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Last Update: February 10, 2019

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I know a bunch of people join a free business such as wealthy affiliate and have a quick browse, maybe even bookmark the website with all intentions of coming back to it later.

Later sometimes becomes a lot later and more distractions take you away from your initial goals of having your own website and create a home business. One common problem I see is that a lot of people see free business and don't believe it will do much and give up before they even understand what they got their hands on.

Other people look for a home business and choose a free business as they have no way to pay for a premium membership. I can relate to both scenarios as I was in that position when I started. I have tried many businesss and even more I have bookmarked to look at later. Trust me when you look later half the time you don't really investigate cause you go through a bunch of look at later businesss.

For me the very reason I couldn't afford to pay for premium was the very same reason I upgraded. I didn't want to be in that same position in the future. From day 1 to now I still not looked back on that decision.

I have learnt a bunch of new skills as premium member and do encourage anyone that is not premium to upgrade and go full force into the training and better still act on training and don't skip steps.

I do have tips for people that want some training after they complete all the free training they can get. Firstly follow as many people as you can. From my experience I have learnt a lot from members blogs and just talking to the friendly members here.

You can never have to many friends make as many as you can.

Have a look at my progress here after 3 months

I still have a lot to learn. But I am also able to help people. If you need any help as a free member. Just say hello and let me know what you want help with. If I am unable to help I pretty sure I can point you to some training or someone's blog that will be able to help.

Have an awesome day

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ECV82 Premium Plus
kezsam-Sam-F Premium
thank you kindly
Agsha Premium
You're on point.

As I read through your post, it struck me that while we talk of affiliate marketing in WA there are just too many things you can take home from the training and practicing what's taught in them.

One can become a web designer or even a developer, copywriter, SEO expert, digital marketer, ecommerce store owner and or consultant, social media consultant, a training video producers when you become an expert etc.

The challenge we often have in my opinion is we are often looking for what can fulfill the immediate financial needs, which is nothing wrong, but seeing the mid and long term benefits is key to survival in any business not just WA.

Thanks for sharing Kezsam.

Success wishes,
kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Thank you Ola.

I feel we do live in an instant gratification society now. Hope more people remember that sometimes it pays off better to plan for the future instead of expect someone from the future.
Babou3 Premium
Great encouragement!
Congratulations for your progress!
Keep on working so good!

kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Thank you for your kind words.
Hope to help as many people as I can.
Barley1 Premium
Hey, Sam, I like your post and as for me, I became a free member of WA over a year ago, but never went back to it because as you say, I had other distractions. I have went through my 15th and 16th surgeries, trying to recover, and had a lot of problems. I really never looked at the training and what else WA had to offer. In the past 5 years I've wasted probably $20,000 of good money going after the "dream" products and programs which were all worthless scams and they didn't work.

But Carson and Kyle kept sending me emails because I was still a member. One day I decided to click on the link of one of the emails they sent me and decided to look through everything WA had to offer. I thought "WOW" all this training and building websites for $49 month for which I had spent a lot of money on. I immediately joined Premium and haven't looked back.

kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Really appreciate your comment, and hope your experience might help others.
Barley1 Premium
Thanks Sam
MElumir Premium
Great post. Thanks a lot for this reminder.

I for myself. It takes me couple of months to upgrade for the reason that, l might be scammed or even don't earn money.

I did not regret why I made that decision.

kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Thanks for sharing. My Goal is to help educate people that may be sitting on the fence unsure what to do next. Listening to others experiences might help