Nineteenth Month of WA - Making Things Click

Last Update: March 02, 2020

Hello everyone! I am back today with another monthly report. We've just ended February and it's time to see my progress with my websites. Today, I will also talk a little about goal setting and how I'm going to experiment with myself for the next month.

If you haven't read my post last month, check it out here: Eighteenth Month of WA - Rebound

Let's jump into my stats!

February Stats - Growing Slow And Steady

Pretty much everything had a small improvement from January. It wasn't enough to really spark anything significant, but it's nice to see improvements happening.

The problem this month was that I didn't hit any of my goals listed from my post last month, yet I feel like I got a lot done. That's why later on in this post, I will talk abut how I'm going to try out a new strategy regarding goals.

Let's look at the numbers themselves:

Get Good At Badminton (Badminton Sport Niche):

Blog Stats:

  • Number of Posts Written: 3
  • Average Daily Traffic: 187
  • 30 Days Users: 5.4k
  • Bounce Rate: 83.27%
  • Average Session Duration: 1:11
  • Clicks (Web): 5.15k
  • Impressions (Web): 97.8k


  • Google Adsense: $4.82
  • Amazon Associates Sales: 1
  • Amazon Associates Earnings: $1.01
  • Total Earnings: $5.83

Social Media:

  • YouTube
    • New Videos: 1
    • Subscribers: 220
    • New Subscribers: 11
    • Views: 2,174
    • Watch Time: 136.5 hours
  • Instagram
    • Followers: 2,043
    • Following: 374
    • Posts: 259
  • Facebook
    • Followers: 126
    • Page Likes: 113
  • Pinterest
    • Monthly Viewers: 20.3k
    • Followers: 139
  • Twitter
    • Followers: 33
    • Link Clicks: 5
    • Likes: 5
    • Impressions: 1.3k

There were small improvements almost everywhere. I wrote one more blog post than I did last month and had about 200 more users.

My earnings went up by about a dollar. I made less Amazon Associates commissions, but Google Adsense did grow a little more.

I was able to produce another video on YouTube (although a far cry from the ten I stated in my goals last month) and my channel has been growing steadily gaining more views and subscribers.

I started rebuilding my Instagram as well with my follow/unfollow strategy. Posting, however, is still an issue that needs to be resolved.

Pinterest has been growing on its own without much attention. All I do is create pins whenever I create a new blog post on my website. I'm glad that the minimal effort strategy has almost doubled my monthly viewership and added 12 followers on Pinterest.

As for Twitter and Facebook, things are still stagnant and will probably continue to remain so for a long time.

Medium (Personal Blog):


  • Number of Posts Written: 20
  • Views: 465
  • Reads: 231
  • Followers: 86
  • Partnership Earnings: $1.22

Writing on Medium had the most significant growth in the last month. And it's not because I started writing more. In fact, I wrote less in February than I did in January.

I actually let shiny object syndrome take over and I bought a course on making money on Medium. I have said that I didn't really care about my earnings on Medium, but after reading a few posts on the Medium website where people were making more money than me within a quarter of time and effort, I started wondering where I went wrong.

Turns out, I was working hard but not smart.

Medium is quite a sophisticated platform in itself. I spent all my time writing and publishing without knowing about everything else I could be doing on Medium.

For example, following other people, publishing in publications, and Medium curation. This is basically the SEO of our WordPress blogs. It's how we get people to see our blog posts.

I could randomly write every day hoping people would see my posts, or I could actively spark some growth by publishing in publications and trying to get curated.

In March, I will spend more time learning and progressing through the course I bought and see what happens on Medium. If I find success, I think it would be very worthwhile to share what I learned here on Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have no idea what Medium is, check out my last post where I explained a little about what Medium is.

Goals... Or No Goals?

I never reach the goals I set, no matter how small or big I make them. When I set goals, there's always a sense of "I have to do this or else" in my head. Then I look at how much I have to get done and I tell myself, I'll take the "or else" option.

What if I did something a little different? What if I didn't set any goals and made it so that I blog just because I like to?

I was thinking about how I play games.

There was a point where I played super competitively. I would set goals for myself to reach a certain rank by a certain time. I hardly ever reached those ranks.

But when I let myself enjoy the game and just play because I wanted to, I climbed higher than anyone I knew. Maybe I can apply this to blogging.

For the next month, I will stop thinking about how many blog posts, videos, or e-books I have to write and just write because I like to.

I will see how this strategy works out. Leave a comment below on what you think and thanks for reading!

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JeffreyBrown Premium
It seems that you're doing extremely well, Kevin! Keep up the GREAT progress, my friend!
kevinzshan Premium
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're welcome!
SondraM Premium
I will be interested in hearing about how your new strategy works out in March. Your reasoning of not setting goals makes complete sense to me.

Best wishes on both of your websites. I hope that you enjoy the writing and creating videos this month.
kevinzshan Premium
Thanks for commenting! I'll let you know how everything goes next month
IAnum1 Premium
You are doing well Kevin. Rome was not built in a day. Youll get there.
kevinzshan Premium
Thank you! Slow and steady wins the race :)