PAGE 1 – Do not search your keyword in Google. Here’s why.

PAGE 2 – How to get accurate keyword research results

PAGE 3 – Two different Google search results

PAGE 4 – Why the Google results are different than Jaaxy

PAGE 5 – How to achieve accurate keyword results in Google

I see many newbie internet marketers questioning whether the results they get from Jaaxy are correct, because they do not match the results Google gives them. The simple reason you are getting different results in Google is because you are searching THE WRONG WAY.


When you do a search in Google you are given ALL RELEVANT possible answers to your query and NOT the actual results. In this training I will show you how to do keyword research correctly on Google. In order to do this correctly and give you results within a +/- range of ten, you need to do a few things before you get results.

Why did I say a +/- range of 10? Because depending on how popular the search query is currently, sometimes Google does not give exact results, even when searching in this correct way. This is why using a keyword tool is important because it is accurate and it saves you time and hassle.


Going up on to Google to search your keyword without doing the following correct steps will just make yourself confused. Typing your keyword into Google is absolutely the wrong thing to do. The easiest thing to do is ignore the results of your Google search and trust the Jaaxy results. This is what I have done for 5+ years and I have made it to Google page 1 at least 30 times.

Trusting Jaaxy and ignoring Google is the simple solution. But if you still want to go through the time consuming and multi-step process of searching on Google, then read on and I will show you why you will always get the wrong results doing a straight Google search and all the steps you need to know how to search correctly.

NEXT UP = The differences between the Google Results

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GreatTimes52 Premium
Thanks Robert ...yes this clarifies things takes Kyle's training to a more understandable level. This is very important information to anyone who wants to build traffic.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome. I like to think that it augments Kyle's training because he really doesn't go into detail and leaves it up to us to learn by doing.

I don't have a problem with that but I know many people just are confused by this and I wanted to explain it thoroughly.
EKautz Premium
Excellent Robert! This is a very common question and I have never seen it so clearly explained as you've done here, Awesome!

Another question that comes up often is why do the WA Keyword Tool and Jaaxy results differ sometimes ... I've run into this before too and don't know why ... any thoughts?

boomergp08 Premium
I have been getting a lot of questions on this particular topic and have seen many asking within the activity feed. I got tired of explaining it so I decided to do the training. Now when someone asks, I'll just give them the link to here and let them read for themselves.

Don't know the answer to the WA vs Jaaxy question.
JudeP Premium
Useful information, thank you :)
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Jude.
shoofar Premium
Great training!
I just wish it could also work for non-english users :}

(non-english character set keywords, that is)
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you. I bet working with a non-English character set is probably a bit difficult.
flygirl Premium
Good timing for this training. Thanks Robert for sharing your expertise once again!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome. Always happy to help the WA community.