A Romantic Weekend City Break - What are you up to this weekend?

Last Update: May 26, 2016

We are off the Sydney for the weekend! I am so excited! We have dropped the kids off with their grandmother, and now we are enjoying a very quiet house until our flight leaves in a couple of hours.

A couple of days away is so important for reconnecting with each other and it is something that we try to do a few times a year to make us really appreciate each other, our home and our regular day to day lives with 3 young kids.

I love feeling excited like this. It makes me feel like a teenager again!

And I hope Sydney will provide me with some great material for my upcoming blog posts.

It's a free trip too which makes it even better!!!!!

I have been so consistent over the last 6 weeks with pretty much daily posts so I think a couple of days off shouldn't hurt my rankings.

It's going to be way colder in Sydney than here in the tropical north so I have to pack way too much stuff.

What are you up to on the weekend?

Have a great one!

Love, Kris

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MNorton Premium
Hey Kris,
Sound like you guys needed this weekend. I'm glad for you. Every couple needs a break sometimes, to reconnect with each other. Have a great weekend.
Ultimateless Premium
This is funny...I have spent all week in Sydney and am now going up to the Blue Mountains for a break....Cheers, Kris
stevecox Premium
Kris - Have a wonderful and well-deserved "time away". Everything will still be here when you return. :-) Steve
MPollock Premium
Have a great time.
jimcarlsen65 Premium
A little get away is nice. Unfortunately, were not going anywhere. But the good part is, we love in such a nice spot, at the foot of the mountains, it always feel like a vacation