September Goals

Last Update: August 31, 2016

Back to the basics.....learning.... building.... sharing.....It's so easy to lose focus and I've heard that sharing goals makes you more likely to achieve them.

My goals for September are to complete at least one training section a day alternating between the bootcamp and regular training and to write at least one post for my sites each day, alternating between my niche sites and my recruiting site.

Niche blogging gives me a way to earn while writing about things I care about. I'm starting late into the boot camp program but Kyle's new mark of 100 referrals by the end of the year seems achievable. I figure if I work hard at that I might just get to see some of my new friends in Vegas....once built that site can only gain momentum...I will keep building and make it...if not this year, then soon... I also intend to do some recruiting offline. I love this opportunity so much that I find it easy to share as I go about my day.

This all will be a challenge because I work 50-60 hours a week at my primary job. I also write and sell at least one article a day to help pay my daughter's medical bills from her recent accident. She is 24 and has almost fully recovered from a severe traumatic brain injury. Our whole lives were turned upside down for many months but she is living on her own again and is back to work against all odds. I am so proud of her.

I already cancelled my Netflix account to free up some time. I've realized that I need to limit my web surfing to researching my writing, and that I have to limit the social time here at WA to after my "work" is done. Emails are a huge challenge. Just now I was working on clearing my inbox and can confirm that they come in twice as fast as I can sort and respond.

Those are my goals and challenges for September. What about you? What are your goals this coming month? What are your challenges? What strategies keep you productive? Let's build some great things in September!

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TheBuilder Premium
Hello my dear friend. Here is a right Dose of Encouragement specially for you and for all my other loved ones. I hope that you will love the taste of it.
Wish you all the best.
Kind Regards
WilliamBH Premium
Great post Kristi .. love every part of it wishing your daughter a great recovery. Cheers, William.
Loubelle Premium
That's wonderful about your daughter.Thanks for your encouragement
Ivine Premium
Hi Kristi, you are well prepared for advancement during September. Irv.