My Website INDEXED By Google.

Last Update: November 07, 2020

Wow, Wow, Wow, I can't keep calm.

It is wonderful to be part of this great community of wealthy people at WA. Whenever I come to the platform and I saw people post on been indexed by Google, I keep thinking, wondering, imagine, how they are doing it that Google indexed there website.

I was prompted one day to asked a member that her website was indexed by Google if there is something I need to do different but her response was positive. It keep me going working hard, putting more efforts on my website and doing the right thing.

BEHOLD it finally HAPPENED when I don't expected, I wake up this morning after saying happy Sunday to some friends and relatives online. I just opened my email and to my surprise I saw the mail 'my website has been indexed by Google ' wow!!!!!!!!

This give me the impression that what am learning on WA really worth it.

Congratulations to me, it gives me hope that I can do more and better. HARD WORK pays.

Thanks to everyone for your support and concerned.

Best of luck as I progress on my online business.


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ErnestVision Premium
I'm not sure where to post this but here it goes...

I tried to go back and set my "About Me" page to allow posts, but I can't figure it out.

Also, I paid for the upgrade, but it doesn't look like I have upgraded features, who can check this out for me?

I can't get my "About Me" page to download pictures from the web, isn't that apart of the "Premium Package? If so what am I doing wrong, I hit the icon and it limits me to pictures on my computer??? Any ideas, anybody???
koawole Premium

Thanks for your message. Kindly check again and go through the training on about me, because if you do the About Me it will work. If you paid for the upgrade it will show on your profile and also you will get a message for it. You have access to lots of feature when you upgrade to premium package.
Thank you.
Brett9 Premium Plus
Have you received some help yet Ernest?
Not exactly sure whether you are referring to accessing the picture bank or something else.
By the look of your profile picture, you are premium so you should be able to. If not, log a ticket to support. Tell us more...
For your profile picture, you need to insert a picture into your "About me" page.
Accessing the free pics and your "About me" page are unrelated...
karl59 Premium
Hi members
Silent for a few weeks due to illness.
just received notification that my website has been indexed by google. Can anyone explain? This site was the first attempt at building. It contains no information just the proposed name of the site. Why would google indexed this site? Am I missing something?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, that means that Google has found your site, you may now start writing posts / quality rich content with good choice of keywords.
koawole Premium
From my own experience, it means google has found your website, they you start writing content and posts that is eye catching and generate traffic to your website. Thank you.
Brett9 Premium Plus
Hi Aluko,

Congratulations to you!

My sites have just been indexed as well and I was about to post to actually ask if anyone can actually explain what it really means and does to the website.

Can someone chime in and explain on the technological sense and what outcome that brings?
koawole Premium
Congratulations, thank you.
Mattylinc Premium
Awesome work man, that's some very exciting news to get indeed. I'm still working on getting to that day. Great stuff!
koawole Premium
Surely, you will get there, patience and hard working is the secret. Thank you
BHernando Premium
Great work congratulations.
koawole Premium
Thank you