An Unexpected Benefit of Being a Member of Wealthy Affiliate

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Hello WA friends and community!

I wanted to share with you a completely unexpected benefit that has come to me through my membership here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Actually... SEVERAL benefits, to be precise!

Recently I connected with another fellow WA member whom I learned through his bio that he is a graphic designer. I had been looking into hiring a graphic designer on Fivrr to do some of the artwork projects I need to get done which my own skills are not good enough to do myself.

This fellow WA member and I began communicating and establishing a friendship. I told him about my humorous t-shirt business and asked him if he'd be willing to work on a few projects with me and he agreed!

So, I had him work on a graphic that I've really wanted to get completed, as I've already got some potential buyers for this shirt pattern once I got it completed the way I imagined it in my mind.

As I stated earlier, I do have some graphic design skills and had tried to do these images myself, but they were only black and white, and I couldn't get what I saw in my head to formulate on paper, (or the computer) using the skills I have.

He took my sketches and some other graphics I'd collected for ideas for the image I wanted, and within just a week or less, he had completed the graphic I had been trying to create, and it looks awesome!

This is the completed t-shirt pattern he completed the graphic on for me:

He and I had communicated back and forth over that week or so time frame where he'd send me a few drafts to choose which I liked best, which helped to "fine tune" the graphic to be exactly what I wanted.

Refining the image to be just what I wanted was realistically what took up most of the time, but even still, one week is WAY quicker than I expected this project to be completed, so I am very pleased!

After I'd paid him for his work, he informed me that he really enjoyed working on this project with me and asked if I had any more I'd like him to work on.

I told him that I certainly do have more projects I'd like him to work on for me, as I literally have hundreds of ideas that I need help with creating an image for.

I had used Artificial Intelligence to create an image for another shirt which I though was a perfect image, except for one thing... The AI Image generator I used truncated, (or cut off) the edges of the graphic, which I couldn't use if the graphic wasn't completed.

Here is that AI-generated image:

Thus, I asked him if he could complete the parts of this image which had been cut off by the AI Image Creator, and to my surprise, within a few days he sent back the completed graphic which looked so good, I couldn't even tell it had been altered, (which was the objective, of course).

With that graphic, (which I've been trying to get made for YEARS) I was able to complete another shirt pattern I've wanted to get done, which you can see here:

I promptly thanked him for his excellent work, and now have him working on another project for me.

What's my Point?

The main point I wanted to write about with this post is that this is a perfect example of how a completely unexpected turn of positive events came through another connection I've made through my WA membership and through interacting with the community here.

And let me point out that this member is just ONE of MANY new and valuable connections I've made through other members I've met on this platform! There are so many I now consider my friends and whom I completely trust to give me reliable advice or help in any way they can with whatever problem(s) I am encountering.

When I joined WA, I never thought about the possible connections I might make through others who were also members, this idea never really occurred to me. I mean, I knew the community was there to offer general help and advice whenever they're able to do so, but I never thought that I'd meet someone who could directly help me with personal aspects of my business that have little to do with affiliate marketing and the WA training and platform.

And, of course it is a mutually-benefiting situation for both this other member and myself.

I know of others who have met here on the platform and have made a "connection" by sharing similar interests or goals, whatever; and those people are working together on coordinated goals or projects, and I think this is absolutely awesome!

It's a benefit of WA membership that isn't guaranteed to happen for everyone, but certainly increases the possibilities of finding like-minded individuals with whom you find common interests or goals, end up forming a friendship, (or at least a business relationship) and gaining help or insights that you may not have been able to achieve through your own efforts.

For the MANY Wealthy Affiliate friends I've formed relationships with over the year-and-a-half that I've been a member, I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the heart, as I value all of you and the friendship we've formed more than you can possibly know!

Thanks for reading my friends!


P.S. I was kindly informed by another member, (and friend) that coordinating together on "paid" projects like this could be a violation of WA rules and guidelines, so I've removed this member's name from my post.

I've looked at the WA rules, and where neither myself or this other member "solicited" one another, (in other words, our mutual coordination on my project was a natural result of the conversations we were having together) I don't believe we're in violation of this rule or any others.

We did agree to exchange emails so that we're not doing our "business" in private WA messages, but again, this wasn't something either he or I "solicited" in an attempt to promote either of our businesses or skills for hire, etc.

Nevertheless, even if this turns out to be something this member and I are not permitted to do, it does not decrease the value or importance of the connections and friendships I have made through my WA membership, as I stated there are MANY such friendships and connections!

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Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the awesome share.

This platform truly reminds me of the 1990s when first learning to create web pages with only HTML to work with.


Sooooo many Brits were sooo helpful in keeping me in the loop with changes that were happening very quickly... like when tables first came about.


If you've EVER seen a screen print of what monitors USED to display... LOL, text went from one edge of the monitor to the other... and top to bottom... yes... NO margins at all.

The introduction to tables changed all of that...

Those Brits and I lost touch over the years... and when I first arrived here, I thought I died and went to heaven.

I truly enjoy being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and am so proud that it is owned and operated by CANADIANS who care! Wooot, Wooot!

Kevin, many WAers here do “work together” as team and by the way its public. Partha and Diane. Zarina and another guy, work together as affiliate marketers. Dale and another member worked on the commission academy so me too with another deaf man here are working together on a project So it’s allowed . We are doing it. The graphics are awesome great project! Good job. You havent violated any rules. The owners here work together kyle and Carson hey hello ? If they do it then sure even Jay does. Be grateful that he is now your source as a team for your online business. Thats so cool! 😎 keep using him. Hes talented! So are you! 😀👍🏻

Hi - well, the point being, that we work as a team and split the profits, neither of us pays the other and that is what is frowned upon.

"Officially" we can't offer paid services, and of course, it happens but best kept under the wire!

Yes, I got that. But people are doing it regardless. Keeping it under the wire sounds ridiculous. Jay does it- he offers discount SEO services for us members, eh- hello? It's not even under wraps. It is this "don't ask, don't tell policy." Hmmph...(scoff)

Haha, thanks Brenda! I appreciate not only you sharing the fact that others are working together toward common goals, and also your compliments on his, (and my) talents! 😄

I want you to know Diane that I appreciate you providing a message urging caution moving forward, as the LAST thing I want is any inadvertent problems with my WA account or status. I always say, "Only a true friend will be brave enough to tell you when your breath smells bad." 😅

Thumbs up, Kevin! 😀

This is an exceptional post, Kevin. Thank you for sharing your experience. I enjoyed reading it. I agree with you 100%; there are the apparent member benefits and, as you so eloquently point out, the not-so-obvious benefits.
The t-shirt graphics are excellent.
I wish you and Isaiah the best in your future endeavors.
I hope you have a fantastic and productive weekend!

Thank you Matt, I am very grateful for your comments and support, and sharing your thoughts on connections made here that are an added benefit we didn't anticipate or expect.

The images look great, Kevin! 👍😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Thanks Frank! Hope you know you're included when I say I've met MANY friends here on the platform that I highly value and appreciate! :)

Haha, thanks Kevin, and the feeling is mutual! 😎

Keep on Rockin' 🤘
Frank 🎸

Wonderful post!

I have had such beneficial relationships with WA members who are selflessly willing to help and it just blows my mind!

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