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Hi, my real name is Robert (Bob) Hemken Jr. (Jr...lol) pretty much average in every way with the exception of my desire to be a successful internet marketer.

Toyed with the idea off and on since I purchased my first computer in '95. Some limited experience with eBay and selling exotic birds in free classifieds but didn't really understand things until I joined WA. This site is the greatest! Thank you Kyle and Carson. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? It just takes a little longer!

Used to belong to 3 membership sites, Started out with Profit Lance. Good but a bit outdated however it is a one time membership fee ($97 lifetime) and was a good place to start.

Joined WA about 6 months later. I picked PL first because I was not to keen with the idea of a monthly charge. Boy was that a mistake! WA is the greatest! Not long and my membership fee was not an issue since I was able to make some sign-ups.

I also belonged to another instructional site that almost rivaled (for a time) this one although it is set up quite different and was more expensive (when WA was $40.). What I really like about it is all the instruction is in HD Videos that you could view online or download to your computer.

I was able to cover expenses there with their affiliate program (in less than 14 days). However as time progressed WA left this site in the dust, especially when WP Express was implemented here. Their content became stale and they started gravitating towards being a motivational - mindset type of membership which seem more like propaganda to me, so I dropped them to move on.

I personally find it easier to learn from videos and with the upgrade here to WA Platinum, Kyle and Carson are utilizing more of them. The Share Zone has some impressive tutorials and we are starting to see a few videos there that are very helpful, especially for Newbies.

Although I hate pot pies, Pot Pie Girl is the greatest so be sure to check out her simple, down to earth tutorials in the share zone. There is good reason she is a high ranking member here.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for this GREATEST of all learning communities. I would also like to thank Rob and Priest for getting me back(linking) on track! LOL. Special KUDOS to Marcus for keeping me in line and all you WAers are much appreciated...keep up the good work, especially inside WA.

KLRrider (aka Bob, lol)
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DLWebb610 Premium
Hey bud: Wanted to say hi and thank you for creating the Newbie Trilogy. It's my second day here and I was hoping to find something to jump start me. I'm going to implement your techniques over the next couple days to get ball rollin. Then I'm going to concentrate on writing articles (already finished studying the course on it and making notes) to pick up the pace. After that I don't know yet I think I'm off to a good start. I think! Sure am glad I finally found WA. :o)
welshy Premium
Thanks for the Gold :)
Maz Premium
Just dropped by to say hello and thank you for the tutorial in the share zone. I have been meaning to look into how to mask a link. Although I'm not exactly a newbie I am still struggling, so thanks again and good luck with everything.
sailor49 Premium
Just wanted to thank for the great tuttorial in the share zone.
I used to have a harley sportster years ago. My hobbie now is sailing, 28ft boat which I sail in Narragansett bay in RI.
I did have one question when you have time concering your tutorial. How do you upload the article from rapid writer into ezinearticle, or do you have to retype everything.
thanks again.

klrrider Premium
Hi Jerry and thanks for the comment on my tutorial.

In order to get my article from rapid writer to ezinearticles I just copy and paste. (ctrl A highlights all text, ctrl C to copy then ctrl V to paste) always check afterwords for errors. Sometimes quotation marks screw up.

parkersrock Premium
So you think WA is a good investment glad to here it looking forward to making my first dollar
klrrider Premium
Hi Bob and again, glad to have you at WA. Family is a good motivation for getting things done...wish you the best...

Bob (my name is like your only spelled backwards)