
Give It A Go Premium
Hi Kyle,

As usual you've written a great and timely post for many people.

I am a busy person, busy with being a Carer. Believe me, there are some days, weeks and even months that I can barely scrape together the time to work on my business. But in saying this, that doesn't stop me from scrounging up time wherever I am able.

I am determined to succeed in my business and I don't care how long it takes (although sooner with some help from a reduction in my carer duties would be much appreciated). It is easy to lose hope in my situation but if it's something you truly believe in, which I do, the pieces will all fall into place eventually.

While I try to grab time wherever I can, including trying to work long into the night and morning if I can stay awake, it remains a challenge because the carer role is so unpredictable.

I also struggle with trying to be productive with only snippets of time. Sometimes it can take a while to get into the swing of things, or I can't quite squeeze in a training video so I feel thwarted a lot of the time too. But I still keep going.

I found a quote by Earl Nightingale that I put up in my loo (its a great place to put up quotes so that you can remain motivated, LOL). It says, "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway". I don't get the chance to feel down anymore about how long it is taking me to get through the training and add more and more content because I see this quote regularly and it reminds me to keep pushing on.

So even in the loo, I am still working on my business, if you will pardon the pun. It's a great place to come up with ideas too!!

candice888 Premium
I always write down my schedule beginning of the month or even put the colourful stickers in different type of tasks.
Usually write down ideas on lunch break and work on something when kids go to bed around 11pm.

But I always fall behind my schedule. :-( Which is bad.
The post is really motivated, thanks Kyle for sharing.
One question for you: Did you ever fall behind your schedule or goal for the week? If you did, how you make it up?
In my case I just reschedule my tasks. Sadly. :-(

Thank you!
MJLaupp Premium
For me, personally, I sit down each night and plan the next day. It means the list is fresh in my head and I miss fewer tasks.
Hazy Premium
I like these tips very much, and the one that I think would be the most powerful in this day and age would be to cut out social media (unless working on business).

90% of the ones complaining about being too busy probably spend at least a few hours a day mindlessly scrolling through different social media accounts.

I stopped doing doing that. I have a 9-5 job and can pump out an article a day. Some days I miss but for the most part I am still constantly working on my business.
Defiant6 Premium
I agree 100% with everything you said and I'm definitely guilty of some of those. What it truly boils down to is how much do you want it?

Do you truly want to create an online business? If so, then you WILL find the time no matter what to work at it in order for it to become a thriving online business.

If you continuously use those excuses Kyle listed, then you truly don't want an online business and will be stuck in the same lifestyle that you've been dreaming to get out of.

I'm going to list something else that people don't want to admit or they just don't think about, that keeps them from working on their online business. It is Fear.

Fear of Failure, fear that your content is not good enough, fear that you'll never be able to get enough traffic and even a fear of success.

I can tell you right now that fear has been one of the biggest factors for me that has kept me from continuously working on my business when I should be. My biggest fears right now are that I do not have good content and that none of my content will get ranked and there has certainly been frustration on that part recently.

However, I do know that if I don't do anything or don't put out any content at all, then all those fears will come true. That's when you've got to dig deep and push yourself forward no matter what because that's the only way you're going to achieve what you've set out for yourself.
Tirolith Premium
The negatives CANNOT while the Positives CAN.
Over 75% are a CANNOT. The Rest are CAN DOS.
Negative poor. Positive Rich.
The negative are just filling in life until death while the positive live their life to the full.
YOUR Choice and yours only.
"Put Yourself on the Line and be the Master of Your own Time." Tom Short.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Powerful & True!
heikob Premium
Kyle, you are right and it is indeed a great post thats supposed to wake people up. I am a fitness and Health Facility co-owner and i am hearing almost the same excuse why someone cannot work out or even attempt to join the gym. The reasons are being found in your blog as they are always the same. The keyword here is time management. If you learn on how to master the skill of time management you are almost half through on the way to your success. This includes to cutting senseless conversations with friends or other affiilates down to a bare essential minimum. i find myself staying on the phone with someone and discussing the same issues over and over and over again. Sounds familiar? I think it does to a lot of people and it is in your own hands to separate categories in what is important and what is casual chit chat. This may not be easy at times but it is a skill that you can easily master by timing your conversation and focus on keypoints. Again this is about time management. Yes, sometimes we get carried away and we are ultimately all humans but telling the person you are having the conversation in a nice way that you need to limit this conversation will make the other party understand that you are busy.
Kyle Premium
Yeah you must see the exact same thing. I know I do because I work out regularly, and I see the same people in there year round. Meanwhile, the greater portion of the public is making excuses as to why they can't make it to the gym.

Then you see you in flocks every January or February of people trying to change their habits.

The online business world is the same way. People want to start something, but they don't actually want to end up doing it because it takes effort. That makes it easy for the rest of classes that want to work hard, and are willing to put forth the effort to create a successful business. It truly limits our competition. :)
EdwardLarry Premium
Wow Fun Kyle, reading your post About being busy enough Is what you wrote about That was motivating for me.

And I keep in mind I'm a small business man I like your description how we differentiate our time I condense 2 to 3 hours to work on my business. And yes I want more hours in a day.

I write my goals at the end of the day, And start looking for this goals the next day. My goal is to be an Internet marketing and focus on Ditigal products like JVZoo, Well my outlook sometimes looks great when I find my passion it what I do, Thank you for your post Kyle
Kyle Premium
Yeah it is good to have lots of goals. Then the reality of it becomes working hard to achieve those goals in order to make them actually happen. Sometimes it takes it over a sustained period of time, and sometimes you just have to do it forever (like business, if you drop it altogether, it will eventually fade).

The exciting part is that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to. ;)
Jay Gumbs Premium
So much truth in this post. I read it while eating dinner.

When I saw the title of the post, I knew where this was going. This post resonated with me so much because I hear that excuse all the time. I've referred people to WA who have told me that they don't have time. But they in the club every weekend. Or on Facebook responding to every single comment on their latest post.

People nowadays have NO excuse because almost everyone has an internet connection at home and a personal computer or laptop.

When I was just getting started I had no internet at home and no computer. But I knew I wanted it to work because I needed a better life. I was busy too. I had a full time job.

How did I make it work with a full time job and no internet at home?

Everyday after work, I would go to the internet cafe and spend 1 or 2 hours learning and doing. I would eat my lunch real quick then go check my campaigns at the internet cafe.

I was busy just like everyone else.

My advise is to know what you're busy with. If you want that extra income as much as you say, then GET BUSY WITH INTERNET MARKETING.

Be too busy for the club.
Be too busy for Netflix.
Be too busy for Facebook.
Be too busy for idle friends.


Be too busy because you have to build a business.

No one is sooo busy that they can't squeeze in some time every day to learn and build a business. If you make just enough time everyday to do just one lesson of the certification course, you'll have a website up in 10 days. If you really busy then it might happen a little slower but it will happen.

To be honest, if you think you don't have time, then you're not really interested in changing your situation. But don't use the excuse of not having time because everyone has the time whether they think they do or not. Lamest excuse in the book in my opinion.

One thing that I've personally observed in friends that I've tried to help is that they aren't really that busy even though they say they are. The truth is that they're just trying to run from something else.

They think they can't write good enough.
They think that it might not work for them.
They think that someone who's doubting them might be right.
They think they will try and fail.
They think that it wouldn't work fast enough.

I just can't understand why they wouldn't say what the real problem is instead of saying that time is the issue. Everybody has time.

People are even more privilege now than I was back when I started but even I made it work for me.

Sorry for the long response but this issue is one that I've had to deal with personally and I've written about it more than a couple of times so I might just be a little bit passionate about the topic.
Kyle Premium
Wonderful to hear from you Jay! You have some great ideas and great advice here. Get BUSY with Internet Marketing. Get BUSY with your business.

One thing that I could've explained in much more detail is the fact that minutes I days when you consider the minutes in a particular day. If I can dedicate five or 10 minutes to something on a day-to-day basis, over the course of the year this is days of my time invested in that particular thing.

But in saying this, 10 minutes of waste, equates to days that I could have invested in an aspect of my business instead of watching TV, snapchatting, or doing something that is ultimately of no absolutely connection to your success.
DaleMaz Premium
This post is so educational. My late father always told me that you can throw 20 dollars out the window and walk down the street and find 20 dollars. However if you throw even one second away no matter what you do there is no way you can get that time back. So this is great advice.

Kyle Premium
Love that quote and I think after reading this, that quote should resonate with everything. You can create more money, you can't create more time!
Stevo727 Premium
I completely agree at first I was worried about my site taking up the little free time I had. I like most guys (and some girls*lol) at my age spend a lot of time gaming, after I started to get more in depth with my site I realized that this is my gaming. I look at it like a challenge, always strive to get better at what you do. Now it feels like I'm gaming every night when I work on my site.
Doesn't sound like its wasting my time anymore. ;D
Kyle Premium
A lot of people spend a lot of time gaming. What if you gamified business and treated it like a game? That time could be spent productively creating something of substance and something that can lead to a long-term and very lucrative journey ahead.
fleurallen Premium
I think the whole online work from home scenario really challenges the concept of 'work'. Working in this way is often far more enjoyable than dealing with commuting to work and/or office politics etc etc. Therefore as much as I advocate for a holistic approach to a healthy work/life balance. I think it's ok for work and life to blend into each other. As long as it serves you.

Great post though, love the 'in your face' opening tone. Nice one Kyle, sometimes we just need to be told direct!
Kyle Premium
People work lots. People work 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year (some get a few weeks off), but that is 2,000 weeks in a year.

Then the same person would come into the online world and expect to create a full-time business within 20 to 40 hours of their efforts. That is broken logic and that is going to lead to the demise of any "opportunity seeker".

If you treat her like a business and you treat it like the work and effort that you put forward in a job, then you're to be very successful online.
DanielHells Premium
Very true! We all have some sort of free-time to ourselves. The problem is what we choose to do with that time. A fulltime business does not create it self! You have to be as dedicated to your business as to your 9-5 work if not even more.

People are overall most of the freetime lazy and spending way to much time talking BS on social media or watching tv. Its okay to spend most of your freetime online, but choose to dedicate it to your business than to Facebook etc.

The average person will have about 4-6 hrs a day of freetime. Take those hrs to create something GREAT!
Kyle Premium
People treat starting a business like they're starting some sort of "opportunity". I think all of the crazy offers out there and the scams are portraying the idea of building a business as an overnight thing.

It is much harder to sell the reality of what it takes to create a business, then it is to sell the idea of driving in a fast car and jet setting in private jets.

And there is definitely 4 to 6 hours in a day of free time for most people, it is just a matter of dedicating those do the right thing. Thanks for chiming in Daniel!
bill808 Premium
The time on our wrist is simply to know where you are in the day. How we use our time defines our life. Do you know why you are here on earth? Your goals should be consistent with your purpose. Know what you want to accomplish during your time on earth. Too often we start with the goal without knowing why we are here.

Know WHY you are here.
Define goals that will help you accomplish your purpose.
Break those goals down into small measurable steps that will help you achieve your goals.
Define the tasks you must accomplish to achieve each step and put a deadline on that task.

Now you are ready to carve out the time from the rest of your life when you will work on your reason for being.
Kyle Premium
Your why is certainly important to motivation and what drives you to succeed. That alone at times it isn't enough to get a lot of people off their butt and doing something though.

They think about their "why" and then do something to fill the gap, like watch TV or jump on social media and check out what their friends or celebs are up to.

I really love what you have said here and I know it is going to be useful and insightful for the others reading it.
PaulaKeen Premium
So glad to know there are other paper and pen kind of people still left in the world. I feel super lost without them!

This is a fantastic article Kyle. I actually cried to be honest, because I know I fit in there somewhere. I'm a long way away from being so busy that I can't. As a matter of fact, I'm so NOT busy, but most of the time, I just can't think of what I need to do!!

I guess being so new to this kind of world, it keep the mental processes a bit overwhelmed and locked up. I feel like, a lot of time, that I've slammed into that 3 month wall, and am still stuck to it, lol. It sounds funny, but it feels terrible.

Not sure what's going on with my world. I'm sure whatever it is will pass. Hopefully sooner than later :o).

I greatly appreciate you sharing these ideas. I can see them helping.
Kyle Premium
Don't worry, we all fit in there somewhere. I still have a lot of wasted my day although I've gotten a lot better added over the years. We all do and we can't feel bad about having ME time or family time, or time to just relax. That is part of the hours in the day.

We just need to appreciate the fact that in order to create a successful business online, we need to dedicate hours in the day and make those hours productive ones.

Over time these hours lead to days of productivity and monthly productivity that ultimately lead to and established and substantial business online.

Time is just part of your business and part of your productivity schedule. It isn't really unique to creating an online business, it is just part of accomplishment and becoming great at something.
PaulaKeen Premium
Thank you Kyle. :o)
JohnBochtis Premium
What an amazing read! The truth is that we all come up with excuses at times and we all want some free time actually to be.. Free! However if you manage time properly you can find at least two hours a day to work on your website. But I don't see it as bad getting lazy sometime in the day especially after work until lunch is ready. I still a couple of hours to dedicate to my business. For the first time after 3 1/2 months I got lazy previous week and only created two posts. However, I came back strong today and will continue publishing content throughout the week. I know that sticking in and doing what you are supposed to do will bring you results, but I think is okay to relax for some time every day, maybe go to sleep for an hour or listen to some music or workout, whatever it is. Anyway, thank God I don't write content the way I wrote this post. This paragraph is huge.
Kyle Premium
Awesome John, you are doing great. And my ideas were just ideas and things that I do. You don't have to do things the same way, but hopefully this gives you some insight into things that you can do to carveout more time to be more productive during your day.

Thanks for chiming in!
Rick Jantz Premium
I listen to audio books while on the treadmill (haven't figured out how to take notes yet - maybe a big notebook). I've also begun writing out my daily "have-to's" (work, excercise, etc.) and have found I have more available time than I thought. Instead of pondering how busy I am, I focus on how busy I'm not...and fill in the blanks. These are now my "Big 3": Health, Site, Write. Thanks for prompting the discussion.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hmmmm..."Health, Site, Write" Sounds like a Great Website name or eStore!
Rick Jantz Premium
Could be, but pretty broad.
Kyle Premium
Love that Rick and I know others that do the same. I like to read the news or old school magazines (the paper version, I know lol).

Great work on the Big 3, something that EVERYONE should focus on!
JeffL61 Premium
Kyle, this article should be required reading for about 99.8% of all members here at WA. Yes, if a person truly wants to build a highly profitable online business for him/herself then it would mean absolutely finding time during the day to work on it.

I loved your comment about getting away from social media more often. Social media does have its benefits. But there is a lot of negative issues quite apparent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. If anyone either doesn't understand that or is in denial to those facts he/she probably has issues with being addicted to those platforms.

You are 100% correct with your opinion about social media, and the blunt suggestion that you made Kyle:

That would be that people need to spend as little time as possible on social media, (only devoting time on those platforms that would be highly beneficial to one's business) and instead do the 6 other topics that you emphasized which SHOULD be a high priority with all members here regarding each of their online businesses.

A very insightful article that I plan on bookmarking for personal future reference, Kyle!
Kyle Premium
I may incorporate it into some of the training because it is something that comes up so often Jeff. So good idea there!

As for social media, I see far too many people wasting too much time on social media. If you look at the people hours that people spend on even Facebook, you will realize that it's an entire workforce of people hours (for entire countries) that could be dedicated to something productive.

The thing is we have idle hours in the day, we do something with them and social media is has fed the ADD void I think we all had inside of us.

If someone cut out social media for just a week, they would realize how much extra time they have the could be dedicated to productive things like building a business.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Dear Kyle:

Once again you inspire and lead with grace!

I too have been blessed with a busy life when young:
-Competitive Figure Skater for Canada
-Grade 10 Toronto Conservatory Pianist
-Girl Guide with Canada Cord Achievement
-total School Geek & Nerd (I have always loved learning)!

All of these various activites (plus friends and disco-dancing ) put me in good stead with little time for sleep which suited my Medical Career beautifully.

In my 50's, illness caught up with me and now Wealthy Affiliate is my therapy!

The time I spend on my "How to Earn Money Online" niche has become my passion - helping Boomers or anyone needing a helping hand to shore up their financial future.

Here are the ways that I utilize any spare bit of time (essentially squeezing in some work/fun) that I have when not at the computer:

- I visualize my strategy for each day and week ahead - mapping out my blog posts etc & choosing pics & videos to embed

- I always keep "money earning" and how to share this with others (Social Engagement) as the uppermost goal of whatever activity I am doing while working (playing) on WA

- I never get down on myself for anything - everything happens for a reason and there is always tomorrow

I love my niche and I love WA!

There's no downside!

There's no time wasted!

Dr Barb of Easy-moneys
Kyle Premium
I love this Barb! You have quite a story in in quite experiences in your life and your work ethic is going to shine through as you do move forward.

I love your attitude and your approach to creating a business online and I think you have a really bright future ahead of you.

Thanks for chiming in to this post with your thoughts. I know they're going to be valuable to others and help others with more "perspective" on time and what it means to different people. ;)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Thank you so very much Kyle for your personal response!

I am reading through everyone's comments and your responses!

It reads like a "Novella" - Wealthy Affiliate in 10 Acts (Training)!

Or a Radio Broadcast on CBC Radio - you may be too young for that reference!

What a fantastic legacy you are creating for you and your family and for all of us lucky Wealthy Affiliate-ers who are "flocking" along following your steps!

Sincerest of Thanks...For All That You Do for Us!

Shipwright Premium
Great post Kyle. I can relate to everything you have mentioned in your post. Only recently the penny has dropped with me, I went on holiday recently and watched Jay’s guide to writing a post. I made notes on my iPad. I have started writing posts and continued the Bootcamp training which i had still to complete because of my busy 9to5 schedule in my day job. If i don’t change me and the way i work , no one will. I am more determined now than ever to make this work. Many successful WA members always mention the same thing - Follow The Training. And that is what i am doing. I will spend more time on my business and will make it work. After all, we only get out of life what we put in.
Kyle Premium
I think it comes down to self-realization for most of us. There are times where I am highly inefficient even to this day and I discover this and I either make changes, or I have to elect to remain inefficient.

As crazy as it sounds, inbox filters and how many emails display on a page was something I did a few weeks back that probably save me 10-15 minutes per day.

Over the course of the year, that is going to save me many DAYS of my time. Minutes today, leads to DAYS. That is something that a lot of people fail to understand and over the course of the year, your time really will add up.
Jurgen78 Premium
This is truly inspiring stuff Kyle!

I'm daily thinking of my websites and I know I'm still not doing enough to maximise my time. It's the principle of "it's not the hours you put in it, but how you use these hours." I'm guilty to that...

I know that I'm still too passive to really succeed and I will need to find the right mentality if I ever want to change that. But I keep going at my own pace. Yes, it's slower than it should be.

The hard thing is for me, that I don't feel the appreciation from people around me, because they live in this conventional 9 to 5 mentality, so it's a bit tough to keep motivated. But I'm not ready to throw in the towel!

Reading your article gives me that mental boost I really need to have from time to time.

Thank you!
JohnBochtis Premium
Believe me you are not the only one that lacks motivation at times. I'm also not the kind of person who can work from midday until bed time for 7 days a week. However, motivation comes and goes, habits stay.
Kyle Premium
Willing 9 to 5 mentality is quite in line with creating a business. Unfortunately when people go to create a business they feel that working weigh less than a 9-to-5 is going to take them to an income and a business that thrives and earns more than their 9-5.

If you don't apply the same hours of time and energy into your business, then you can't expect Rome to ever be built.