Can YOU Actually Become an Authority Online?

Last Update: October 16, 2018

There is often a concern when someone new to the online world enters a niche, either one they know something about, or something they are interested in learning. The typical question goes something like this: "Can I actually become an authority in my niche? "

I mean, there are already other experts in the niche, is there going to be enough room for you to actually make a presence (and earn a significant income) online? I completely get the rationale, but the problem with this thinking is that it is rooted in the conventional type of thinking.

A Story of a Shoemaker

There is a shoe repairman named "Chet" that I have gone to several times over the years, a local shoemaker. Every time I go to him, within our small jurisdiction of around 30,000 people he literally has 100 pairs of shoes that he is working on at any given time.

He is very successful. He runs a little niche business and he earns enough to live a good lifestyle. He is a very hard worker though and dedicates a great deal of his day to helping people with their shoes. That is how successful businesses are run, by working hard and helping people.

This particular Shoemaker is not privy of the opportunity online. The interesting part about the online world is that we are nearing 3.9 BILLION active users. If there are this many people that need help with their shoes in a small little town, could you imagine how many people need help online?

Let's extrapolate that data.

If I live in a location that has 30,000 people, there are surely people with shoes and that need a shoemaker worldwide. People are going online for everything, not only to purchase shoes, but help for various aspects. Fixing their shoes, replacing parts of their shoes, laces, making them more comfortable, changing out heels, finding an online shoemaker etc.

So if there are 3.9 BILLION people online, there is room for 130,000 authorities in the world. Many of which can be within the online space.

So even if you see 100 other shoemaker websites online, there is going to be room and opportunity for MANY more to be very successful within the same space. It is not a matter of sharing the niche with them, the reality is that they are not covering the entire niche in a way that reveals even a percentage of the "real" opportunity.

And this is just discussing the shoe making element.

This is not to mention that the average man owns 12 pairs of shoes, the average woman owns 27 pairs of shoes. I personally own 100+...but I certainly have a shoe addiction. This data point alone should get your wheels churning as to how vast the shoe industry is and how lucrative it can be. Zappos knows this very well, they created a shoe website and ended up being purchased by Amazon for $1.2 BILLION dollars. One of 1,000's of shoe websites, and there are room for 1,000's more online (hint).

Look at Electric Cars.

Elon Musk. He started what is now one of the biggest payment processing companies in the world. Was he from a background relevant to this? No. He was a computer programmer that put his focus into something that he became very passionate about. He sold PayPal for several billion dollars. Now he is most well-known for Tesla, the company that is ubiquitous for their electric cars. Similar to how people think "phones" when they hear the term Apple, people think electric cars when they hear the term Tesla.

Musk wasn't an electric car expert before he started dedicating his time, energy, and thought into electric cars. That is the reality. What we view as the most prolific electric car company in this day and age, their CEO was once in a position where he knew nothing about electric cars.

And this could be said about any authority, in any industry.

And of Course, Lets Look at Wealthy Affiliate.

WA is no different. Carson and I at one point had zero knowledge of affiliate marketing, of the internet marketing space, or technology. We both went to school for computer science back in 2002, which is when we both independently started our affiliate marketing businesses.

Here we are 16 years on being full time online. It is pretty crazy looking back, and I am still learning new things each and every day (as you do within any business...or you are not evolving).

Our expertise and our authority has been established over time and working with others. We put people first, we help others, we are constantly engaged with our niche and our audience. That is exactly how authority and expertise will naturally happen within any niche.

Us creating success with Wealthy Affiliate was not circumstance and it wasn't a fluke. It was a consistent focus on being great and working hard at one thing.

The 10,000 Hour Rule is Changing.

There is a conventional idea that was brought into the populous by one of my favourite authors, Malcolm Gladwell several years back within one of this most ingenious books, Outliers. Within it, he indicates that "you needed 10,000 hours to become a phenom (world-class) in a particular trade.". This idea originated by K. Anders Ericsson.

That is probably quite true within the online world. If I want to become the best Shoemaker, I probably need 10,000 hours of dedicated time to that niche to really become a true phenom in that space. I would need to comprehend everything about the process in such an intimate detail, to the point of it being second nature to create and fix anything to do with any type of shoe. Not only that, but to be able to creatively think of new solutions.

My argument, and one that stems from a great deal of experience indicates something much different. YOU can become an authority and world-class at something with MUCH more efficiency than 10,000's hours. In particular if you are targeting a specific niche and operating within the online world, you can speed this up by 3-5x in my opinion.

A few years back I wrote an article about Organic Milk and the benefits to children. I was doing this for a case study, and I didn't really know much about it.

Within a day, I had written an article that showcased expertise in this area and that still ranks to this day. People have gotten a lot of value out of this article, I have helped 1,000's of people over the years with this information. The crazy part is it was articulated in ONE day with a bit of research, a bit of thought, and bit of content creation.

The same can go for you, any niche, whether you know something about that niche or not. Feel confident that you can and WILL become an authority within the online world if you retain focus, actively work hard to help others, and are constantly engaged in learning more about your audience. Authority awaits YOU.

I would love to hear your feedback, questions, or experiences with authority or becoming an expert within the online world.



PS. If you haven't already checked out Jay's hour long live class on Authority, I recommend you do so here:

WATCH LIVE CLASS: Advancing Your Authority in Any Niche

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derekmarshal Premium
You can always position yourself as an expert from the get go by creating quality content and being known for your in depth knowledge of a subject across a number of channels and not just your blog - Social Media, YouTube, and provideing top quality guest posts.

And a word on that, the whole guest posting thing.

Guest posting is NOT about the backlink. It is about establishing YOUR authority and expertise in a given niche by proving and demonstrating your knowledge and expertise on a well respected peer site.

You can become a great basketball player, or footballer or musician and be known about locally by practising your skills in your own home/backyard (re: posting on your blog about it)


Few outside of your own village or town are going know of your skills unless you start getting out there and proving and playing/demonstrating your skills it in another town or city, a larger audience.

And do it often enough and well enough and folks will soon know of your name, and what you are good at. Maybe even they will ask you to play for their team or in their band (i.e you will be asked/inveted to guest post)....because you proved that you are an expert and good at what you did by positioning yourself that way...(i.e getting out there and performing well!. positioning yourself as the expert, writing awesome detailed content both on your sites and in other places!).
LadyDi108 Premium
Kyle, this post was crazy timing!! I was just getting ready to post a question to one of the Ambassadors on whether I could tentatively select a niche I knew very little about, (Weight Training Supplements) but liked and wanted to know much more due to my young nephew stepping into college basketball.

And then, here came your post. Awesome insight. I actually have Outliers and remember seeing the 10,000 hours data point made by Malcom G.

Love your "Authority Awaits You" tagline, and thanks for the link to Jay's live class on the subject. Will watch this afternoon...and then get back to writing introductory subject matter content on the About Us page.

Panurat1 2 minutes ago
Thank you I have probrem with my PayPal .I dont have visa and master card.and my bonus transfer to my PayPal but I can t get they block my money. I son know how can I do.sorry. that is my dream for my family.
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!

Thanks a lot for the post! In short, we say that to become a top athlete you need to practice at least 1000 - 1500 hours per year, and this for 10-12 years!

In my opinion this I true. But, in online marketing, or within the online world, as you say, you can accelerate the things.

I am positively sure about it. It is a common thing that even traditions can change, so other things can too.

Modern technologies are accelerating things exponentially.

It is great to discuss such things!

Thanks, best regards!
rjkennedy Premium
Thanks Kyle for breaking this valuable info it all down for us. (Love the shoe and car stories). I created a niche, published on Aug 2018 regarding how to prevent airborne allergies in children and its causes. I received 26 hits on this site. People love it because I educate & provide info that they wasn't aware off. I have products posted on my site through Amazon, but no sales yet.
Winner1243 Premium
Hello, Kyle!

Very nice and encouraging examples! I think we haven't exhausted all possibilities yet, quite the contrary, hardly any. But we are on the right track with WA. By the way, as soon as I added links to my posts, I got 28 (!) clicks in only 3 days (Amazon). Simply marvellous!
Hackerist Premium
Following was pulled out from Amazon regarding "The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast!" from Josh Kaufman, a book highly recommended!:

"What if it’s possible to learn the basics of any new skill in 20 hours or less?

Research suggests it takes 10,000 hours to master a new skill, and the earliest hours are always the most frustrating. That’s why it’s so difficult to learn a new language, play an instrument, hit a golf ball, or shoot great photos.

Josh Kaufman offers a better way. His systematic approach to rapid skill acquisition shows you how to deconstruct complex skills, maximize productive practice, and remove common learning barriers. By completing just 20 hours of focused, deliberate practice you can pick up the basics in record time… and
have more fun along the way."
Anjeri Premium
Thanks Kyle for this. I have been asking myself this question over and over again. I have invested a lot of time and research in my niche but the fact that my site hasn't yet gotten authority among the search engines puts me down. I hope that one day I will make it.
cld111 Premium
Thanks, Kyle! One thing I think about too is that even if you're in the same niche as someone else, and even if it's competitive, it's OK because you all have different voices. Someone might like my voice better. Someone might like another person's voice better.

I love reading cooking blogs and watching plant-based videos and even though they're all in the same niche, I like them all because they're all a little different.

I'm not worried about competition. I always believe there's room for everyone.

- Christina
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!

The very nice article which articulates life's truth. I have read many books on this topic, and every author of the topics related to success in life and business explains the same: regardless of the niche one is involved with, having success in that niche is a matter of determination, skills, getting knowledge and above all steady focused work.

You need to have an idea as well, some tools, sometimes little help and some luck as well, but finally, it is all in once determination and following the "rules of success!"

Of course, it is not easy, but it is achievable.

One short story of mine ...

... This summer I had an opportunity to meet my good friend from my youth time when we used to play tennis together, from Croatia, who went to study in the USA and became PhD in Economics.

He now lives in the USA with his family and teaching students at the university and occasionally play tennis which is a great passion of him as well.

While we played some tennis during staying in Croatia, we came to a conversation about the "big players" in the USA, like Facebook, Google, and other companies.

At one moment I said, "yes, they became so big and so wealthy because they had an idea and started those ideas as the first once ..."
He answered a very interesting thing:
"No Igor, they had it most difficult because they were breaking the ice. The followers will have it easier!"

I am sure you've got the point!

All the people that don't know how to start at their own or they can't start, or would like to become successful online have already somebody to learn from. They need to follow them and to work enough to become successful.

Wealthy Affiliate offers such a path as well. It makes

Maybe this answer of mine is a bit longer than usual, but I just wanted to express my opinion about the topic.

Thanks for sharing your experience and path of success!

Best regards!
KayOSmith Premium
This is what I needed to hear today. Thank you. I was at the start of thinking I don't really know that much about my niche. I love it! I learn from it. I work with it. But do I REALLY know It? You were able to answer my question :) I'll stick with it :)
Thank you :)
mystyle Premium
Hey Kyle , this is so very important to me... now i have started creating product reviews and i want to do that everyday even though it is hard at first but i want to try my best to build authority on my site.

Looking forward to Joining you to Vegas
LayoA Premium
that's it! all I needed to read at this point in my life.

I overthink too much! can be hard on myself sometimes, thinking I'm not perfect enough to launch out.

I took the step to push my website out and here I am still feeling inadequate. this has got to stop. phew!

Thanks for this encouraging post, Kyle.
terrycarroll Premium
Kyle, this is a great example to us all not to be overawed by the magnitude of what is out there, nor to be shy in taking advantage of any niche, large or small; popular or "hidden".
There is a wealth of opportunity and the only thing required is dedication in our efforts.
Thanks as always for sharing these priceless insights and great motivational posts.
Best wishes
YumaBloggers Premium
I see affiliate marketing as an information brokerage. People have needs and desires, we learn of their needs and desires, research and offer solutions. Along the way, if we have done well these people come back to us with more needs and desires for us to work our magic again. We become an authority at helping others, a name people first think of in our niche even if there are bigger names.
doug48 Premium
Kyle, i just watched Jays webinar about becoming an authority. I used to be in the refrigeration industry. My first boss told me the very first day i started. This trade takes a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master. . Becoming an authority n a niche, i think would be no different. You learn skills every day. A very good post.
BobMargroff Premium
Thanks for this Kyle. You make a good point. I cannot speak for myself as much other than the years it took me to learn what I do in my job. I have doing it for 25 years and now a lot of my co-workers look to me as the authority on grinding bearings and /or putting them together. But, it took me 25 years to earn that.

My wife on the other hand has a pet sitting business and has been doing it for 3 years. She took an online class to study different situations with pets and how to deal with some of the issues. She started pet sitting with only that class and is becoming successful in this offline business. I myself did not realize how much you need to know for some things.

As we talked about it the other day. She has informed me that the little that she learned has enabled her to become an authority and she now is at high demand for quite a few of our neighbors and others in our community.
Hi Kyle,

Your article written above is very well explained, in fact I can feel that you are enjoying the journey that you are on and I do appreciate the encouragement from all who have sent me their
motivating thoughts.

One think for sure and that is how much time and money does one need without becoming lets say overly burdened with compelled commitment.

Many thanks

sillylizzy Premium
Thanks for the great perspective! My favorite thing you say here, is that you wrote an article you researched in one day, and that article still helps people to this day.

Light bulb moment. If I'm writing about things that are interesting and helpful to me, then people who are also wondering about those topics will be helped from my willingness to share my gathered research. I'm realizing this blogging stuff, is just putting the answers to the questions I've already asked out there for another soul who's seeking it. Brilliantly simple.

You just made it so much easier to write about everything, anything, and whatever I'm really interested in.
CandP Premium
What a great post, Kyle.

Yes, we viewed Jay's webinar last weekend about Advancing Your Authority in Any Niche.

We, for example, have, over our lifetimes, learned and worked at many different businesses.

Philip was a British lawyer when we first met and I was a Sports Injury Rehab therapist. When we got married we decided to change things up completely and became PADI Scuba instructors and traveled the world for years doing that. This led us sideways into hospitality, fitness, massage therapy, spa ownership, dog training, yoga and, commercial acting and now, online entrepreneurs.

We did not need 10,000 in any of the above fields to become experts. We just obtained the best education we could in each profession and worked at it till we became experts.

The very same holds true today as we learn the world of affiliate marketing through the best educational program out there. The amazing WA platform. We are not daunted in the least and have every confidence that we will learn this too, and succeed. We are totally immersed in Bootcamp and loving the challenge of learning and growing. All we need to do is apply the training.

We feel that all the experience that has come before will help us with our online business and we couldn't be more excited.

Thanks to you, Carson, Jay, and all the behind the scenes team that have created this platform.

Hope that answered your question!

Your friends in Ecuador,

Colette and Philip
kimwolfe Premium
You are on point Kyle.

I have thoroughly researched the MMO / Affiliate marketing niche.

Even though there are plenty of affiliate marketer experts (many here) that have well run websites, I have found categories that they are not really touching on. So, yes, there are angles you can take that your competitors don't.

Hence, there is reason for you to become another authority in that niche because you can offer information that others are not focusing on. But people are looking for info on.

The research part is probably the most important step here. If you do it enough, you'll find opportunities.

Thanks for always giving us encouragement and things to think about!

Kim Wolfe
Joe-D-CPA Premium
You are right on point. I'm a CPA. Lots of us out there right. The difference with me is I like to teach new business fundamentals to new owners. I most like to teach retirees how to supplement their income. I know there are millions of accountants out there, my goals are different, and I have made a success out of it. WA has helped me with the marketing, and so have the community. This is the place to be
Glen B Premium
Great Post Kyle,

While it would logically seem that you need a lot of expertise in the niche you want to go into the truth is quite different.

My example is a bit different.

Let's say that for the next week you study all about KETO. A diet for losing weight. Right now you know nothing about it.

By the end of the week you will have scoured and found all kinds of information on the topic. You will know what it is, some of the diet information about it, where you can get pills to kick start it.

In reality you can find most of this in just a day. But if you gave it a week of study you would know quite a bit.

So someone who has just heard about KETO comes up and asks you this question: "Have you ever heard of KETO?".

Why yes, I just spent a week studying it. Then a conversation starts and guess what.

You are the Expert!

In reality you only need to know a little bit more than those that know nothing.

Then the more you continue to study the more you will know and that will keep you just ahead of your audience.

Anyway Great Post Kyle and thanks for entertaining My 2 Cents on the topic.

- Glen B
kimwolfe Premium
Great points Glen!

Your reality comment is on point. We think we need to have years of experience. But knowing just a little more than everyone else can be achieved in much less time than we think.
Glen B Premium
Exactly Kim!!

- Glen B
1729ay Premium
Presently working away from my desktop computer at night. Leaving in a few minutes to buy a laptop so I can stay plugged-in to WA. Going to buy a Surface Pro 6. Think this is a good piece of equipment. Excited about work with you I believe this can be done.
smokeywins Premium
I think the worries about an oversaturated niche is just another "excuse" many use for either not starting an online business or a reason why their site is not succeeding. For years I knew the training here at WA worked, yet I never saw success myself, due to my own personal fault.

In the past 60 days alone, I have seen earnings from not 1 but 3 different affiliate programs. As well as small earnings coming in from AdSense. All from my still growing "Surviving Cancer" blog. The only step that remains is to start generating signups for my primary product.

Now, I am not able to dedicate anywhere near as much time as I some other can to their site, due to health reasons. I get tired easily, and some days the brain doesn't function well, making it hard to write content. But if I can do it, anyone can. You just need the determination, and positive outlook that all your hard work will pay off, no matter what niche you choose :-)
Calh60 Premium
Thank you Kyle, I want to apply what you have written here to my Affiliate Bootcamp training. I am targeting retired people with extra concentration to veterans and law enforcement. I think through research and personal experience I can add a lot to this subject. Retired folks need ways to earn extra money and a community they can engage with to make their lives better. Your comments about helping people should be at the core for all of our endeavors. We are all created to help others I believe.
CoraMitchell Premium
Kyle, thank you for this insightful information! I had a conversation with a friend the other day and she's a vegetarian with a lot of great recipes, so I mentioned she should start a blog and her response was, "there's already to many experts on that subject!"

We are still in the mindset of our hometown population of 30,000 people. We can't fathom 3.9 BILLION people, so we need to change our mindset!

So, thank you, we need to expand our thinking and we can become an authority online.

davehayes Premium
One of the reasons I wanted a decent blog with excellent hosting was to get seen and be found as an authority in my niche, I am very lucky that this platform has enable me to do just that.

Now because of the way in which we are shown how to build our blogs out through reviews and structure, i share my blog with others as a way of answering questions

Its interesting to note through my analytics, that the amount of returning visitors, is increasing by the day as are sign ups for WA and my associated affiiate ventures

My blog is also linked up to my autoresponder and list, so its working when I am not : )

So, yes I guess you could say it works
AlenkaV Premium
This is so true!
I had no idea about affiliate marketing nor my (current) niche until 7 months ago.
Now, through learning and implementing what I've learned every day, I feel I could become an Authority in my niche and affiliate business if I continue what I'm doing.
Thank you for a great post. :)
WaynePro Premium
This is a great and very motivating post, Kyle. Thanks for the reminder that if we are passionate about anything in life we can become an authority, especially with our niche(s) online. But we need to put in the effort. It doesn't come free or come automatically. Thanks

boomergp08 Premium
I personally feel that having confidence in yourself will help to foster authority. I also feel that being an authority does not mean I am the number one go to guy on the subject at hand, but rather one of the many.

For example, before coming to WA I had no knowledge about affiliate marketing, keyword research, SEO and many of the other important aspects a webmaster needs to possess. This knowledge is important.

After seeing firsthand how I was able to create content that would get high rankings, I became more confident in my abilities. I then started sharing this with the WA community through my blogs and tutorials.

I have always been an out-of-the-box thinker. This is essential I feel, in my previous profession as a video game QA engineer, to find bugs in software and hardware. But now I like to think this way in terms of making money.

Because of what I have learned from you and others here at WA, I am confident in my authority of SEO. I've seen it work for me plenty of times. We learn and perfect by doing, enhancing our authority and building confidence.

Now I am using this knowledge to my advantage and working with small local businesses with websites that need SEO. Though I have received praise for my efforts, the authority I have in SEO will always evolve and improve.

You don't become an authority on something by learning it and then saying, I know all I need to know. No! You continue learning, perfecting, evolving. The day you stop learning is the day you lose your authority.
herinnelson Premium
Learning has always been fun for me. It expands one's outlook on life and all it has to offer. The training here can lead us anywhere in the online world with vast opportunities. Becoming an authority takes business ventures to a whole new level. Seeing past the obstacles brings fresh new ideas and opens up progress that will lead to year's of success well into the future!

Thank you for this, Kyle. You have given me the lift and confidence I needed to advance in any given area. Great post, well received!

Erin :)!
DaveFlanagan Premium
Thanks Kyle. Inspiring post. I'm still fairly new to WA and going through the training slowly and building my website. It's a competitive niche, so to read this helps keep me going.

I've read Outliers twice and agree it's a great book, giving some excellent perspective. I followed that book with "The One Thing" by Gary Keller. Worth a read if you haven't already.

Best wishes.

Jadatherapy Premium
Thank you Kyle for sharing this article.

Yes you are totally right with research you can become an expert in any niche.

I am doing that right now and it is my best performing website. Who knew. lol

It as less articles but was indexed in Google and every post is indexed. EVERY POST in INDEXED.


Thank you Kyle and Carson for this platform I could not have done it without Wealthy affiliate.
VanMart Premium
Kyle, thanks for helping me and others to get and keep a proper perspective going into our study of material and search of our niche and the helping of others in the process. Your example of writing about the organic milk and helping children is very helpful in that part of the process. I will be reading this again i'm sure. You have been helpful in keeping me on track and moving on. Herbert
Defiant6 Premium
You have to have the mindset that you can become an authority in your niche and then go out and make that an actual reality by putting into practice what is taught here. There are times you're going to doubt yourself and maybe times you feel like you're spinning you're wheels and just want to give up, but that is where you have to dig deep and find a way to push ahead because you never know how close you may actually be to reaching the success you've dreamed of.

I sometimes forget that and just let the tires spin and let doubt and inaction consume me, but every time that happens I realize that I just let precious time fly by and have not done anything to move forward while other things in my life will continue to move forward whether I want them to or not.

If I want to change my future, I have to act now. I'm learning very painfully what happens when inaction takes hold and life suddenly throws you some very sour lemons. It has made me realize how tired I am of these situations happening over and over and that if I really want to get out of this rut so to speak, then I need to take action and I am doing that now by going restarting my training in the Affiliate Bootcamp and taking great advantage of SiteContent. I've already belted out 2 lengthy articles that I didn't think I could do and ready to go for a 3rd so that way I can soon bring back my 2nd website from the dead.

I have been so inspired here, by other members reaching lots of success from promoting Wealthy Affiliate and it shows me that it IS possible to make that a success even when naysayers and a mentor say trying to promote WA in the very crowded MMO niche is futile. I'm not going to let that stop me anymore and I will reach success.
Peihoo Premium
You're absolutely right about this.
BDuncan1011 Premium
Thank you, Kyle, for an excellent article. I kind of feel like I'm starting backwards. I have the authority in my niche (39 years of experience). Now, it's just getting the information to my viewers in a way they will accept. That's my real challenge. Oh well, I guess there has to be pioneers in almost everything at some point. There's no reason that it can't be me.
LovisaN Premium
What you're saying is true because since I joined WA I am discovering more and more everyday, I am getting new ideas generated from what has been written by others, I see the gap and I grab the opportunity to fill out that gap within my niche.

At the same time I have more questions I want to research to improve my content but juggling a career, family and other responsibilities I wish I had full time to dedicate to WA as I have so much to write about which I did n't know before.

Thus time factor and dedication focusing on giving people what is missing is vital to creating your own authority within so much competition.
All-Heart Premium
It going to be slow for me as I need to balance all aspects of my life so I can devote more time to any niche. This is my day two back to WA, so I’m going to approach my experience differently this time around. In my time away I have been able to iron down, to focus how I want my business to be.

I loved this blog Kyle. It’s very easy to read and follow.
sfortson Premium
I enjoyed this article greatly Kyle. I got the notification about it just after having my first contact with a potential customer.

He messaged me privately in FB to ask for advice because it sounded like I knew a lot about my niche. Which means, I am becoming an authority in my niche already, after only a month of working and writing.

I was thrilled that this guy reached out to me, and I responded with all the confidence that you speak of in your article here.

Then I read your article and it hit me that I am becoming the authority figure.

I feel even more accomplished now for sure!!

Wayne66 Premium
Thank you so much for this post, Kyle. Every now and then someone needs to read stuff like this. It gives us encouragement and inspiration.

This is probably the biggest question that we ask ourselves and, as you said, the answer we get comes from within and the answer is usually negative.

I am a testimony to this as are many others. It's where I have been for most of the (almost)three years that I have been here. There are other issues as well but I think that it all boils down to this one thing/question...we have a mindset. We don't think we CAN be an authority and that's what holds us back.

That has to change if we want any kind of success.

You explain it so well. You are helping people, like me, to believe that WE CAN.

Thank you (and Carson) for being the people you are and for developing WA into what it is today and for what it will be in the future

It's never too late to,

Keep Moving Forward,

PS. I'll be watching the class.
xSF Premium
I think that bonafide certification matters a lot, it's why they have them. Colleges aren't doing a very good job these days, and employers need to know that the folks they are hiring can actually do the job. IMPO your expertise doesn't start to get to an expert level until about 2 years at it either as work, or something that consumes you 24/7 for years as well.

But the real question "what is the niche?" I just covered rocket science, but I'm guessing the niches here are things simlly being passionate about something will get the job done 😀
FKelso Premium
Wow! A hundred pair of shoes! I think I have 4 pair and one pair of

I have been answering questions on Quora about cats for several months now. I have a few thousand people following me. To me, it is a good reminder that we can become an expert in our niche.
cookins25 Premium
I fully agree Kyle!

Learning from people that you want to be like in terms of success, can greatly increase how fast you become good at something — because you can simply bypass all the mistakes they did and start practicing on methods that have been proven to work time and time again.
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you for more insight on how to become an authority within a niche online. I feel doing research takes time but in the end, it is well worth the time spent to look up everything we post. Keywords and all make our posts the best out there showing we can be an authority or in the process of becoming one :)
anusuya1 Premium
Great article, Kyle. As always you are good at conveying the most complicated thing in a simplistic language. Everything new takes time to make it your own.
Josephwebst1 Premium
Excellent article Kyle. I am with wealthy affiliate about two months now. I started getting indexed just the other day. Focus and working on your content helps. I was getting a bit worried that it was never going to get indexed but it did. I think what might of helped too was I went back over content, and fixed up some published posts. I think you have conveyed the potential to succeed really well in this post.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Kyle
When I 1st started out as an Entertainer- Singer/Songwriter I started at the bottom and because I worked hard, learned new skills and worked on voice training, I soon became an authority within the music industry and my career spanned for many years because of this knowledge
Also, when I started here in Wa 4 months ago I knew nothing about affiliate marketing, creating and building a website or anything relative to owning an online business and once again through studying everything I can and learning new skills I am learning to become an authority in my niche

You and Carson are doing a tremendous job here within WA and I am always amazed at the commitment you both continue to have growing a better place for everyone to build and grow online

Thanks, heaps for this awesome share today and go easy
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your kind words Vicki and really nice to hear about your experience and journey thus far. It is amazing what we can accomplish and learn in 4 months, what you have learned and built in 4 months likely took me 8 (or more) when starting out.

Being educated by someone or several people who have already become an authority within their trade, written books, etc...can speed up your path to authority drastically.

Reading and learning are beautiful things and can truly take us so far within the business world.
Vickic3 Premium
Absolutely Kyle and Yes, I have worked extremely hard as I move forward and I will continue to do this as I really love this industry and all it brings
Reading is a must and I read 1 book per week to keep me learning ore strategies to help me grow
Thanks for your quick reply today
You rock
DBlanchard Premium
"consistent focus on being great and working hard at one thing."

Those words reflect perfectly what you and Carson have created, and it's also exactly what is taught here at WA.

The best part is that it is also a constant learning experience for us too.

We humans tend to be very impatient, it's in our nature. Not being ready to wait the time needed to get to our goal is one of our biggest mistake.

In order to move forward, we have to look at the big picture and keep on seeing all the small victories as another step towards our ultimate goal.

By helping others we help ourselves, and eventually we will become an authority by being recognized as a go-to person in our respective niches.
Kyle Premium
That is something that I touched on last week in a question I asked and also answered. People get shiny object syndrome when it comes to their business and niche.

The problem with this is that they end up spending a few months on one niche, then jump to the next. Consequently they never give themselves enough time to nurture ONE particular niche and be successful within that.
DBlanchard Premium
I see it all the time. I actually read a similar comment today from someone working on two websites after being a member for about 3 months and wondering why there was nothing going on yet...

If I learned one thing here is to take it one thing at a time and one step at a time.

Some people will achieve their goals faster than others for various reasons, but ultimately anyone who truly believes in what they do will eventually reach that point where they can say "I did it!!" 😁
Claudiojuan Premium
Hi Kyle,
To become an authority in a niche you will need time and a lot of passion for what you are doing. You will need passion because surely hard days will await you. Many leave for different reasons. It is necessary to fall many times to get up again. It's all constantly learning. I became a producer and exporter of blueberries in Argentina, hence my user is "pasionazul". With Affiliate Marketing I also feel that special attraction, it's costing me a lot, I get up again, I will continue learning, I intend to continue with WA until I achieve my maximum goal. Achieve an economic well-being that allows me to enjoy more of this beautiful life that God has given me. I always read Kyle all your posts are inspiring!
Kyle Premium
Passion definitely helps within any niche, often times the passion itself is building a successful business and that can more than suffice to drive a long term business.

Not every great restaurant owner was passionate about being a chef or food itself, some are passionate about the process and deliver of an excellent ambiance, service, and experience.

Surely though, being passionate about the specific niche can lead to a much more exciting journey.
Derrence Premium
Great article. Reminded me of a young man who was a member of our church who went on to start a business of selling one shoe, either right or left to people who only needed one shoe (amputees, crippled etc.) and had to buy pairs in order to get the one they needed. Talk about a niche! He sells his shoes online. I don't know how successful he has been with this business.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, very interesting concept. There is a niche everywhere we look and that is one facet and opportunity within the broader shoe category that I wouldn't have thought of (but is probably a massive niche).
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Kyle.
Kyle Premium
No problem. :)
hanley Premium
Thanks Kyle. The speed of change in the internet world and the access to instant learning may have contributed to bringing the 10k down.Good article.
Kyle Premium
Absolutely, the 10K hours is coming down, but if you invest 10K into building a business particular niche there is almost a guarantee that you will be very successful within that space.
OrgainITGuy Premium
Bloody Great Stuff Kyle. Thanks bro always brilliant. I am working on an organic milk local biz, would love to see that article.?
As for Authority, I would like to share that this can come from ANYWHERE, and even as a surprise. Like you I wrote an article on a play around blog regarding my engineering related job a few years back. Never went back!
NOW I have been approached by one of NZ's biggest Biz Authority's who want to feature my content. which in tern will turn that blog into an overnight authority with the likely hood of rippling effect. :) I 'm excited, blown away, and overwhelmed. Much planning to do.. FYI praying to get my hundred out of the 85k subs to come over and shower y'all with my kiwi love.
Kyle Premium
Here is the link to the original article on organic milk:

Over 6 years later, after publishing that article it is #2 in Google. I would try to take me out on this search term:

"organic milk benefits for children"

If you target that keyword, you are likely to assume a good positioning in particular if your website is relevant to this niche.

It sounds like you have a real good handle on your niche and you are truly starting to gain authority in that space. Kudos to you and your hard work.
Windflower Premium
Remember that your authority is only as good as your sources. If you are getting your information from other bloggers that may not know anything about a topic, you are not doing anyone any favors by simply passing along bad information.

The same way that Wikipedia is not considered an academic source when writing an academic paper, you need to make sure that your sources for information are truly sources that are reputable and reliable.

I just did a post regarding therapy lights for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I realized that I was basing all of my "authority" upon the claims made by the product manufacturers. That just doesn't float. I actually took a dive into scientific studies so I understood the research that's been done on SAD, and the different types of light therapies that are effective, as opposed to those that are just the result of bad science and fads. I needed to know if LED lights were just as effective as fluorescent lights. That required research at the National Institute of Health website. I spent two full days reading scientific data, but as a result, I developed my own criteria for evaluating SAD lamps, and feel good about the recommendations that I'm making.
Kyle Premium
Agree, and part of the research process is moving through the wheat and the chaff. If you see a product making erroneous claims, then I would avoid promoting it. If you do, it will absolutely hurt your authority as people are going to be unhappy by your recommendations.

Sounds like you have a good handle on the SAD niche as well, living on the west coast of Canada where we get lots of rain, they are very popular here. ;)