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August 31, 2016
Back to the basics.....learning.... building.... sharing.....It's so easy to lose focus and I've heard that sharing goals makes you more likely to achieve them. My goals for September are to complete at least one training section a day alternating between the bootcamp and regular training and to write at least one post for my sites each day, alternating between my niche sites and my recruiting site. Niche blogging gives me a way to earn while writing about things I care about. I'm starting la
August 02, 2016
A friend of mine returned to town recently and needed a website to attract clients for his small local business. I'm still working on the initial course but I learned enough to build him a simple word press site. There is a lot of competition in our area with similar sites. He texted me today and was very excited to be on page two of Google, using the most likely search terms, within a week of us building the site. I believe that as we get some interaction and add blogs, and as I learn more
I spent a few years as a music major in college. I've chosen a different professional path but one idea has stuck with me.My teacher told me that each note played should be a gift to the audience. We practiced to get perfect tone and expression from every note and phrase.As writers and bloggers our readers deserve the same. I have begun to love the short stories of some of the great writers because they can get the most out of every single word. They tell memorable and amazing stories in jus
Writer's block.....we all fall victim sometimes. There are a few things I try to think about when I am stumped about what to write, whether it be for an article, or a blog or a social media post.Many successful business men and speakers have rightly explained that we achieve success when we help others. So, what do people need and what do they want?People need food, shelter and clothing. Money helps obtain all these. People need health and want fitness and love and entertainment. They wan
March 13, 2015
A friend of mine has been after me to start a website for almost a year. I was afraid I did not have the skills needed. WA has made this first step so easy. Thanks to Kyle's advice, (especially the part about no niche being too competitive), I have chosen a niche in a field I love, bought a domain and am ready to start working on content. I'm so excited about learning more. Thanks! I truly find this program to be worth gold.