How To Prevent Facebook From Sharing Your Info:

Last Update: March 25, 2018

By now everyone has heard about Facebook s latest story of users information being shared without their consent. We are all concerned about what to do next, do we delete our accounts or continue using Facebook? I for one will continue with Facebook especially after learning how to stop my information from being shared and knowing a little more about how it was done.

First thing we should all keep in mind is that anytime you are on any social media platform where you enter your personal information, (name, age, address, and so on) it will be opened to the internet where anyone desperate enough can access it.

So what can we do?

First, don't give out anything that you want kept secret like your age, address, and other things, you can always enter false info into required fields.

Second thing let's go stop where the data leak starts, it all starts with the apps that we sign in to using our Facebook sign in information like the ones in the picture below.

How to Proceed:

Open your Facebook and head over to "Settings > Apps" by clicking on the down arrow located to the right of the "?" at the top of your page. You will then find "Apps" in the left-hand column. Clicking on apps will open a screen similar to one above, here will be all the apps that you logged into using Facebook. Click on "Show All" to get the whole picture.

Now when you hover over the ones you want to nix you will see that you can edit or delete it. This will stop the information from getting out to the rest of the world.

If you want to keep any of them you go in and edit how the information is shared, "pubic, only with friends, or just your self".

You can further edit your setting by clicking on "Apps, Websites and Plugins" - "Games and Notifications" - "Apps Others Use" - "Old Versions of Facebook for Mobile" as seen in the photo below. From here you can stop Facebook from sharing anything, which is a bit drastic.

I hope this has helped everyone in understanding just what did happen with your information and how you can keep it from happening again.

Remember to share as little as possible about you while using any social media platforms.

Stay safe and have a great day!


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MonicaRobin1 Premium
Thank you for sharing.
Pernilla Premium
Thank you very much Kim for sharing this valuable information. Thanks for warning about the use of apps.

If I decide to open a FB account, despite all, I know how to limit the personal information given out and how to prevent FB from sharing my data.

Have a great new week!
Elijah1916 Premium
Many thanks Kim, better to be safe than sorry.
Traveller75 Premium
Good to know, I will now go and check mine. Thanks
skendrick4 Premium
Thank you. This is helpful.