30 Days in - No longer afraid of Blogging

Last Update: October 21, 2015

I’ve been a Premium Member on WA for one month now. I have met a lot of wonderful people. I want to thank everyone for all the help and contributions I’ve received through live chat, commenting and private messaging! I have completed my Affiliate site www.onlinemoneymaker.xyz. I am starting to get a little traffic. I'm excited about the upcoming training on the 25th about that very subject.

Before I came to WA, I knew nothing of Affiliate Marketing. I definitely didn’t know I could make real money online without having my own business & hard-products to sell. Most importantly, blogging was a phobia before I went through all the Training!

I don’t know why I had a phobia of blogging. I have never had difficulty writing in the past. Every time I went to write, something would always come to mind. Writing was actually one of my strong suites. Even in writing this blog, as I write it and you read it, is proving to be somewhat challenging. As I document what I want to say, I experience a sort of “thought-freeze”. My thinking just locks up like an engine that has blown a head gasket.

If I remove the “over-thinking” from the equation of blogging, I flow pretty well. Sometimes over-thinking gets ahead of my blogging and the brain-freeze occurs. I now have a problem of writing too much… lol.

When I realized blogging is like writing a letter home to mom about a specific topic, things changed. Blogging became fun. I had to trick my thinking at first with the “letter to mom” mentality. After a few blogs, my phobia is gone. I now enjoy writing to an unknown audience. Now writing a letter home to mom is more difficult than blogging.

Providing specific information for a range of people is challenging, but now fun. Once I compile all the data, piece it together and present it to the audience, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. As a Disabled Veteran, I don’t get many opportunities to feel accomplished. Writing something people want to know and are interested in reading is quite gratifying.

Each time I post a blog now, I am very proud of myself. Proud that I successfully completed it without “mind-lock” or a “brain freeze” occurring. That’s a big deal for me. I thrive on success in all I do. I am a major try hard.

I have much room to grow and I’m thankful that the training I need is at my disposal as is the people who can help me get there. I am happy to have come this far. Happy to have removed fear from the equation bloggin. I have come very far. A great thanks to all who contributed.

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digpacitti Premium
I want to thank you for the service you have given to this great country of ours! It is people like you that make it possible for us to have the freedom to be learning the information WA has to offer. I wish you great success, you deserve it!
kingshopper Premium
Those are very kind words. I love our Country! I have seen very unfortunate situations around the world and am happy to be a contributor to our freedom and the goodness that is available.

Thank you for the inspiration to succeed! I'm working hard on it!
mijareze Premium
When you write a post just let your mind go. I used to overthink things at time. Now I'm a lot more comfortable writing. You'll learn that just through repetition. Congratulations!
kingshopper Premium
Thank you!
Pisquali Premium
Isn't it amazing what WA can do for you.
kingshopper Premium
Yes it is! Quite amazing indeed.
EdwardLarry Premium
I really like your blog, I like to write but writing something that people want. And it is a real challenge when other people are writing about the same thing Also finding the products that I can write and make a review on Is a big issue but anyway, I have blogging.
kingshopper Premium
I really appreciate your reply. It's such a confidence builder when good comes from what I publish. Even a regular conversation is an interesting blog. I love realism and personality in blogs. Makes them very interesting!

You are so right about finding something unique when there is so many sites having the same goal. I have trouble writing about making money online. Affiliate Marketing is still very new to me.

My niche; however, is another story. I have discovered a great passion and it is helping so many people. I have had revenue every month. $350 the 1st month. $500 the 2nd and I have had $520 in sales in 2 days!!! Wow... I'm getting really excited. I'm gaining authority in my niche. It's very exhilarating.
krazykat Premium
Great work, and glad you are coming out of your blog freeze :)