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Site comment as been revoked?

Site comment as been revoked?

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I tried to do some site comments not and I received this message that my site comments as been revoked. Please what did I need to do and why am I seeing this error

Hi - if you have too many comments disapproved and your approval rate drops below 80%, then you are permanently banned from commenting.

Thanks for your reply.

My approval rate is 92%, which has not fall below 80%.

Thank you.

Well, other explanations could be, that although your approval rate has not dropped, you could have been reported for poor comments. Is that likely?

Have each of your comments been completely original, relevant to the post and nothing copied and pasted? Or you have not offered a similar comment for every post regardless of the subject? And you have spent 10 to 15 minutes carefully reading the post and composing your comment?

Or another reason, is that WA doesn't allow members to try and game the system if it thinks that people are just trying to be a certified commenter to earn cash and are not actually working on their website. Does that apply? Are you just here to get cash through comments? Or are you genuinely working on your site, adding lots of content on a regular basis?

I am not accusing you of anything, just trying to explore the reasons why members get banned from commenting.

Thanks for your message,

I think the aspect of the website might be the cause of it.


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I can not access the new wa platform from my google chrome browser any more?

I can not access the new wa platform from my google chrome browser any more?

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I couldn't login to the new WA interface platform from the email sent to my gmail, even from the chrome browser I can not login any more.

Kindly assist to

Have clear browsing data... if not ok shortcut i😉

Thanks for your message. It is up and running now.

Hi, I'd say empty browsers cache, refresh and try. Kyle said earlier that all browsers have now been fixed.

Thanks for your message. It is working now.

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