Finally set up Facebook

Last Update: January 02, 2016

I can't believe it has taken me so long to get around to doing this but now it's set up and I'm busy posting all of my blogs onto it to make it more established. Out of the 53 blogs in 7 months I've posted about 15 of them on FB so far so along way to go yet!

Please check out the above link and add me as a friend if it is of interest to you. I have listed all of my social media on my profile.

Just one final thought, how do you all find LinkedIn? If it is worthwhile then I'll set that up aswell. If not then I've got a long list of other things that need doing to keep me very busy!

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Mark1957 Premium
Link broken for me too Kirby.
geraldkew Premium
Please check your link, it didn't work when I click.
Everlight Premium
LinkedIn works if your website is targeted for professional users / corporate / business / career type. So, it might work or not depends on your target audience.
Loes Premium
Not working Kirby, sorry
Sheila50 Premium
I clicked on the link and it states it is not available.
Let me know if it is just me or what?