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Succeeding in blogging doesn't mean you need just one part of your business to explode.Having just one main pillar of income is a bad move because what happens when things change.You may be killing it in a particular area today but come next year when somebody or a major player takes over your market you need to have another income avenue.This is why you should not put all your eggs in one basket.You can still make a great income if you are making money from all different streams.Example would
One of the hardest things in life is having balanced life and being successful in all the areas.Here is some key aspects to your life that it is nice to be doing well in.Your healthYour WealthLove & RelationshipsFollowing your passionsGrowthDo you find in life it is hard to master all the areas for complete happiness.We are generally really excelling in one or two areas and performing poorly in another.Is this because you can't have one without the other?This is because we generally priorit
Today I will delve into the world of Expectations Vs Reality. You probably have an expectation for this blog I am about to write!How many times have you been to a show, on a tour, visited a landmark or received a service from a business? Probably many times and did you have high expectations or low expectations?Customers have expectations on everything and generally their expectations come from friends and family or reviews on websites.It is bad for business to give people a really high expec
If you are anything like me, you will know the excitement of starting something new.The feeling of forging that exciting path into the unknown, not knowing if you are doing the right thing but you are doing it anyway.The Honeymoon PeriodWe call this period the honeymoon period, the period of your idea or business that is probably the most exciting.You are full of promise, you have amazing dreams and ideas. Everything is going to be amazing and you will be successful.Generally speaking this las
July the 4th marks the birthday of our sweet Daisy and America's special day.I hope everybody has a great holiday and stay's safe. To celebrate Daisy's Day we will probably go Ice skating in Vietnam somewhere, eat ice cream, eat Pizza, play exploding cat (new game that rocks) and shower her with gifts.Hopefully she has the best day ever turning the big 6 this year.What is everyone doing on this momentous occasion in the land of the USA?Let July the 4th this year be the start of something big f
The secret to success is creating good solid habits that last through time.We just got into the top 100 of WA and it wasn't a fluke.You don't get anywhere by just doing a little bit here and there, you need to create a habit for everyday work.Set a plan for yourself and do not strayThe key is to do a little almost everyday, well set aside at least 2 hours per day to work on your business. You can't take this lightly, you need to set aside time and never stray from the plan.Example: Break all yo
We were discussing content creation and DA scores today and the question came up!Does creating a lot of content quickly affect your DA score in a positive way or negative way?Over the last few months Google has been updating its ranking software and some people are experiencing DA drops and DA rises.What has your DA score been up to lately?Our DA grows slowly but we are currently putting out about 5 posts a week on one subject matter, (For us that is travel related such as Thailand etc.)But our
Where are you working on your blog from at the moment?We are living in Hanoi Vietnam for the next 3 months working on our business trying to make it boom.Our life is pretty cool, we sleep in until about 9 am most mornings and try to get the kids to do some school work before working a bit on the blog. As it gets closer to lunch we decide where to go for lunch and then spend the afternoon exploring the area.At around 5 we are generally home and having a couple of afternoon beers while we work o
Blogging takes a lot of skill. More skills than most professions because you need to be great at all aspects of a business.Important skills include;WritingEditingProofreadingSEOKeyword ResearchBrainstorming ideasGraphic designWeb designSocial media MarketingPromotionsAd copyAffiliate marketingPhotographyVideoEditing MultimediaMotivationPlanningSchedualingProblem solvingAnalytics Google - ConsoleEmailing and email marketingPinterestInstagramFacebookTwitterGuest postingGeneral business duties li
SEO Secrets No one tells You!We have been blogging for a few years now but only got serious about 1 year ago.There is so much to learn, you may think you know alot but you probably don't.We teamed up with a successful blogger a couple of months ago who helped us get our blog into shape.Being Good at SEO Isn't Exactly What You Think!You may think all you have to do is chose a great keyword, write an article and KAPOW! you rank on page 1 of Google but it is more complex than that.The secret to th