An Invite to Become a Remarkable Entrepreneur!


Are you looking to become a "success"?

If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. If you have been searching for a real opportunity where you will earn, and one in which you are going to get an education, the tools and services you need, along with an unlimited amount of support, then you have also come to the right place.

Before I continue, I want to quickly explain to you what Wealthy Affiliate University is, what is taught here, and why it is everything that you need. Basically I am going to break down the 4 components of what this community is about...the 4 components that you need to understand and participate in to create ANY level of success online, whether it is $10/day or $1000/day.

Learn. Network. Build. Succeed.

I want to invite you to LEARN!

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn everything you need to know to create a business online, from the beginning fundamentals, to some of the most advanced techniques that experts use to scale their businesses into EMPIRES.

  • Conquering Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Mastering the Social Marketing Business
  • Local Marketing Success
  • Domaineering (buying domains and selling them for profit)
  • Site Flipping (taking websites and selling them for profit)
  • Image Development/Manipulation
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Becoming a Power Twitter User
  • Solving the Backlinking Mystery
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Google Plus/Local/Places
  • Wordpress Business
  • HTML and Web Programming
  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • Finding Hot & Profitable Affiliate Programs
  • Powerful and Quality Content Creation
  • Taking the "techie" out of Web hosting
  • Linking Techniques
  • Article Marketing 101
  • Content Development / Copywriting
  • Outsourcing to Scale Business
  • Freelancing Your Services for Money
….AND MUCH MUCH MUCH more. In fact, there are 10,000’s of pages of training, discussions and walkthroughs within Wealthy Affiliate. Videos, Live Webinars, Tutorials and Courses. When you join you gain instant access to all of this training along with a “Getting Started”course that will walk you through all of the ins and outs.

You are one click away from a Starter Membership (no cost and no time limit) to the ULTIMATE Internet Marketing training experience. One that is unparalleled anywhere online.

I want to invite you to NETWORK!

Want to brush shoulders with the Internet’s “elite” marketers? Want to hang out directly with the owners of the community? Want to have instant access to 10,000’s of aspiring and successful people!

There are experts on just about every topic you can imagine within the Wealthy Affiliate community and you can get help in “real time” through the LIVE chat 24/7. Also, you can ask questions within any of the training, blog activity, or you could even create your own discussion if you need help on something. Rubbing shoulders with highly successful, expert Internet entrepreneurs is just part of the day to day excitement within WA...and getting coaching from them is just as common!

Build and create long term relationships with fellow Internet Marketers/Entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate and build your brand, credibility and following within the industry!

  • Build long lasting relationships in the Internet business
  • Communicate about any “topic” related to Internet business
  • Get interactive help directly within the training modules
  • Network with people during “live” webinar events
  • Brush shoulders with the “ultra successful” and top marketers in the world
  • Ask questions and get answers from experts
  • Find mentors in different facets of the Internet business world
  • Get instant notifications when your network grows
  • Get 1 on 1 help directly from the owners of Wealthy Affiliate

You are one click away from the ULTIMATE networking experience.

I want to invite you to BUILD!

Building is instrumental. Once you start building content, websites, knowledge and relationships you are “golden”. Building means “taking action” and the Wealthy Affiliate training platform is conducive of taking action.

From Day 1 you are going to be given tasks that will lead to you creating valuable Internet “assets”. Building is key to success within any business and at WA you have all the tools, services, and education you would BUILD online assets.

  • State of the Art Website Builder builds Websites in 30 seconds (2 free sites included)
  • Cloud Hosting Included with Unlimited Bandwith and Space
  • Use our Exclusive keyword tool to research keywords and niches
  • Content using our Rapid Writer Article Writing Tool
  • Build partnerships and relationships that will last a lifetime!
You are one click away from the ULTIMATE building experience.

I want to invite you to SUCCEED!

Last, but definitely not least...

You are a community away from achieving unimaginable amounts of success. Over the years Wealthy Affiliate has created some of the greatest success stories out of any community online, including many “million dollar Internet businesses”...and has helped many people leave their day jobs and become full time marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate is going to help you succeed and help you do so in many different ways...

  • Share to Earn. Exclusive access to our “revolutionary” paid share system within WA.
  • Build profitable and valuable websites (as many as you like)
  • Find keywords that are untapped, valuable, and within some of the most lucrative niches
  • Create valuable domain assets and sell your websites for a profit
  • Succeed with your newly acquired knowledge. Businesses will pay you a lot of money for your Internet business knowledge!
  • Claim your stake in the $400 BILLION dollar Internet economy.
You are one click away from the ULTIMATE success experience of your life! No cost to get rolling!

Frankly, many people do not quite understand what it takes to become successful online. They are lured into the 1,000’s of scams out there.

I can assure you that when you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will feel like you are part of the most helpful, inspiring, current, and powerful community online. It is “the place” to be for Internet entrepreneurs from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, and from every type of background.

We know what we offer is awesome, so we want you to have a FREE Starter Membership so you can start building you way towards success right NOW!


Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to try. No catches. ZERO dollars, full access to the community, the training, the support, and the only real opportunity to build an online income.

Educate yourself. Network. Build campaigns. Succeed!!!

Wealthy Affiliate, helping people create successful businesses online since 2005!

Join and Start Towards Your Own Personal Success, It’s FREE!

PS. Feel free to share this with anyone that you know is interested. :) Share it with your friends, family...heck the whole world if you want to!

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Love this! Thanks for continuing to provide us with great banners, information, and ideas to promote WAU. Tweeted and will be borrowing for my website!

can i put this on my blog too?

Yeah, feel free to share this on your blog if you like, that is actually a great idea and a good introduction to Wealthy Affiliate.

Hey I want in.... Oh, wait, I'm already here. Great Post Kyle!

Haha! Glad you like and it is great to have awesome people like yourself here at WA!

This is exciting. I would like to make a go of it.....

Awesome and I truly believe you will make a go of this. I was once in your position once, starting out on this "Internet" thing and I was able to achieve vast success without a resource like WA (which I wish I had).

This is starting to get real exciting so many ways to promote our alma motto.....

Yeah, there definitely is!


Kyle Wow man Im blown away to the possibilities here and being part of WA I know a greenhorn such as myself can make a empire out of nothing thanks for a great blog post

Absolutely, the sky is the limit and most people have so many potential that will only be realized once that have been given a plan of action. That is our goal, to help people realize their full potential and the Internet is the absolute best medium for this!

I want this on my blog landing page, lol Great job Kyle

You can definitely link to it from there if you like Shawn. :)

I love these sorts of posts - a fantastic intro to WA for newcomers and a great reminder for present members as to why we're still here ;-). Loving the header image as well Kyle!

Glad you liked it Mark, sometimes I even forget everything that is offered here and it puts things into perspective. I could have go on and on, but for simplicity sake I kept it is a brief as I could while still representing what is offered here at WA!

Hey Kyle this post is rock-solid, and the clearest explanation of WA that I have ever seen. It 's all true ---that's the best part ! I hope you keep this front and center. for all potential members to read first thing.

Feel free to share this if you know of anyone that would be interested. Glad you enjoyed this!

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