It might take you Years to get there but, one thing is for sure, NEVER GIVE UP!

Last Update: Nov 23, 2018

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Today, I proudly like to say, that I finally, after 4 years, went YEARLY! :)

It wasn't that I didn't want to but, for some instances, for the first 2 years, just before the Black Friday Deal, I needed the saved money for a new car battery, one year and, for a needed house repair the second year.

Nevertheless, I kept going paying my monthly dues, here at Wealthy Affiliate, because I just love it to be here at this platform. In these 4 years I did learn a lot about online marketing and creating a website, I never knew anything of it to begin with, I was as Green as it get.

However, I had to overcome personal set backs like being the solely caretaker for my elderly husband which needed lots and lots of attention at a certain point and, I was too tired at night to do much at the computer or anything at all.

However, even tough, I had some big obstacles to overcome and also felt mentally and emotionally down, to say the least, I kept my vision for a better and more prosperous time.

I have already 2 websites running and with the help of the Wealthy Affiliate training I did implement a lot of the knowledge I have received. It already did pay off in a way that my websites have been acknowledged and I can build upon them even more.

I don't have to tell you how amazing the training is and how awesome the whole community is, without all this I never could have gone on, despite my personal issues at some point.

I hope that my post is giving others, who are struggling at some point, the reason to go on.

Never stop believing in yourself and NEVER GIVE UP!

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Thank you Sylvia. I am encouraged.

You are welcome, Ken :)

Sylvia, I have been thinking of you. Hope the husband thing has sorted itself out. My partner thing hasn't but that's life.

Rushing at the moment but will return soon to recommence our friendship.


Helen, will send you a PM :)

Congratulations on being able to go yearly Sylvia and for sticking with it through the tough times.

Thanks, Kim, I wouldn't have done so if I believed in WA but most of all in myself :)

happy for you Sylvia. I know what you are talking about as I have had some real big set backs also but I keep going. The reason for that is I come across people like you and that keeps my spark flying. but you got the best deal so fare even if you had to wait.
Always a better way

Thank you, Linda, this is so kind of you to say, appreciated :)

you have done and what a great feeling- overcoming and getting there so well done Sylvia - All the best and continued success to you :)

Thanks, Vicki, after 4 years at WA it had to come one day. I am happy, though that it is done :)

Yes- how wonderful :)

Congrats Sylvia!

Wise decision!

Said by another yearly member :)

Thanks, it was about time anyway, lol :)


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