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Last Update: Jan 22, 2019

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I like to share that persistence and due dilligence do pay off, sometimes it just takes a bit longer.

One of my sites, finally, made it to rank on Google's first page. My site ranks on place 5 or 6, when you count the first place advertising as a seperate page. See pictures

The first picture shows the number of search results.

The second picture shows the actual ranking. The funny part is that my Linkedin page ranks even above my site. I post on Linkedin also regularly.

Anyway, it doesn't matter my whole site is there.

In the past I had single posts ranking on page one but never the complete site.

Yup, keeping rolling and writing happily away. :)

Content is Kings or Queen :)))

Always have faith things will turn for the better


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Congratulations!! Persistence and staying focused certainly pay off! Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you Kathy Anne, appreciated. :)

Well done Sylvia,

It's hard work and you have to be tenacious, but you'll get there in the end as you have demonstrated.


Thanks, Paul and yes, you have to keep rolling otherwise it won't come. :)

Sylvia, that is awesome that your website is ranking for what would appear to be a great keyword phrase.

I look forward to the day that happens for me.

It will, trust me, it will :)

Well done! Always nice to be rewarded for all of the hard work. Kudos and further success!!

Thanks :)

Great Job, Sylvia

I have recently seen my pages starting to rank. Most are on pages 5 and 6 of Google. How long did yours take to go from early ranks to Page 1. Any tips for how to get there? Or just slow and steady work?

Just keep working on your site and create content, content and content. That's the key, my friend. :)

Great achievement Sylvia! Congrats! I applaud your persistence!

Thank you :)

Congrats, Sylvia! More to come and all the best! :o)

Thanks you :)


Congratulations. Awesome job Sylvia!

Thanks you :)

Congratulations on a great achievement.

Here's to success in 2019!


Thank you :)

Congrats Sylvia!

Amazing job!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Zed. :)

My pleasure :)

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