A Romantic Weekend City Break - What are you up to this weekend?

Last Update: May 26, 2016

We are off the Sydney for the weekend! I am so excited! We have dropped the kids off with their grandmother, and now we are enjoying a very quiet house until our flight leaves in a couple of hours.

A couple of days away is so important for reconnecting with each other and it is something that we try to do a few times a year to make us really appreciate each other, our home and our regular day to day lives with 3 young kids.

I love feeling excited like this. It makes me feel like a teenager again!

And I hope Sydney will provide me with some great material for my upcoming blog posts.

It's a free trip too which makes it even better!!!!!

I have been so consistent over the last 6 weeks with pretty much daily posts so I think a couple of days off shouldn't hurt my rankings.

It's going to be way colder in Sydney than here in the tropical north so I have to pack way too much stuff.

What are you up to on the weekend?

Have a great one!

Love, Kris

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DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Hope you enjoyed your weekend away!
KGads Premium
Thanks everyone! Sydney was awesome of course. The city really turned it on with a festival of light the first night, and a festival of craft beer the second! A big weekend, now I have to gather myself and get back to work!
Cheers, Kris
PMindra Premium
Hey Kris,
Relax and enjoy. Don't forget to take some pictures.

Sui_generis Premium
That sounds wonderful!!!! That's one place on my bucket list. ENJOY!!!!
MKearns Premium
This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the states. Picnics, celebrations, but not forgetting the valor and sacrifice of men and women in uniform.
Dreamer56 Premium
Have a great weekend Kris. My weekend sounds somewhat less idyllic.
JudeP Premium
Sounds great Kris. This is something me and my hubby try to do. Rome was probably my favourite short break. Enjoy kiddie-free time while you can! :)
vanbot Premium
Hey Kristine, Have a wonderful weekend away reconnecting with your partner, when you are busy working and bringing up a family these times are very important. Have fun and see you next week:-))
LoreDonna Premium
Enjoy your romantic gateway! Have fun, love and laughter!
MNorton Premium
Hey Kris,
Sound like you guys needed this weekend. I'm glad for you. Every couple needs a break sometimes, to reconnect with each other. Have a great weekend.
Ultimateless Premium
This is funny...I have spent all week in Sydney and am now going up to the Blue Mountains for a break....Cheers, Kris
stevecox Premium
Kris - Have a wonderful and well-deserved "time away". Everything will still be here when you return. :-) Steve
MPollock Premium
Have a great time.
jimcarlsen65 Premium
A little get away is nice. Unfortunately, were not going anywhere. But the good part is, we love in such a nice spot, at the foot of the mountains, it always feel like a vacation