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Last Update: November 29, 2015

Ok so for the first time in 5 months I've just checked a small handful of blog rankings via Jaaxy and to my surprise and horror only one of them was found ie within the first 20 Google pages. The only one was on page 8 so I'm doing something really wrong.

I know I need to alt text my images as its been a while but I've forgot how it's done so I've been overlooking it. I aim to blog between 1000 - 2000 words, have a keyboard title (of less than 300 QSR) and repeated in the first paragraph. Include 2-3 links per blog one being an affiliate link the rest are internal links to other blogs I've done. I add a category to each blog and try to include plenty of images and send/receive site comments

I'd really appreciate if you can view my site pick any of the 45 blogs and let me know your feedback how I can get the rankings improved.



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kirby34 Premium
quick update everyone on my road to improving my site ranking. Ive spent the last 2 days doing nothing back going through all 48 posts to add between 4-10 tags to each, alt text and add a description to ALL images, changed headings to H2 and H3. As generally edited and improved blog presentation.

My task for my weekend is to check on jaaxy my keywords and see where i can make H1, H2 & H3 improvements.

busy busy!
ConeyM Premium
Kirby, pls check this out. A valuable article on how to improve site's ranking. That's what we all do--trying every possible means, until we are able to hit the right approach. Good luck!
kirby34 Premium
by means of an update i have now posted 48 website blogs on my site and have just revisited jaaxy to see how the blogs are ranking on google. It only shows your blog if it ranks in the top 20 google pages and unfortunately i still have an awful lot which are still not in that bracket. But i have listed below all 14 blogs which do come up on jaaxy site ranking as being within pages 1-20 of google. These page rankings of the blogs are:-

pages - 3,3,19,2,3,8,17,6,4,4,8,9,16,19

So i have a bloody lot of work to do. As ive written nearly 50 blogs there is no point continuing writing more when the majority of the ones ive already done are next to useless.

I shall first find new keywords for any of the above which are higher than page 8. Then I shall start the laborious task of going through the remainder of the blogs which have not made the top 20 and try and do 'something' to get them ranked.

It really does prove the importance of keywords and quality content.
mackiejw Premium
Kirby, just looked at 1 post of yours

Your title: Forearm Workouts My Top 5

Difficult to rank with it. Here is the result of a quick keyword search

See Image

I would have used the top one as title and the other ones for headlines<h2> + <h3> , tags and image naming and alt text
kirby34 Premium
Thanks for your comments. I must admit I've not used tags anywhere as don't really understand them. Also what is h2 and h3.

Thank you for your prompt recommendations.
mackiejw Premium
Look at your editor tool bar. There is a dropdown menu showing Paragrah, Headline 1 <h1> headline 2 <h2> and so forth.

Never use H1 because it's default for the Title. I use H2 and then H3s if there are sub headers to H2, like a table of content.

Tags are relevant content related 'highlight' words, people can use to find what they are looking for. You enter them on the right side below the 'Save draft' or publish box. (you enter tags when you posted this blog, right? So you know what they are for. site ranking could be a tag for your blog here)

Tags are getting indexed and are ranking criteria, so use keyword phrases that are within your content, either in paragraphs, or better yet, your Headline <h> tags.

The keyword phrases I show in the image are perfect Headlines for your article, by the way.
kirby34 Premium
Thank you so much, there is soooooo much to learn here and it's easy to forget things. Thanks for the reminder I will do what you say.
KatieMac Premium
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Dinh Premium
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