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February 09, 2020
Wealthy Affiliate And YouTubeWork Really Well TogetherI have no idea where you are at in your business or what level of results you are getting. Speaking from my own personal experience, I have found it a learning curve to say the least.Recently, I have started in a new direction. I am focusing more on what I started many years ago. This was a dream that was taken away from me due to misunderstanding at the time how things work online.Let's Take A Walk Back In TimeNearly 20 years ago, a heal
Wealthy Affiliate CommunityYou may be thinking to yourself, that you got what it takes to be successful in any en devour you do in life. I for one, think that is an awesome attitude to have.When I first joined wealthy affiliate, it was hard to contain the excitement inside of me. I thought to myself after doing some training and working on my website, now my future is set.The longer I have stayed in wealthy affiliate the more I realize, that despite having fantastic training, great web platfo
February 28, 2019
Importance of FamilyHaving Balance in Life - Been born a Libra, maybe gives me some insight to the balance of life. My star sign is normally depicted by the scales. I have found in my life that I tend to balance things.Like most people I get excited when I start something new, and for a short time I focus quite heavily on the task at hand. I feel this is natural to do. After some time passes I rebalance my life.Most People Have Families, but do you balance your work and family life. I know
Free Members TipsI know a bunch of people join a free business such as wealthy affiliate and have a quick browse, maybe even bookmark the website with all intentions of coming back to it later.Later sometimes becomes a lot later and more distractions take you away from your initial goals of having your own website and create a home business. One common problem I see is that a lot of people see free business and don't believe it will do much and give up before they even understand what they got
Stuck For Ideas? Revolutionary Opportunities RevealsJust wanted help with a common problem most face from time to time when we blog. It is a biggy I know I have had to deal with myself several times.Yes the Dreaded Writers Block.!!!I have written a post on my blog which you welcome to read that explains more about how I and many others overcome this problem. I will leave a link at the end of this post for anyone that wants to read more.I would like to thank all the people in WA for so many gr
January 16, 2019
Fun is a ChoiceJust wanted to remind people of this normally forgotten trick to achieve nearly unlimited results in anything you do, while staying super motivated.Have FunIf you can have heaps of fun while working is it really work?My Answer is No it is not work.Make what you do Fun, you will enjoy it more, be more motivated, others will naturally be attracted to what you do.Make having fun go viral.SMILE
I think whatever you do you should balance work and familyAt times you should keep them separate at other times I see no harm combining themExample of thisTowards the end of 2018 I wasn’t sure what to blog about, was a little tired that day too, had a few things I needed to do chore wise as well.Then my daughter asks me to take her and her friend to the park:) I felt a bit overwhelmed as I had things I needed to do, things I wanted to do, then now my daughter needed me too.I ended up taki
What is the most inspiring biography,I believe the most inspiring biography you will personally ever read is your own, If you devote it to helping other people.Who better do you know than yourself for the focus of an inspiring story. Would you not be inspired if you knew that your life had so much meaning, and what you shared with other people would change the world.Be the very best at helping other people and you will have an inspiring life story that people will talk about for centuries to co
Online Entrepreneur Certification all 5 StagesHey Everyone,Finally finished the Online Entrepreneur Certification, moving on to other training areas now, highly encourage anyone who has not done this course to complete it. Definitely one of the best investments in my own business so far going premium and also taking action.I still got a bit to LearnI can see so much progress in my business already. Have made a couple small sales already, have helped a bunch of people which I really am happy abo
Great Time of Year, Seeing Friends, Giving and receiving presents, Relaxing enjoying the changeHope We all On TrackThis time of year can be very busy for some, for others they don't want to do anything.I encourage you to stay on track, No reason why you can't get stuff done then as a reward relax, socialize and generally have a good time.For me I love what I do here so for me it is have fun doing this then relax and have fun with family and friendsEat That FrogI know This is a Strange HeadlineW