AI Won't Steal Your Job, People Using it Will.

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Hey everyone,

Today it is time for a reality check! There's a rumor making rounds that machines are going to steal our jobs. Does it sound like a sci-fi movie to you too?

Here's the thing's not the AI that's eyeing your job, it's the people making use of AI.

Unmasking the True Face of AI: A Tool, Not a Threat

Now, before we get all tangled in the intricacies, let's lay the groundwork and demystify what AI is.

No, it's not a superhuman entity from the future.

It's an intelligent tool, an algorithm whisperer that makes sense out of data. Lots of data. And makes sense of that data incredibly fast.

Think of it as an efficient sidekick that helps you become faster, more efficient, and innovative. Picture self-driving cars - they're not replacing drivers, rather giving people a chance to sit back, relax or work on something else during the journey.

That is what I believe AI will do to all aspects of life. It will lead to newfound efficiency in our mundane and our more arduous tasks, freeing up more time for CREATIVITY.

The Real Game Changers: People Proficient in AI

Ready for a little bit of a twist here?

AI is transforming the job market. But the real risks to the "conventional" jobs is not AI itself, it is the the smart people harnessing the power of AI, creating new paths and opportunities.

Businesses are embracing AI to streamline their operations. Who do you think helps them with that? It's people with AI expertise. It's the new gold rush and those who know their way around AI are the prospectors.

And the great thing is that we are going to keep you "on top of the AI game" here at WA, as we continue to advance our AI-side services, our education, and our mentorship.

The Survival Mantra in the AI Era: Adapt and Overcome

So, how do you make sure you aren't left behind? Simple: Adapt. Learn. Evolve. AI is an epoch-making tool, but you're the one in control.

Learn the ropes of AI, understand its role in your field. Update your skills. Try your hand at machine learning, or data analysis. You don’t have to be the next Turing or Von Neumann...but a basic understanding of AI can give you a significant advantage.

We are the most active community on the planet for internet entrepreneurs...taking on the challenges and newfound opportunities that AI represents is going to be one of the core focuses as we move forward.

So we have you covered.

Putting Things in Perspective: People vs. AI

When it comes to AI and jobs, it's not the machines that call the shots. It's the people leveraging the power of those machines you might want to keep an eye on. It is the creativity of these people (like yourself) that are going to discover new and more efficient ways to do things, and to harness the power of AI.

But don't fret. You are the one in the POWER position.

In the grand scheme of things, AI is merely a tool. And you the creative director. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to stay relevant. You're resilient. You're competent. You're ready for whatever comes next.

Now it's your turn to jump in on this discussion..

What's your take on AI's role in the job market? Are you currently employed somewhere where "AI" has been a big topic of discussion? Maybe you're contemplating hopping on the AI train and have some questions? Or you've already mastered AI and have some wisdom to share?

Let's get the ball rolling in the comments section below. Remember, every question, every insight, and every opinion matters.

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Recent Comments


Thank you, Kyle. AI has been in the forefront of my research and writing efforts for a while now. Of course, it's getting ahead of me. AI is learning faster than I am, but I'm not threatened by that-- and one day soon I will have a handle on it. That will be so fun.

Awesome that is great to hear Donna, it sounds like you are keeping ahead of things!

Hi Kyle,

Using AI is like having a brain extension (if that exists).

We give it a question regarding a topic of our choice and the AI comes up with a very intelligent answer in minutes.

The internet has evolved and is now at its zenith. I wonder what we'll all be doing with AI within the next 5-10 years?

The mind boggles!

That is exactly how I look at it. If I could be 10x smarter and more efficient than I am now, using AI as an extension of myself allows for that. It leads to far more creativity, efficiency, productivity, and time for NEW creativity as a result.

It is a brilliant thing...and I don't want to speculate on where it will be in 10 years, but the world and workforce may look drastically different.

Hi Kyle,

I really like this article -thank you!

It's an exciting time to be living in. Not only can we blog faster, but much more importantly AI can also assist us or the relevant experts in finding cures for diseases, ways to feed the all people on earth, and provide solutions to problems that we may not even be aware of yet.

It is a common phenomenon that where there is a positive aspect, there is also a negative aspect. In the case of AI, if it is used by bad people it may give them the potential to harm the Earth and humanity in numerous ways, both minor and major.

Governments obviously need to take action against both criminals and terrorists and to safeguard us from them as much as possible and maybe AI can help in this?

All the best,


No different than any tech though, there are always going to be bad actors and there surely are lots already embedded within this world. This is why regulation will need to happen in the near future, to prevent the use of AI for ill motives.

As a career firefighter, I don't see a real pathway for AI in my line of work.

Maybe when it comes to our online training. But we still have to get on the fire engines, go to the scene, and take care of the issues we are called for.

I can see how AI can affect many jobs...


Absolutely not, there is no pathway outside of robots...which are not going to be capable in performing that role, but certainly could lead to more safety if they were able to be sent into fires with a high level of capability.

So on the assistant side of things, yes...but I cannot see this being a near term thing.

100% Agree with you! 🔥


AI has possibly put a New York lawyer out of his job. He used Chat GPT to help him write a legal brief.
It cited several cases that didn't exist.
The lawyer is now facing being sanctioned.
He should have known better and researched further.
It does go to show people should not rely too heavily on AI. It's far from perfect!
Here is the article I read:

Sure, there are going to be one off cases like this. And there are also going to be cases against AI, the reality is that law can and is being practiced using AI now..there is going to be no need for legal assistants at one point, or work to find case law. That can be done in an instant, as those are public records.

People are "less" perfect than AI, that is what we are discussing here...and that is why we want to harness AI and the power of it. It is faster, and more accurate typically. People make mistakes as well, within their content, within citations...and at a higher rate...and that is something that we need to consider as well here.

I think the key is using it correctly, but not assuming that it is going to be perfect with everything you produce with it.

Thank you Kyle. That is exactly how I've viewed this new technology, and I have been trying to learn all I can about it, along with all the other things I've learned and will ALWAYS be learning, here at WA and elsewhere. I look forward to this new era of technological advancement, and how I can utilize it to become a smarter, more successful businessman.

You will always be learning in business, and that is the fun part of running an online business. It is fulfilling by default, and if you stay on the right side of AI, I know you are going to have a brilliant journey ahead of you!

Indeed! I'm not fearful, I'm eager and excited for what this new technology will bring. Thanks Kyle!

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