Is wealthy affiliate a great Internet marketing training program?

Last Update: March 11, 2016

In this article I am going to tell my experience with wealthy affiliate university. It will help you realize what it has done for and what it can do for you.

Online marketing mentor ship

It been close to a year now being a member of wealthy affiliate university, It seems like yesterday when I was writing my money goals here at WA. To me it was a thing I had to do because I was asked to, little did I know that I will a person that the world can look up as an internet marketing expert. I came to WA as a complete newbie knowing nothing at all about online money. The mentorship available at WA made me realize the endless opportunity that online world had to offer.

Online marketing goals

What made me complete all the training courses available at Wealthy affiliate university was my goals. Well I have hit so many bumps in my online entrepreneurship journey and I didn't want that anymore. I got to a point of realization that if I continue to jump from one program to another and not sacrifice to learn the skills needed to make money online , I was not going to make money at all. I was faithful to me, myself and I to complete the training, Learning the internet marketing skills was my Ultimate goal.

Online marketing experts

Do you know it only the experts that make money.Think about the offline business world , the people that make money have some sort of knowledge they have which is above the average people. In order to make you need to implement the expert strategies. Expert were once amateurs. The same goes with Internet marketing on internet money , You need to be an expert because experts GET PAID. wealthy affiliate will teach you to become one and the community has a lot of great experts.

My Journey

I don't regret at all to be a member of wealthy affiliate I have learnt a lot here that saved me money and time.

If you are not completing your lessons here at WA your cheating yourself and setting yourself to FAIL.


I would be the first one to pay for it

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krsinclair Premium
I think so
Maxiam59 Premium
Yes I agree you can never get all the that WA has to offer anywhere else all the best Max
kudaonline Premium
There is awesomeness here
roamy Premium
So right,WA and the community can make you succeed if you follow the training
kudaonline Premium
You can say that again
Mac01 Premium
Good blog, Kudaonline. Thanks for this!