6 Months on WA-Jamaica bound! Amazing Tools!

Last Update: May 20, 2016

Well, I'm pretty happy with my success and am celebrating by taking my wife to Jamaica!! We are going to stay 5 nights and 6 days in a luxurious beachfront room with unlimited meals and alcohol. I'm not a drinker, but since it's free, I might try something!!

Ya gotta love groupon.com... I got the luxurious beachfront suite, all meals & alcohol for $900!! The round trip airfare was $987. This included extra pricing for Economy Plus seating and reserved seats next to each other on all 4 flights. Being that my wife has never flown, I thought that might be important.

Long story short... Success in 5 words... 1. Persistence 2. Perseverance 3. Motivation 4. Determination 5. Dedication

That's how I have made my money... I have now exceeded $3K/mo. I have my front page at the very top listing of Page 2 in Google, 1 on Yahoo and 1 on Bing!! Keyword training really helped out. I have 12 pages ranked within the top 1 & 2 pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Here's some amazing tips for newbies and seasoned people who don't know this yet...

1. I'm sure the steady money makers know this, but I know very few others do... Here's an amazing software notification that will help all of you IMMENSELY! Download and install Rank Tracker... http://www.link-assistant.com/rank-tracker/, Your life will never be the same. You will be able to see EXACTLY where all of your keywords rank in any search engine you want (even youtube) and see where they rank. It's an amazing tool I discovered and had to share. I love it to death and it helps me keep my keywords on top by tweaking them accordingly.

2. Spinbot... Oh man... you talk about amazing... want to share an amazing article on your site without plagiarizing? Then spinbot.com will be your new best friend. Take the existing article and paste 100% of it in the Spinbot box, click the captia box to prove your not a robot and click go... scroll down a bit and WHAM... you have a brand new article with new wording rearranged. A completely new story, same content. The go through and populate your keywords... You're welcome! LOL

(Edited to help some who have had questions about Spinbot and how I use it. I still write much of my own content. I use spinbot to help me have more content or add content and then I go through the article and add more content of my own. It is not a SOLE tool. I also keyword it myself and make it flow with the original article. End edit)

I know this works amazing because I have 5 pages ranked #1 in Google, Bing and Yahoo and 12 ranked on page #2.

To each his own. I just know I am pulling in revenue and Have lots of traffic. Good luck to all. Hope this helped clear it up a bit.

3. In my Niche, most CC processing company won't process cards through ecommerce. It is a Holistic product that comes from Hemp. But because Hemp is related to Marijuana... CC companies won't touch it. I didn't want to lose my steady baseline pricing that I was used to with Paypal... so, I found an amazing alternative... https://www.wplab.com/plugins/offline-credit-card-.... With this plug-in, the customer has no clue that the software "captures" their CC info and populates your order with all but the middle 2 and 2 of the last digits. It then emails you the remaining numbers for you to complete the CC transaction. I then take the numbers and do a manual entry inthe paypal CC processing software on my cell phone. I pay a slightly higher rate... but it's still much cheaper than the specialized pricing offered by private Agencies of 8% + $1/swipe and $100/mo maintenance fee.

4. Another nice and free plugin... https://wordpress.org/plugins/export-users-to-csv/. Export all your user email from Wordpress to a comma delimited file for export and import somewhere else... like an email campaign!

5. Want an amazingly simple way to create a fully functioning Amazon Affiliate site in 30 minutes... Buy for a very nominal cost ($37), download and install... https://ultimateazontheme.com/ The Amazon Affiliate Store. WP template that is easy to configure and super simple to deploy with 3 categories of products. Pretty amazing little template plugin.

Well those are my big secrets. I have other things I do to maximize, tweak and improve traffic, but those links are my heartbeats. I hope you all enjoyed this info and are encouraged to know I am now averaging over $3K/mo and with these tools and my 5 words to success... YOU WILL TOO!


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JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing this valuable info and hope you have a wonderful vacation :)
GaryHelm Premium
Right on Cory! I will be looking at these websites tomorrow. I will be working hard to emulate your Success.
Have an Excellent Vacation!!

kingshopper Premium
Thanx x Gary!! Good luck!
mrssno Premium
Ah a well deserved trip. Enjoy and thank you for the great tips!
kingshopper Premium
So true!! You're welcome
Jozeph Premium
Great stuff Cory, wishing you and your Wife a fabulous holiday.
Thanks for sharing your tool box, and success with us, it's always uplifting to read.
Blessings Bro
kingshopper Premium
You're more than welcome my friend great and successful wishes sent your way!
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing the neat tips and tools.

Also I hope you enjoy your time in Jamaica, well deserved!
kingshopper Premium
Ha! Thx... dying to go!