First Sale. It's Like Yesterday.

Last Update: October 15, 2018

Many of you probably don’t know this, but it took me THREE FULL MONTHS to make my first sale online.

Three months of hard work. Three months of learning. Three months of doing stuff that didn’t quite work. Three months of doing stuff that actually worked.

One thing that was consistent during this first 3 months was that I felt successful the entire time. I was learning brand new things, I was building a website (which was freakin’ amazing to me), I was creating content that other people could read on the Internet, I was creating “campaigns” and bidding on these keyword things.

It was freakishly cool.

My Landmark First Sale.

The first sale to be honest was just the cherry on top, but I was hitting so many successful days of “accomplishment” that my focus didn’t necessarily revolve around money on the way to this first sale, the progress with my business and the non tangible things like learning to code, build content, adding images, joining affiliate programs, creating campaigns, and helping others fueled my passion.

The reason I am even telling you this, is because people naturally want success now and they want it fast. That is very rarely the case though.

Like a little tiny snowball rolling down a hill of fresh snow, the effort you put forth now and the hard work that you invest in your business, will cumulatively snowball your business.

In other words, the work you are doing this very second WILL NOT pay off this very second. It may pay off a month down the road, it may even pay off a year down the road, but it will more than likely pay off at some point in the future. At sometimes pay off forever.

Yes, Your Work Now Creates FOREVER Potential

It is a beautiful thing. I have literally written content that has paid me for years. One post that took my 30 minutes to write has lead to $1,000’s in ongoing monthly income. I have had single search terms reap me almost a full time income over the years through PPC campaigns. ONE FREAKIN’ SEARCH TERM.

Sounds ridiculous, but anyone that has created any level of success online will be able to share more than one story like this with you.

Sometimes the efforts you put forth never truly strike gold though. That is fine. Not everything you do will be an immediate hit, and sometimes never really finds its purpose in your business, but it is all part of the learning process and the process of “getting better”.

You Will Have Your Highs and Lows.

Michael Jordan, unquestionably the best basketball player to ever step on the court missed millions of jump shots in his life through practice and even in the games he played.

But he also hit lots...and LOTS.

Your business will behave the same way.

Your business is foreshadowed by your “current” effort. But your current business is not the result of your current effort, it is a result of your past effort.

So for those of you that are starting out, I want you to know this. The time, energy and effort you put forth now IS going to pay off later. I promise you that. You will make your first sale. You will make your 2nd sale. You will make your 100th sale…

But you need to make a promise to yourself, you will give yourself the time to achieve these goals and you won’t be so hard on yourself in the early stages. Building a website is a big success, creating content, getting engagement, learning wordpress, meeting people, getting help, helping others...these are ALL successes that will add up in the bigger and broader scope of your business. ;)

I would love to hear all of your thoughts on the “first sale”, whether you have made your first sale or you are still working towards it. What is your perception of this and how does it impact the way you behave in terms of the process of creating and growing your business?

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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vin8 Premium
Thanks for the encouraging post, have a good Christmas and New Years.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Wonderful sharing Kyle,

It is great to hear that all of our hard work and effort that we put in now will reap rewards in our future. I am Thankful that I finally opened my eyes and saw Wealthy Affiliate just over 6 months ago. Although I made my first online sale 6 years ago I learn here every day.

Thank You & Carson for creating Wealthy Affiliate University, to the Community for beings so supportive, knowledgeable and sharing & to my sponsor here at WA who I still to this day do not know for certain who He or She is. (I joined WA thru a silly traffic/social media share site - Saw the WA sign up page and the rest as they say is history)

Merry Christmas Kyle & Entire WA Community of Friends,

la1 Premium
Hi Kyle, I'm 64 yrs. young and started working on my website in January 2015. I new nothing about building a website or computers or online business. Here at WA with your help and the WA community I have built a website I'm passionate about and I have learned so much it makes me excited about my future. There hasn't been a sale yet but I'm confident that I will as long as I keep adding exciting and engaging content the sales will come. Here's my site if you get a chance to check it out
Thank you for everything!
Have a blessed day!
ricardo1 Premium
Kyle, congratulations! Now that I've gone 'Yearly', the race is on to Vegas. That's my goal for 2016, I'm in to win.
Kyle Premium Plus
2016 is going to be a brilliant year ahead and I can't wait to meet you in Vegas next year. I am here to help you every step of the way.
ricardo1 Premium
Kyle, I'm counting on that.
Labman Premium Plus
The first sale feels good. Mine was in early 2011 and was only pennies but it proved that it is possible to do.
There have been many more since the first one. Each one accumulates a bit more trust in the process. It gets addictive.
Kyle Premium Plus
For sure Craig, every single one further validates that the process works!