What Backup Program or Software do You Use?

Last Update: July 01, 2012
I was just curious...

I have always been a bit paranoid about backing up my data but not really sure how to do it.

I have tons of files concerning my marketing campaigns and research. I have also got the usual documents, pics and other files on my computer that would be impossible to replace if my laptop crashed.

I first tried just backing up to an external hard drive/USB drive which was OK but a bit disorganized.

I then did a bit of research and decided to try FreeFileSync.

It is a lovely little program and syncs my chosen files to my external hard drive with a click of the mouse. This is better than before but still not completely automated.

I thought this was the final solution to insure my valuable data until my little brother (he is an IT manager for a large school district) started giving me a bad time.

I would go visit him (150 mi away) for a couple of days and take my computer with me (incl my external). He said "what if your laptop was stolen or lost while you are traveling? What will you do then? All your data will be gone including your backups.

He recommended DropBox... of course he is an Apple fan and suggested this would be a good time to just throw my old PC away and start all over.

At this point I started using DropBox. I have a free account and have all my WordPress Blogs backed up there and my IM files on my laptop but I am at my Free limit and am at the point of having to purchase monthly space. Next upgrade for 50GB is $10 month.

I was looking around and found some services that were cheaper and finally decided on one @ $4.50 mo for 75GB. You can also cut the price in half by paying for 2years.

It is to early to tell if I like it or not...

What do you use and why?

Suggestions much appreciated!
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mama2karsten Premium
I have a Mac and use Time Machine to back up to an external raid drive. I do a lot of video so if it is my main system that has the problem at least my footage and projects are portable . I also use Carbonite.com as a backup to my back up so that if the computer cannot be fixed, I can migrate my files and software to a new computer.
Salem Premium
I use Microsoft "Sync Toy" which is free and works well. I use it in combination with both Google Drive and Dropbox plus my external drive. Free Dropbox was just upgraded to 2.5 gigs which is plenty for me. Dropbox also works more slickly than Google Drive. For a complete system backup and restore, I use EASUS. Their TODO Backup is free for personal use plus their Partition Manager is free and the best I have found. Always nice to get a BARGOON!
Neil Little Premium
I have a 320GB external drive.
All the files, PDF's, software, video's, products and other stuff are kept on there.
Every now and then I do go through it and clear out the junk.
reefswimmer Premium
But Bigman, don't you also want a backup in the cloud ? I think Dropbox helps with that. At least put the truly irreplaceable stuff there . and you can access it from anywhere. i have used Dropbox for current stuff-----create it on my major laptop at home, store it in Dropbox, then when I travel with my lightweight I-wont-freak-if-the-airline-messes-it-up older laptop, I can access the good stuff right t from the cloud.
Neil Little Premium
To reefswimmer. the only thing I use is Google Doc's for sharing files etc with my business partners.
Apart from that I don't really trust anyone else holding my software and other data.
I don't own a laptop, have 2 PC's instead.
I don't go away anymore as it's just me nowadays, have no family of my own or any immediate family as all have passed away.
Shawn Martin Premium
I also use drop-box because if I remember right you recommended it. :)
evknight Premium
I signed up with MyPC Backup, it breaks down to about 4.95 a month, but you get unlimited space, and it backs up absolutely everything automatically on a daily schedule. Plus, you can access your data from anywhere, on any computer, even your phone. I did sign up for two years, because I to have data that would crush my efforts so far, if any of it was lost. I just considered it a necessary business expense.