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By now everyone has heard about Facebook s latest story of users information being shared without their consent. We are all concerned about what to do next, do we delete our accounts or continue using Facebook? I for one will continue with Facebook especially after learning how to stop my information from being shared and knowing a little more about how it was done.First thing we should all keep in mind is that anytime you are on any social media platform where you enter your personal informati
November 18, 2015
Hello Wealthy Affiliate family, if you have checked out my profile you probably notice that I have been here just over 2 years, and yes I plan on sticking around. I have finally overcome my fear of writing, and in the last couple of months have written more pages & post than I did in the first two years of being here. I just refused to give up my chance of making this work for me, and all it took was coming across one statement in a post I read from one of the members here, (I just wish I c
July 10, 2014
Finally making progress: After many months of trial and error on my part I have finally come to the end of course 2. The delay was in no way due to poor teachings, on the contrary you could not find a better place to learn about affiliate marketing than here. I suffer from anxiety disorder which makes it extremely hard for me to stay focused on writing content and posting it to the public without going into a major melt down. I started out with making small comments on other members post and