Everyone Wants Money to be FAST!

Last Update: September 07, 2012

That says a lot about success doesn’t it.

People want success and they want it fast (and with minimal work). If this wasn’t the case, people would not buy lottery tickets and they definitely wouldn’t be sucked into products that claim you will make $10,000 overnight. You people that want money fast are keeping gurus, scammers, and bloodsuckers in business!

Anything that one wants to be FAST is typically SLOW in nature.

Money included.

This is the reality of business. Regardless of the business. You hear success stories but you never hear the ‘back stories”. These are what ultimately lead to success.

Steve Jobs working tireless hours from his garage and begging people to buy his product. Making tough decisions, facing failure often, and 30 years later creating a business that is a billion dollar one.

Our success was slow as well. I personally started my journey young. I started reading investment papers at the age of 13. I worked my butt of doing extensive labour jobs that showed me what I didn't want to do for the rest of my life. When I started out, I had to beg to borrow my girlfriends credit card to start my Overture PPC account (now Adcenter).

Carson and I started Wealthy Affiliate after an "ad hoc" conversation and it started as a site offering "keyword lists". 7 years later we are a global education platform for the Internet Business community. :)

These are the stories people fail to remember or don't want to remember. There is a journey and a cumulative build up to success. It can and will happen, but there is nothing that is FAST about it.

The road to success dims only when there are no lights shining on it. You are the “lights” by the way. If there is nobody leading the way for YOUR success, then the chances of it happening are slim.

Success is not easy. If it was everyone would be doing it.

That is the logic with any sort of achievement. Tying your shoe for the first time is tough and so is riding your own bike. But you made the effort to learn the bunny rabbit song (shoes) and fell a bunch of times on your bike before you ever became good at it.

Where did we lose you? Why are you treating this elusive thing called money with so much haste. Why should money be easy? Why should it just “happen”? Where are you getting this crazy idea from?

Please answer.

NOBODY is going to do it for you!

One thing that I have learned over the years being in business is that nobody is going to create success for you, in fact, people tend to try to leech you if you have created any level of success.

YOU are responsible for your own success. Yes, there are faciltators and mentors along the way, but they are not going to do the work, they are not always going to be there to pick you up when you fall, and they definitely are not going to press the buttons for you!

Take some onus.

Success is not fast and it never will be. Success is really awesome when you achieve it though...it is easy to reproduce once you have achieved it, and it is far more realistic and more gratifying to share your success with others than to constantly share your “dreams” of winning the lottery.

Nothing that is fast is worth working for. Work on the slow path and the journey will take you places you never thought were imaginable.
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Hudson Premium
Hi Kyle, good work. We all need to be reminded about this from time to time. Even then I think it takes a few months on this new venture before you actually realise that real success will take a much longer time. When you do you tend to settle into a rythm of focussed effort knowing that this will eventually get you there. This is what I have experienced,


Kyle Premium Plus
It doesn't have to take FOREVER to achieve success, although your goals may be HUGE and seem like FOREVER away, there are many cumulative success that will happen within the journey.
Great reminder. I think for me and maybe some other beginners as well. You get going working hard, then when there's a bump in the road or your not making the money or success you expected. You lose sight of your goals and forget you need to be patient and work hard to get those results you wanted in the first place. Then, some might give up at that point. This is a reminder that this isn't an overnight success plan. This certainly got me motivated.
Kyle Premium Plus
Those bumps are part of success and are part of the natural growth one has. You don't learn much if you are not failing. I have failed A LOT over the years and each new failure adds a new level of experience.
deeprekha Premium
Hi Kyle,
This is very much true, I have experienced it for last 5 years.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, it sure is and it sounds like you have some exposure to success! :)
BIS Premium
Hi Kyle

I thoroughly agree with you. Finding success in any field is tough. I know I was listening to one of the Olympic gold athletes being interviewed earlier this summer and she said that people had not idea just how much work, sacrifice, pain, etc goes on behind the scenes. And I thought that was really important.

The same applies to IM - success requires an awful lot of hard, and focussed work and some people are considerably adding to their own stress by not taking that on board. I produced an infographic a little while ago on this theme https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/bis/blog/the-road-to-success-isn-t-straight
mhamilt Premium
You're bang on the money there. I was really inspired to see the story of some 13 year old girls who were training 30 hours a week so they could go to Rio in the gymnastics… and they want to increase their hours. And that's on top of their regular school work. Astonishing what people do when they want it enough.
chamaltatis Premium
Another great one here Kyle (as always)! This is the very reason why I trusted WA before. The problem when I was starting was that, I knew that success takes time but I didn't know how long will it take to be successful. I thought after some months or so, I can earn considerable amount of money. It is only after doing internet marketing for more than a year now did I really understand what does "success takes time" means. I also read a book about starting a business and it says that it takes at least 3 years to initially setup a successful business. I laughed since I was just less than a year doing IM at that time but I was already craving for success. Well, today, I'm learning to be patient and rather work hard until after some years, I'll also have more success stories to tell.