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September 28, 2019
Remember WA legends that having a blog and an audience gives you more than just money earning potential.Blogging can lead to many, many perks also. Because you have a certain amount of influence and authority in your field, this can lead to getting free passes to attractions and certain businesses.It doesn't come without a catch, businesses are after publicity and using bloggers and influences is a cheap way of advertising to super targeted customers to gain excellent exposure.So making money b
We just arrived to Lankawi Island off the coast of Malaysia. This place is beautiful but the internet is shocking!So in times like these we find that we have to go back to the old days. Spending time with each other talking, kids playing with toys, sitting down without looking at a screen.It is amazing how accustomed we have all become on our phones and screens, it has become a part of us.I am a little scared to where it is all heading, because tech will only get better and better.A good ini
Hello Fellow WA legends!Who here has a YouTube channel? If so share it down below so that we can connect with each other and help to grow our channels.Did you know that YouTube is a little like writing a post on a blog? And did you know you can rank it on the platform and drive massive traffic to it just by using search!I have been to a couple of webinars regarding YouTube and have learn't a couple of helpful tips.I will share with you below my hot tips for getting traffic to your amazing vid
August 30, 2019
Hi Guys! I have a question for you all. Who here uses Click funnels to drive sales to their blog or affiliate products?I have been looking into Russels system which looks great but the price per month is a little expensive.An interesting topic I read the other day mentioned that blogs are not designed to sell, they are designed to create followers, that's it.So after spending hours creating free content for users and hoping that someone see's your post you may get a follower.As you look at mos
August 22, 2019
When you are building your amazing site don't forget to look backwards sometimes.Meaning it is easy to get carried away with create, create, create while sometimes you need to go back to old posts and update.In my experience you will improve with time, your writing gets better, your SEO gets better, the way you put a blog together changes. This is why it is important to go back and update the old blogs to improve every aspect of it.I look back on my earlier blogs and wonder what I was thinking
Do you realize that your job is never done when you are a blogger! You finish one great masterpiece but now you need to build another, another, another and so on.There is no end to content creation because every topic has a sub topic or a related topic and so on.By looking at all topics like this you can write on topics for thousands of years if you are willing to go deep enough.Most bloggers don't go deep enough into their subjects, they just write a puffy peice that is broad and covers all a
The journey in Blogging takes many roads, some successful and some not so successful.It is a journey into the unknown and the power of words can take you places that you have never been before.Blogging seems to have a lot of ups and downs associated with the business. You can think you have it covered when out of the blue a problem arises.You Need to be StrongBlogging is such a long road for most of us and if you aren't strong and adaptable you will get swallowed up.Take the punches and the ro
Succeeding in blogging doesn't mean you need just one part of your business to explode.Having just one main pillar of income is a bad move because what happens when things change.You may be killing it in a particular area today but come next year when somebody or a major player takes over your market you need to have another income avenue.This is why you should not put all your eggs in one basket.You can still make a great income if you are making money from all different streams.Example would
One of the hardest things in life is having balanced life and being successful in all the areas.Here is some key aspects to your life that it is nice to be doing well in.Your healthYour WealthLove & RelationshipsFollowing your passionsGrowthDo you find in life it is hard to master all the areas for complete happiness.We are generally really excelling in one or two areas and performing poorly in another.Is this because you can't have one without the other?This is because we generally priorit
Today I will delve into the world of Expectations Vs Reality. You probably have an expectation for this blog I am about to write!How many times have you been to a show, on a tour, visited a landmark or received a service from a business? Probably many times and did you have high expectations or low expectations?Customers have expectations on everything and generally their expectations come from friends and family or reviews on websites.It is bad for business to give people a really high expec