Random brain dump from my mind about making Wealthy Affiliate work

Last Update: December 02, 2016


Everyone is part of many niches. It’s basically some one behaviors. (What people are searching online)

Focus on niche human element. don't forget we need to help people.

There is no thing as too much competition online.

Show passion about your niche

The best way to be successful is to help people solve their problems.

Develop some metrics that can track the success of your niche


You can focus on making a living on just one keyword.

Keyword research - Google Search bar, Jaaxy and WA Keyword tool

Use keyword to find problem and use content to solve problems. Remember that keyword are the result of real people seeking help.

QSR < 300 but <150 for new sites


Write one blog a day

Don’t fear writing content. Research and communicate

Develop a template for each content type

Engage users with image and videos

Video could be of people or a process

Social - From a business perspective

Create engagement and not just spend time making posts.

You want to extend reach.

Gain reach by posting of the social sites. Don’t count of social post to create income. Unless you target ads

Study Kyle's Post on Facebook and google plus


Writing can be difficult to outsource

Time your self when you are performing tasks to keen you on task and to document your process

Commit your self to do one task at a time

Create a weekly task list for activities for WA

Outsource to free up time for yourself. But become successful first. Scale your business but you must have a formal first .

Never outsource SEO and marketing

Why do some people succeed and some don't

Give yourself enough time to succeed, sometimes it takes months to make that first sale. But it is possible.

Self limiting beliefs

Don’t really want it, what if your life or family depends on creating a blog that will bring in income in 6 months or something rally bad will happen to you or your family. I think you’ll find a way to accomplish the goal.

People focus on what they want and are not solving they community problem

Don’t have a community of followers or tribe.

Speak to your tribe

Did I say give up too soon


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DreamAngel Premium
Great post Keith! Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Kmotte, your thinking is very progressive. Irv.
kmotte Premium

Most of my thoughts come from taking the classes here and the juices start to flow and some come from life experiences.

Thanks love this
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Many thanks for the share :)
GlenPalo Premium
Thanks for sharing, Keith. You have some great thoughts.