How Long Would You Work to Earn a Passive 6-Figures?

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Hey Everyone,

Today I want to talk about the beauty of passive income.

It's not just about swapping hours for dollars, like a 9 to 5. It's about building yourself a "formula" that generates money even when you're off the clock, around the clock, and where your location in the world or your "time invested" doesn't matter.

In particular, I want to outline what the path to a 6-figure income could look like within the affiliate marketing world. Something that many define as their "initial" goal when they are starting out within affiliate marketing , so I wanted to give you a concise and clear path to get there.

First, how long will it take you to achieve the 6-figure mark?

If I told you that you could potentially get there in a year, would you be all in? Here's the thing: it's not unheard of.

What if it took you 1 year? Would you be invested in the process?

What if it took you 2-3 years to earn this sort of "passive" income?

Are you still game?

If yes, read on.

If no, then you are unlikely to ever build a business online because you are after something that is not reality and likely going to be drawn into a "get rich quick" scam/scheme... and there are plenty of those out there.

If you are realistic about the time frame, and willing to put forth the time to achieve a sustainable, passive income it will happen. Scalability will happen. And even more opportunity will happen.

To give perspective here, I want to give you some raw math. The numbers that it takes to achieve the 6 figure mark, and what that looks like in terms of traffic and affiliate sales.

The $100,000 Per Year Math...

To earn $100,000 a year, you're looking at pulling in roughly $274 a day. Sounds daunting? Well, consider an average affiliate program paying out $50 per sale. That means you need approximately 5 sales a day to hit your mark.

The key here is consistency and effective strategy.

The very first step in the process is niche selection. The niche you select must resonate with you ideally, and of course, it must have the potential to achieve these goals.

Iff you're aiming for $100,000 a year, and the average affiliate commission is $50, you'd need about 2,000 sales a year, which breaks down to roughly 5-6 sales per day.

If I was to build out a business in the "basketball" niche, and I made my main focus helping people "jump higher", that could be the central and core focus of my website. There are many affiliate programs that I could leverage for this, here are just a few.

Here is an example of a "jump sole" that is very popular there, and you see many influencers promoting. They are paying $25 per sale, so in this case it would take 10 or so sales per day out of 450 MILLION basketball players in the world that all want to jump higher, and that spend a lot of money on their get to same $100,000 per year passive income goal.

You probably recognize Mac Macclung, who endorses them and was the dunk champion this year at the NBA All-Star game .(see below)

That is the program, so it already has great branding and a big audience. And here is what my affiliate link looks like:

Viktry Insoles (my affiliate link to earn $25 per sale)

So now, the next natural step would be thinking about ways to get traffic to this link on my website, which actually very straightforward. Within my Affiliate Hub area, I have an entire category dedicated to keywords that are highly relevant, and are very high converting to this particular product.

Think about the traffic you'll need to drive to your affiliate links to hit that number. Traffic generation isn't just about quantity; it's also about quality. You want visitors who are interested in what you're promoting and ready to make a purchase.

Various strategies, from SEO to social media marketing, can help draw in that targeted audience, and I have recently created an article targeting "vertical leap" style of keywords. Here is one of my posts on my website.

And if I jump into my Google Console account for this website (where I can determine my rankings), it is already getting impressions and some traffic in Google!

You can see, as is the case with most content, you not only get ranked under your "target" keyword, you are going to open your doors to getting ranked under many other related keywords.

Again, here is the process:

  • Step 1: Find Relevant Product You Want to Promote
  • Step 2: Calculate how many sales it will take you to get to $100K per year
  • Step 3: Build content around topics related to that product (using Affiliate Hubs and the Author Platform here)
  • Step 4: Get traffic from search engines, generate income

Rinse, repeat, and then when you have the formula for generate sales down you can scale. This could mean a few sales per day initially, but with effort, it can equate to something much more substantial (6+ figures).

Now get out there, and get building your "passive" $100,000+ per year business!

If you have any comments, questions, feedback or just want to jump in and discuss, I would love to hear from you. Drop your comments below.

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Hello Kyle

Thank you for this great blog post. I'm willing to work as hard as I need to so I can achieve my goals and dreams. I want to earn 6 figures from my business one day and even become a millionaire.

I will put in as much work as I need to and I know I can do this. Staying consistent is key and I have noticed a slight increase in my rankings and traffic recently since I started posting new content on my website consistently again.

I will remain consistent and I won't ever give up. I know I will get to where I want to be eventually one day. On a side note did you get the PM I sent you the other day?

Thank you again for this great blog post. I'll read over it again later when I have more time. I hope you have a great day. All the best to your success.



Keep at it, but also make sure you have a plan to get there. Lay out a plan as I have, if you don't have a money plan set out (to forecast how to get there), along with a plan of the actions to get there, then there is a tendency to work at thing without proper aim.

And yes, I will get back to your PM shortly here. Nice to hear from you Timothy! :)

Hello Kyle

Thank you for your reply and I agree with you. I will make a plan as soon as I can and follow it to make things batter. I will keep an eye out for your PM. Thank you again for your reply. All the best to your success.



Sounds good!

Hi Kyle!

This is a great formula for earning a six figure income. With everything mapped out like this, it is possible to achieve your financial goal whatever it is but you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to make it a reality.

Thanks for the sharing this motivational post! Have an awesome day! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,

Yeah, it is something that I have always done as I have come across affiliate programs that mesh well with my niche and the direction of the content that I am creating. It makes your goals much more digestible if you can do this.

Glad you found this post motivating Nichola! :)

Indeed! 😍😀👍

Great recipe and encouragement Kyle! It's doable and I'm definitely in. Just choosing my products and have many articles planned to review/promote them.

Very exciting. I feel the last 4 months since I joined WA Premium+ has laid a strong deep foundation for the coming year and my $100,000!

Great to see the maths and the method!

You're a gem!

Blessings 🌸🙏🏼

Awesome, that is great to hear Linden and before you can reach 6-figures with an online business, you first must set out that foundation and establish an appropriate skill set first. You are doing great!

Keep us updated with your progress as you do move forward. :)

Hi Kyle, Thanks so much for the praise! I'm enjoying it, and I have a system down to a tee now, so I can keep everything going. 🙏🏼😇

I'll let you know my progress, promise.

Regarding product promotion, what's the best way to promote the same kind of products on several sites? I know the review material needs to be slightly different and relevant to the site, but how about the products themselves?

Is it okay to recommend the same products on two or three sites? For example, my approach is often connected to mindfulness, so I want to recommend mindful furniture and equipment on three sites, if not four.

Will this go down well with Google SEs?

Blessings. 🌸

Great post Kyle! I really like that you brought up the thing about "if you aren't in if it takes you 2-3 years, then leave". I think people really underestimate how long it takes, and actually how short time it actually is, lol!

like 2-3 years to first glance looks like a REALLY long time, but imagine making almost $100k a year, after working for only 2 years? That is a short amount of time, for that kind of money. It might take a bit longer, but I am sure it won't be 0.

The thing is we all have different journey's. It depends on the actions we take, the direction we go, and often times the passion we have within our niche. The process is there though, laid out for absolutely everyone. Now it is just a matter of mapping out what you want to achieve and working to get there.

For me it took over a year to get there, and over 3 months to make my first sale online. If I quit in month 2, I wouldn't here 21 years later as a full time affiliate marketer/internet entrepreneur.

And you are exactly right. $100K/year passive..that means that your business will earn $100k per year most likely without you being there, and work while you sleep and around the clock. Not to mention at that point it is in a position to scale even higher. This is not a job, it is a business. ;)

Map out what you want to achieve, create a game plan to get there, and then make it happen. We are ALL capable of this!

Hi Kyle, Just wanted to ask you if I'm perhaps making the wrong type of website. My whole site will be on helping people deal with stress, anxiety, addiction etc. I Have 6 Diplomas in Alternative therapies such as, Holistic pain Management, hypnosis & hypnotherapy, Acupressure, Master Meditation, Sports Psychology and more. I thought on my site I can talk about many ways of helping people and using all different types of products for sale, such as, Music sound therapy, Natural products, Creams, Teas, and many more. So what I'm asking ... is my website the wrong type of website or should I be building a one product website and just push one thing.

Stress, Anxiety and Addiction are all very significant categories. You have a lot of knowledge, but being an "expert" and working towards creating an authority website, comes down to being more specific and building it out on that basis.

You can promote MANY products in any niche, but WHO specifically do you want to help.

When deciding on a niche and trying to narrow down to a more specific niche, I recommend you ask yourself the following question:

I want to help people that ______________.

Fill in the blank and you are going to be much closer to a specific audience.

Through time you can have many businesses, in many niches Shaun. I would just hone in on one specific facet of a broader category, as there are going to be MILLIONS of people that you can help and promote to even within the most obscure niches.

Thanks mate, that answers my question perfectly. No worries.. I'll be concentrating on people dealing with stress & anxiety which are both together as one anyway. Most people with stress are dealing with anxiety as well.. Thanks I'll get right onto that.. Cheers.

Sounds good Shaun, and of course as you build out your content you are going to be able to tackle very granular topics. ;)

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