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My name is Mark.

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and am very proud of it.

I've been a WA for a ridiculously long time, since I was 15. I'm now 19 and actually have the time now to make this stuff work properly.
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Sunshinerays Premium
Hi Mark, hope you are ok, need help with FTP trying to upload HTML pages to my website, however I am unsure where to transfer the files into, which directory?
Thanks for your help
SBotwe Premium
Hello, Mark your tutorial is great. I personally tried it but I had an error connecting with my server, that is my website was not responding. Please can you explain why that happened.

I will appreciate your reply. Thanks so much.
philaccardo Premium
Hi Mark:
Im looking for tuition (paid, of course) to improve the look of my sites..
Ive seen yours which looks rather professional.
Im practically a newbie, thats why I need personal help to improve quickly.
Could you be interested? I was thinking of some e-mailed lessons at a comfortable pace and compatibly with your schedule.
Im giving you address of my sites so that you can see if there is something you can and want to do:
Thank you
LatriceS Premium
Hey, Mark! I'm Latrice. I just wanted to stop by to say "Hello" and introduce myself. Nice to meet you!
PLowrey Premium
Hi Mark welcome back, now that you have the time I am sure you will get this business going.

Cheers Peter
ShandaGreen Premium
OMG MARK!!! I want to THANK YOU for your blogs. They are helping me greatly navigate what to, and how to figure things out for my website. I was getting totally aggravated.
stephhill Premium
Hi Mark! It is a pleasure meeting you. How is it going? I think it is great you started when you were only 15...great job!
VickiG Premium
Hi Mark I found you article about how to down load to a file can you help me? I want to use something on my site that will let people print pictures from my site, like coloring pictures for kid's, is there a plug in or software I can us to let them be able to print that coloring page? Did this make scene?
Rawiri Premium
Kia ora Mark
Good to see another kiwi here on WA. I'm really new having started just a couple of days ago
KarenEldred Premium
Mark, thanks for the explanation of custom menus. What I did was make an entire new main menu. I'm going to look further to make sure this approach won't bite me in the bum later down the road.

The reason I did that is each time I created a page and it went to the original main menu, the navigation label of the page showed up in the text of the page/post. I did not want that so I've done what I've done.

I used the custom link method to create all my menu items. My only concern is that this may be a problem down the road. I don't know enough to understand potential issues with this.
JohnWT Premium
Mark, you are my hero and you don't even know it. I have been trying to upload an awesome( I hope) theme called Morpheus that I purchased from Themeforest....2 days now.I have been struggling...They said that if the admin panel load doesn't work ( and it didn't, although I tried dozens of times) try loading it via FTP. I am pretty good at learning tech stuff, eventually, and I follow directions well but it wasn't until I stumbled across your FILEZILLA tutorial that I was successful. I had been using Filezilla but the transfers kept failing. I knew I was missing something and your detailed instructions pointed it out for me. As I suspected, it fell into the category of DUH! LOL because most of my mistakes in life have been DUH! mistakes if not Homer Simpson DOAH!! mistakes. LOL Anyway, I ramble, as usual. So THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIAL, MATE!!!! You saved my neck..............John p.s. It's still a mystery to me why I couldn't load it on the admin panel. ???
For someone so young, you are doing great, you will go places, thanks for all the info.
donhood Premium
Good to meet you Mark. It looks like you're so far ahead of some of us duffers! I'll be checking out your posts and training.
Ema Premium
Hi Mark, thanks for the exclude pages tip ;)
Joe Henning Premium
It's been 3 months......... we miss you!!!
gud Premium
Hi Mark from another Mark. Welcome to WA and I just Thought I would stop by and say I enjoy reading your posts.
Kyle Premium
Hey Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that there is some outdated content in the following tutorial:


It still refers to the plesk interface within WA. You may want to remove that section and update to represent it to the current system here. Hope all is well buddy! :)
PMV Premium
Mark I've just mooched over and looked at your child theme tutorial which is my topic of the moment. I know the WA file manager bit is a bit out of date but it's really a great tutorial. I love the way you take everything step by step and how reassuring you are for people who may not be entirely comfortable at first. Bloomin great job!
mhamilt Premium
Thanks Paula, and thanks for reminding me I need to get that fixed… :-)
firstborn Premium
pls i've been trying to download FTP from the biuld your website link and i'm not getting it, infact nothing comes up when i click it. so what should i do
TJ Books Premium
Mark, your widget article was great so I came over here to snoop for more good stuff. JOhn
onlinewealth Premium
Mark you are way ahead of the curve with 4 year experience at 19! Im going to check out your blog on Wordpress because my site is a MESS, lol, but i guess that just takes time. Thanks for the resource!. Matt
nana-diana Premium
howdy Mark - glad to know you live close by - hope you came through the earthquakes as well as you could - we felt the worst of the quakes here in the south & i have a wee earthquake survivor in my household (a scamp of a fox terrier) - keen to learn from you as i am new to W/A - the snow!!?? yes it has been snowing on & off this week but doesn't lie for long on my farm & become very slushy - i think canterbury got more snow this time - ka kite ano
slayton1s Premium
Hi Mark. I saw some of your posts and comments and thought I'd add you. Thanks.
Hey Mark, I love that picture. Looking forward to reading your articles, they look awesome.
idm Premium
Thanks for the add Mark, dig the open road pic!
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Mark, very happy to be buddies. See your posts in the forum all the time and they are always helpful. Thank you for the invite.
mhamilt Premium
Thought I should be dusting off this WA Social thingy… thanks Joan!
famousplumber Premium
Thanks for your most informative posts/tutorials.

Larry (famousplumber)
bkb2012 Premium
mhamilt -- I'll send folks to your resource. Many could benefit from this tutorial. bkb2012
bkb2012 Premium
Happy to help! bkb2012
mhamilt Premium
Cheers, thanks for that.
Ted_on_Kauai Premium
Hi There! Thanks for the "Gold"-- my first earnings at WA! Hope you found the technique helfpul... --ToK
Tans Premium
Nice to meet you too Mark and thanks for your help in the forum! You must be picking this WA niche pretty well it seems! Thanks again.